Gerudo Canyon

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This article is about the location from Breath of the Wild. For the location from Ocarina of Time, see Gerudo Valley.

"This canyon is the only route connecting Greater Hyrule with the Gerudo Desert. Platforms built into the cliff sides were once used for excavation surveys, and there are man-powered elevators for moving goods. This is where the Divine Beast Vah Naboris was discovered a century ago. "

Creating a Champion, page 328

The Gerudo Canyon is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Gerudo Canyon is a long area found just west of the Great Plateau. The canyon breaks up the Gerudo Highlands with the Gerudo Canyon Pass serving as the road that travels right through. The canyon allows for foot or horseback travel through the mountains, leading to the Gerudo Canyon Stable to the west.

Throughout the area there are numerous plank walkways on the sides of cliffs. These were originally used by excavators, but serves as routes that Link can walk along the sides of the cliff. Throughout the canyon there are numerous natural rock bridges that extend over the road below, connecting the Koukot Plateau with Mount Nabooru. There are also some man-made walkways that connect the plank constructions.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Roll the boulder into the hole.

Roll the boulder into the hole.

Destroy the acorn. Shooting it with an arrow is easiest, but if you're lucky you can break it with the chest just below it.

Destroy the acorn hanging in the shelter under the rock.

Shoot the balloon in the rock bridge cleft.

Shoot the balloon in the gap in the rock bridge.

Climb the tree, lift the rock.

Climb the tree, lift the rock.