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Mount Nabooru is a location on the north-eastern point of the Gerudo province, next to the border with Central Hyrule, in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mount Nabooru is a high point just west of the Great Plateau. The Gerudo Canyon Pass circles around the mountain as it heads west towards the Gerudo Desert. Despite its name distinction as a mount, it is actually a lower elevation than the majority of other points in the region to the west and north.

One of the main attractions on the mountain is the Stone Talus (Luminous) which will awake when Link walks near it. Southeast of the Stone Talus on the same elevation, right at the edge of the cliff, there is a treasure chest that can be pulled out of the ground that contains a Moonlight Scimitar. A second treasure chest can be found on the east side of the mountain, hidden behind some bombable boulders. The chest here contains an Amber gem.

Test of Will

Main article: Test of Will

At the northwest portion of Mount Nabooru, on a lower elevation, Link will find the Goron Blood Brothers. A trio of Gorons that have traveled to the area to train in strength and endurance. Here you can take part in the Test of Will, a shrine quest that will reveal the Joloo Nah Shrine.

In the first phase, Link will need to drink an Elixir or where Heat Resistance armor while he stands on the hot plate. In the second phase, Link will need to drink an elixir with Flame Guard to withstand the burning flames. Successfully doing so will complete the quest and reveal the shrine.

Nearby Side Quests




Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump into lilies.

Jump into the circle of lilies down below you in the water.

Lift up the small rock.

Lift up the small rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

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