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Joloo Nah Shrine






Joloo Nah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. It appears after completion of the Shrine Quest "Test of Will", initiated by speaking to the gorons from Gut Check Rock on Mount Nabooru. The puzzle in this shrine requires motion controls.


Shrine Quest: Test of Will

Talk to the Gorons on the northwestern edge of Mount Nabooru to start the quest.

For the first part, to prevent damage, you need Level 2 heat resistance, through armor or food buff. Or you can just eat and heal back the damage you take.

For the second part, to prevent damage, you need level 1 flame guard, through food buff only. Otherwise, the Gorons will force you to remove your armor. Or you can just eat and heal back the damage you take. Afterwards, the shrine will reveal and the quest will complete.

Joloo Nah Apparatus

For the first terminal, verify that your motion controls work correctly and charge all six sides of the cube.

In the next area, first look to your left to see a chest on a ledge. Use the terminal to align the wind in such a way as to help you reach and open that chest (Golden Claymore; Long Throw ).

Now align the wind so that the left two and top right windmills spin. This just leaves the bottom right.

Using Magnesis, take the metal cube from the switch for the left fan and move it to the switch for the right fan. Now the left fan isn't spinning.

Glide to the switch for the left fan (where the cube was) and step on the switch yourself. All four fans should spin, and the gate should open. Use Stasis to hold the switch down as you make a break for the gate.

In the final room, first look up and see the chest on the wooden ledge. Burn the ledge to bring it down and open (Gerudo Spear; Long Throw).

Now the objective here is to light all the torches simultaneously. Multiple solutions exist. One easy method is to use the chest on the switch, this removes one of the water streams. You can then use motion control to light all the remaining torches, tilting carefully so none get wet. You can also use motion control just enough to get all the torches out of the water, then light them with Fire arrows. Whatever works.

You may also use Stasis to stop the water pour from the fountain as well.

Once done, head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.