9.1 The Final Frontier

Our next primary destination is finally the giant Egg at the top of the Mountain. However, before going we must make one semi-mandatory pit-stop in Mabe Village. From just outside of Turtle Rock head right a screen, jump off the ledge, and talk to the owl statue if you’d like a hint. It sort of gives you a hint that you need to play music to wake the Wind Fish; not that we haven’t heard this already.

To get to Mabe Village from here go down two screens, left a screen, and down a screen to enter the mysterious forest. From here head right a screen, down two screens, left a screen, and down three screens to get out of the forest.

Once in Mabe Village, continue down two screens and enter the library. Read the book that is at the bottom-right part of the library. You’ll need the Magnifying Glass in order to properly read the small text in the book. ‘Dark Secrets And Mysteries of Koholint‘. Agree to read the book and it states, ‘Round and round, the passageways of the Egg’ followed by a series of arrows. This pattern is different from game to game, so you’ll have to jot down the exact path. With the correct route written down, exit the library.

Our final destination is the Egg on top of the Mountain. Before leaving, you could speak to some of the residents of Mabe Village to get some final insight on what’s going on. Afterwards, play Manbo’s Mambo to warp over to Crazy Tracy’s house. From there, head left a screen, up a screen, right a screen and up a screen. Defeat the moblins, lift the rocks and then head right a screen along the top part of the screen. Finally, head up two screens to find the giant egg on top of the mountain.

Pull out the Ocarina and play the Ballad of the Wind Fish. A lengthy cut-scene will take place, showing all eight of the instruments of the sirens, and it will conclude with the breaking of the Egg. The owl will appear and he states, ‘The time has come’ The Wind Fish awaits’ Enter the Egg’ Hoot! Hoot!’ So with that in mind, let’s enter the Egg!

9.2 Wind Fish's Egg

Inside it is dark and quite… Keep walking north and you’ll fall down a pit! You’ll be in a giant maze now. Use the instructions you got in the Library. If you did not obtain the correct path in the Library, you’ve lucked out, as there are only three possible paths in the game:

Option One: ←←↑→→↑←↑

Option Two: →↑↑→↑↑→↑

Option Three: ←↑→↑←↑→↑

When you get to the end, jump down the pit and prepare to face the Nightmare! You scared? Hopefully this boss won’t give you nightmares, young viewers. Prepare for a tough, and long fight….

“We were born of nightmares… To take over this world, we made the Wind Fish sleep endlessly! If the Wind Fish doesn’t wake up, this island will never disappear! We would have been the masters of this place… But you had to come here and disrupt our plans! Heh heh! You can never defeat us!!! Let’s rumble!”

The battle for Koholint has begun. His first form is a Giant Blob. Sprinkle Magic Powder on it three times and it will die. For Agahnim’s Shadow, hit the energy balls he shoots at you back at him with your Sword. Watch out, his X shaped one is immune to your attacks. Moldorm’s Shadow is basically a harder version of the normal Moldorm. A few hits on the tail will make him go away. Time for Ganon’s Shadow. Just like A Link To The Past, he will have Blazing Bats go after you. Use six spin attacks to get rid of him. Don’t worry, you get a break on this next one.

His next form is Lanmola. This one is very fast and it chases you around the room. Before you blame me and say I lied to you about it being easy, just keep reading. Use your Magic Rod quickly on his head. He will then start to explode. Just when you think he’s dying, the music stops. You think the battle is over, but you’re about to see otherwise…

DethI is definitely the hardest boss in the game. His arms are swinging constantly, making it hard for you to hurt him. His one eye opens up on and off, so you have to shoot Arrows into it while it is open. I recommend you keep the Roc’s Feather on one button, and Arrows on the other. His eye only stays open for three seconds usually, so take your time and do not take any risks.

If you don’t want to shoot 15 Arrows into his eye, do this. Hitting his eye once with the Boomerang will kill him. No joke, it really does the affect of 15 Arrows. Wow, that’s powerful! With DethI defeated, he admits that he lost, and the whole island, and everyone in it will disappear with him. So sit back and enjoy the show…

“This island is going to disappear… Our world is going to disappear… Our world… Our… world… ” “…Link , you have beaten all the Nightmares! Climb the stairs before you!”
“Hoot! Young lad, I mean… Link , the hero! You have defeated the Nightmares! You have proven your wisdom, courage and power! … … … … As part of the Wind Fish’s spirit, I am the guardian of his dream world… But one day, the Nightmares entered the dream and began wreaking havoc. Then you, Link, came to rescue the island… I have always trusted in your courage to turn back the Nightmares. Thank you, Link … My work is done… The Wind Fish will wake soon. Good bye…Hoot!” “… … … … … … … … I AM THE WIND FISH… LONG HAS BEEN MY SLUMBER… IN MY DREAMS… AN EGG APPEARED AND WAS SURROUNDED BY AN ISLAND, WITH PEOPLE, ANIMALS, AN ENTIRE WORLD! … … … … BUT, VERILY, IT BE THE NATURE OF DREAMS TO END! WHEN I DOST AWAKEN, KOHOLINT WILL BE GONE… ONLY THE MEMORY OF THIS DREAM LAND WILL EXIST IN THE WAKING WORLD… SOMEDAY, THOU MAY RECALL THIS ISLAND… THAT MEMORY MUST BE THE REAL DREAM WORLD… … … … … COME, Link … LET US AWAKEN… TOGETHER!!


9.3 Credits

When Link starts to play the song, Koholint begins to vanish. A splash of water will carry Link out of the Egg. The next thing you see, Link is knocked out on the remains of his raft.

Yes, the whole adventure was a dream, made up by the Wind Fish. Link looks up at the sky to see the Wind Fish flying across the sky. Link smiles, thinking that maybe it wasn’t completely a dream after all.

The credits will then start to roll. If you never died on your dream journey, you will see Marin in the sky, and she turns into a seagull. It was her dream after all to fly across the Ocean and see the world. Congratulations, you beat Link’s Awakening!

  • ptrix

    Link’s Awakening came out in 1993, whereas Earthbound came out in 1994. i don’t think that it would make sense for the game that came out first to nod to a game that came out afterwards…

  • Matthew Cadenas

    awesome walkthrough, the hardest part was turtle rock, super confusing that they didn’t have cracks in the walls that needed bombing.

  • The photographer wasn’t in the original game, only the DX release in 1998, so it is possible that he was added as a nod to Earthbound.

  • Amanda Gonzalez

    I finally beat this game! Thank you so much for that walkthrough, the catfish maw and turtle rock made me look this up. It was a beautiful journey. (Short ending though.)

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    Great guide. It really helped a lot.

  • Christopher Sutler

    There is an easier way to beat the Nightmare Ganon. Use the Pegasus Boots and hit him with a dash attack.

  • Christopher Sutler

    Jabu from OOT was based on the Wind Fish. The owl also appears, as do Tarin and Marin (as Talon and Malon) in that game.

  • Mauricio Felippe

    Sad ending, everyone gone 🙁

  • ash

    Earthbound tho is based on the Mother series which came out in the 80’s. Earthbound is actually Mother 2 in Japan.

  • 0xFFF1

    The correct path doesn’t exist until you read the book. There’s no such thing as getting lucky. I put a save state near the opened egg, went to read the book, reverted the save state, did the route it gave me and it didn’t work. I went to read the book again and the path was different. I suspect brute forcing the path won’t work.

  • Josh

    There is actually a correct default path in the game regardless of whether or not you read the book:

    Left Left Up Right Right Up Left Up

    We use it during marathons without having to go through the trading process to read what’s in the book. So, it is certainly possible to be lucky enough/try enough to hit that pattern.

  • Deadmoonking

    Thanks for the guide!
    BS about not dying to see the Marin thing at the end though. >_>

  • Seems you don’t mention Rafting in this game? After the game I find my map still leaves a big part on the right unrevealed. Then I find it’s river rafting thing.

  • Josh
  • truffy

    With maybe six dungeons to go, I was going to give up on this game; until I found this walkthrough guide. Thanks for seeing me through to the end of this quirky, affecting story game!

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    I finally beat this game for the first time a few days ago thanks to your guide, on the 3DS Virtual Console. I even managed to do it with no deaths! …Well, okay, there were a couple points early in the game where I basically cheesed it by loading a restore point when I was about to die, but I DON’T CARE, IT STILL COUNTS.

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    Then finally, I came across playr.org a few years ago and found it had Zelda. Looked up this walkthrough and played it. I have beaten the game…TWICE. :). Thank you for the walkthrough my friend! I think one day I’ll try and play it without dying! (That means no stealing from the shop I guess :-P).

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    You CAN steal from the shop, just don’t go back inside the shop.
    And even if you plan on stealing, just do so after getting the shovel and the bow.

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