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Ship Part





Customization of your ship

A Ship Part is a category of item found in Phantom Hourglass. There are many variations which can be found all over the World of the Ocean King, such as purchasing them from Beedle, from achieving a good score in some minigames, or by using the Salvage Arm. Ship Parts can be sold to the Treasure Teller shop on Mercay Island for varying prices, up to 1500 rupees. These prices will change between save files, but Golden Ship Parts will always sell for 1500 rupees.


Each time a new file is created in Phantom Hourglass it is randomly generated as to which Ship Sets are Very Common, Common, Uncommon, and which ones are Rare. The exception to this is the Golden Ship set, as these pieces are always rare. The game was designed so that some players would find duplicates of certain Ship Parts, while struggling to find those that are rare within their file, encouraging players to trade.

Selling Ship Parts

When selling Ship Parts, the price that the Treasure Teller is willing to pay depends on the rarity of the Ship Set. In each game file, there are 9 sets. The base set is completely worthless and the Treasure Teller will not pay any rupees for any of the sets. The Gold set is always a Rare set, and the Treasure Teller will purchase each Ship Part for 1500 rupees. The remaining sets are randomly determined from save file to save file. They will sell for the following prices.

  • Golden Set - 1500 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Rare Set - 1500 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Uncommon Set - 800 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Common Sets - 150 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Very Common Sets - 50 Rupees per Ship Part

Getting Ship Parts

  • Purchase from Mercay, Molida, or Goron Island.
  • Purchase from Beedle or Masked Beedle
  • Archery Game - Score 1700 Points to get a Common Ship Part
  • Archery Game - Score 2000 Points to get a Rare Ship Part
  • Cannon Game - Score 2500 Points to get a Ship Part
  • Northwest Traveler's Ship - Beat your High Score
  • Sink a Large Pirate Ship and an X will appear where you can Salvage a Sunken Treasure
  • Replay the second half of the Temple of the Ocean King, defeating all the Phantoms on each floor to get Ship Parts on Floor B7, B8, and B9.
  • Complete the Temple of the Ocean King again to get two treasure chests that contain Ship Parts.
  • Mailing a Prize Postcard and losing will get Link a ship part.

Customizing Your Ship

To customize your ship with all the ship parts you've obtained head on over to the shipyard, which is right near the dock on Mercay Island. The shipyard worker will swap your ship parts however you'd like. You can view your ship at this point as well. Mix & Match to find the coolest looking and strongest combinations. There are eight different ship sets that are available. Matching more of the same ship parts on your ship will give it better health when Link is at sea. Linebeck's ship begins with a health bar of four green hearts. Below is a quick chart of the effect of using the same ship parts.

If you have multiple ship parts from a set attached to your ship, it will gain more heart containers which will help you sail in peace. The criteria is as follows:

  • Regular Ship Parts
    • Three of a kind: Adds one heart
    • Six of a kind: Adds two hearts
    • Complete set: Adds three hearts
  • Golden Ship Parts
    • Three gold ship parts: Adds one heart
    • Four gold ship parts: Adds two hearts
    • Six gold ship parts: Adds three hearts
    • Complete gold set: Adds four hearts


The game allowed players to use Nintendo DS Wi-Fi capability to trade Ship Parts and Treasure with friends all around the world. What you would need to do in order to begin the trading process, is to meet up with Freedle, the instrument playing man on Mercay Island.

There were two methods that could be done to trade Ship Parts online. Tag Mode was the simplest way to go if your friend was nearby. The player could either place a Ship Part in one of the three boxes near Freedle while you were in game, or in Tag Mode. Then the player could then go to Tag Mode, and if there was somebody nearby also in Tag Mode, the Ship Parts would be traded.

Battle Mode was the other option of trading Ship Parts. Once again, the player could place the Ship Parts in one of the boxes near Freedle, and after a multiplayer match with an online friend was completed, the Ship Parts would be traded. The outcome of the match was irrelevant, as the parts would be traded regardless.

Unfortunately, as of 2013, Ship Parts can no longer be traded, due to the Wi-Fi connection for Nintendo DS games being terminated.


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