Mercay Island

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Mercay Island is the first island Link finds himself on after he blacks out when trying to rescue Tetra from the Ghost Ship in Phantom Hourglass[1]. On this island is the Temple of the Ocean King, as well as where Link meets his partners Ciela[2], Linebeck[3], and Oshus[4][5]. Link also obtains his first sword here.[6]

Mercay Island is prone to earthquakes which lead to collapsing of the bridges dotting the island. This occurs when Link first sets foot on the turf compelling him to travel through the enemy-infested Mountain Passage.

The local store sells the Wooden Shield and Power Gem and an adjacent piece of land is home to Freedle[7] who will reward Link with a Wisdom Gem and Treasure Map.


Other Appearances

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Mercay Island (Breath of the Wild)

Mercay Island is a location in Breath of the Wild.



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