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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Artwork of Ciela


Spirit of Time and Courage




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Oshus ("Grandpa")

Ciela is a fairy that finds Link sleeping upon the shores on Mercay Island in Phantom Hourglass. Like Navi and Tatl, she is Link's companion but, along with Leaf and Neri, serves as a spirit to Oshus the Ocean King. When Bellum and his monsters tried to imprison the Servant Spirits, she managed to split herself in two in order to escape from Bellum, but she lost much of her memory. Throughout the game, Ciela has a friendly rivalry with Linebeck, Link's other companion. Ciela allows Link to shoot Sword Beams and holds the hammer for him.

Once he defeats Crayk at the Temple of Courage and gains the third spirit, Ciela and Link meet with Oshus at the port. Here, he tells her how she is not an ordinary fairy, but a spirit. Oshus explains that the spirit Link freed holds the power Ciela lost when she split herself. Afterwards, she is reunite with her clone, being awakened as the Spirit of Courage. Oshus reveals that her ability to sense evil is one of her spirit powers. It is later revealed during the confrontation with Bellum that Ciela's memories and power were stolen by Bellum when he attacked her long ago, one memory resurfacing back when Link has dealt damage to the boss. As a result, she remembers everything now, being the Spirit of Time and Courage.

After starting the battle with Bellum again, Ciela, trusting her true power to the Phantom Hourglass, has the power to create Phantom Spheres, orbs that have the ability to stop time once. She begins to teach Link on how to use the spheres. When Linebeck is possessed by Bellum, Ciela helps Link defeat him by helping him see Bellum's eye. However, one of his tentacles grab onto her, not allowing Ciela to create Phantom Spheres, but if Link hits the possessed Linebeck, the tentacle will loosen its grip on Ciela, allowing her to make a sphere.


  • As a result of Ciela's yell being the same as Navi's and her name being revealed not at the very beginning of Phantom Hourglass, many players, at first hand, think she is Navi.
  • Ciela's name comes from Ĉiela in Esperanto, which means heavenly, from the sky.
  • Ciela, unlike Navi and Tatl has character development as well as backstory, whereas the other fairies have unexplained pasts.


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