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Island Chief






The Island Chief, also known as the Anouki Island Chief, is the leader of the Anouki in Phantom Hourglass. He lives in a house on a hill on the Isle of Frost.

Link first visits the chief to ask about the Pure Metal, the Azurine. The chief then explains that if Link helps him find the Yook that sneaked into their village and impersonated one of their members, only then he would help him obtain the Pure Metal.[1][2] After Link discovers the Imposter Yook disguised as Aroo in Anouki Estates, the Chief allows him to go into the Great Ice Field, which has access to the Temple of Ice and the Azurine.[3]




  1. "We Anouki have got one enemy on this island. They're the Yook. There was a lot of bad blood between our ancestors. So 100 years ago, we made an agreement. The Anouki live in the west... And those hairy Yook live over in the east on the Great Ice Field. That was the deal, but now some tricky Yook has snuck over here." — Island Chief, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Yeah? All right. Go to the Anouki Estates up north, [Link]. When you get there, ya gotta figure out which guy is actually the Yook! Yook are liars. Every one of them. This one'll lie to ya, so don't be gullible! Maybe if ya find him, I might tell ya where the Azurine is. Just saying..." — Island Chief, Phantom Hourglass.
  3. "I'm gonna open up the cave to the Great Ice Field to the east. The Yook are over there. Go get yourself all the revenge you can! That Azurine you're looking for should be in the Temple of Ice." — Island Chief, Phantom Hourglass.