Isle of Frost

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The Isle of Frost is an island in the southeast quadrant of the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. It is the home of the Anouki and the Yook, as well as the resting place of the Azurine and the Temple of Ice. Due to the thick wall of ice encompassing the island, the cannon on the S.S. Linebeck must be used to break the barrier and board.


Many generations ago, the Yook and the Anouki managed to come to an agreement: the Yook would stay in the Great Ice Field in the east of the island, and the Anouki would stay in the nicer part of the island to the west. However, tensions remained, and the Yook stole the Azurine from the Anouki and hid it in the Temple of Ice.

Link travels to the island during his quest to find the Pure Metals. In order to dock at the island, he must first destroy the large pillars of ice that surround it with the cannon. He then speaks with the Island Chief, who tells him that a Yook has disturbed the peace and broken their agreement by kidnapping a villager in Anouki Estates and impersonating them. Link talks to each of the Anouki and discovers that the Yook is disguised as Aroo. The chief then lets him go to the eastern part of the isle to find the Azurine.

After traversing through a short cave that holds a stone tablet hinting at the Yooks weakness to bombs, Link enters the Great Ice Field and finds many Yooks trying to attack him. If he defeats them all, he can finally enter the Temple of Ice, where the Pure Metal is being held by Gleeok.

Once he gets the Pure Metal, the Yooks return to normal and are much more friendly, since they were being controlled by an evil force. Aroo also returns to his home in Anouki Estates.