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Thick fur; carry clubs; can be defeated with bombs


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Yook is a group of people from Phantom Hourglass. They reside on the Isle of Frost along with the Anouki. The Anouki are their bitter rivals, and as a result, they do not get along well.

History and Characteristics

The Yook are big, hairy creatures that carry around clubs as weapons. Their thick fur repels the cold, and as a result, they do not mind being in the freezing weather.[1]

Years before the events of Phantom Hourglass, the Yook and the Anouki hated each other. They finally got together for a peace agreement, in which the Anouki received the western half of the island, which was considerably nicer, and the Yook got the Great Ice Field in the east.[2] However, the Yook stole the Azurine from the Anouki and tossed it into the Temple of Ice, which created even more disagreement.[3][4]


When Link first arrives on the Isle of Frost in search of the Azurine, the Island Chief tells him the story of their history with the Yooks. However, one of the Yook broke the agreement and sneaked into Anouki Estates, and he is currently impersonating one of the Anouki living there.[5]

Link discovers that the Yook is disguised as Aroo.[6][7] The Yook manages to escape, so the Chief allows Link into the Ice Fields to get revenge.[8] In the Ice Fields, the Yook try to attack Link, but they can be defeated by throwing bombs into their mouths when they are open.[9]

After Link completes the Temple of Ice, it is revealed that the Yook were actually being controlled by some evil force. They apologize to Link for the trouble they caused.[10][11]



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