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?Welcome to Battle Mode! I'm Ciela, and it's my job to tell you all about how to play this game! In this game, players take turns playing as Link...

?And as three big, evil Phantoms! Players battle it out for the most points.

?First, touch to the left to move left. To stop this tutorial, press START anytime.

?Not there! Sheesh. Try tapping the ?.

?Right! Just like that, you can move by touching the direction you want to go! OK, next I'm going to explain the rules!

?Run up and tap one of the ?s. Any one is fine. Just tap it!

?The ? that you're holding is called a Force Gem. You can earn points by carrying these back to your base! Because you are on the red team, your base is the one with the red floor. It appears on the map on the top screen as well, so take a look! When you're holding a ?, you will be able to see where Phantoms are.

?C'mon, let's try taking a ? to your base!

?Tap your own red base to put down the ? and keep going!

?The area that you are standing on is called a safe zone! Only Link can enter safe zones. Magic keeps the Phantoms out of them! Phantoms can't see Link when he's in a safe zone, so you can trick them. And remember, if a red or blue ? is placed on a safe zone, it will turn yellow. Next, I'll explain the top screen!

?Tap the red floor to place the ?. Once you place it, move on!

?If you drop the ? on the red floor, it'll turn red and you'll earn points. But if you drop it on the blue floor, your enemy will earn points. So don't do it! The ?s come in small, medium, and large sizes. Bigger ones are heavier but worth more points. Run along to the next topic!

?Look at the top screen! Do you see the hourglass and some numbers? That's your time limit. If time runs out, you'll switch sides. Then it's your turn to be the Phantoms. You'll take turns like this. Once each player has had three turns, the game ends. Whoever has the most points, wins! Next, I'll explain the Phantoms.

?Draw lines on the map to set the path the Phantoms will walk. Touch any Phantom on the lower screen and draw lines to make one move. Try drawing a line to the right to make a Phantom move to the right!

?You did it! During a game, move the three evil Phantoms to catch Link. Touch all of the icons and draw lines to make each of them move. Try it! Even after drawing a line, you can tap a Phantom and redraw a line. Press the L and R Buttons to change the camera view. Once you're done, move one of the Phantoms so that it will catch Link.

?OK, next I'm going to show you how to catch that wily Link! Move the Phantom that is moving right farther that way, toward Link. If it gets close to Link, it will attack! If it hits Link, you'll switch sides.

?Last, I'm going to tell you all you need to know about helpful items. Shortly after a game is started, helpful items will appear on the screen.

?No Items

?No Dribble





?Perfect Master



?Get Everything



?No Miss

?Guard King


?Battle Master

?Win without taking a single item.

?Win, but don't drop Force Gems outside bases or safe zones.

?Win a match, felling Link in the last 20 sec. of two turns.

?Defeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom.

?Break 10 or more of your opponent's helpful items.

?Pick up 10 or more of your own helpful items.

?Complete a Perfect and Limit at the same time.

?Win a match, felling Link in the first 20 sec. of two turns.

?Win 1-0.

?Win, turning all the Force Gems your color.

?Win without letting your opponent score any points.

?Complete both the Get Everything and Guardian together.

?Win without being taken down once as Link.

?Take Link down three times as the Phantoms.

?Complete a No Miss and Guardian at the same time.

?Complete a Limit and Master at the same time.


?You did [var] or more Big Plays! Visit the Postman in the main quest!

?You've done all 16 Big Plays! See the Postman in the main quest!

?You can see the Phantoms when you are holding a ?. Use this advantage!

?Don't carry big ?s around! It's faster to throw them as you go.

?The higher your score, the stronger Link becomes! He'll carry big ?s with ease!

?Link won't appear on your foe's map when he is in a safe zone.

?Complete Big Plays to add to your Battle Points!

?Players who use items well have a big advantage!

?Complete five or more Big Plays at once to earn a Combo Bonus.

?Put a ? that is your foe's color in a safe zone to make it yellow!

?You can draw paths for Phantoms from the start of the starting count.

?Up: Yay! Left/Right: Whoa! Down: Boo!

?Press the L or R Button to swap between the Phantoms on the top screen!

?One follows Link, one blocks Link's path, one predicts Link's movements.

?Beat someone with more Battle Points to earn more Battle Points!

?You're better off getting lots of small ?s instead of one big ?!

?One way to attack your foe is to break all of his helpful items!

?If you collect all of the Force Gems in one place...

?Force Gem Point Values: Big: 15 points. Medium: 5 points. Small: 1 point.

?Place Phantoms close to the ?s to protect them from Link!

?You have successfully exchanged items with your opponent!

?Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection treats your Nintendo DS Game Card and Nintendo DS as a set. Save this Nintendo DS system's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information to this Game Card and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

?Connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection... Please wait a moment...

?Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information for this Nintendo DS has been saved to the Game Card. From now on, please use this Nintendo DS to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

?Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

?Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection because the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information from the Nintendo DS and the Game Card do not match.

?Connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection... Please wait a moment...

?Update Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information saved on the Game Card? When you update your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information, you will lose all data that was used to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

?You cannot access Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using this user name. Please change your user name and try again.

?OK to disconnect from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

?Please determine the conditions for your opponent.

?Do you still want to update?

?Choose "Vs. Any Friend" to search for someone on your friend roster. If you choose a name, you will search for that friend specifically.

?You don't have any friends registered, so you cannot play this mode. You will be able to play once you have registered a friend to your friend roster.

?Disconnecting from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

?Searching for an opponent... Please wait a moment...

?Searching for [player]... Please wait a moment...

?You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

?Your opponent has been found.

?Please choose the stage you want to battle on.

?Continue playing? Quit?

?Error code: [error] Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For help, check the software Instruction Booklet, or visit

?Error code: [error] Either Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is experiencing high traffic volumes or the service is down. Please try again later. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] This Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID was removed because it was inactive for a long time. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for this software has been discontinued. Visit for a list of current Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-compatible software.

?Error Code: [error] The access point is busy. You cannot connect. Try again later. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] No access point in range. Please try again when closer to an access point. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] No compatible access point in range. Check your connection settings and try again. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] Unable to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Confirm connection settings in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection setup. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Confirm connection settings and access point settings. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] There is no response. Either the player is not connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or you have been removed from the player's friend roster.

?Error Code: [error] Communication error. You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] Communication error. For help, visit

?Error Code: [error] Download failed. For help, visit

?Communication error.

?Open the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection setup screen?

?Phantom Hourglass

?Battle for Force Gems!

?Communication has been disconnected.

?Sending the game to the guest.

?Tap the name or friend code that you want to edit.

?You can use your existing list of friends with this game. However, to play against friends on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, your friends will need to reregister you in their friend rosters.

?You can use your friend roster as it is.

?Battle Mode is two-player only. Play against others with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Cards.

?Single-Card Play Battle Mode is two-player only. You can play against others who don't have The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Cards.

?An opponent has been found.

?Your opponent is [player]. Is that OK?

?Your opponent disconnected.


?Items for red players are in red capsules.

?Items for blue players are in blue capsules. Tap capsules that are your color to take them.

?Tap your opponent's capsule to break it! You never know what's in a capsule, but you need them to help you win!

?Phew, that's all I have to say about how to play! I told you a lot, but there are still some secrets. Discover them for yourself. Well then, have fun playing Battle Mode!

?Choose the battle stage you want to play!

?Your opponent is choosing a stage. Please wait...


?30 seconds added!

?Speed up!

?Clone created!

?Strength up!

?One hit immunity!

?30 seconds subtracted!

?Wind walls activated!

?Attack upgrade!

?Force Gems shuffled!

?Standard Large Stage

?Standard Small Stage

?Standard Tiny Stage

?Inverted Stage

?Back-to-Back Stage

?Stronghold Stage

?U-shaped Stage

?Standard Medium Stage

?One stage will be automatically selected from the eight.

?A large stage. Force Gems are scattered all around the area.

?A smaller field. Battles on this playing field are fast and furious.

?The smallest field. This cramped stage fills players with pure panic!

?A large field. Players have two bases in this expansive playing field.

?Back-to-back bases field. The warp stairs are the key to victory here.

?A fortresslike field. Scramble to grab the Force Gems on the top area!

?The bases are far apart in this Phantom-favoring field.

?A medium-sized field. This is a simple but well-balanced arena.

?Communication has been disconnected. Please turn the power off.

?Waiting for an opponent...

?Your opponent is making a selection. Please wait...

?Your opponent has left.

?Communication has been disconnected. Please turn the power off.

?It's hard to predict his wild movements... But it's OK! With me at your side, we can take on any enemy! And as long as I trust my true power to the Phantom Hourglass... You have the ability to stop time! First, focus your power on the hourglass with the Phantom Sphere I release!

?Each Phantom Sphere has the ability to stop time just once. The Hourglass icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Touch that... And draw the shape of the Phantom Hourglass... a figure eight! Time will stop!

?You did it! You stopped time! I'll do my best to create the next Phantom Sphere as fast as I can. Hang in there!

?Take it, [Link]!

?Hey! Here's the next one!

?I'll keep them coming!

?This Phantom Sphere is done! Take it!

?Hey, [Link]! Those weird things that are trailing him... Do you think there's any way we can yank on them? Like, if we used a tool to hook them or something...

?Wh...what is that? He just spit something out! Ewww...why? I feel like I've seen that somewhere before...

?It reminds me of another time...



?That is the memory you lost... Long ago, Bellum attacked you, stealing your power and memories... Now, those memories have surfaced. You have them back!

?[sfx]Ah... ...I remember! [sfx]I remember it all now... [sfx]I'm Ciela, the Spirit of Time and Courage... I finally remember EVERYTHING!

?[sfx]All right, Ciela! Now is the time to deliver the final blow to Bellum! That monster still lives. To perform the last step... Ciela, I think you know what you need to do next.

?Yeah! Leave it to me. All right, let's go, [Link]! [sfx]I got my memory back! Soon you'll see...what I can really do!


?Wha...what was that?! I... I feel so strange...

?I... I wonder what that was?

?Bellum, Evil Phantom

?[Link], take it!

?Here! Take this!

?Ready, [Link]?!

?Use this!

?Hey... Is his tentacle losing its grip on me?! Now's the time for a Phantom Sphere!

?What about his weak spot? His eye? I stopped time and everything... That eye has to open at some point!

?All right, I'll move his back to the top screen!

?Hey! I see it! I can see it!

?Hey, [Link]! Look at the top screen!

?His eye has opened! All right, the Phantom Sphere...


?He got me!

?How was it, [Link]?


?Sorry, [Link]... Don't worry about me. Believe in the power of the Phantom Sword and battle him!

?You have to stay calm, [Link]!

?Bellum's the bad one. He's latched onto his back!

?Get behind him and slash at his back...


?Hey, a new face! Welcome to Molida Island! Lots of island guys are off fishing, but you'll still find many of us at work here! Have you seen the Northern Sea lately? That awful fog! And that Ghost Ship! Scary! It's better not to think of the Northwestern Sea... or you'll get the shivers!

?A big monster just appeared in the sea! Too scary! You'll get a terrible case of the shivers if you even see that thing!

?Oh, yeah! I picked this up earlier!

?You get around, don't you? Give this to my...beloved hero, would you? And don't even think about keeping that for yourself!

?Oh...beloved hero... Where are you...? Sigh!

?Word has it that the Ghost Ship hasn't been seen for a while! I wonder if some far-off hero has defeated it? What a hero he must be! Sigh, I can only imagine... What a lazybones you are, compared to such a hero!

?Oh, just look at this stone tablet! The guy who lives nearby, Romanos, had a father who scattered these here. They're left as testament to his trip to the Isle of Gust, but they're a big nuisance!

?I just asked Romanos if I could pull up all these stone-tablet nuisances. And he got so upset! He said that all of these are mementos of his father. What a sudden change of heart! He used to say his father was such a failure...

?What?! You want to sail to the island up in the Northwestern Sea?! My husband...called that place the Isle of Gust. He used to talk about how he had visited that island. My husband...was once content to be a fisherman, until he left this place. He sought uncharted lands. At least that's what he said when he finally left. He refused to work, instead ruining his boat by braving the northern fog repeatedly! The last time we saw him was over a year ago... My son Romanos, who's at home right now, might know a little more. But that boy hasn't worked in a long time either. He's peeved at his dad, I think. He might get upset if you mention the Isle of Gust...

?After you found that hideaway, my son Romanos saw things in a new way! Now all he can talk about is wanting to become an explorer too! I'll be sad when he leaves... But a parent's duty is to let her child pursue his dreams, don't you think?

?Oh, you're looking for the Ghost Ship? All who see that ship find their life drained away! Don't go anywhere near it!

?Isn't that my husband's shovel? That's OK, young man. You found it, so you should keep it. What? A second hideaway? Well, come to think of it, he often went off with that shovel. He would mutter something about four spots...and an intersection of some sort?

?I see... You found my husband's hideaway. I'm sure he'd be irritated, if he were still among us today...

?My son has turned from life as a fisherman and started a strange project. He's just like his dad. It runs in his blood, I guess. Didn't come from me!

?My son can't focus on anything but his dad and the Isle of Gust... He's really a good boy, even though he can be a little surly. Could you speak with him again? I think he feels bad about being gruff with you.

?Did you talk to my son?

?Sorry to unload all that on you, kid. It's just that my dad used to say lots about going his own way to explore. And I got fed up with him. My dad used to talk about getting through the fog and seeing the Isle of Gust. He said something about a specific route for getting through the foggy passage. But only he knew which way to go...

?Need something, kid? What?! You want to travel to the Isle of Gust?! Please don't tell me you're going your own way, too?! [.]Yes![.]Own way?

?Oh, really?! Do it your way? Go your own way? What a buncha garbage! All this endless babbling about living with a lust for adventure. Can that put food on the table? Can that make your family happy? Going your own way is no survive in this life. My way's a lot better. Staying home, eating cheese, that's the life!

?Ahhh, if you don't know, forget I asked... You're better off staying put and forgetting about that Isle of Gust!


?There's a cave behind our house where my dad used to escape all the time. He called it his hideaway. You might find more details in there... But it's dangerous in there, so take care of yourself, kid!

?Huh?! You found my dad's hideaway and defeated the monsters in there?! Hmm, I see... You've inspired me, kid. What drove my dad to go his own way, like you...? I may just join him and find out... Thanks, kid!

?Hey, kid! I checked out my dad's real hideaway! I...I had no idea that's what he meant! By going his own way, that is! I see why he had to leave our island! To fritter away my days worrying about Rupees, that's no way to live! I must pursue my dreams and become an even better explorer than my dad was! Now, what's my first step, I wonder...?

?What's up, little guy? Huh, the Ghost Ship? That's the big talk among the fishermen lately. Don't know if it's treasure you seek, but don't get any crazy ideas in your head!

?What? You found my dad's hideaway and defeated the horrible monsters? He had a second hideaway, I think. He talked about digging on our isle... Where was it...I wonder?

?Yeah, Isle of Gust? Don't say another word about it! Figure it out yourself and get out of here.

?Have you entered the foggy passage to the north? [.]Yes[.]No

?No matter what you do, it seems like there's no way through the fog, right?

?Every time you brave that accursed fog, you'll be sent back to your original spot. But Romanos, who lives on the village edge, had a father who got through it. No one dares try to figure it out, not since the Ghost Ship was seen in the fog!

?My husband left on a fishing trip and still hasn't returned... I hope he didn't bump into the Ghost Ship...

?There's an eerie fog to the north that will send sailors back the way they came. Rumor has it the Ghost Ship has been spotted in that mess. How terrifying!

?Young man! You mustn't go into that cave. Dangerous monsters have been seen there lately! Now be a good boy. Don't go anywhere near it!

?Oh, what? Well, if my son has said it's all right... Then go on in. There's no stopping you, is there? But, please, don't do anything too dangerous!

?Wayfarer's Words, No. 1 I tried sailing through the foggy passage to the north sea. Tried and failed. I found myself sailing back to the same point, so I abandoned my voyage...

?Wayfarer's Words, No. 2 I made my way through the fog to the north sea, where I first spied the island! What a place, ravaged by winds! How could I name it anything but Isle of Gust...

?Wayfarer's Words, No. 3 But the Isle of Gust was only one of many islands beyond that foggy passage. I will see them all! It's my life's dream! It's the only way to live!

?Wayfarer's Words, No. 4 What a discovery! On the Isle of Gust, a temple reached into the sky itself! But a temple to what? For whom? My curiosity must be satisfied...

?To my son, Romanos. If you're reading these words, you have found my true hideaway... Which means you also have developed a desire to find your own way in life... Know that I'm truly sorry for putting you and your mother through so much... I'm well aware that I'm the world's worst father, leaving you both behind... There's so much about the ways of the world I don't understand. Such as why the Ghost Ship appears and steals people. Where do its victims go? I have decided to dedicate my life to finding out the answers. If I fail to return, please take care of your mother. And please forgive me. In closing, one more thing... Embrace your wayfaring ways, my son!

??To my son? Here's the only way to sail through the foggy passage!

?Boing-oing! Want some valuable information? [.]Yes[.]No


?There is a tiny isle in the middle of the three boulders south of this isle. It's said that there's a beautiful spring there. This is one of several isles that are not charted on any map! Keep a vigilant eye out while sailing. You never know what you'll find. Now make a note of what I just said!

?My Journal I'm writing this while in a private space I call my hideaway. Whenever I'm here, I find myself utterly at peace. And it will stay that way only as long as I know that no one will interrupt me. Now, I do have one more hideaway, and no one will ever find the entrance! It's under the spot where the lines drawn between my stone tablets intersect. It's brilliant, if I do say so myself...

?Only statues can urge the temple door open, so focus their light gaze on it!

?Boing-oing! Oshus's home has a storehouse... That storehouse has a tree outside...and its roots hide a buried prize. Dig there.

?There's only one thing that will raise the red and blue barriers in this temple. When you learn the secret, write it on your map. The notes will be key later!

?Big monsters with big ears are hugely vulnerable to loud sounds...

?Boing-oing! To move the floating platform where you want, draw a path on your map. If it's moving on a path you don't like, simply redraw the path.

?Up, down, right, then left. It's not only the order for the switches nearby. It's the very order of the whole temple, so take note of it...

?It's easier to have courage to cross the void later, if you note this path now.

?Boing-oing! Think that you can't go farther because there's no path? What you see isn't always the stone-cold truth. For instance, take the wall between the tablets on the first floor. Mysterious... But am I telling you the truth? Who knows...

?Ponder the grand order of the whole temple and your path will become clear.

?Boing-oing! The crystal needed here is the very same you needed elsewhere... Retrieve the crystal, then put it in place here.

?Crystals can only fit into same-shaped platforms.

?Aren't you aware that the Ghost Ship is nearby?! This is no time for shore leave! Don't you want to head out and find it?! [.]Yes[.]No

?We can't navigate through the fog, so what are we supposed to do?! We can't get to the crest location on the chart unless we pass through the fog! What do we do? Do you want to ship out? [.]Yes[.]No

?What?! You actually know how to reach the Northern Sea? The route was written on a map, was it? Please tell me you wrote it on our chart! So, did you write it down? [.]Yes[.]Ummm...

?How about we shove off, then? The fog awaits! [.]Yes[.]No

?What?! Well, that doesn't surprise me one bit. You're never prepared... Snap to, sailor! Go scribble that course down, then we'll set sail!

?What?! There's an impenetrable fog in the direction the Ghost Ship vanished, you say? But you found the route to cut through that fog, didn't you... You certainly did. I trust you wrote it down, right? [.]Yes[.]Err...

?This is no time to sunbathe, kid! Let's ship out! [.]Yes[.]No

?Then go take care of things and let's ship out soon!

?Astrid said to go back to Mercay Island, so why'd we come to this shabby isle? Let's set sail for Mercay Island, huh? [.]Yes[.]No

?We know the whereabouts of the Ghost Ship! We don't need to be here! Let's ship out! [.]Yes[.]No


?Hey, kid! When pursuing your dreams, what's the first step? I've decided to follow in my dad's footsteps and go the way of the adventurer! But it seems like my own first to make money for the trip. So, on that note!

?You'll have 70 seconds to hit the targets with unlimited arrows. Ghosts are 10 points. Hit them consecutively for up to 50 bonus points! But if you shoot a girl target, you'll lose 50 points, so be careful!

?Fine, then! Where's your spirit of adventure?

?All right! Time's up! Wow, [var] points! Amazing! Nice work, kid! You're a complete master of the bow!

?All right! Time's up! [var] points! Hmmm...if you beat the high score, I'll give you a special gift. Keep trying!

?This is the shooting range! You can play if you have a bow and arrow! It's 20 Rupees per game. Wanna play? [.]Yes[.]No

?All right! Time's up! [var] points! A score like that means you've still got room for improvement. But here's your prize!

?All right! Time's up! Did I just see that?! You just racked up [var] points! I knew you could do it! You've got that lust for adventure. Here's the prize!

?What?! You don't have any money! Come back later!

?OK, want to hear the rules? [.]Yes[.]No

?Here we go, then! Take your mark!

? don't want to?! You still don't have the spirit of adventure!

?If you score more than 2000 points, I'll give you something better!

?There's a strange sun emblem on that door, [Link]! I wonder if we can open it? Try touching the door, [Link]!

?This must be the place that Romanos's dad called his hideaway. But I haven't seen any clues about how to get through the foggy passage!

?There's a book on the desk, [Link]! Go and tap the book to read it!

?Hmmm...that didn't work. It's not opening. But there's something about this crest that tickles my memory... Hey, why not draw this emblem on your map so we remember it later on?

?What a place! The Temple of Courage, huh? I bet the Spirit of Courage is here! Let's keep going, [Link]!

?Welcome to Molida's store!

?You got the bow and arrow! Tap the Touch Screen and release to fire. Keep your stylus on the Touch Screen to aim and look around.

?You got the shovel! Tap a spot to dig there. Dig in suspicious places.

?Molida Island

?Temple of Courage

?Crayk, Bane of Courage




?Rusty Swordfish



?Ship Parts

?The normal chimney that came with Linebeck's ship.

?A simple shape, but something about it is so enticing.

?A chimney made of iron. Caution: gets very hot when used!

?A chimney once used by a bread baker. Smells fresh baked!

?Looks a little like garbage, but that's its main appeal!

?A chimney built for bubbling pots of white-hot magma.

?An artistic chimney filled with rustic charm.

?Towering over the horizon, all chimneys aspire to its glory.

?A simple chimney, but its surfaces gleam mysteriously.

?The paddle that came stock on Linebeck's ship.!

?A wheel with bent paddles. It steams your ship along!

?A wheel rumored to have been made from a battleship screw.

?A wheel some say was made from a giant's dinner plate.

?The number of paddles was cut to four to simplify it.

?A wheel made from the hollow shell of a red insect. Ewww!

?Created from the shell of a huge snail. A mysterious design.

?A wheel with nothing special. That is what draws many to it.

?An intricately carved wheel made by a brilliant artisan.









?A cannon bought from Eddo for the high price of 50 Rupees.

?A cannon with truly avant-garde design. Catches the eye!

?It looks menacing and efficient. It's actually rather typical.

?A cannon surrounded with the glory of an ancient age.

?Looks like it would shatter after a single fire, but it's tough!

?Some suspect it can fire cannonballs of pure malice.

?A cannon shaped like a seapony. This pony packs punch!

?Looks complex, but it's easy to use. The professional standard.

?The perfectly designed cannon. Truly the gold standard!

?The S.S. Linebeck came equipped with this average anchor.

?A modern, bell-shaped anchor. Ironically, it doesn't ring.

?An iron-spiked anchor that can secure a ship in any storm.

?An anchor shaped from the mold of an ancient statue.

?It is what it is... No one knows if it works as an anchor.

?An anchor made in the image of an evil sickle. Scary!

?An anchor made from a shell. Girls go wild for it!

?A three-pronged anchor. No frills, but it gets the job done!

?An anchor patterned after a gem. A sure hit with celebrities!

?The original bridge of Linebeck's ship. It's a common style.

?Soothing design offers an escape from the stresses of battle.

?A bridge designed for those with battle on their minds.

?With its templelike serenity, it offers peace and comfort.

?A modest design for the environmentally conscious!

?A prison designed to cage the foulest villains!

?Top creature comforts combined with the smell of ocean air.

?Created for those who live their years on the high seas.

?A golden interior fit for royalty. The bed is oh-so fluffy too.

?The handrail that came stock on Linebeck's ship.

?It draws attention for its playful and ornate design.

?A handrail forged with hefty chains so it won't break easily.

?Made from pillars of exotic ruins. It was recently recovered.

?In dire need of repair, but its design adds a lot of flavor!

?Made from monstrous horns. Actually not a handrail at all.

?A very basic handrail. Sometimes the basics are best!

?A handrail that works even in violently churning seas.

?Note the elegant curve and design. A true masterpiece!

?The original hull of the S.S. Linebeck. Nothing special.

?A modified hull from a standard ship with a fancy yellow spot.

?Looks strong and heavy. Too bad it's neither.

?A hull that looks like an ancient stronghold. The deck is so green!

?A worn, rugged hull with a manly, burly style of its own.

?A scary ship said to ferry the foulest of evils.

?A themed ship with the appeal of a private tropical oasis.

?A hull with a very serious red and black paint scheme.

?A hull that delivers an experience in pure extravagance.

?An average prow that came equipped on the S.S. Linebeck.

?This bell doesn't chime, but it gives the prow a nice look.

?Broken, and nobody in the world has the parts to fix it.

?The design was based on eyewitness accounts!

?Made with waterproof lumber, so it's surprisingly valuable.

?A prow adorned with a scowling demon. Very...intense.

?A prow made with swaying palm trees in mind. No coconuts.

?A prow made for those looking for the romance of the sea!

?An extravagant piece of ship art made from a golden pot.

?Spirit of Power

?Spirit of Wisdom

?Spirit of Courage

?Power Gem

?Wisdom Gem

?Courage Gem

?King's Key

?Sun Key

?Ghost Key

?Moon Key

?Regal Necklace

?Hero's New Clothes


?Guard Notebook

?Wood Heart

?Swordsman's Scroll

?Freebie Card

?Complimentary Card

?Compliment Card

?Prize Postcard

?Jolene's Letter

?Treasure Map

?Oshus's Sword

?Phantom Hourglass

?Wooden Shield







?Sword Blade

?Phantom Sword

?Temple Clear Time

?Tap the ship on the Touch Screen to change the viewing angle.

?Spirit of Power

?Spirit of Wisdom

?Spirit of Courage


?Rare dark pearls, strung into a jaw- dropping necklace.

?This flamboyant feather was dropped by a Helmaroc bird.

?This tasty Goron treat is valuable because it contains a bug!

?Some say this regal crown was worn by a princess of Zora.

?A princely ring handed down among royal generations.

?Coral, polished to a shine. It's an object to be admired!

?Pure white pearls, strung together into a stunning necklace.

?It's said that a Zora dropped this rare and sparkling scale!

?Our story begins not long ago...

?There was a young girl, savvy to the seas and head of a band of pirates. Her name was Tetra. She was pretty, brash, and brave. Tetra and her handsome pirates set out to explore the vast and unfamiliar seas.

?One day on a stop at an island, Tetra met a young boy dressed in green. After a series of strange events, the two began traveling together...

?They found old ruins, and light enveloped Tetra. At once, she transformed into a beautiful princess. Her lineage traced back to an ancient, ruined kingdom. She was Princess Zelda of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

?Just then, a huge, ominous king appeared! He carried Princess Zelda away... The evil king sought the sacred power passed down to Hyrulian princesses. He schemed to take the power and use it himself. The boy chased after him, determined to save the princess...

?The boy crossed seas and climbed mountains. The journey was perilous. He slayed evil monsters and used their power to become a true hero. After long and hard adventuring, he defeated the evil king. And beautiful Princess Zelda was rescued at last.

?Later, the two set out with the brave pirate crew in search of new lands... Yes, they set sail together! A happy pirate ending!

?So what did you think of my amazing paper cutouts? Did you guess that Tetra was really Princess Zelda?! Hey! [Link]! Are you sleeping, swabbie?

?[Link]! [Link]!

?Stop messing around down there! You're both supposed to be on lookout!

?Hah! Some legendary hero you are. Who'd believe you saved me from the evil king?

?Princess Zelda, we're nearly at that spot in the sea!

?I told you not to call me Zelda! Tetra worked just fine before, you know.

?'re the princess of a whole kingdom! I can't go treating you like a pirate.

?You'd better start trying, Mako! I may be a princess, but I'm a fearsome pirate. I'm traveling the world in search of new lands. And I'm the leader of you salty lot. I'm Tetra!

?But enough about that! So this is where the Ghost Ship is said to appear? Stay on the lookout for a creepy-looking ship!

?Are you sure this is a good idea? What about all those ships that have gone missing? I say the Ghost Ship is behind all of it!

?That's right, Niko. Every ship disappears. And it's all because of that scaaaaaaary Ghost Ship!


?Hey, Tetra! They say these seas are protected, yeah? Something about a spirit called the Ocean King. Wouldn't a spirit like that protect the ships? Unless there really is an evil Ghost Ship...

?Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing as a Ghost Ship! I bet it's just some pirates up to no good.

?I'll expose them as a bunch of frauds. And remind them that there are rules to being pirates! I doubt there really is an Ocean King anyway.

?Hey...look! The air feels chilly... Eerie, even. I say we take a detour around this creepy place.

?Quit being so scared! We're here to see the world, not take detours!

?Ship ahoy!

?Tetra... I can see a ship... Yeah, a ship...up ahead!

?It-it's... THE GHOST SHIP! These waters really are cursed!

?And you call yourself a pirate! It's just a ship. But it does look like it could be the Ghost Ship... There might even be a load of treasure on board! That's it. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!

?[Link]... Save me... [Link]...

?Save me... [Link]...

?Oh, phew! You're awake! You weren't moving, so I thought you were done for!

?But it looks like you're going to be OK.

?I'm Ciela. You see, I'm a fairy! I was out fluttering around and found you here. What happened?

?What?! A Ghost Ship? Your friend was taken away by a Ghost Ship?!

?So you were following after her... And you got separated from your own ship, huh? Is it the Ghost Ship people have been talking about? They say that those it takes are never seen again!

?You want to know more about the Ghost Ship? Grandpa will know all about it. I lost my memory...a long time ago. When I woke up on this beach, Grandpa rescued me!

?He's very sweet, so you've got nothing to worry about! Our house is up there, off the beach. Come on!

?Oh...can you walk? Tap the direction you want to move with your stylus.

?Ah, hello, traveler. So your name is [Link]? I am Oshus, and I live on this island.

?Ciela told me all about what happened to you.

?I also hear your friend was taken by the Ghost Ship.

?I understand that you want to find the Ghost Ship. But you must not.

?But, Grandpa! What are you saying?! [Link]'s friend was carried away!

?Pure evil fills the sails of the Ghost Ship. It roams the seas in search of victims to capture... And no one has ever escaped from it. It's best if you stay far away from that Ghost Ship.

?No. To seek out that ship is to seek out your doom.

?That's why we have to do something, Grandpa!

?Hmm... You're not going to give up, are you?

?There is a port to the east of here. A sailor by the name of Linebeck should be there. He'll be willing to tell you more about the Ghost Ship. Look at your map. The harbor is here.

?You mean that guy who came to visit, Grandpa? He asked about the Ghost Ship! I remember him!

?I'll go with [Link] and show him who he is.

?It's OK, right, Grandpa?

?Yes. I don't see why you can't go along. I'm sure you can help [Link].

?Thank you, Grandpa! Let's go, [Link]!

?She's always been antsy, that one...

?Now, [Link]... Lately, there have been many monster sightings. I gave in to you and told you about Linebeck... But you be careful out there.

?Oh, mercy...

?Young people...

?You! Kid! Over here, kid! I'm talking to you. You came at the right time!

?You're lucky you found me! Lucky for me, but luckier for you. Now help me!

?Oh, him? That's Linebeck!

?Hey, are you LISTENING? I said, HELP!

?What is he screaming about?! For someone pleading to be saved, he sure is rude!

?What'd you say?! Oh, it's that chatty fairy from the old man's place.

?Yes, I got it! Listen, can you help me out? Just pay attention to what I have to say.

?You got a small key! It will open a locked door. Tap the locked door to unlock it!

?Phew... I think we can take a quick breather...

?Hey! You said you sprained your ankle! You're walking just fine! You said you needed our help!

?Bah. It's not like you're the one who did the saving!

?Hey, kid! You're pretty brave for someone so short. I mean, not as brave as me ...but not too shabby. So your name's [Link], huh? That's a weird name...

?The name's Linebeck! I'm a real man of the sea. Impressive, huh?

?It was smooth sailing for me in the beginning. But then I got myself stuck in that trap. This place'll suck the life out of you, if you let it! Blasted temple...

?What are you doing in a place like this, anyway? And what do you want from me, kid?

?WHAT?! You're looking for the Ghost Ship?!

?So you're trying to get your mitts on the treasure!

?Treasure? What are you even talking about?! [Link] is trying to save his friend! She was abducted by the Ghost Ship! We came hoping you might know more about it.

?Oh. Really? Boo hoo. How sweet. I think I'm gonna cry.

?Oh, I'm just teasing, kid. If that's what this is about, I'm on board!

?I'm here looking for info about the Ghost Ship too! I was just a step away, but I sprained my ankle. Otherwise, I would have explored this cursed place.

?Liar! I just saw you running like a rabbit!

?No. No you didn't. That was just an illusion. My ankle's still throbbing! The pain is...unbearable!

?OoooooOoooOh.... Oooooh...the pain...

? want to know about the Ghost Ship.

?Go on without me, kid! Go grab the clue about the Ghost Ship. It has to be in there. We need it to find the ship. Got that?

?You're faking it. I think you're just scared!

?Not a chance! Normally, I'd be leading the charge down there! But I know how much it means to [Link]. I'm letting him have the glory of saving his friend.

?So, anyway, here... Take this with you, kid. I found this key around here. It might help.

?You know what you've got to do, so get to it!

?Oh, and...good luck in there, kid.

?I am Leaf, Spirit of Power! I serve the Ocean King. I owe you thanks for defeating that evil wizard. You broke the seal, so now I'm free!

?Look, [Link]! It's the Spirit of Power, Leaf! This must all be what Astrid was talking about.

?Please! Help us! We need your strength.

?I was locked away with the Ocean King years ago. But now I can't feel the Ocean King's presence... I wonder what happened to him? If I come with you, maybe I can find out. If you need it, I will gladly lend a hand!

?The Spirit of Power, Leaf, has joined your group! You should go tell Astrid.

?You got the Phantom Hourglass! It's a mysterious hourglass filled with golden sand.

?Now, [Link]! Take the hourglass!

?You got more sand for the Phantom Hourglass! Two minutes have been added!

?I'm Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. Thank you for slaying that vile monster. Now the seal has been broken and I'm free!

?Look, [Link]! This time it's the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri!

?We came all this way to seek your help!

?The Ocean King must be locked up somewhere, too. The Spirit of Power is with you. Of course I'll help!

?The Spirit of Wisdom, Neri, has joined your group! Find one more spirit to track down the Ghost Ship!

?You look just like me! What happened? Something seems weird...

?Something's odd...but you got the Spirit of Courage. Maybe now you can find the Ghost Ship?!

?Oh, Grandpa!

?What are you doing here, Grandpa?

?I came here to tell you something very important.

?Oooh, something important?

?Yes, young one. Now listen well to what I have to say.

?Ciela, you are no... ordinary fairy. Among fairies, you are special. You are a spirit.

?A SPIRIT?! What are you saying?

?I mean, I...I don't even have any special powers! There's no way!

?I understand how you feel. You lost your memory...

?The spirit you just freed holds the powers you lost.

?It's time for you to return to your original form.

?Please bring me the spirit, [Link].

?Now...I will begin.

?Hah! How do you feel?

?I don't feel any different... But at the same time, EVERYTHING is different... I feel...alive!

?You're back! I've been waiting for this moment.

?Now you can join powers with us!

?I don't even know what to do... This is all so sudden.

?Follow your feelings. Focus with the other spirits.

?Focus... Deeply...

?[Link]... Help me... [Link]...

?I just heard her, [Link]!? I heard a girl pleading for your help!

?She was calling out to you! That was Tetra! I know it was her!

?You've got to hurry! We have to go...NOW!


?That vision you just had... Your ability to sense evil is one of your spirit powers.

?You have awakened as the Spirit of Courage.

?You might not feel all of your true power yet. But someday, no evil will be able to hide from you.

?[Link]! C'mon! We'll show you the way to the Ghost Ship!

?I can feel it out there... Let's go!

?Yes, should hurry, [Link]! Head straight for the Ghost Ship!

?Old man... Who...who are you, really?

?That, I will explain when the time is right. For now, you must hurry to the Ghost Ship.

?Fine, keep your secrets, you old sea pickle.

?I'm just in this for the loot anyway!

?Is that...Tetra? What are we going to do? She's...a statue!

?Oh. Hey. Sorry I'm late, kid! That fog just disappeared, so I charged in to find you. So...about that treasure! You got piles of it, right?

? can you even say that?! [Link]'s friend is in trouble! And all you can think about is treasure?!

?Oh, so this is your friend? She's looking a bit pale.

?Ooh, something isn't right with this girl! Her...soul didn't get sucked away, did it?!

?This evil ship drained away her life force.

?Grandpa! What are you doing here?!

?If you have come this far, [Link]... The power of the hero is with you. Now is the time for me to tell the rest of the story.

?You're a clever boy. You may already know this... You see, these seas are my domain. I am not Oshus... I am the Ocean King. I was savagely attacked by an unfathomable evil.

?His Bellum. His evil ran so deep that it leeched the very life force from me. As you know, every creature in this world possesses a sacred power. This power is called life force. The Sand of Hours is a physical manifestation of that power. And that is what brought them here.

?I struggled against my attacker in a great clash. But his evil was so dark that it slowly drained away my own life force. He was always a step ahead of my attacks, and I was eventually overcome. I was dragged to the sunless depths of the temple... Sealed up, my life force continues to drain away.

?Using the life force he leeched from me... His evil spread, and bred more and more foul monsters. The spirits of Power and Wisdom were also imprisoned. But Ciela managed to split her soul and escape. That split was why so much of her memory was lost.

?Even among the monsters born of the Sand of Hours, some are especially evil. The Phantoms who roam my temple take after the evil of their master. Supernatural strength, wrapped in plate armor... virtually invincible. They prowl the temple, searching for victims. No one can harm them. Of course, they were created to be untouchable.

?I had only one option. My ocean of strength had drained to just a puddle. Using my last ounce of strength, I cloned myself, just as Ciela did. Then I made a humble home on Mercay Island. I used the Sand of Hours to make the hourglass and enter the temple. I studied my foe, searching for ways to defeat Bellum, and waited for my chance.

?Ciela, I'm sorry I could not tell you sooner. I worried about the spirits of Power and Wisdom. I never expected to find you on the beach. You'd lost your memory, and monsters were nearby. I thought it best to keep quiet until the time came.

?The sea's islands are rich with life force.

?The Ghost Ship was made to drain that life force. They used a story of treasure to lure people in. It wasn't enough for Bellum to steal MY life force. He had to take what little he could from the people.

?Tetra must have had a bold, vibrant soul. The Ghost Ship was drawn to that power. She didn't find it... It found her.

? you're saying there's NO TREASURE?!

?Yes, that's what I'm saying.

?From what I can sense, Tetra is still alive.

?There is an island north of the Isle of Gust. Go there and find Zauz. He is a blacksmith. He will tell you more about the great evil. He knows how to slay Bellum.

?This is some kind of sick joke, old man! The treasure! What about all the TREASURE! That was the only reason I put my life on the line! And now there's no treasure? Well, I...QUIT!

?You quit? Didn't you even listen to his story? You're a man of the sea... Don't you want to help the Ocean King?!

?NO! And you can't use my ship anymore!


?No, no. I would never ask you to do this for free. If you help us defeat Bellum... I will grant you one wish. What do you say to that?

?HEY! Quit standing around, kid! The Ocean King is in trouble! Ship out, kid! Anchors aweigh! I said, MOVE IT!

?Hmmph. One word about a wish, and he leaped to action!

?I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have involved you and Tetra in all this.

? were able to get the sacred blade forged.

?You must guard it well. It is very important. With it, you can make a sword to defeat Bellum.

?Hand me the Phantom Hourglass, [Link].

?Hmph. Bellum is the evil that consumes life. He can attack with furious strength. He can also use the power he stole to deflect attacks. The only item that can slay him is the Phantom Sword.

?You got the sacred Phantom Sword! This mighty sword has the power to defeat Bellum!

?Rare metals and mystical sands are fused together. And so the Phantom Sword is born. With that, you can defeat Bellum.

?We're all counting on you, [Link].

?With your strength, it should work. Normally, I would be the one to do this. But now we must all count on you, [Link].

?The evil things must have appeared to devour that.

?They just want to fill their empty bellies. They hunger for life force!

?Defeat that monster before my life force is depleted. I must get the Sand of Hours back. With it, I can return Tetra's life force and restore her.

?With your power, you can defeat Bellum. My real body is sealed away, deep in the temple... Bellum should be there too... Normally, I would be fighting this battle myself. But you are our only hope. We're counting on you, [Link]!

?What are you doing, [Link]! Grab that friend of yours and get back to my ship!

?Look out! The ceiling is cracking, [Link]! The exit is still blocked! What do we do?!

?Hey, old man! Come look at this for a second.

?Old man!


?Look who it is, falling out of the sky ON MY HEAD!

?Work on where you teleport people, old man!

?So the one that got us out of the temple... That was you, Grandpa?

?Yes, it was me. The two of you have done well. It's not gone, but the seal holding me is weakening. My power was restored enough to bring you here.

?Hey, kid!

?Wake up and look at this, [Link]!

?Tetra's going to be OK... Right, Grandpa?!

?Hah. Very well done, [Link]. After you slew Bellum, I used some of my power... And focused it on Tetra. It seems to have worked! She is recovering nicely. I think she will be fine. It seems you have done it, [Link].

?I owe you a big thanks, [Link]. Since I got on that Ghost Ship, I've been dreaming. I know that you saved me, [Link]. I saw everything.

?Oh, phew! Looks like you're going to be fine!

?It's nice to meet you. Thanks for saving me, Ciela.

?Oh! No, no! I didn't do a thing. It was all [Link]!

?Ahem! Um, A-HEM!

?Thank you too, Linebeck! I'm grateful for everything!

?Oh, no. It was nothing, really. Pretty standard. No way was I gonna let these two go it alone. It was too dangerous. I had to step in and help out.

?What are you talking about?! You left all the dangerous stuff to [Link]!

?WHAT HAPPENED?! That wasn't good! What's going on?!

?I don't know...

?Oh, no! Everyone, outside!

?What is!

?That's Bellum! But, how?! I thought we defeated him!

?Look! Look at Tetra!

?So he was still alive! So that is why my power isn't fully restored...

?Yeesh. Ouch... What's going on here?! I thought...

?Are you OK? Linebeck! You were possessed by Bellum!

?WHAT?! Oh... That's right. I...uh... think... I remember something about [Link]...

?Oh, kid, I mean... [Link]! I'm sorry! I know I was possessed by that monster... But to think that I...

?Shush, Linebeck! If you hadn't stood up to Bellum when you did... Who knows what might have happened to us!

?Well... I guess I got caught up in the moment...

?What?! That's not like you! Are you sure you're Linebeck?

?[Link]... Linebeck... And Ciela... I have returned to my true form... For that, I thank you.

?WHAT?! WHOA! Old man, is that you?!

?If not for you, I'd have been sealed up forever. This sea would have fallen into desolation and evil. You saved me and the great sea.

?Thank you.


?What? Who? Me?

?I have to make good on a promise I made to you. I grant you one wish.

?What is it? Come on! Say it! You want a treasure, don't you? Just ask!

?No! That's not it at all! I don't need treasures anymore! I think...

?Well, I guess, if I have to... If you insist... Can you bring back my ship? The one that sank?

?What? That's it? You know, even if you ask for treasure later, that's it!

?That's enough from you, Sparkles! You've always got to get the last word, don't you?

?The Sand of Hours is returned and peace reigns. The Ghost Ship will no longer haunt your world.

?Our world? So what is the world that we are in now? What is this place...

?The time for you to return to your world is near...

?The door to your world is about to open.

?We are inhabitants of this world. We must return to the world of the Ocean King!

?Thanks, [Link]. And you too, Linebeck. Your courage will not be forgotten.

?Oh... Well, thank goodness, Linebeck! Now I don't have to look at you any longer. I was getting tired of seeing you all the time!

?Ugh! That's my line! Get out of here, and good riddance!

?Well... I'm leaving now...

?...Thanks, Linebeck.

?I would like to stay with you, [Link]... But I'm a spirit. I serve the Ocean King.

?Now we have to say good-bye...

?Thanks, [Link]!

?I never would've guessed you really looked like that!

?My ship just took a little... uh...damage...


?Oh? Where's Linebeck?




?...Huh?! Where are we...

?Linebeck disappeared... And the Ghost Ship is back... What's going on?

?So you were OK all along? I was worried when I heard all that screaming... But you look fine!

?What about the Ghost Ship? Was there treasure aboard?

?What are you talking about?!

?Do you understand what we've been through? Where were you? Did you even look for us?

?What are you talking about? You were only on that ship...

?Ten minutes?! You've got to be kidding! Do you know what we have been through?!

?How would I know? You were probably just sleeping on that ship! I'll bet you only had a nightmare or something...

?What?! You're accusing me of sleeping?!

?I have no idea what you're talking about. How could I? It was probably a bad dream.

?You're not listening! It was longer than 10 minutes, I'm telling you!

?...It's not there anymore...

?The...the ship! It's gone! It really was cursed! The dream you had was the work of that Ghost Ship! Eeek!

?Hey! I told you it wasn't a dream! You guys never listen...

?Hey, where's Linebeck?

?It's only been about 10 minutes.

?The squiddy thing is getting away!

?Hey! Did he just possess the Ghost Ship?!


?I was almost frozen forever on that thing! [Link] saved me. You wouldn't believe what he went through!

?We have to chase after him! I'll take the wheel!

?Prepare to man the cannon, [Link]!

?Hey, [Link]! Isn't that it?




?WHOA! Ugh... WHAT?! Let go of me, monster!



?Look, it's Tetra, [Link]!

?Wake up! WAKE UP, [Link]!

?Wake up! Hurry up already, [Link]!

?To: [Link] If you're getting this, I guess that my new postman is working far. So I'd like to make an unusual request. He's as good as a new hire gets! He's as diligent and efficient as they come! I've got no complaints. I want to keep it that way. So be nice to the Postman. He really is a good kid. From: The Postmaster

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?Good tidings to you, [Link]. Thank you for your recent help. Try as I might to express my gratitude in words, I cannot do it justice. If there is anything that I can do in return, please stop by the Isle of Ember. I know that someone of my modest means might have little to offer. But I believe that I can at least show you the way should you become lost. Sincerely, Astrid

?To my baby sister, Joanne! Many years have passed since we've seen each other. Are you well? I'm sure that you've endured heartache at the hands of some awful man. Oh, don't worry about me. I'm fine. As you can tell, I'm just as feisty as ever. You're the only sister I have in this world. We really should catch up. But... I have to ask... Are, you know... Do you still have that weird mermaid costume obsession? I think it's fine to dress up as a mermaid and have a little fun now and then. But don't wind up in some old fisherman's net, OK? Your sis, The She-Pirate, Jolene

?Have you found yourself on the path of wayfaring, [Link]? Don't fret if you haven't. You may already be on the way and not know it! Yes, finding your way isn't like discovering a pebble lodged between your toes. No, a true wayfarer can travel the whole world and never find just one way! But I did want to give you something unusual that I've found on my own travels. May it serve as a reminder that you can find anything if you give it enough time! Sincerely yours, the Old Wayfarer!

?Greetings, [Link]. No doubt you were waiting for a note from me, the Master of Diversions. So come by again. I mean, if you want. Play a game or two. What? Got better things to do? I'll be waiting. Where else am I going to go? I'll be the guy staring at the sea, bored out of my mind. Sincerely yours, Salvatore

?You guy! [Link]! It's me! Aroo, the Anouki! You really took care of me the other day! I gotta say, I was touched. Thanks to you, I got my life back. Literally! My world would have stopped if you hadn't done what you did! I'm sending a small token of my appreciation. I found it at the dump, but maybe you can use it! -(The REAL) Aroo-

?My brother, Goro-[Link]! How are you doing? I have decided to work part-time on a Southeastern Sea isle. Stop by if you are in the area, Brother! I will be the one rolled up in a ball and making a spectacle of myself! P.S. Enjoy the gift! Your brother, Gongoron

?Boy clad in green, I was deeply impressed by your immense strength! I present you with a treasure from my kingdom. I hope it serves you well. His Majesty, King Mutoh

?Dear, [Link]! Thanks for delivering that letter to me! It was so nice to hear from my sister. I haven't run into Jolene yet, but that's OK. It's just good to know we've always got that sister connection! We'll run into each other eventually. It's inevitable, considering our taste in hobbies is the same! We're both just obsessed with dressing up in costumes! My sister just prefers her silk pirate clothes to her mermaid constume. Teehee! Maybe I should have kept that bit of info in my diary. Take this gift! It's just a little something to show my appreciation! Your favorite pretend mermaid, -Joanne-

?From: Linebeck To: [Link] OK, this is weird. Why am I writing to you when we're together all the time? But just give me a moment to remember why I was writing you... Oh! So I'm writing because, well, I'm grateful, all right? Happy now?! Thanks, OK? There, I've said it... Well, this is awkward. What next? How about...thanks for working like a dog for me, you! See?! That's something you just can't say to a guy's face, you know?! One more thing, a gift to show my thanks. Keep it to yourself! Or else!

?Congratulations! You WON the drawing! Thanks for entering! Here's your prize! -the Drawing Commission-

?Congratulations! You DIDN'T win the drawing! Too bad. Really! Don't get all upset over something so trivial! You lost. That's all. It's only a drawing. Not a big deal. I mean, what's a big deal REALLY? How about life? Big deal...or not? How about pestering you about big deals? Big deal...or not? Well, we've dragged this on far too long, haven't we? Thanks for entering. Enjoy this loser prize. -the Drawing Commission-

?Little boy in green! So you got me, and got me good! Humiliation burns hot in my pirate blood! And so, my mind is haunted with this one, searing word... REVENGE! Yes! I demand a rematch to see who's truly the strongest on the sea! I've sharpened my skills since last we clashed. I am unbeatable! All will fall beneath my blade. Oh, yes. Somewhere on these vast seas our paths will cross again. If you have any honor at all, you will meet me in battle one last time! The mighty She-Pirate, Jolene

?To [Link]! We've heard that you've acquired more than four Big Plays in Battle Mode. The Friends of Battle Mode have prepared a gift in honor of this occasion. It's waiting for you at Eddo's Garage on Cannon Island. Stop by his shop if you're in the neighborhood. From the Chairman of the Friends of Battle Mode -Chairman Fuzo-

?To [Link]! Congratulations on setting the Big Play record! We have another gift for you! Go to Eddo's Garage on Cannon Island! From the Chairman of the Friends of Battle Mode -Chairman Fuzo-

?Hello, my friend! How are you? I've recently found my way to an exciting new calling! But I can't find the right words to explain it in a letter. So the next time you have a chance, stop by! You won't regret it! And here's a grand-opening gift for you. Hang on to it! -Romanos-

?Hey you, [Link]! I've got some very big news. Big, big news. See, I've been working on a Salvage Arm for a long time, but now it's ready! This gorgeous piece of machinery lets ships pull up treasure from the seafloor! I'm gonna sell this thing to the first one who gets here. Ready, set...sail! Who's gonna be the lucky customer to claim it? -Eddo-

?Hey, [Link]! Thanks for buying the Salvage Arm! As an added bonus, I'm sending you this gift! Seriously, take it! It's all yours! -Eddo-

?[Link]! [Link]! I heard that you rescued Tetra from the Ghost Ship! Congratulations! Well done! Ha, ha! Amazing, really... Say, did you leave something important on the ship? Maybe a Heart Container? We grabbed it for you, so please take it. We're closely watching your epic adventure, Oh scatterbrained one... From very high in the sky!

?Hey! Nice to meetcha! And not like I don't want to greetcha, but I'm here to deliver your mail... Not talk your ear off! Yep, the Postman lives for special dee-livery! And your name is... Got it right here... Er, isn't it [Link]? I'm sure I'll be carrying special deliveries for ya at some point! So...I'd appreciate it if you didn't, ya know, shoot me with a slingshot. Thanks for understanding! I may also need ya to sign for deliveries. Thanks! On that note, see ya 'round the sea, sir!

?Special dee-livery! Watch out! Incoming!

?...And that's all it says. Bit disturbing, wasn't it?! Were you just challenged to a duel?! Get that often? Whoa! First threatening letter I've seen! OK, sign here, sir! Hopefully she doesn't defeatcha!

?Wooo! Thanks much! You made my day, sir! I'm walking on air!

?...And that's it. Wow, kinda embarrassing! Not like I wrote it, but it was odd to read out loud! Anyway, sign here, will ya?

?...And that's that. Er, sorta embarrassing! But I swear that I didn't write it! Sign for it, would ya?

?Good! That wraps it up! See ya later!

?...And that's the end of it. Got all that, sir? Then I'm outta here!

?...So it says. Er, seems like that wasn't for you after all, [Link]. Uh... Well, chalk it up to fate! Uh, do me a favor? Deliver that to Joanne, would ya?

?Good way for people to meet and greetcha! OK, I'm off!

?...... Hmm? That's it? That's weird. It said you won something, but there's nothing inside! Well, whaddya gonna do... Did my deal, so I guess I'll be on my way!

?...So it says. Something's attached! Want it? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Hey, it's a Heart Container! You do want this, right? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Don't know who this letter's from...but good for you! OK, see ya 'round the sea, sir!

?Hrumph! Well, if you insist, sir! OK, see ya 'round the sea, sir!

?This is a letter from the Postmaster to you, [Link]! Ahem! Here's what it says...

?This is a letter from Beedle! Ahem! Here goes...

?This is a letter from Astrid! Ahem! Oooh, I can't wait...

?This is a letter from Jolene! Ahem! Should be juicy...

?This is a letter from the Old Wayfarer! Ahem! Here we go...

?This is a letter from Salvatore! Ahem! Here's what he says...

?This is a letter from Aroo of the Anouki! Ahem! Here's the scoop...

?Now this is a letter from Gongoron of the Gorons! Ahem! Listen up...

?This is a letter from King Mutoh! Ahem! Brace yourself...

?This is a letter from Joanne the Mermaid! Ahem! Should be saucy...

?This is a letter from... Linebeck?! Ahem! Here goes...

?This is a letter for you, [Link]! Looks like you've won a prize! Good for you! Here's what it says...

?This is a letter from Jolene! Ahem! Should be a good one...

?This is a letter from Fuzo of Cannon Island! Ahem! Here's what he says...

?This is a letter from Romanos of Molida Island! Ahem! Here's what he says...

?This is a letter from Eddo of Cannon Island! Ahem! Ready for this?

?It's yours, [Link], but there's no return address. Who's it from?! Guess we don't know. But, ahem! Here's what it says...

?Gooood day to you! What do you have for delivery?

?Want to send a postcard? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Accepted. Thanks! And thank you for supporting your fine postal system!

?We look forward to serving you again!

?If there's something you want, tap it!

?So that's 10 bombs, yes? That'll be [var] Rupees!

?That's the quiver! You'll be able to carry more arrows. That'll be [var] Rupees!

?That's a Heart Container! It will increase your life by 1! That'll be [var] Rupees!

?So, 10 Bombchus for you? That'll be [var] Rupees!

?So you're interested in the [player] ship part? That'll be [var] Rupees!

?So that's 10 arrows? It comes to [var] Rupees! What a deal!

?You want the bomb bag? You'll be able to hold more bombs! That's [var] Rupees!

?The Bombchu bag lets you carry more Bombchus. That'll be [var] Rupees!

?This rare treasure is a [player]! Does [var] Rupees sound fair?

?Nice choice... Not sure what it is, but look at the color! For you, [var] Rupees!

?That's a wooden shield! It protects you from light attacks! Just [var] Rupees!

?Ahh, a red potion! Drink it to restore six hearts. It's yours for [var] Rupees!

?A purple potion fills eight hearts automatically if you fall. Just [var] Rupees!

?That's a yellow potion! Drink it to instantly restore all hearts! Just [var] Rupees!

?Thank you very much! Can I get you anything else?

?Thanks for stopping by!

?Errm... Sorry, you don't have enough money. Come by when you have enough.

?Wait, you don't have a bow? I can't sell arrows to people without bows!

?Oh! You don't have a bomb bag? I can't sell bombs to people without bags!

?I can't sell you Bombchus if you don't have a Bombchu bag. Sorry!

?Oh dear, you can't hold any more... Come back when you've used them up!

?Sorry, we're out of stock! I'll display new items there as they come in.

? hot...

?Oh, no! There are flames everywhere! You better not touch them... Don't go and burn yourself, [Link]!

?Hmm... I wonder what that means. But let's make note of it... Go ahead! Copy that path by writing it on your map, in case we need it later!

?I can feel an evil presence lingering at the top of these stairs... Be careful! OK, [Link]?

?A boomerang! Know how to throw it? First, tap the Item icon to equip the boomerang.

?Then just draw a line and it will follow that flight path...straight or curvy! Give it a try. Throw it around this room to get the hang of it.

?When you see something of note, write it on your map. That's a key survival skill!

?Whoa, what's this? It looks so ominous...

?This must be the Isle of Ember that Grandpa was talking about. We're here!

?That must be the temple. But the entrance is sealed...

?Now we can enter the temple! We did it, [Link]! Let's go face up to that power of darkness!

?Look! The volcano is erupting! Watch out for falling rocks!

?OK! We can reach the Temple of Fire at the peak through here! Come on! Tap the door to open it, [Link]!

?Hey! I hear footsteps behind there!

?Don't tap just anywhere... Mark only the location of the three torches.

?But this door looks pretty locked to me...

?This door... I don't think we can open it quite yet.

?Hey, where's Linebeck?! We can't leave without him... Where's he gone to? He's not worth all this trouble!

?What should we do... Hey, let's call out! Ready? OK, call out something now! Loud and clear!


?[sfx]Someone heard you! You did it, [Link]!

?OK, got it! So we have to find Kayo to learn the secret!

?[sfx]It's safe out here! Who are you...the fortune-teller, Astrid?

?Hang on, [Link]!

?A fallen adventurer... Look, [Link]!

?[sfx]It's safe out here! Kayo asked us to open this door... So might you be...the fortune-teller, Astrid?

?Hey? Where's Linebeck? What a troublemaker!

?If you're looking for Linebeck, he's at Astrid's house!

?Oooh, mystery! I wonder what happened on this isle, [Link]...

?[Link], this is Kayo's journal. Looks like he traveled to the east side of the island! Let's go that way too!

?This is Kayo's journal! Looks like he was alarmed about something...

?Wait, [Link]! Are you just going to leave without calling out? There's someone back there! And to call out, you should say something into the Mic!

?I feel a presence on the other side of this door...

?Hold on, Astrid! We'll get you out of there as soon as possible!

?The volcano has stopped erupting, [Link]!

?I'll bet it's because you defeated all the monsters, [Link]! Come on! Let's tell Astrid!

?A sterling example of my helmsmanship! Impressed, [Link]?

?What?! You found Astrid, but the door won't open?! Ah, what?! And the island is swarming with monsters? ... 'Scuse me, [Link]. Got to bury my head in my much work to do!

?You went to the temple, [Link]?

?What's taking so long? I was about to leave you here, [Link]!

?What?! Are you telling me you don't know where you're going next? Go ask Astrid to gaze into her crystal ball and whip up some direction!

?Did you find Astrid, [Link]? Not yet? And you still want to leave? [.]Yes[.]No

?Know where you want to go next? We'll ship out! [.]Yes[.]No

?Fine then. I'll be here working on the ship.

?Hmmm. Haven't forgotten anything, have you? OK, let's be off!

?[sfx]What?! You didn't even know where the island was! Who sketched our course on the sea chart?! Yeah, [Link] did!

?What?! You piece of fluff! You just don't appreciate the finer points of sailing!

?But you get me, right, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]No

?There's a sensible lad! See? [Link] gets it!

?... Abuse your captain, will you... OK, you little adventure monkey, why don't you run off and find Astrid! I'll be right here waiting for you, taking care of my ship! Hrmph!

?And, as captain, I shall assign our little adventure monkey a task! Go find Astrid, [Link]! Meanwhile...I'll be waiting here attending to the needs of my fine vessel!

?What?! Staying behind?! You're scared, aren't you?

?Me? S-scared? I'm never scared, you little fluttering shrimp. You two go ahead. I'll be breaking my back working on the ship for your sakes!

?Step to it! Go ask Astrid about the Ghost Ship! Of course, if you're too scared, we can set sail... [.]Yes[.]No

?I was wondering who that was, [Link]. It's you! What...oh... Uh, I was looking for Astrid too, actually!

?[sfx]What a big liar! You said that you had to fix the boat!

?Well, actually, um... I thought that you might be lost and lonely without me!

?Us lost?! You're the one without a clue! OK, but at least you're here in time for Astrid to tell us our fortunes.

?Wh-what?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!

?Make it a habit of being late, [Link]? Astrid is waiting for us! Hurry up! She's going to tell our fortunes!

?[sfx]Linebeck! You fled the second you heard about monsters in the temple!

?N-no! Of course not! I suddenly got worried about my ship... A captain's first duty is to his ship!

?Have you eliminated all the monsters, [Link]? Let's ship out then, if it's all wrapped up! [.]Yes[.]No

?Say, [Link], I was thinking that we should split tasks... How about I take care of the ship, and you take care of the monsters, eh?

?Unbelievable! You just don't want to risk your neck, right?!

?W-well, how could you understand? We seasoned captains have our reasons! Anyway, [Link], off you go. Take care of those monsters!

?What, [Link]?! Treasure...I mean Tetra! What about Tetra?!

?Hey, kid! So you were able to defeat all the monsters? Well, Astrid is waiting!

?Huh?! Don't you have to talk to Astrid?

?What, Linebeck?! What are you going on about?!

?Anyway, let's head back to Mercay Island! [.]Yes[.]No

?I suspect that we're hot on the trail of untold wealth! Don't you suspect that the light that needs finding... is really a shiny treasure?!

?...I really don't think so...

?Linebeck! What are you doing in a place like this?!

?Hoo, boy! Treasure!

?...Ugh! He's so self-centered!

?There's no time for playing! Hurry back!

?Hey! Why don't you just hop to and find Astrid! We just got to this island! You want to leave again? [.]Yes[.]No

?Isle of Ember

?? Fortune-Teller

?SUMMIT PATH Approval needed for entry.

?Boing-oing! To open the summit gate, you need what the fortune-teller has to offer. Whether you believe in her fortunes, however, is up to you...

?Brute force...will get you nowhere...

?Mark the locations of our island's three torches...

?You must mark the location of the three torches on your map... Please protect... Astrid...

?I'd really appreciate it if you could do this... Now, here's the secret to opening the door...

?You'll find the solution if you mark where the three torches are on your map... Approach the door with your map notes at hand, then all will be revealed... Please protect... Astrid...

?Oh, just look what's become of you... poor thing...

?[sfx]Aaah! It's a ghost! Get him, [Link]!

?Aaah?! Wait! Give me some warning before you come at me! I must look really bad! But, I swear! I'm not a bad ghost...

?... Well, to be honest, he doesn't really look like an EVIL ghost...

?My name is Kayo... I used to work for Astrid, the fortune-teller...

?What happened to you... you poor thing...

?If you believe in fate... then it's not so bad. I do feel much lighter! Of graver concern, though, is what's happened to Astrid... It haunts me!

?We just saw Astrid! She asked us to open the door that locks her in!

?Astrid? We came to this island to find her! Do you know where she is?

?Wh-what? So Miss Astrid is all right? Well then, please open the door for me! I'll tell you the secret...

?I hid her away... Astrid is inside her home right here... But there's no way I can open the door. Not in this condition...

?[sfx]Of course, we'll help! We'll open that door and let Astrid out!

?You have freed Astrid! For that, I thank you... Please continue to look after her for me...

?If you're reading my words, it means that I have fallen to fate... So look east to pick up the torch and take up my duty. -Kayo

?To thank you for rescuing Astrid, let me share some valuable information... A map is May it be of help to you...

?[.]Please continue to watch over Astrid...

?There is another treasure map on this island... It is buried in the basement of Astrid's house...

?[.]Would you please open the door for me? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Don't dare say that... or I will haunt you!

?The three torches on this island are the key to understanding... Keep that in mind, and you may be able to open the door...

?One torch is right here. Make a note on your map, lest you forget...

?[.]Please take care of... Astrid...

?Who... Who's there?

?[Link]? It evokes kindness and strength in the same breath. Lovely name.

?Is that so... The Ghost Ship came to our island a few days ago. That's why I was hidden away, to escape its ruinous reach. Speaking of which... I haven't seen Kayo since then...

?Vacation... I think not. It's a barren island with a volcano... You're here for far more important reasons, no? [.]A ship...[.]Hmmm.

?You can't have forgotten your purpose for coming to our island. Hasn't something important brought you here? [.]A ship...[.]Ummm.

?It must be something very trivial. You don't have to restrain yourself.

?Well, life has little use for mourning, so Kayo thought...

?Please wait for me upstairs. If any others are with you, please bring them along with you to my chambers. Assemble yourselves, and I will join you after I make preparations...

?Greetings. Now, if everyone is here...we can begin.

?Really... If that's the path you've chosen, so shall it be...

?There's a clue about the next spirit in the Temple of the Ocean King on Mercay. But the light seeking your help is growing faint... please hurry.

?Now make haste to the Temple of Fire on the summit of this island. There you must defeat the power of darkness that haunts that place. You will then find what you need to open the path that lies ahead of you... You have it within you to alter our doomed course of events, [Link]. But the light that seeks your help is growing faint. Please hurry.

?I foresaw your return. It's your fate, of course. Many trials still await you, however. Do you still plan on saving Tetra from the Ghost Ship? [.]Yes[.]No

?I've released the seal on the door to the summit. Go to the Temple of Fire. I wish you well for the battles soon to come. Be safe...

?Well done! You defeated the power of darkness, [Link]. Thus you've broken the seal that imprisoned the spirit you need to move ahead. Ultimately, you will need three spirits: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. When you have all three, you will possess the power to find the Ghost Ship. Now two spirits remain... but their locations are veiled to me at present! I see...another clue for you to find in the Temple of the Ocean King on Mercay. And to further your efforts, I give you this. May it help you in battle.

?If ever you lose your way, return here and I will do my best to find it.

?Are the monsters gone? Get me out of here!!

?I can't open the door from the inside!!

?Do you see the map hanging beside the door?

?Thank you! And good luck, because this will be tricky!

?Yes, that's right... My name is Astrid... I was sealed in here to hide from the monsters... I didn't foresee one thing...

?I don't know who you are, but would you open it? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?What? How rude! If you help me, I'll give you whatever you want... Please, won't you help me open the door? [.]Yes[.]No way!

?That map is somehow the key to opening the door... Unfortunately, only my assistant, Kayo, knows the secret of it...

?Indeed... I am Astrid. Yes, but... as a favor to Kayo...

?To look at the map hanging beside the door, simply touch it...

?I don't know who you are, but would you open this? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?...You're forgetful. You might want to add more muscle to your mind.

?Astrid, about that... Well, Kayo, he's...

?Oh, my Kayo... All for my sake...

?I see that you have the Regal Necklace, [Link]... You know, Kayo and I hail from the Cobble Kingdom... Some of our people see far, with powers that grow when we pass from life. Seeing that necklace, I know that you are destined to walk the Isle of Ruins.

?That's a Spirit Gem. There are many for each spirit. Find as many as you can... I see that, somewhere on the seas, you can raise a spirit's power for 10 gems. The light that seeks your aid grows weaker still... There's no time to lose.

?Power, Wisdom, and Courage. When you've gathered them together, you'll possess the power to find the Ghost Ship at last.

?I see that you now have the Phantom Hourglass. Return to the Temple of the Ocean King on Mercay to find a new sea chart... Doing so will bring you even closer to the Ghost Ship. Oh, when I gaze into your crystal-clear eyes, I'm so reminded of Kayo...

?I see that you've found a sea chart. You must break into unknown waters, and so you need a ship cannon. There's an isle in these seas where you may find a cannon. Seek out Eddo.

?To navigate the foggy passage, you must take a specific route. Only one fisherman has known this route. Find and follow his footsteps.

?Go to the Isle of Gust. I can feel a spirit there. The spirit's power is weakening. Fly like... the wind!

?You've rescued the Spirit of Wisdom! Please take this, [Link]!

?You can increase the power of the spirits with those, aiding your journey.

?In order to restore Tetra, you must destroy the very source of the darkness. Return to the Temple of the Ocean King on Mercay and find another sea chart. With chart in hand, you'll see your goal coming within reach.

?I must go to the Temple of the Ocean King to learn of the last spirit. The spirit's power is fading. There isn't much time.

?I see that you must pull a key from the seabed, then head to Molida Island. But for your course to be profitable, first find Eddo on Cannon Island. The spirit is growing so very weak...please hurry.

?Do you see that you've done it? You found all the spirits, [Link]! I foresee a new course for you, one that leads through the fog to the Ghost Ship! Use their power quickly. The light that seeks your help is growing weaker...

?I see you've acquired the sea chart for the Northeastern Sea. There you'll find a majestic, mysterious island, but... But I foresee a problem. You'll need royal permission to go there. Your course will only bear fruit if you visit a royal isle in the northeast first.

?I have gathered the three pure metals. Sail to Zauz the blacksmith and ask him to forge the true sword you must wield. But the light! The light that seeks your help... is so very weak!

?I see that you wield the sacred sword. Now I see someone standing before you. Oh, not here. No, on Mercay Island... To find the full power you need to defeat your foe, go there, [Link].

?You possess the power to defeat your foe. And your final battle...I now see it! Yes, to save Tetra, you must destroy this very source of the darkness! Use the Phantom Sword on the beast under the Temple of the Ocean King. I will pray for your safety, [Link]...

?Thank you for opening the door. I'm finally free to go outside again!

?You bested the monsters who guarded you are no ordinary travelers. May I ask your names? [.]Of course[.]Nope

?Oh, don't be modest! This is [Link] and I'm Ciela. Nice to meet you!

?[Link] is looking for his friend, who was taken by the Ghost Ship. Astrid, we were hoping that you might have some insights...

?...I see. I sensed it... Just as I foresaw... But... It was destiny...

?Shall I tell your fortune? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Confound it! You'd think that someone who sees the future would be on time! Where is Astrid?! Let's get our fortunes told and be done with it!

?Power of darkness, eh... Hey, kid! I, uhh...just remembered I have to go polish the, uh... ship's rudder. Later, kid!

?...Sheesh. What's with Linebeck? Oh, let's just let him be and hurry to the temple!

?Turn your eyes from fate at your peril...

?You actually did it! Now we're even closer to getting rich, [Link]! Hoo haw, I'm excited!

?Ugh! What a fool!

?...Open my the future... A sinister darkness... The mighty sea...and the voice of sacred light...

?I see it! I shall speak! Listen with your hearts!

?If you really want to find the Ghost Ship, [Link]... You must be ready to clash with the very darkness itself! Knowing that, do you still want to rescue Tetra? [.]Yes![.]Yikes!

?Well, I sense that man will prove to be an asset and not an time.

?...I hope you're right. OK, let's quickly set sail back to Mercay Island, [Link]!

?Has fate clouded your true course, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Well then, I will foresee where you must go next.

?...I see it now. Your future...

?Oh, very nice. The honesty in your eyes is crystal clear.

?You must defeat the source of the darkness if you hope to restore Tetra. There are deeper levels in the Temple of the Ocean King than you've yet seen. But to descend there, you must learn the sacred crest from Zauz the blacksmith. He resides in these seas. Go to him, quickly!

?Retrieve the key from the seabed and head to the temple on Molida Island. The spirit grows weaker. Please hurry.

?I see you got the Azurine. You can find another pure metal in the Southeastern Sea. The sound of Tetra's voice I hear calling to you is weakening. Hurry!

?I see that you got the sea chart of the Southeastern Sea. You can travel to that area to find two more sources of pure metal. You will need all of the pure metals to defeat the very darkness itself. The sound of Tetra's voice is weakening. Hurry and get those pure metals!

?I see you got the Crimsonine. Look for one more source of the pure metals in the Southeastern Sea. The sound of Tetra's voice is growing fainter! Hurry!

?I see you got the Aquanine. Go to the Southeastern Sea. Another pure metal is there. The sound of Tetra's voice grows so quiet. Hurry!

?You're planning to help her, right, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]No

?[sfx]I believed in you all along, without a doubt! Now let's talk to Astrid!

?[sfx]No, stop joking around! [sfx]Now say that you'll help Tetra, [Link]. [.]Yes[.]No

?It is your fate to rescue Tetra from the Ghost Ship. [.]Yes![.]Umm...

?Try to remember. Why did you come to our island? [.]A ship...[.]Errr...

?Now tell me. What brought you to our island? [.]A ship...[.]Vacation![.]Uh...

?I've defeated the darkness that lurks in the Temple of the Ocean King! But I foresee a final battle, [Link]!

?Be safe...

?This temple protects the Spirit of Power.

?Don't make haste, make note...of the one safe path.

?Blow out the flames to illuminate the path ahead.

?Quick as you can, flip the four switches in order.

?When all three torches are lit, the path will be revealed.

?You got the boomerang! This item follows the path you draw on the screen!

?Nothing happened. Maybe you're not touching the right places...

?You touched the right places...

?Isle of Ember

?Temple of Fire

?Blaaz, Master of Fire

? ?Isle of Frost? The Island Chief lives in a house on the hill to the northeast.

? ?To the Great Ice Field?

? ?Island Chief's House?

? ?Dobo's House?

? ?Kumu's House?

? ?Fofo's House?

? ?Gumo's House?

? ?Aroo's House?

? ?Mazo's House?

? ?Anouki Estates?

?DO NOT ERASE! The Yook's weakness is really simple. The Yook breathe deeply. Inhale...mouth... ...a......throw... (Most of the message has been wiped off. It's impossible to read.)

?The home of a more-or-less sensitive Anouki.

?The home of a somewhat smart Anouki.

?The Temple of Ice, glorious home to the pure metal, stands ahead. To open the path, the six guardians of the Great Ice Field must be defeated.

?You! Guy! You came from out there? Outside the ice? Hey, what's your deal? Never seen an Anouki before? You gonna stare all day at us? Or can you talk too? What? You wanna know where the pure metals are? How should I know? You gotta take a question like that to the Island Chief. Me? No idea.

?Us Anouki... We gotta reputation for having sensitive hearts and refined speech... 'Cause, ya know, that's what we're all about!

?You, guy! Ya really warmed up to our little island, huh?

?You, guy! Listen, I wanna keep this between you and me... I been dealing with a bit of a dilemma, if you know what I mean...

?I haven't had to deal with something like this in, like, a decade!

?Oh, you wanna know what happened? I can't go telling you that! Do these lips look like they blab?

?You're gonna have to ask the Island Chief.

?So there's this one island I've always wanted to hit up...

?What? Ya already asking where it is? I was just getting to that part!

?So like I was saying, this Isle of Ember place is a straight shot west of here.

?Sounds nice and hot... I'd be sweating like a pot of lobster stew!

?The Yook tribe that lives over in the ice fields to the east are crazed animals! Those beasts are so crazy I don't even wanna get into it. THAT crazy.

?Those Yook, they're hairy, crazed weirdos, I tell ya!

?Well... Those Yook got it hard too, I bet.

?What? You looking for the Island Chief's house? [.]Yes[.]No

?Ya know, here's an idea... Instead of asking me, go read the signs they got around here!

?Not really?

?Ya know, I feel good. It's strange, I gotta say, but I'm just feeling good right now.

?You, guy! I'm gonna call you naive little guy!

?It's a wooly world we live in, guy. Wooly and hairy and wild.

?Daydream for a second, and they might get ya!

?Poof! You're gone, just like that.

?I gotta say, ya don't look it, but ya got smarts, guy. Big smarts!

?Nice work, guy! Very nice.

?What? How do we keep from freezing in a place like this? Come on, guy! Toughen up. And pack a little blubber on ya. Heh heh. Heh-CHOO!!!


?Ughh... Keep your distance, guy. Yeah, I'm Nobodo. Yeah, I got no house. And yeah, they call me "No-abodo." Real clever. I got no "abode." Ha ha. Go on, laugh at my frozen tears. Actually, know what? I like being sad. But what do you care? Ya want something from me. That's why you're here. Here's a secret for ya. Anouki WITH HOUSES bury stuff in front of the signs outside their houses. We Anouki are tricky like that. What? Forget it. I'm not saying any more.

?Go back to your stupid warm houses! I'm happy freezing out here.

?So I guess that Azurine pure metal thing was ours once. But then we got in a big spat with the Yook in the east and it got nabbed. That was, like, ages and ages ago. Grandpa used to RANT all about it when we sat around the stew pot.

?There's gotta be more than one kind, am I right? Old stories are for old guys, if ya ask me.

?You, guy! Somethin' wrong? Go stop in on the Island Chief. That's what he's there for. Stopping in.

?So I guess peace and tranquility's been restored and all that? Man, am I good!

?You, guy! Where do ya think you're going? Not in here, you're not. Why? What do you mean, why? Use your head! This cave goes to the Great Ice Field!

?The cave up there goes to the Great Ice Field. Hey, if you want to keep that life you got going, don't go there. Just saying.

?You, guy! I got word from the Island Chief about you. You wanna head through here or what? [.]Yes[.]No

?You got no fur or antlers! Don't go catching a sniffle out here, heh heh!

?Whoa! Wasn't expecting THAT answer.

?There's a whole pack of nasty Yook roaming around the Great Ice Field. WHAT? How are they nasty? Oh, guy, you DO NOT want to know.

?So ya wanna know about the hairy beasts of the Great Ice Field? Just don't ask. You don't wanna know what those Yook do...

?You, guy! Jump on up on top of that peg thing right there. It's fine. What? You hate pegs? They do something to ya? Go on, give it a try!

?You, guy! I saw ya jump on that peg thing, and I almost fell on my antlers. Quite a move ya pulled there. I see that, and I have to give ya something! Here, take this!

?Whoa! Incredible!

?You gotta remember you can jump on these peg things. Maybe it'll help you out of a bad situation later. But what do I know? I'm just flapping my antlers.

?Ya got questions? Talk to the Island Chief. Ya got trouble? Talk to the Island Chief. That's just what ya do around here.

?Head north to go to the Anouki Estates. Lots of shmancy houses there!

?Maybe you heard, but the Anouki Estates are up north.

?Huh? The pure metal? Azurine? Whaddya doing asking me about something important like that?

?You gotta ask important people about important things.

?What, something on your mind, guy? You need help, just ask! Me? Oh, no. Don't go asking me for anything. Go bug the Island Chief.

?We Anouki and the Yook have been rivals for I don't know how long. I gotta be honest... I don't even know how it all started.

?But maybe that's how these tribal rivalries go, you know?

?Nobody thought the trouble between the Anouki and Yook was a good thing. So we Anouki and those hairy Yook got together 100 years ago... And entered into a little "peace agreement." [.]I see...[.] Peace?

?Was it fair? Yeah it was fair. Yeah...

?It's a peace treaty, you know... Peace... Peace is like... ......... I think it's like a piece of cake.

?Speakin' metaphorically, we got our moist, frosted hunk of cake to live on. And we generously gave the Yook the dry, unfrosted morsel of cake to the east.

?You, guy! Did ya hear the big news? One of those hairy Yook has sneaked over here! [.]I heard.[.]Huh?

?What? You know?! Heyyyyyy... Maybe... You're the hairy Yook dressed up like one of us! [.]Got me![.]No

?Whaddya mean?!


?WHAT?! YOU'RE A YOOK?! Uh... ...Really? You serious? .........


?He's...everywhere... When I start getting suspicious... I get a little paranoid. You're not that Yook at all, are you? [.]You knew?[.]No!

?You, guy! Nice work.

?You, guy! So you got the Azurine, eh? Lemme just say one thing. You can't stop me. I gotta say my piece. "Good going, guy!"

?You're one hard-nosed, Azurine-getting animal!

?You, guy! You can walk around with your antlers held high!

?You got the respect of someone who's jumped on a peg or three. Hoooo! That's bold. Fearless, even!

?Did you see it?! That hairy Yook! You saw it, right?!

?You, guy! I'm the island chief of the Anouki. Ya got a name, green guy? What'd ya say?! [Link]-abou? So [Link]-abou, my tribe's been having this trouble lately. I thought maybe you'd take care of it for us. [.]Hold on![.]Umm...

?What's that ya say? You're saying your name's actually [Link]? Ya sure about that, guy? All right, all right, whatever ya say. Anyway, ya wanna know about the Azurine, right? I scratch your fur, you scratch mine? [.]I guess...[.]No

?No... Really?

?Well, this might get a bit long, so make yourself real comfortable.

?We Anouki have got one enemy on this island. They're the Yook. There was a lot of bad blood between our ancestors. So 100 years ago, we made an agreement. The Anouki live in the west... And those hairy Yook live over in the east on the Great Ice Field. That was the deal, but now some tricky Yook has snuck over here.

?And he's taken one of my villagers!

?Now he's pretending to be him and living with us! ...All comfortable-like!

?And, now we come to the part where I need something from ya. Find the Yook who's impersonating a villager, and kick him OUT! Did ya get all that? Do I have to repeat myself? [.]Got it![.]Huh?

?You, guy! Yes, it's me, the Island Chief. So... [Link]! You gonna help us out or what? [.]Sure[.]Uh...

?Yeah? All right. Go to the Anouki Estates up north, [Link]. When you get there, ya gotta figure out which guy is actually the Yook! Yook are liars. Every one of them. This one'll lie to ya, so don't be gullible! Maybe if ya find him, I might tell ya where the Azurine is. Just saying...

?Go north, up there in the fancy Anouki Estates, and find the Yook! Yook are liars. This one will lie to you, so try not to be so gullible.

?What? You got it wrong?! Oh, that's embarrassing... I see. You got excited and made a bad choice. You settled down yet? Go investigate again, but try to get it right this time. Truth is, I wasn't expecting you to get fooled so easy. Heh... You should get your head on this mystery and off the Azurine.

?Yook are liars. One of them has got to be lying to you. Ask, ask, and then ask some more. Hit them with the tough questions. Once you find the imposter, expose the Yook for what he is!

?Hey, guy! I heard the story, [Link]!

?What?! Already?!

?Ya did it! Ya scared that Yook right out of the village! Now the people can rest easy and sip on their savory stew in peace. But, uh...don't ya feel a little mad about getting blown away like that? Don't ya wanna get revenge on those Yook? [.]Well...[.]Maybe...

?[sfx]Hmmm...YEAH! Of course we wanna get revenge!

?Heh heh heh! Of course. Nobody can resist a little revenge![sfx]

?I'm gonna open up the cave to the Great Ice Field to the east. The Yook are over there. Go get yourself all the revenge you can! That Azurine you're looking for should be in the Temple of Ice.

?Those Yook tossed that Azurine somewhere in the Temple of Ice. When we made that treaty 100 years ago... We got the better, western half of the island, which was nice. But then the Azurine was stolen from our ancestor!

?Oh, [Link], did that Azurine work for ya?

?What? Me? Nice of ya to ask, but I'm fine.

?OoooooOof... My head hurts. It's like my brain was being controlled by some evil force.. Now that I'm back to normal, I feel pretty guilty. This is sort of awkward... but, uh...sorry if I tried to eat you.

?Uh...trying to swallow you whole like that was really uncalled for...

?I ate SOOOO many bombs. My stomach... OoooOhhh...

?We love the cold. It's one of the few advantages of being this hairy...

?Now that we're back to normal and not having our brains controlled... We feel really bad about pummeling you like that. SORRY!

?So you know about Harrow Island, right? [.]Yep[.]Huh?

? Wow, really? And I thought I had something new to tell you...

?It's this small island west of here... Whoa...where did that fact come from? I didn't even know I knew that... Whoa. I'm smarter than I thought.

?Hey, GUY! What're you doing, walking in here like you own the place?!

?Don't go opening people's drawers like they're yours. Not that I have any drawers or anything.

?What do you want? Not that I have anything.

?They call me Dobo. You're looking for the Yook who's impersonating one of us, right? There's one easy way to tell, you know. The Yook are liars! And Mazo's honest. The guy never lies! I just had to get that off my chest.

?They call me Dobo. Mazo's real honest. The guy never lies!

?Hey, guy! What're you doing looking at me like that? You telling me I'm a suspect? You saying I'm a Yook in disguise? [.]It's you![.]No

?What's with the funny look in your eye? It's making me nervous. You don't think that I'm the Yook, do ya? Are you saying I'm the prime suspect?! [.]It's you![.]No

?What?! No way can you be saying I'm the suspect. You don't think I'm the Yook in disguise, do you? [.]Yes![.]No way!

?Get back! I said, stay back! I'm innocent! If you come at me, I swear I'll have to protect myself! Don't come any closer! Think about what you're doing! Don't be stupid! All you have to do is say you made a mistake! [.]Book him![.]Oops...

?Yeah, I thought so. By the way, Mazo is honest. He won't lie to save his antlers!


?I told you, I'm innocent! Why? Why?! Please stop! I can't take all this intimidation. If you keep it up, I might pass out... Oh! Ahh! My heart... I'm getting dizzy! I'm so scared... I... I... ......


?What's wrong with you, Wrong Boy? I've got nothing much to say to a boy who gets everything so wrong!

?Hey, guy! I mean, Wrong Boy! That's you, [Link]! You don't look like it. HEH!

?Well, well. If it isn't Wrong Boy, [Link]! I don't want people to start gossiping about me, so don't talk to me!

?Yeah, I'm Kumu. And yeah, the Yook you're looking for is a liar. No doubt about it. I'd say either Mazo or Aroo is lying to you. Thought you'd want to know!

?I'm Kumu. See, either Mazo or Aroo is lying to you... And that's the truth!

?I thought so! See, either Mazo or Aroo is lying to you... And that's the truth!

?Yeah, my name's Fofo. You heard that right. I'm sure ya know this, but the Yook, they do nothing but lie. And Gumo never lies. Just sayin'...

?Yeah, I'm Fofo. Gumo and me, we never lie. It's a rule we got, so neither of us is the Yook!

?I thought so! Gumo and me don't lie, so neither of us is the Yook!

?My name's Gumo. Either Fofo or Aroo has gotta be lying to you. I just wanted to tell you that...

?My name's Gumo. Believe me, either Fofo or Aroo is lying!

?I thought so! I say either Fofo or Aroo is lying. Believe me!

?My name's Aroo. Between you and me, Kumu is lying. And I'll leave it at that.

?My name is Aroo! Between you and me, Kumu is lying. Don't believe anything he says.

?I thought so... Psst. By the way, Kumu is lying. Don't believe a thing that guy says!

?They call me Mazo. I don't care if you believe me, but me and Dobo only tell the truth. Just thought I'd say that.

?My name is Mazo. Me and Dobo, we only tell the truth. Honest! Only the truth!

?I thought so. Dobo and me only speak the truth! Neither of us could be a Yook!

?...Hey! How'd you figure it out? And I thought I had an amazing costume.

?You're a Yook? You looked so innocent. You looked just like Aroo! [sfx]Don't do anything stupid and try to fight. Turn yourself in!

?BE QUIET![sfx] If you yell any more with that squeaky voice...

?It drives me...wild!

?Eeeek! It's some kind of MONSTER!

?I'm gonna eat you!

?[sfx]No! I'm not tasty! I taste AWFUL! EEEEK! I'm yellow, but I don't taste anything like a delicious fruit!

?Whoa... Eh, of course not.

?Well, I could try and make a run for it... But I guess I might as well give in, now that I've been caught... As a show of good faith, I'll show you something good. Wait right there. Don't move...


?What HAPPENED?! That was crazy, wasn't it, [Link]? [sfx]We went to all the trouble of finding the Yook, and he blew us away!

?[sfx]But...if we don't do anything, he'll just get away! It's not fair... Well, let's go talk to the Island Chief and tell him what happened!

?I've got nothing else to say to you! I'm serious. I've got nothing more to tell you!

?Hey... It's a Yook...from the Yook tribe!

?Wow. It's a rough world, isn't it?

?Gah! Scary! Scary!

?Stuff like this is bound to happen in l-life. It doesn't s-scare me... Shiver...shiver...

?You look bored, little man!

?I'm Hintobo. I hear things. I know people. And I heard you're looking for the liar. I can give ya a hint, but it's not gonna come cheap. Give me 100 Rupees! [.]No way![.]OK

?I see.

?Little man... Have you ever looked inside your wallet?

?Yeah, I'm Hintobo. Whatcha want? Looking for the liar, huh? I know how to spot one. Gimme 100 Rupees. Maybe I'll talk. [.]No way![.]OK

?OK then, listen up. Don't worry your head about guys who say that other guys don't lie. The guys who say that others are honest won't lie to you. Why, you ask? Because then there would be two liars. Why again, you ask? There is only one liar. So, knowing that... Look at the ones who accuse others of lying, and you'll find your liar! Hah hah! Brilliant, right? No?

?The ones who say that others are honest won't lie to you. Why, you ask? Because then there'd be two liars. The trick is to focus on the ones who call the others liars. Keep track of who calls who a liar. Then it's just a matter of comparing them. The answer should be clear.

?Hey, guy...this is serious business. Ya get this wrong, and it's not good. Oooooh, boy...

?You didn't listen to a thing I said, did ya? You're... ALL WRONG! How embarassing!

?Looks like you got your hands on that Azurine! Nice going, guy.

?You, guy! I'm Aroo! No, seriously! The real deal. So here's the story... There I was, sipping my stew, when all of a sudden a crazy Yook bagged me! Maybe it was when ya exposed the Yook who was pretending to be me... But that barrier thing that was keeping me locked up dropped, and I escaped! So, uh...thanks for that!

?Hey, guy! I'm doing better. My emotional trauma is healing up nice.

?So...thanks for that!

?If you're looking for a thank-you gift, you're out of luck! Or were ya looking for a compliment? [.]Yes![.]No...

?Well then, get back. Heh!

?You're something amazing, ya know that, guy?


?Ready? Here comes your fancy compliment... ......

?Stand on the blue tile and follow the numbers below. 2 1 3 4

?Pull the four levers to open your way. Pull the one in front of the tongue second.

?Pull the four levers to open your way. First, pull the lever on the far left.

?Pull the four levers to open your way. Draw a line due north. Pull the lever in that location last.

?Boing-oing! You stand before the great and ominous tightrope challenge! Do you fully comprehend what that means? [.]Yes[.]No

?Life is a tightrope walk! No one knows what will happen when you're in the middle of it.

?You must cross the wobbly tightrope! What, you say? Where is this tightrope? You can make one by connecting a rope between two pegs, can't you?

?Boing-oing! It's easy to leap farther than you ever thought possible! All you must do is use rope in new and creative ways.

?You got the pure metal you were looking for! You did it, [Link]! Things got pretty wild and wooly on this island. But it was all worth it!

?Boing-oing! Draw a line between here and the Island Chief's house... Someone buried something in the middle, but who knows if it's still there?

?Do you know the Old Wayfarer who lives on Bannan Island? He buried something nice in front of his hut! Strange old men do strange things...

?Ready to ship out, kid? [.]Yes[.]No


?Well, kid...

?I was wondering what it'd be like walking on a big ice chunk.

?And now I know. It's real... frosty.


?As cold as it is, it warms my treasure-seeking heart.

?Look at you, kid! So you finally got the pure metal?


?This is no time to celebrate as if all of our troubles are over!

?Now that we have the three pure metals, we have to forge the Phantom Sword!

?I won't rest until we find those three pure metals.

?And we're off to sea! [.]Aye, aye![.]Wait!

?Hey! You were supposed to say "Aye, aye!" Stay with me, [Link]!

?What was that crazy Island Chief blabbering about?

?I get this weird feeling that he's not telling us the truth. But we're here for the pure metals. We'll just have to be careful. Let's go find the Yook so we can get that pure metal, [Link]!

?So this must be the Temple of Ice. There's a blizzard howling outside, but it's actually pretty warm inside. [sfx]At least we'll get out of the cold in here, eh, [Link]?

?You got a grappling hook! Tap things to grab on to them! Light objects will be pulled toward you. You will be pulled to heavy objects!

?You got the Azurine! It's one metal you need to make the sacred sword. Only a sword forged of the three pure metals has the power to defeat Bellum!

?Isle of Frost

?Temple of Ice

?Gleeok, Two-Headed Dragon



?Oh! You... Could you be the legendary [Link]? [.]Yes[.]Not me!

?Don't be silly! You're [Link], right? I saw right through your little white lie! [.]You knew?[.]Yes

? finally came?! I am the youngest daughter of the great house of Cubus...

?My sisters were living in peace, when we were suddenly snatched away! We've been locked up on this boat ever since, waiting to be saved.

?But...everything is fine now that you're here to rescue us, [Link]! This is your chance to be a true hero!

?Will you save my older sisters? They are locked up somewhere on this ship. There are four of us sisters in the Cubus family. I just...couldn't bear it if I was the only one saved. Tee-hee! Please bring my older sisters to me? [.]OK[.]No way!

?Thank you so much! This ship is so very dangerous! Most of the abducted have fallen victim to the Reaplings in the hold. I must say, they are... Fallen! Fallen! They are the fallen! Oh, excuse me! Never mind that. I don't know what came over me... I'm so very worried about my sisters. Please hurry and rescue them! I wish you luck!

?Oh?! Am I the only one that you are going to rescue? Because I'm the youngest?! My older sisters! Please, you MUST help them! [.]OK[.]Fine

?My sisters are probably being tormented by the Reaplings somewhere. And I fear the same thing might be happening to that poor Tetra girl.

?Pardon me? Tetra? I have never heard of that person before. Maybe my sisters have heard something about her, though. Perhaps...

?There are horrible monsters called Reaplings that patrol the floor below. Be careful... You might get so scared that your face gets frozen that way!

?That leaves my older sister, the biggest scaredy- cat of us all. She always did love hiding in small spaces. You know, like barrels.

?Oh, yes, [Link]. A lovely treasure rests here... There are two chests. If you must pick one, definitely pick the left... Left! Yes, yes...the left! You know which is left, don't you? [.]Of course![.]No

?Good! You're a smart boy, [Link]!

?Teee-heee! Aren't you a funny boy, [Link]! Left is the side that isn't right, of course!

?Oh... Who's there? Aha... So my younger sister asked you to save me...

?I see. I am the third sister of the house of Cubus. [Link], will you please take me to where my younger sister is?

?Eeeeee! [Link]!

?Oh... I'm so sorry. I was frozen with terror! I'm fine now. Really. Let's keep going... When I am surprised or get left behind, I start to panic! When that happens, please come close to me and speak to me.

?Eeeeeeek... Waaaaah!

?Eeeeeeeeeeheeeek... [Link].

?Eeeeeeeee... I'm all alone...

?Oh... I'm sorry. I'm feeling better now. Let's go.

?Tetra? Oh! Ahhh.... Oh! I have no idea who that might be. I'm very sorry.

?I didn't think that you would come through for us like this, [Link]!

?Oh... I'm sorry! I was so scared that I couldn't move. Let's continue. If I get scared again... please, won't you come up to me and talk to me?

?Oh... Who are you? Ahhh, I see. Teehee!

?I'm the second daughter of the house of Cubus. Oh, no. I've never heard of anyone named Tetra. But enough about that. Oh, won't you escort me back to my dear younger sister?

?There are many steel drums in the storage locker on the bottom floor!

?Oh... You found me. I was getting so lonely sitting here by myself... Who are you? I see. Well, I am the eldest sister of the house of Cubus. Oh, please take me to my younger sisters, [Link]!

?Oh, dear! Oh, it looks like I made a little mistake! I'm sorry.

?What are you doing, [Link]? Please don't make another boo-boo, or I think I might cry!

?Oh! The treasure chest... You already took it? Tee-hee! How unlucky for you!

?Oh, big sister!

?There you are, little sister!

?I'm so happy that you're OK...

?Thank you very much, [Link]! I'm so very sad that my older sister was not with Tetra after all. Will you please bring my other two sisters back here? We will be hoping for your safe and swift return, [Link]...

?Thank you so much, [Link]. Oh, but it seems as though this sister was not with Tetra either. Will you please bring my last sister back here safely? We will be hoping for your safe and swift return, [Link]...

?We will be waiting with bated breath!

?We will be eating this candy while we wait, smirks on our faces!

?Oh, big sister?

?There you are, little sister!

?Circle around, sisters. Time for some quality family time...

?Hssss! The Reaplings should've scared the life from this boy in the hold... Doesn't he know how he's supposed to play along in this little game?

?Teehee! All it means is we're going to have to play extra rough!

?Awwwww, did you come here to save Tetra, little man? Teehee! Oh, no, no! Instead, we'll play with you the same way we played with her!

?It's game time, girls! Let's show [Link] the way to the playing field!

?[sfx]That was amazing, [Link]! [sfx]You beat those wicked volley girls at their own game! [sfx]Come on, let's go use this key and rescue Tetra!

?Some things in this world were meant to be pulled. 2 4 5 1 3 There is always an order in which such things must be pulled!

?If you want to save Tetra, you'll have to play a match of dead man's volley first! So... Are you a big enough boy to return these volleys?

?You really know how to play, [Link]... Gosh, we'd love to reward you, but we don't have any trophies for you. Instead, you can...teehee... drag that precious Tetra of yours with you. Tee-hee!


?Oh! There is one thing I have to tell you. The creepy creatures with the hoods and sickles are called Reaplings. They are evil, but they are even more devilish when they're angry... So no matter what you do, don't shoot arrows into their backs. The back is a sensitive part of the body, you know!

?Steel drum storage ahead! Flip the switch to move the spikes. The switch is on the left and straight ahead.

?Hurry up! The steel drums are giggling to themselves, waiting for you to free them!

?You got the Ghost Key! You can unlock the door sealed with ghost power.

?S-so this is the Ghost Ship everyone is always t-talking about...

?It's even scarier...than I imagined! And I can imagine some scary stuff!

?What?! Is Linebeck shaking over there?! He's such a cucco!

?Oh, put a crab in it!

?Just caught a chill is all. One of those frigid nor'westeaster winds...

?So yeah... Anyway, you just charge on ahead, [Link]!

?I'll catch up with you as soon as I warm up a little.

?Meanwhile... Try to find your friend Tetra. And make it fast, kid!

?Ahhh! I get it. Linebeck's nothing but a frozen, clucking cucco... Why don't you wait there, shivering. Just get real comfortable. Maybe you'll lay an egg! BA-GAWWWK!

?You shut it, sparkles! If we find treasure, don't expect any share for yourself!

?You can shovel that treasure right into these pockets!

?Oh! So that's Tetra, huh? What?! No? Hey, kid... Maybe you should focus a little more on your damsel saving?

?Come ON! Hurry up and find your friend Tetra! This isn't the kind of place I'd want to throw a blanket down and have a picnic! Or do you want to haul anchor and leave this ship? [.]Yes[.]Wait!

?I got it. Let's check out for a while!

?We've made it way too far to give up. You wait here, Captain Shiverknees!

?Wait, [Link]! Before you leave this floor, let's reunite that Cubus sister with her little sister. I'm sure they're anxious to see each other, after all!

?Before you leave this floor, let's take that Cubus sister back to her little sister. I'm sure they're anxious to see each other, after all!

?Look at the map, [Link]! Looks like there's someone at the front of the ship... Let's see what's going on up there first!

?Hrmm...there has to be something beyond here. Doesn't look like this will open with any normal key, huh? Let's leave it for now and keep going, [Link]!

?There's something funny about this door, but I don't think we can open it now. Let's keep moving, [Link]!

?D-did you see that?! That monster is even scarier looking than anything we've seen before! That's probably one of the Reaplings the Cubus girl was talking about...

?Wh-what happened?! That freak has the ability to go through WALLS! I bet it can even see through walls... Creepy! Careful, [Link].

?[sfx]What's wrong? You can't just run around, [Link]! You've got to send those glowing balls right back at them! [sfx]They said this game's a nasty game of volleyball, right? [sfx]Return the balls! [sfx]I bet if you try hard, you can hit those things with your sword!

?I sure didn't think anything could be alive on this ship, [Link]! Thank goodness that Cubus girl was still alive!

?I'll bet they've got Tetra locked up somewhere, just like the Cubus sisters! I'm guessing those Reaplings in the hold are scary. But it doesn't matter! We've got to help that girl out. Maybe the older sisters who are locked up will know where Tetra is.





?Ghost Ship

?Diabolical Cubus Sisters

?Bannan Island... ?The Wayfaring Island?

?Cannon Game Stand

?[sfx]Who knew that was going to be such a big deal? [sfx]I guess all that running around was worth it! [sfx]Let's go outside and try out the mysterious...great spin attack!

?Look at the stone tablet on the right.

?Look at the stone tablet to the side.

?Look at the stone tablet on the left!

?...If you look closely, something is scribbled here in very small letters. "I buried a little something nice between the two treasure chests!"

? ?Old Wayfarer's House?

?Ah! This is the place for those who hunger for the romance of adventure! This is the Wayfaring Island, young man. Ahaha!

?So, go on...tell me! Did you [.]It?[.]Umm...

?Hey, now! You can tell me! There are no secrets between men of adventure! You came to this distant island in search of the elusive beast... The mystical creature that bewitches sailors from the waters of this island... You came in search of the mythical mermaid, right? [.]Huh?[.]No

?What?! Wayfarers must always be looking for adventure! In my search for the mystical creature, the mermaid... I sacrificed many of life's pleasures...friends, family, good snacks... I gave it all up to search for the mermaid. Take this pool, for example!

?That is where the majestic creature will lounge once I capture her! This pool cost a hefty fortune...for a man who follows his wayfaring heart. You are young. With age, I have learned to approach life's quests with passion!

?So, young man, if you see a mermaid, you'll tell me right away, won't you? We men of adventure must stick together!

?The mermaid, she is a sly, elusive creature. She will not show herself if monsters lurk nearby. If you see one, you must get her attention! Show off your wayfaring heart!

?Only those with the power to shatter rock will find the path to a new game.

?Ah! Young man! Have you found her, the mermaid? [.]Yes[.]Not yet

?I thought so...

?WHAT?! My wayfaring heart is filled with the thrill and romance of adventure! You found the mermaid, and she enjoys listening to old wayfarer's tales?! And she said that she would come visit me one day?!

?Ahh... I'm a fool to believe such a wild tale. How could you toy with the hopes of my romantic, wayfaring heart?! I've been waiting here, but no mermaids fond of tales of wayfaring have come.

?Or...could it be? She must have met another old wayfarer to enchant with her mermaidish song...

?Haha! I finally met the mermaid of my dreams! Never would I have dreamed the mermaid would come to ME! You had a hand in this, young man, and so I want to give you this!

?I had that fishing rod made so that I could hook the mythical mermaid, but... I obviously don't need it you can have it!

?Oh, but I have quite a challenge to stoke the fire of adventure in your heart! You must sail the seas, fishing for mighty catches like I did in my youth. While at sea, keep an eye out for fish shadows! Go to where the fish are! When you are above them, tap Fish from the Menu! And that's when the true romance of the sea will grip you!

?Keep your eyes on the map when you're steaming across the open sea. Like magic, fish shadows will appear... Ahh, the sea has many mysteries! When you're right above one, tap Fish on the Menu to use your fishing rod!

?If you catch a big one, come show it to me! It'll be worth your voyage.

?Mmmph... I wonder if the majestic mermaid is off with some other older man?

?Ahh! You have proven the true passion for adventure you possess, young man! Your present is in the treasure chest in back. Take it with you!

?Wood heart rations! Ah, many thanks! And what do you need?

?If you've got the time to spend loitering around here, why don't you go fishing?

?Are you going to show me the great fish you caught? [.]OK[.]No

?Are you going to show me the fish you got? [.]Sure[.]No

?...OWWWWWW! HEY! What are you DOING?!

?What's your problem? So I like getting dressed up like a mythical creature! I'm a human being, treat me like one! I'm not some freak you can throw stuff at! Don't just stand there staring at me! Apologize! [.]Sorry?[.]I'm sorry!

?Hmmmpf... OK, as long as you understand now that you can't go doing that. Maybe I'm wearing my mergirl costume, but I'm still me. And isn't this swimsuit cute?! I made it myself! [.]Uh...[.]Hrm...

?No way! You're saying there's an old wayfarer who thinks I'm a real mermaid?! Wow...well, that's not my problem, you know! Er...well... I mean... Between us... I've always thought that wayfaring tales were neat... In a high-seas adventure kind of way. Maybe we're fated to meet... I'm gonna go to that old man's hut and visit him! I hope he raves on and on about the romance of the sea. Thank you!

?Oh, it's you! I found this old wayfarer, all thanks to you!

?He's great, always raving about the romance of the sea and call of adventure! I'm going to pretend to be a mermaid for a bit and let him think I'm the real thing! Shhhh! It's our little secret...

?Tee-hee, how are you?

?I'm so happy, floating the day away...

?Ahhhhh... I'm the happiest mergirl alive...

?Hey! What have you got there? Come on... You can show me!

?Show her the letter from Jolene? [.]Yes[.]No


?Oh! It's a letter from Jolene, my big sister!

?Awww, you came here just to deliver it to me? Thank you so much!

?I have to tear into it and read it right now. I love letters! ......... Tee-hee! Oh, Jolene...she never changes...

?She's still into dressing up as a pirate... I'm glad she's happy with her hobby. Oh, but enough about my sister and her obsession with pirate costumes... I should give you something to thank you for delivering this to me! Here you go!

?It's OK, really! I don't need it. Go on, it's yours!

?Ahh, Jolene... I wonder if she's caught that wily man yet... Tee-hee! If she doesn't take him by swordpoint, she might lose her shot!

?Tee-hee! Did you hear, [Link]?

?Another older man? Tee-hee! You think he's talking about the lazy old guy who drives our ship?

?Ah, young man! Show me what you hauled in! [.]Sure[.]No

?Ah, young wayfarer, show me what you caught! [.]Sure[.]No


?Where is it? Heh heh! Let's see it...

?This... This is the legendary fish, Neptoona!

?This is the first time I have gazed into its mighty eyes! For you to have caught the living embodiment of the romance of the sea... Young man! You have the most adventurous heart! For truly seizing the spirit of wayfaring adventure, a gift!

?Our mutual passion for the wayfaring life bonds us as brothers! Bravo, young man! You have followed your heart! You are truly... the legendary romantic!

?This sword is sharp, like my passion for adventure! This is a rusty swordfish!

?Heh heh! Impressive... Rusty swordfish are backbreakers, even for bold men of passion like myself! Nice work, young man. Because your skills quite equal mine, you more than deserve this gift.

?Ah! I think a courageous fisherman such as yourself can do it. Lately, fish shadows have been sighted on the sea's surface. Rumors are swirling among the bold and hearty fishermen... The legendary fish, Neptoona, surfaces once again! If you were to catch one, you would truly be...the legendary romantic!

?Such a stern yet distinctive and manly my own! There is no doubt. This is a loovar!

?Phew! Impressive! Even for a romantic fisherman like myself, it's a rare treat to see a loovar! Nice work, young man. Looks like you've got the aura that beckons the fish. I think this gift is appropriate. It's yours!

?As long as you have that, it should be easier for you to catch great fish! When you've caught a rare one, don't hesitate to come see me!

?This is a common fish that I have seen many times on the seas... But there are many fish in the sea. Becoming a true wayfarer takes time.

?You still haven't caught the big one, have you? The sea still hides many prized fish... You need to show your wayfaring spirit!

?Hey, now! Did you think you could impress me with such a common fish? That's a bit presumptuous of you... True wayfarers have standards, you know!

?It seems you have yet to catch a new fish...

?The legendary fish, Neptoona... It's the essence of the romance of the sea! Young man! You follow your wayfaring heart! I salute you, legendary romantic!

?Hoo-yah! That's quite a rusty swordfish! It gives me a hankering to stare into the steely eyes of Neptoona! Heh heh!

?That loovar is a handsome, passionate fish! Yes, it has a certain fishy manliness! Keep bringing these legendary fish to me!

?What's this?! Look here! There's a little stowfish latched on to the fish! That little fish of pure adventure symbolizes the wayfarer's lifestyle. You... You're naive, yes, but you know what it is to follow your heart. Heh heh! I think this little discovery deserves a small gift!

?You're very bold, young wayfarer!

?Oh, wow...look! Look here! There's a little stowfish latched on to the fish! That little fish of pure adventure symbolizes the wayfarer's lifestyle. You... You're young and innocent, but you already follow your adventurous heart. It reminds me of someone I know... The wayfaring life is so exciting, isn't it? You know what? I'm going to give you a present!

?I think I'm going to have to call you young wayfarer from now on!

?The Old Wayfarer has set sail in search of even more wayfaring in his life. I'll look at your fish for you, though.

?The Old Wayfarer has set sail in search of even more wayfaring in his life. I'll look at your fish for you, young wayfarer.

?The Old Wayfarer has set sail in search of even more wayfaring in his life. From the way he looked when he left, I'd say he won't be coming back soon. If you need something, you'll have to head out to sea and find him.

?Do you want to show me the fish you caught? [.]Yes[.]No

?OK, so I may not look like it, but I know my fish!

?Show me! Show me!

?You got the fishing rod! Tap Fish from the menu while sailing to use it.

?You got a Big Catch Lure! You can catch a ton of big fish with this lure!

?So you want to get on the ship? [.]Set sail![.]Wait

?Really, kid?

?It's the weird little islands like this that have treasure. Wanna set sail, kid? [.]Yes[.]Not yet

?Hey, kid, can I talk to you for a second? OK, get this: a little while ago, this girl came up and started talking to me! She had really tan skin, and she was really spirited. I'd say saucy, even!


?But the thing is, I think she might have thought I was someone else. I only had a chance to say "Hey, there. Hello!" Then she disappeared... Well, the life of a dashing sea captain isn't always easy.

?So are you going to play or what? It's 20 Rupees a game for kids. Yes or no? [.]Sure[.]No thanks

?Oh. You're back. It's 20 Rupees a game. You wanna play or what? [.]Yes[.]No

?It's 20 Rupees a game...

?NO?! Eh...whatever. Come back soon. If you want.

?Yeah, OK. Uh, let's see...

?You already know the rules and all that, right? [.]Yeah[.]Huh?

?Pick a treasure chest. You only get one thing.


?Well, um...

?The record is [var] points. So good luck and all that.

?Well, you got [var] points... As consolation prize, I guess you can pick a treasure chest to claim it.

?Well...looks like you got [var] points... You still get a prize. Pick a treasure chest to claim it.

?Not bad. You got [var] points... I'll give you a prize for playing. Pick a chest to claim it.

?WHAT?! [var] points! That's...unheard of! You get a prize for cannon excellence! Pick a chest to claim it!

?Oh, yeah... You beat your record. Way to go...or whatever. You qualify for this bonus prize. Take it!

?Uhh, OK. It's 20 Rupees a game for kids. Wanna play? [.]Sure[.]No

?Thanks for playing... And don't leave any personal belongings behind.

?Thanks for playing. Come back again sometime. Or don't.

?Ah! This game of skill takes place on the vast stage of the open sea...

?Leap on board, prepare to set sail, and raise anchor!

?On the horizon looms a blue target...

?Man the cannon! Take aim! And... KABOOOOOOOOOM!


?SPLARSHBANGKABOOM! You obliterate the target, earning 100 points!

?Suddenly, a red target sails into view! It fears nothing, for it can't be broken!

?Every time you pound it with cannon fire, you earn 20 points! BLAPOWWW!

?Yeah, so, did you get all that or what? [.]Yep[.]No

?No way! That's the legendary fish, Neptoona!

?You just caught Neptoona. It's the first time I've ever seen one, and I spend a lot of time in the sea! I can't believe you caught such a magnificent and delicious fish... I'm blown away! I have to reward you for such an amazing feat! Take this!

?That's something that I treasured very near to my heart. Tee-hee... I hope you treasure it, too!

?Whoa...that thing is pointy! Careful with it. That's a rusty swordfish, isn't it?

?Mmmmmm! I love any fish, but the rusty swordfish is melt-in- your-mouth tasty! You're one amazing young man, you know that? Well then, think of this gift as my investment in your bright future!

?Tee-hee... I know you'll do a favor for me, won't you? You see, mysterious fish shadows have been appearing around the sea. I hear from the local fishermen that they think... The legendary fish, Neptoona, has returned to these seas! It would be amazing if you caught one. You'd be... the legendary romantic!

?Oh! What a weird, almost human face! This is a loovar!

?Oh! I know my fish, and I know people rarely catch a loovar. You don't look like it, but you're really at home on the sea, aren't you? Consider this gift a little investment in your future!

?With that, you should have an easier time catching those lovely fish! A lovely lure for lovely fish! How...romantic!

?Ugh. I've seen this fish more times than I can remember. I love fish and all things fishy, and even I'm a bit disappointed.

?Uhhh... This is a common fish. Nothing special about it! A fish like this isn't going to impress me. My heart isn't even fluttering...

?Pfft. I could scoop a pot in the sea and catch 10 of these fish. So common. The other guy always caught nothing but the rarest of fish for me.

?Hrm... It doesn't look like you've caught any special, rare fish. My heart is...bored.

?That's the legendary fish! That's...NEPTOONA! I can't help myself. Just looking at it makes me drool! You're the greatest! You're the most amazing, legendary romantic!

?Te-hee! What an impressive rusty swordfish... Now if I could taste the legendary Neptoona, grilled to perfection!

?Tee-hee! That loovar is a really handsome fish! Keep bringing fish to me, especially ones that make my heart flutter!

?Bannan Island

?You found a Force Gem! Take it away quietly.

?You found a sea chart![map] It must be an important clue to finding the Ghost Ship! You should show it to Linebeck.

?You got the Northwestern Sea chart![map] Now you can explore a new area of the sea!

?You got the Southeastern Sea chart![map] Now you can explore a new area of the sea!

?You got the Northeastern Sea chart![map] Now you can explore a new area of the sea!


?Wait... Did you hear something, [Link]?

?OK, I definitely heard something! Didn't you? [sfx]Hey! There's someone over there, [Link]!

?Step on the four switches atop the four platforms.

?I know you're a kid and all, but try to listen up! I'm trapped in here, and I don't know what to do... Normally, I'd free myself without any problem, but... I sprained my ankle and I can't move. Will you help? [.]Sure[.]No way

?I knew you'd come through for me, kid. Well, then...

?What?! Wait! Can't you see that I'm begging?! Come on, please? [.]Yes[.]No

?Kid... You're just heartless!

?Do something about these pointy spikes!

?Keep your strength up, kid. Don't be shy about breaking pots! Now get me out of here!

?Show me that map! See all those purple spaces? They are probably safe zones. [.]Were you listening? Did you get all that? [.]Yes[.]No

?Is that kid brain of yours already mush? Move between purple spaces and clear the traps! [.]OK[.]Huh?

?Yeah, like that!

?Wait! Wait! WAIT! You're not planning on leaving me here, are you?!

?Oh, hey! Wait a second! There's something I forgot to tell you...

?One thing you should know about this temple. It'll suck the life out of you!

?Let me finish! Don't go running away yet. I know it's scary, but... It's not like the temple will suck the life out of you ALL the time...

?Are you kidding me?! That little boy did it!

?Hey... You're not going to leave, are you?

?I found this key in the temple. It might help you out along the way. You could find a clue in your quest for the Ghost Ship!

?[.][sfx]Fine, Linebeck! Just wait there!

?How did you get this far, anyway?

?Whoa. Look at that old sea chart! I wonder if that's the clue to the Ghost Ship Linebeck was talking about.

?Oh, [Link]! Still no clue to the Ghost Ship's whereabouts? Your friend is probably waiting for you to save her! Find it! Quick!

?Can you believe the nerve of that guy, making us go in here by ourselves?! Now that we've got the sea chart, I've got some words for him!

?We have to help Tetra, [Link]! You can do it! Right?

?Wait, [Link]! Linebeck's here!

?Hey!? Where's Linebeck?

?Offer up the Force Gems on the sacred pedestals.

?We got another sea chart... But it looks different from the last one. Maybe now we can explore new areas of the sea? Let's show Linebeck!

?The door won't budge... This design on the door must mean something...

?This door just won't open for us... The design is different from the last door. Maybe we need another spirit's help?

?In a single stroke, draw the sacred crest to reveal a new path.

?Press the sacred crest against the sea chart to transfer it. The Temple of Courage will open to the holder of the Sun Key.

?The sacred crest both begins and ends with me. Discover the crest, and the way through the door shall be revealed.

?Before you lies the second tablet governing the crest.

?Before you lies the third tablet governing the crest.

?Before you lies the fourth tablet governing the crest.

?Before you lies the cursed tablet. It brings ruin upon all who gaze upon it.

?There are four stone tablets that govern the crest.

?What a big door! How do we open it?

?The path will open when you possess the ability to defeat a Phantom.

?There's got to be a way to disarm the trap somewhere around here!

?Let's help him out, [Link]!

?[sfx]Why didn't you tell us that sooner? That's pretty important, you know!

?I'm not sure why, but as long as you stand on areas like this, you'll be OK!

?OK, I'm taking that as my cue to get out of here!


?[Link], look at the upper-left corner of the top screen. This is how long the Phantom Hourglass will protect you from the curse.

?Find the next clue to the Ghost Ship before the sand runs out, then escape!

?That's it! Without the sand, it will start to suck the life out of you! Remember to keep an eye on the time you've got left.[.]

?This is the Door of Power. Use my strength to open it! Tap the door and let's go even deeper into the temple!

?Oh, no! It's empty... I wonder if someone got to it before us...

?Oh? It's empty... I guess the key that Linebeck had was in it.

?You've got nothing to lose. Come on! Help me out! [.]Fine[.]No way!

?Who cares about details! Just hurry up and help me!

?Hey, kid... Quit stalling!

?It took you this long to reach this room: [var]:[t][t]. Want to return to the entrance of the temple? [.]Yes[.]No

?Hey, it's an enemy! You know what to do.

?Wait, [Link]! The evil that cursed this temple made these monsters. Phantoms are very dangerous enemies. Their armor is nearly impenetrable, and they strike very hard.

?Does that mean you can't defeat them? There has to be a way...

?Well... All you can do is sneak by the Phantoms so they don't see you. You can watch their movements on your map. This is where the Phantoms are. The cone shows where they are looking.

?So we have to sneak around like thieves, eh? What if we're seen?

?[.]If they see you... Run straight for a safe zone!

?By safe zone... Do you mean those purple spaces on the ground? Oh, yeah! The sand stopped moving in the hourglass when we were in one.

?That's right! Those purple tiles on the floor are safe zones! This temple's curse makes it a dangerous place. But it's not all bad... Those safe zones remain as places that evil can't get to.

?OK, so if a Phantom spots you, just run to a safe zone! That's easy! Right, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]No

?Let's go, [Link]! Don't let a Phantom see you!

?You had the power to free me from the Temple of Fire! There are several safe zones, so even if you're spotted, just run into those!

?Eeek! You've been spotted! Quick, run to a safe zone!

?That one is...RED... Why is that Phantom red?! It looks more powerful than the ones we had to face before...

?That evil monster is a... Swift Phantom! As you might guess, they're much faster than the other Phantoms!

?[.]Oh, great...

?Even if they ARE fast, it doesn't matter as long as they don't see you! Right?

?He's right. So be extra careful and sneaky, [Link]!

?Break a red pot to spill its magical contents on the floor. Stand in the puddle to conceal yourself...

?It's far wiser to run than to aim your sword at a Phantom.

?You got a ?. I wonder what you're supposed to do with it?

?That is a Force Gem, stolen from the Ocean King by the hands of evil. You'll need the power of Force Gems to open a door and delve deeper.

?So, what are you supposed to do with this Force Gem?

?I can see it, over there! There are the pedestals where the Force Gems go!

?Oh, so all you have to do is take the Force Gems there.

?[.]Be careful! You'll move a lot slower when you're carrying a big Force Gem! If a Phantom sees you, and you don't think you can get away... Don't be a hero! Drop the Force Gem and run to a safe zone.

?Simple! Right, [Link]? Look out for the Phantoms and lug those Force Gems around!

?Oh, leave this to me!

?We've made it to the door! It's the Spirit of Wisdom's turn this time.

?This is the Door of Wisdom. I will use my powers to open it. Are you ready? Then tap the door!

?Lighting the torches should open the way... But how am I supposed to light two of them?

?Who knew that the contents of yellow pots restore time in the hourglass... If only I had the hourglass, maybe things would have been different...

?I should have watched the paths that the Phantoms walked more carefully... They're patrolling the same areas, again and again...

?The Phantoms hear when a switch is hit... Hit switches quietly or lure them away with sound...

?Phantoms sometimes carry keys... But what could I have done to take one...?

?Place all Force Gems here and the door will open.

?The clue to the Ghost Ship rests on this floor. Just a little farther!

?Huh? Wait? There's no fog in this room... [sfx]Look, the hourglass has stopped, and your life force isn't being drained! [.][sfx]This place isn't cursed yet. I think we can finally relax.

?Ewwww! Eyeball monsters!

?Allow me to explain! Those are Phantom Eyes. They act as extra eyes for the Phantoms. If one sees you...

?Yeah...? What happens if one sees you?!

?The Phantoms will find you, and then it only gets worse. So be cautious! However, unlike the Phantoms, these creatures can be defeated. Find them on the map. Make sure to defeat them before they see you!

?I get it! So you have to find a way to hit them before they see you. [.]C'mon, let's get going! Go to a safe zone if they see you, [Link]!

?Hmm, I wonder what shape the sacred crest is? Are you taking notes? There are four tablets, so...

?Wait, [Link]! You want to go back already? Look around this room a little more, OK?

?Hey, [Link], I think it's a Southwestern Sea chart... Open the Southwestern Sea chart. They should align on the bottom screen, right? Ahh! Maybe that's what it means by pressing the sea chart to the crest...

?Wow, [Link]! You figured out what it meant by pressing them together! The crest is here! But that's the middle of the sea. Is there a key? I hate to say it, but maybe we should go ask Linebeck what he thinks.

?This room looks different than it did last time... Maybe we went to another place when we used the crest that Zauz showed us!

?[sfx]Hey, [Link]! It's my turn now!

?This is the Door of Courage. Only the power of courage can open it. Come on, [Link]! Get your courage up and tap it!

?So, we're finally here at the crested door. Do you remember the shape that Zauz the blacksmith showed us? Come on, [Link], write it on the door!

?Use your items wisely to earn more time... If you come through here again, talk to me... I will teach you something valuable for stopping by...

?I will teach you something valuable for stopping by... Use that device you have to take aim at the Phantoms from behind... Even if they are invincible, it should have an effect...

?I will teach you something valuable for stopping by... You can snatch things up with that device you have there... Just be careful that a Phantom doesn't catch you...

?This is the last thing I can teach you... Phantoms can be slain with one strike of the Phantom Sword... But even I don't know what will happen if you strike from the front...

?The Sun Key? The Temple of Courage? Huh... I wonder what it means by pressing the sea chart to the crest...? I feel like I've seen the chart on that tablet before. But it's a little different. Maybe it's upside down? Let's take another look...

?Just a little farther! The clue to the Ghost Ship should be up ahead!

?Return here anytime with the power of the Sand of Hours... Improve your time getting here for a better chance...

?Dark terrors lurk ahead... I'll share something with you that will help you survive...

?Step into the yellow light to save your journey time and return to the entrance. Step into the yellow light at the temple entrance to return here instantly. In other words, this is a midway point. Understand? [.]Yes[.]No

?Go on, give it a try!

?You did it! A new sea chart! Now we can explore new areas of the sea! Come on, [Link]. Time's running out. Want to head to the surface?

?Hey, [Link]! You haven't explored this room yet.

?Offer the three crystals on the pedestals.

?...It feels like something moved outside.

?Set the crystals on the pedestals in this order: ? ? ? Going down... The exit is this way...

?You got a new sea chart! Now we can explore even more of the sea! OK, [Link]! Where do you want to go now? Want to try where that fallen explorer mentioned? Do you have enough time?

?Hey, [Link]! I'm curious about what the fallen explorer said too... But let's check out this room first.

?Hey, [Link]. Did you hear something?

?This floor makes a sound when you run on it...

?The Phantoms, they'll hear us!

?But the floor didn't make a sound when you walked...

?I get it! You have to walk slowly on these floors when there's a Phantom nearby.

?These floors made a loud ringing noise when I ran on them... But when I walked slowly...

?I don't believe that Phantoms walk on air... If I had courage, I could cross to the other side...

?I walked on an invisible floor and got this far! An invisible floor! But then I got trapped in a pit. I can't believe my luck...

?I found the ? pedestal, but where is the ? crystal... I should have made a note to remind myself...

?I felt something behind me, but I turned around and nothing was there... Next thing I knew, the sand in the hourglass was powerless...

?That was a huge tremor... It's like the whole floor sank down...

?I don't think he's talking about the Phantoms... Is there something else around here? Be careful, [Link]!

?Phew! We've come far. It'd be nice if this was the last floor, but let's keep going.

?I wish the ? crystal was on this floor... I left the ? and ? crystals on the floor above...

?Look, [Link]! There's a pedestal over there too!

?So strange... I can't find the key... It would be so easy if I could just bring it down from the floor above...

?The pedestals here are a set of three... Even if you set a crystal, change floors and they will fall out...

?Hey! This isn't... the same place we came out last time! The temple goes on and on. How many floors are there in this place, anyway?!

?We did it, [Link]! This is the last chart! It's the northeastern corner. Now we can travel all the corners of the high seas! Let's go back to the ship. We've got new waters to explore!

?We did it, [Link]! We got two sea charts in a row! Now we can travel all the seas in this area! I guess the next thing we need to do is return to the ship!

?Phantoms! They seem to be guarding that door! Go get them, and get through that door, [Link]!

?Oh, no! The bridge is down, [Link]... We can't go back! Are you ready for this? [.]Yes[.]Not yet

?But... You want to go back already? Who else is going to defeat Bellum and save Tetra?! Don't worry, I'm here! Come on! Get up that hero courage! You can do it!

?But if you're worried, you can go back once and prepare... It's OK. I'm here for you, [Link]!

?Well, then... You want to return to the entrance and prepare first? You can't forget the most important thing! You're the only one who can defeat Bellum and save Tetra!

?Whoa... Who knew a place like this was in here, deep inside the temple... The end is really close... so what are we standing around for?! Come on! Let's get Bellum, [Link]!

?There were only a few Phantoms, so I let my guard down... I should have prepared a safe place from the beginning...

?I relaxed, because the Phantoms around here are slow... I had no idea about what would happen when they saw me...

?You did it! Now we can go even deeper in the temple, [Link]!

?If you want to return to the entrance of the temple, step into the blue light.

?I don't know why, but I've got this feeling... I feel like there's a clue up ahead.

?A treasure chest there, of all places... How is anyone supposed to get to it?

?There are more Phantoms! They're not like any we've seen before. Just stay sneaky like always, [Link]!

?It's no fun not being able to play using the +Control Pad... If I have one regret, it's being so stubborn and saying such a thing...

?T-thanks, everyone... Hey, come on! Let's go, [Link]!

?I'm with you!

?And I'm with you, too!

?Turn this switch on, and it goes out right away... If there was a way to make time, I would have been able to cross the bridge...

?Hey! Wait! Wait!

?If you push yourself that hard from the beginning, you won't last! I understand wanting to hurry, but don't waste your energy.

?Don't forget that this cursed temple can suck the life out of you!

?I know we have to search for clues to find the spirits. But we need some kind of strategy...

?Hey, you know...uh... I mean, if you say you want to go it alone, then who am I to stop you?

?What?! You're trying to put all the work on [Link] again? [sfx]If you know it's dangerous, shouldn't you be helping too?!

?[sfx]Well, yeah, kid. The temple is a little dangerous. Not a place [sfx]If you go in... Well, you might not make it very far.

?That's not exactly true.



?I'm impressed you managed to free the Spirit of Power. You are strong. Even if you follow the Ghost Ship, you will be fine. [Link].

?Get up on that altar!

?You now hold the legendary Phantom Hourglass, [Link]. As long as you carry it, this temple cannot drain the life from you.

?Whooo-hoo! [sfx]As long as we have this, we can search for clues for the spirit!

?Ahem. However...

?You are only safe as long as sand remains in the top of the Phantom Hourglass. When all the sand has drained to the bottom, your life, too, will be drained.

?It's an hourglass! Can't you just flip it over again?

?No. Once the Sand of Hours has drained, its power is lost. It needs the light of the sun to restore its mystical power.

?Ahh, I get it! [sfx]So we have to go outside the temple again!

?The sand inside the Phantom Hourglass is called the Sand of Hours. The beast you defeated in the Temple of Fire held some grains of it. It is said to be made of Force Gems of the great spirit, the Ocean King. It gives deep strength to whoever holds its power. From now on, you must defeat monsters and collect their Sand of Hours. For the more sand you place in the hourglass, the longer its power will last.

?The sea chart we found in this temple showed where to find the captured spirit. If that's the case, then the location of the other two spirits...hmm...

?I bet there's another clue hidden somewhere in this temple. I just know it!

?I won't stop you, [Link]. Dive deeper into this mystery, but keep the Phantom Hourglass in hand!

?Remember how Astrid was saying that the sacred light was fading? We've got to hurry, [Link]!

?So how do you know so much, old man?

?Hmmmmm... That long story is not yet ready to surface, but all will come in time. For now, you must find the Ghost Ship...

?That's right! A mountain of treasure awaits, ready to leap into my pockets.

?Hop to it, [Link]!

?Put some steam in your engines and get exploring this temple, kid!

?Hurry, [Link]! To the altar!

?Ugh... How does that old man just appear out of nowhere like that?!

?The altar isn't that way, [Link]. It's up a floor.

?Your life won't be drained as long as there is sand in the Phantom Hourglass. But be careful in there, [Link]!

?Hey, the temple is easy as long as you have that Phantom Hourglass, right? Quit standing around and hurry, [Link]!

?Just don't end up like this!

?Return to the 6th floor using [var] min. and [var] sec.? [.]Yes[.]No

?[sfx]Whoa... Look, [Link]!

?I entered the temple in search of the treasure... But monsters that could not be slain with a sword stalked the corridors...

?I foolishly entered this temple... In moments, it drained the life right out of me...

?Even if you clear a dangerous trap, it resets as soon as you leave... Make notes on your map to ensure that you know where it is next time...

?Looks like someone's skeleton... What is it doing here? You don't think...this could be Linebeck...?!

?This is really starting to creep me out...

?So even if you clear a trap, it resets once you leave... I should have made notes on my map... But I couldn't make notes on maps that have these icons...

?Money talks... Want to hear the fallen wisdom? [.]Yes[.]No

?There is nothing more for a skeleton when it's dead...

?You there... Boy in green. I've seen a lot of you lately... The skeletons you see here were not prepared to enter this cursed place... But they now know many of this temple's secrets... If you want to know them, it will cost you, but all you have to do is ask...


?You're still too inexperienced...

?I know Phantom secrets. Want one for 50 Rupees? [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]Secret 3[.]No

?I don't do business with those without Rupees...

?Temple shortcuts are 50 Rupees each. Want one? [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]Secret 3[.]No

?Handy techniques are 50 Rupees each. Want some? [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]Secret 3[.]No

?If you think safe zones are really safe, think again... Use the Phantoms' backs and uneven terrain to your advantage...

?Powering up your spirits will affect the Phantoms... Spirit Gems are hidden in the temple...

?Phantoms have a weakness: the eyes on their backs... Shoot them with an arrow there to halt them...for a moment...

?If you have an item that can go through holes in walls... Head to the upper-left corner of the 5th Floor...

?You can jump the third basement floor with this item... If you have a key, you can even use it on the lower floor...

?You can pass through the 11th Floor with ease... Go to the 12th Floor once first...

?Yellow pots will not be magically restored until you exit the temple... But curious things happen to blue and red pots when you change floors...

?Weapons other than the boomerang work to defeat the Phantom Eyes... Set bombs along their path of movement...

?Red pots can be taken to the floor below... But safe zones that you've created will disappear when you change floors...

?Tantalizing wisdom, right? Did you get that? [.]Yes[.]No

?I know Phantom secrets. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]No thanks

?I know Phantom secrets. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]No thanks

?I know temple shortcuts. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]No thanks

?I know temple shortcuts. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]No thanks

?I know handy techniques. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]No thanks

?I know handy techniques. They're 50 Rupees each. [.]Secret 1[.]Secret 2[.]No thanks

?Temple of the Ocean King

?Boing-oing! Golden opportunity awaits! The right moves can change your life for the best... Rupees abound under the ground here. That's why it's called Harrow Island!

?What? Could it be possible that you don't have... Well, then. I'm sorry. Those without the funds to play cannot stay. Please leave.

?Thank you very much! I'll let you know when you've dug up your 10th treasure. Until then, take your time and, above all else, have fun! Oh, I almost forgot: among our treasures are unlucky prizes for unlucky souls. So! Will you leave here as a big winner...or loser?

?The fee is only 50 Rupees. The only rule: you can dig up just 10 treasures. It's all yours to keep! But don't think about digging any more than 10 times! What do you think? Give your luck a go? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Is that so? Well, I'm here if you change your mind...

?Oh? You haven't dug up 10 treasures yet! Do you still want to leave?

?You can leave without finishing. But I can't refund your fee.

?Just between you and me, I can say that a treasure map is buried out there!

?We look forward to seeing you again!

?Your shovel hit something!

?Oh, no! You dug one more time! As a penalty, I will collect all the Rupees you got!

?You've now dug 10 times. You dare not dig again. Not even once more! Consider yourself warned. Don't even think about digging again!

?I warned you so much not to dig, but still you did! So... As a penalty, I will take 100 Rupees from you! Now don't do it again!

?OK! Thanks for playing! You've dug up 10 treasures and thus end your session! Please return to the entrance!

?How many warnings is it going to take?! I'll tell you. NO more warnings! Because you're now banned from playing here! Please don't come here ever again.

?I'm serious! Don't dig any more! I'm warning you! There will be consequences!

?...So I thought. Who would imagine that you couldn't cover the penalty? So you're forgiven this time. But don't you dare dig one more time! Seriously. Don't do it. The consequences will be harsh!

?Yes, indeed! You have dug up your ninth treasure! Just one more to go!

?Is that so... Well, that was one of your choices. Hope to see you again!

?Those without enough money can't enter into this challenge.

?Well, then! Let's start! Say there was a large treasure chest and a small treasure chest... Which do you choose? [.]Large[.]Small

?A strange voice rises from deep inside the hole... I'm Lucky Lee, the lucky spirit that dwells on this island! I'm here to bring you luck! If you pay me 50 Rupees, you can win big, big, big! Want to try your hand at my game of luck? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You're a big winner! You're one lucky fella! You won 200 Rupees! Come again!

?You're a so-so winner! Yep, sorta lucky, fella! You won 150 Rupees! Come again!

?A tiny winner! And so you win a consolation prize of 40 Rupees. Come again!

?Huh? Want to take off? [.]Yup[.]No

?All right, then. Let's sail. Come aboard!

?What? You're so strange!

?Ugh! You'll never become a respectable adult if you can't live up to promises.

?Why work to get banned from a place like this?! Not my problem, I guess. So, you want to leave? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?I feel like you broke the rules a little bit, but I guess it's OK... We look forward to seeing you again, I suppose?

?I trust that this time you will mind our rules...

?Nothing more will come out! Greedy little oinker!

?Boing-oi... Oh... It's you... You are banned from here, don't you remember? But if you're honestly sorry... So, are you truly sorry for what you did last time? [.]Truly[.]Not really

?Oh, really...then please go.

?Then if you're really sorry, we will let you play again for a cost of 300 Rupees. Want to play again and have your ban lifted? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Really...well, it's not my place to force you.

?Hey! Wait! You don't have any money! Don't go saying that you'll pay when you don't have the funds to cover it!

?But you paid to find treasure. Set sail? Really? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You cannot play this game without your own shovel.

?Well, then! Please breeze in on the wind and enter!

?Those who break promises cannot enter. Please don't come back!

?Thank you. Your ban has been lifted. Please behave yourself from now on.

?Oh, no! You lost! You must pay 100 Rupees! Come again!

?Oh, smell it! This island just reeks of riches! I'd warrant my wallet on it! Go poke around, and don't miss a single thing, [Link]!

?Harrow Island

?Boing-oing! Welcome to the Treasure Maze! Shall we get started, or do you need to hear the rules? [.]Start[.]Rules

?Hey! You won't fool anyone if you can't complete a challenge!

?Hey, hey! We can't get the game started if you don't have any funds!

?Well, then! Without further ado, let's get under way with a beginner level! Four of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge!

?Well, then! Without further ado, let's get under way with a normal level. Eight of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge! This time you need to memorize where each of them is positioned!

?The goal is to whack all my buddies with your sword before time runs out. You'll win if you can grab the treasure that appears after you hit them all. The maze has three levels of difficulty, which ramps up with each victory. Try to complete all three levels with whatever items you may have at hand. Emerge victorious from all three to get your name put on that Hall of Fame stone.

?Got it. Your challenge level is... Beginner! It's 20 Rupees per try. Want to play? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Got it. Your current level is... Normal! It's 50 Rupees per try. Want to play? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Got it. Your current level is... Expert! It's 100 Rupees per game. Want to play? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Well, then! Without further ado, let's get started with the expert level. So, 14 of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge! Think you can remember where each of them is stationed?

?Hey! I'm only interested in speaking with those who are serious about this!

?Boing-oing! Oh, it's you. You already completed all of the challenges here. But if here is where you really want to play, who am I to argue? And something might just be hidden in there. Who can say? Just stand in front of the door and it will open. Have at it, kid!

?You were victorious in the expert level! Amazing!

?You were victorious in the normal level! Well done!

?You were victorious in the beginner level! Good job.

?Time is going to run out, so hurry! Tap the Quit Minigame option when you want to end this challenge.

?Stop by if you ever feel up to the challenge again!

?Try your hand at it again? [.]Yes[.]No

?1st done!

?2nd done!

?Boingity-oing! Time's up! Too bad! Come on back!

?3rd done!

?4th done!

?5th done!

?6th done!

?Nice work! Impressive!

?Hit the switch on the left to start the game! And if you decide to leave the island instead, don't even think about a refund!

?You don't want to finish? You know where we are if you want to try again!

?Huh? You want to leave this island? [.]Yes[.]No

?Well, then! Let's set sail! All aboard!

?What? You're so strange!

?Aren't you mid-challenge? Don't come back until you have a prize to show off!

?Well, then! Shall we start? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?7th done!

?8th done!

?9th done!

?10th done!

?11th done!

?12th done!

?13th done!

?14th done!

?15th done!

?Hey! I'm impressed! You're the first one ever to beat the Treasure Maze! Your name will be carved in that Hall of Fame tablet! And I present you with a gift in honor of this occasion! Please accept the contents of that treasure chest!

?Fascinating island, don't you think, kid? I love the open sea... There's always another surprise on the horizon, just waiting to be found!

?You're the first one ever to beat the Treasure Maze! Your name will be carved in that Hall of Fame tablet!

?Treasure Maze Hall of Fame: Kudos to [Link]!

?Treasure Maze Hall of Fame: Currently blank!

?Maze Island

?You got the Cyclone Slate! Use it at sea to travel by waterspout!

?Well, by my golden gizzard! A slow-toe child! Whatever brings you here, slow-toe? You stand in the presence of Golden Chief Cylos! I'm so fantastic that I'm the only frog hereabouts who leaps by cyclone! Slick, eh?

?That is the Cyclone Slate! By drawing symbols on it, you can ride cyclones too! Want to leap elsewhere with your ship? Then spring into action with the slate!

?You can move your ship vast distances on the winds by using the Cyclone Slate. There is a different symbol for each spot to which you want to soar. Ask my gilt minions, found at myriad spots in the sea, what the symbols might be! Catch their attention with a good blast of your cannon, slow-toe! That will do it!

?Slow-toe!! Is that not the Phantom Hourglass that you carry?! It certainly means, most certainly and undoubtedly, that you know old Oshus. We go way back, that old codger and me! He watched out for me until I found safe harbor in this secret spot!

?He's helping us look for the Ghost Ship! A girl named Tetra was taken away by it! She's [Link]'s friend!

?Ghost Ship, you say? I've heard of that dreary vessel from my gilt minions... Do you have any notions as to where the Ghost Ship might be?

?Not a clue yet! First we need to save spirits that are scattered on the seas!

?We spirits have the power to find the Ghost Ship, and we soon expect to!

?Ah! But the sea must seem very vast for beings such as yourselves. Vastly vast! Let me help with a gift, [Link]!

?Could you tell us more about these symbols?

?My gilt minions are strewn over the seas. Six minions total, sparkling in the sun! Find them! Ask them! They each know one symbol! Then by drawing symbols on the slate, your ship will fly to that spot in a flash!

?So all we need to do is meet the golden frogs and learn their symbols... But are you really sure that we can take something so wonderful with us?

?How can I just sit back and do nothing for you, friends of Oshus? The sea is vast, and that will help you bridge the distances!

?Our deepest thanks, your golden majesty!

?No, no! That's Golden Chief!

?Slow-toe!! Is that not the Phantom Hourglass that you carry?! It certainly means, most certainly and undoubtedly, that you know old Oshus. We go way back, that old codger and me! He took good care of me, that's for certain!

?We're trying to save a girl named Tetra, a good friend of [Link]'s! We must defeat Bellum to save her...and to save the Ocean King as well!

?Bellum, you say? I've heard of that dreadful creature from my gilt minions... I heard that Bellum has the power to siphon the energy from living things. Oh, it will be a horrible ordeal, felling a creature like that...

?But we have got to save Tetra and the Ocean King, so we have no choice!

?I can't just sit here on my flippers and do nothing for the Ocean King's allies! The sea is vast, and that will help you bridge the distances!

?Boing-oing! On this isle, a Golden Chief dwells who can harness the power of sea cyclones. At his request, I am here to prevent just anyone from entering his chamber. You must prove yourself by hitting four of my buddies in a very specific order! But to figure out the order, you must solve our island's enormous riddle. Ready to listen? The order is very specific! OK, then, I'm going to say it! It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!

?Boing-oing! Solve it yet? You need to hit my buddies in the order revealed in this riddle: It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!

?Boing-oing! Have you tried tracing the isle's shape on your map? The whole shore and more! That will help you riddle through the order in which you must hit my buddies. It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!

?So, met with that Golden Chief, huh? He's friendlier than you'd think, right?

?What?! Look at the upper screen! There's no map of this island! That means no one's even set foot here. Think of all the undiscovered treasure!

?That doesn't make sense! How could there be...if no one's been here before?

?Maybe someone who knows diddly about treasure... um...buried something?!

?Bah, whatever! I just know that there's treasure here, [Link]. I sniffed it out, now you go find it! Maybe around the middle of the island!

?What? Want to give up the search and leave already? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?All aboard! Full steam ahead!

?Hurry up! Treasure! Find the treasure!

?What? You're already done looking for treasure? OK, then. Tip time! What do you do when you don't have a map? Draw your own! So walk the shoreline and sketch it out, bit by bit. Doesn't need to be fancy! But it will help you learn the shape of this island! Long ago, that's how folks made maps, so get on it, will you?

?Hmmm. You should sketch the island's shape as you walk along its shores. Then you'll know exactly what shape this island is! Or would you like to give it up for now and set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Did you find the treasure? What?! The Cyclone Slate? Sounds like that will make sailing a breeze! Then let's keep an eye out for those gold-plated froggies out there! Ready to set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?We can't stretch our legs here forever! Let's set sail!

?What do you want to do? Ready to shove off? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Boing-oing! Did you know?! There are gold frogs around the sea that can kick up cyclones!

?Boing-oing! Did you know?! There are six golden frogs stationed around the entire sea.

?Boing-oing! Did you know?! The golden frogs will slip away unless you use a cannon on them.

?Boing-oing! Did you know?! You can fly to a variety of spots using cyclones. So convenient! Not that it matters to us, really...

?The eye sees something valuable that's hidden underneath its statue.

?Boing-oing! .........

?Uncharted Island

?Play like like that... Oh-so busy, Brother!

?We are too busy, so there is no time to help my dad!

?Busy, busy, so busy! I have no idea where I should even start, Brother!

?We must do this...we must do that... There are so many things that we must get done, Brother.

?Your shovel hit something! ...

?Your shovel hit something! ... A snake nest?

?Your shovel hit something! ... A beehive?

?Goron Game: 50 Rupees per play!

? Goron Game ?Coming Soon?

??Exit on the upper right? Prepare your shovel

?My instincts tell me there are no pure metals to be found here! So, wanna go? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Aren't you curious if there is something inside, [Link]? Let's open that chest first. Otherwise the anticipation is gonna slay me!

?Don't waste time dragging your feet!

?You have all three of the pure metals, right, [Link]? Let's go to the blacksmith Zauz then! Set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Hey, good for you! Taking a break before saving the world! Class act. Well, if you're done, how about we set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Welcome to the game that's all the rage! Yes, it's the Goron Game! So, want to take it for a spin? 50 Rupees, Brother! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Pay 50 Rupees to play the Goron Game? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Go for it, Gongoron!

?Nice work, Gongoron!

?Time's up! Stop right there, Brother...

?Until next time, Brother!

?Thank you! Let me explain the simple rules of the Goron Game.

?You don't have enough money, Brother. But please return with 50 Rupees.

?There are several targets scattered about the course, Brother. Break all of them, and the final path to the finish line will open. Think efficiently! Think quickly! And most of all, think like a Goron and win! Did you get all that, Brother? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Time: [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms. That's a fair record. Take your consolation prize from one of those treasure chests, Brother!

?Time: [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms.! That's a thrilling record! Take your pick from one of those chests, Brother! You get an award of excellence!

?Well, then... Want to try for a new record, Brother? Just 50 Rupees a shot. Care to try, Brother? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Hone your skills, then come on back, Brother!

?That last challenge drained your funds! So, save up 50 Rupees, then come on back!

?Hey! Hey, Brother! You're taking too much time! That will cut into our business. So...time's up! And there is no prize!

?Time: [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms. That is...well...not great. But please crack open one of those chests and claim a bad prize anyway!

?I see that your time was [var] min. [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms. That is...well...not good. But please open one of those chests and take away a bad prize.

?All right... Do you want to play again? Only 50 Rupees! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Welcome! You know the rules already, Brother? [.]Yes![.]I forgot

?What's with this island?! Sort of a different shape, don't you think?! Nah, maybe it's just me. So, want to set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope


?Now I will introduce your daring sidekick in the Goron Game. He'll be the one actually rolling around the course for you!

?I am the one-and-only star on this island! My fans call me...Gongoron! What?! Hold on! What are you doing here, Goro-[Link]?

?[sfx]We were wondering the same thing!

?I got a part-time job to help my dad make ends meet! I bet we'll be unstoppable with you rolling me around, Goro-[Link]!

?Come on, Gongoron!

?I'm the big star of the Goron Game! Nice to meet you! I'm Gongoron!

?Open one of those treasure chests, Brother!

?Boing-oing! Word is that something is buried under the lower screen's Menu button... Whatever that means.

?Time: [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms. A thrilling record...and you just set a new high! So please take away a special thrilling prize. Open one of the chests!

?The best time so far is [t][t] sec. [t][t] ms., Brother. Well then... Let's go, Gongoron!

?I was born to race! My name is Gongoron!

?A special challenge called the Goron Game will be opening here soon... But we are behind in our preparations! Boy, do I need to hire a part-timer!

?Dee Ess Island

?You got Oshus's sword! Tap an enemy or slide the stylus on the Touch Screen.

?Make way to the port. Right here on your map. But don't get in over your head. Seek me out if you need a helping hand.

?Tried the path to the north, did you? Ciela, don't pretend you forgot I told you never to go that way. We've seen so many quakes rattle the island lately, [Link]. And monsters have been seen closer and closer to town. Be cautious, young ones. That cave up north leads to the port, it's true. But that path will be crawling with monsters. Do not even think of it. I'm sure someone will get around to repairing the bridge...

?So that earthquake broke the bridge, did it? Ah, unfortunate. There is another way to the port, but it's far too dangerous. No, wait for someone to rebuild the bridge. That's the only safe course. Don't even think about braving the path to the north!

?Ho, there, friend! Try tapping on me!

?Ignoring me? See you later then...

?Yep! That's how it's done! Just tap on people to speak with them.

?Anyway, I've just had a bad bit of luck with my garden here. That quake just heaved a bunch of rocks into the middle of my patch! Would you mind moving them? Simply tap on a rock to pick it up. Then tap where you want to throw it.

?Try tapping on other things, like signs and barrels!

?Thanks aplenty. You really helped me out there. It's not much, but here's something for your trouble. Please, I insist!


?Look at your map. There's a tree on that spot. Go bash it really hard! I'd recommend that you jot that down on your map before you forget it! To scribble on your map, tap Menu, then tap Map.

?What's with the dirty look? Think I'm a cheapskate? Fine. Then here's a hot tip.

?Now that you've cleared out the rocks, I can grow the garden of my dreams! My wife has gone to town to fetch seeds for me! Oh, the possibilities!

?I ran across this while tilling my field. Why don't you take it, buddy?

?Hey, there! What are you doing?

?A new customer! Oh, hearty greetings! Lots of locals drift in here to while away the hours! Bit empty at the moment... But aren't you a tad short to be in here? Take no offense, sir. You'll be more than welcome when you've gone a little farther in life!

?Looking for Linebeck? Sure, I know him! And that chair there knew him recently! Linebeck just dashed out, saying he was off to the Temple of the Ocean King. I tried to stop that crazy fellow. But off he went to the north side of our isle.

?Did my ears hear that right?! He went to the Temple of the Ocean King?!

?Listen up, young 'un. Listen good. The Ocean King is defender of all creation. And that temple up on the hill was built in his honor. None more worthy! Sadly, a curse was laid on the place that sucks the souls from all who enter. None dare step into the Temple of the Ocean King, so put it out of your mind! Can't say where your friend's gone, but I'll tell you this: stay out of there!

?Yes, steer clear. That's what we all do. But the odd visitor now and then can't resist it. What?! Where is it? Right here on your map. You're not actually going there, are you?

?The Temple of the Ocean King is here on your map. You're a good kid, right? Then don't poke your nose in such a perilous place!

?What? You entered the Temple of the Ocean King and returned to tell of it?

?Word is spreading about you, pint-sized hero! You're a friend to that ancient fellow Oshus, am I right? And you're searching for a Ghost find your kidnapped friend!

?Let me shake the sand from my ears! Did I hear you speak of the Ghost Ship?

?Listen up, young 'un. Listen good. Board that ship and you'll turn to stone! Your soul, gone! Your body, made monster! Your very life, accursed!

?I know you'd like to save your friend, but when it comes to that Ghost Ship... I'd be more concerned with saving my own bacon, if I were you!

?So you found the Ghost Ship! Well, how fares your friend...did you find her? Really...? But you can still save her, I hope? Surely if old Oshus says it's possible, then fortune may yet smile on you, son!

?I...I heard something... The Ghost Ship, it's been spotted in nearby waters. What? The final battle? That sounds really big. Th-then I wish you good luck, [Link]!

?Yes, yes...old Oshus asked me to give you this if you happened by.

?He asked me to look after your welfare if something happened, [Link]! The weight of the world seemed to press upon him even more than usual! I can only imagine what the two of you are involved in...

?To the port ?

?Danger! Monsters ahead!

?Tap a block to grab it. Then tap the arrows that appear to move it.

?Keep your hands off my things. Please ask first. -Oshus-

?SHIPYARD Be right back!

?TREASURE TELLER Opening soon!

?When pulling the levers: Second: 1st on the left. Last: 2nd from the right.

?When pulling the levers: First: 2nd from the left.

?Pull the four levers in the correct order. Or else.

?Boing-oing! Want to do a somersault? Scribble tiny circles at the very edges of your screen. Roll into that big tree there and see what shakes loose! Roll too much, however, and you'll get dizzy!


?A cliffside not so far from here has a hidden weak spot... Shine a beam parallel with a line between the temple and Mercay Tavern...

??Using the Sword? Basics: No. 1 Use the stylus to swing your sword. Tapping and drawing lines quickly is the key to deft swordplay.



?Boing-oing! Three fallen adventurers slumber forever within the Temple of the Ocean King. They have fallen, but you can seek their advice on how to survive the temple.

?Cackle-dee-dee! I'm the teller of treasures! Baubles? Beauties? I can sort tripe from treasure! Let me see your belongings!

?What should I look at: ship parts or treasures?

?Such a trifle: 50 Rupees, no more.

?A common sort of thing: 150 Rupees at best.

?I'd put that pretty at 800 Rupees!

?Wh-where'd you find that?! It's certainly worth 1500 Rupees!

?Pleased to purchase that from you. Anything else?

?Must I be parted from your belongings already? Come back anytime!

?Cackle-dee-dee! Can't take that off your hands...until you take it off your ship!

?Gah! You don't have any of those at the moment, sir! Anything else to show me?

?Gah! What's this?!

?That's barely worth a mention, sir! No interest...

?[Link]! So, you have a sword. Then know that even the best swords can be bad... If mishandled, that is. So I must teach you the basics of swordplay!

?Let's begin with the targeted attack. I'm going to bring out some targets for sword practice. Far safer than real foes... Just tap a target to lock on and close in for the attack. Try it now.

?Do I look like a target to you?!

?Hey, [Link]! Where are you going?! Think I show just anyone how to handle a sword?

?We're not done yet! Where are you going?!

?Practice the targeted attack. Just tap any target.

?Now for the side slash. Just sketch a line that divides you and your target. Go! Slice the screen to slash at each target!

?For the spin attack, just draw a circle around yourself. A nice, big one!

?Perfect! Keep at it!

?Excellent! The targeted attack is the most basic of attacks. Use it well! Now for the side slash. When you find it hard to lock on to enemies, use the side slash instead. Just sketch a line that divides you and your target to slash at it. This move requires a little practice. Simply sketch to slash!

?Yes, like that! And to keep slashing, just sketch repeatedly!

?What's that? Sketch a line that divides you and your target to slash!

?Hey, that isn't what I said! Just tap your targets. Try again!

?That's not it! Sketch a line that divides you and your target!

?Don't try out other moves! Hit the targets with your spin attack! If you're having a hard time unleashing the move, draw a larger circle!

?It looks like you fully understand the side slash. You can also use it to slash several things at once. Remember it well. And, finally, we have the spin attack. Slide the stylus in a circle around yourself to spin attack, [Link].

?Yes! Draw big circles to unleash the spin attack!

?What are you doing? You must draw a big circle!

?Hohoho... If you unleash too many spin attacks in a row, you'll get dizzy! Everything in moderation, little one!

?Superb. I can teach you nothing more. Now you must swim on your own as you venture out among the monsters. But if you do have any problems, return here and speak with me.

?Good! Now don't go overboard out there!

?Make your way with caution, [Link]! And take good care of Ciela for me!

?Hello, [Link]! Have you sailed to the Isle of Ember yet? Word has carried over the waves of a fortune-teller who sees the future... So seek out Astrid. She may know where the winds will next carry you!

?With the Phantom Sword in your hand, you should be able to defeat Bellum! Every one of us is counting on you, [Link]!

?[Link]! Use the power of the Phantom Hourglass to find the remaining spirits! Only then will the ultimate path before you become plain and clear. But it's Astrid on the Isle of Ember who sees your next step. Seek her out!

?The spirits of Power, Wisdom, and Courage can find the Ghost Ship! Use their combined power! You must save Tetra before it's too late!

?Sorry for keeping my secret so long, [Link]! Truly, I am the Ocean King. I didn't want to make waves, so to speak. Not until the right time. And that is now, because you are our only hope! Let me share my wisdom... There is only one way to defeat Bellum. You must get the Phantom Sword! We're all counting on you, [Link]!

?Excellent, [Link]! You have rescued the Spirit of Wisdom! Now you must locate one more. Find her. Then you can find the Ghost Ship!

?Oh, yes. I was rummaging around my storehouse, and I found this... This is connected to the spirits. You should have it.

?These can bring out the full power of the spirits. There are 20 Spirit Gems for each of the spirits, scattered far and wide. Find as many as you can! That will make you strong.

?Oh-ho! If it isn't the little monkey and his twinkly pal! Slow getting the goods, eh?

?[sfx]Slow?! How dare you! You were quick enough to run off, injury and all!

?What an insult! I was merely hurrying back to my ship! Any captain worth his salt puts his ship before his own safety, I tell you!

?But, tell me, little monkey. What did you find in the treasure chest? Ah, a map! Let me at it!

?Bah, what's this?! Some boring old sea map?

?Oh, now I see! It is, as we call it in the adventuring business, a treasure map! If we probe its mysteries, we can find the very prize I'm seeking. The Ghost Ship! And by we, I mean me! Farewell, little monkey! I'm off to find adventure!

?Did he really just do that? He muscles in on our map, then runs off with it? What should we do next? Meet Linebeck at his ship, [Link]?

?This is no standard map. You'll find that one section is a little flaky. Touch it! I trust you can solve the puzzle, [Link]!

?Calm yourself, Linebeck, and tell me what you've made of the temple's map.

?I've inspected it fully. My trained eye finds that it holds no secrets at all! But wait, old man! What do you know of this map?

?Well, look who's gracing our presence! It's old man Oshus!

?The bridge has been fixed, so I thought I'd check up on the youngsters here...

?You sent me into that treacherous temple too, you old barnacle!

?Any who enter the temple unprepared will find it a terrifying ordeal... And most would lose heart and flee for their lives upon hearing me say it. But evidently, there are true heroes among us...

?Preen my feathers a little more, old man! Yep, I'm famous, all right!

?Not you, fool! You're a wreck! You'd be sunk by now if our young friend here hadn't shown up!

?I was injured! On a typical day, I blaze through one or two such temples...before breakfast!

?Hohoho... Has the map's puzzle eluded you, Linebeck? If I may see the map... ...... A standard map would simply show you where to go, would it not?

?You're an amazing lad to emerge alive from the temple, [Link]! Very courageous for one so early in his years...

?I'll wait here. Hurry up and get ready!

?Isle of Ember, eh? I always suspected there might be something there. So it's as simple as sailing there and finding Astrid?

?[.][.]Ciela, I'd like you to go with [Link]. You'll be essential to his efforts, I'm sure! And by seeing the outside world, you might just find your lost memories!

?[sfx]Will do! Happy to help! Sorry that we have to pal around with Linebeck, though. Still, I'm glad to sail the seas and see the world!

?What?! Don't tell me that I have to haul around that twinkly bit of fluff too?! Bah, fine then.

?OK, the Isle of Ember awaits! Ready to set sail, [Link]? [.]Ready[.]Not yet

?Be quick about it, then! Adventure calls!

?Then climb aboard! The open sea calls!

?Hmmm, you'll be live bait with only that sword. Surely you should have a shield before we leave! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?Hey, look at that! A secret mark on the map!

?That marks the spot of an isle born of volcanic strife. It is the Isle of Ember. A fortune-teller named Astrid lives there, and she sees far, [Link]. So you should ask Astrid if she can see where the Ghost Ship might be!

?So we're off to the Isle of Ember, then!

?Shouldn't we be sailing for the Isle of Ember? [.]Ready[.]Not yet

?We should head up to the temple to scare up more info about the next spirit! I'd lead the charge, but I really need to stay put and attend to my ship! So jump to it! I'll catch up later!

?Hey, you actually made it back! Find the sea chart?

?OK, then! We must sail to that island on the chart and snare that spirit! I mean, save that spirit! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?We should go to the Temple of the Ocean King and get the third sea chart! Then you'll be even closer to finding that infernal Ghost Ship. May a strong wind be forever at your back, [Link]!

?Well, look what the crab dragged in. Get that third sea chart yet?

?You finally nabbed all three spirits, did you? Then weigh anchor! Let's find that Ghost Ship! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?What?! Get yourself to the Temple of the Ocean King! Or do you insist on shipping out? [.]Depart[.]Stay

?Hop to it! We need to get to the Temple of the Ocean King!

?Look lively now! Get to the temple!

?Linebeck, you're lucky to have us around, doing all the hard work! Yes, we found the new sea chart!

?Don't pretend to know what I don't know! Anyway, I bet a spirit's right there! So let's go to that island! OK, then. Once we set sail, I'll explain how we can go to the Northwestern Sea! Let's be off![.] [.]Go now[.]Wait

?What are you going to do?

? fired the cannon so much that the barrel's burned, [Link]. I've got to repair it!

?...... I figured that he'd say something like that! Let's go, [Link]!

?We found a secret mark that we transferred to our Southwestern Sea chart! And we found out that the Temple of Courage will open with a Sun Key. I bet that new mark on our chart reveals a spot that's essential to our quest!

?I see! And since seeing is believing, it's time for you to believe in ol' Linebeck. I say that we go there! We're bound to find something! So, off to the unknown, [Link]? [.]Go now[.]Wait

?All right! We're out of here! You ready as I am? [.]Go now[.]Wait

?Hey, let me see that! It's the chart we need to sail into the sea that's up north. But we still don't know the location of the Ghost Ship... Well, blow me down to the ground! The chart's so dusty that I can't read it! Make yourself useful and clean it up, will you, [Link]?

?Ahh-choo! Hey, look! I mean...I knew it all along. I knew it was hidden there. I've always had a sixth sense for such things!

?We aren't falling for it, Linebeck! You didn't know that was there!

?Oh, hey! Another crest has appeared!

?Back from the temple so soon? What'd you haul out of there this time? ...... What? Haven't gone yet? Lost your nerve? All shaky in the knees? Backbone gone soft? Or do you just need to set sail for some reason? [.]Depart[.]Stay

?But look at you, kid! You got that Phantom Sword! That means you can enter the Temple of the Ocean King and beat that beast!

?That's right! The time has finally come to defeat Bellum and rescue Tetra!

?Hey, we've come this far, right, guys?

?What?! Get done in? [Link]? Don't be ridiculous. He'll defeat Bellum, you'll see! If you're going to be so negative, why don't you just go mop your deck!

?Yeah, that's right. All I do around here is mop decks. That's what you think?

?Hey, what got into you, Linebeck? Why so serious all of a sudden?

?Oh! That's right! Hey! Ciela!

?Of course! Leave it to me!

?Hey, he actually called me by name! No insults!

?If anyone can defeat him and return to tell the tale, it's you, [Link]!

?Oh, what are you doing here?

?Oh, it's you. What? There are times when I want to be alone too, you know!

?Huh? What is it?

?Take care of the kid. You look out for him, got it?!

?Go get Tetra back to normal, and don't get yourself done in!

?Kid, adventuring with you gave me a taste of what it's like to be a hero. But here we part. It's all up to you now. I'll just be back here... mopping the deck.

?Oh, what? Want to go out to sea? [.]Go now[.]Wait

?Well, then, go take care of business first!

?Get yourself to the temple, make Bellum taste your steel, and restore Tetra!

?Those Ghost Ship monsters should still be lurking around here somewhere! Chase them down and rescue Tetra! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?Look lively, lad! Go take care of business!

?Ready to shove off, [Link]? We must sail to where the Ghost Ship sank for Tetra! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?Were you able to find the sea chart? Perfect. I'll bet somewhere among these islands are the pure metals we seek! Let's take to the waves, [Link]! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?We've found all the sea charts! I knew you'd be able to pull it off all along, kid! Now let's make speed and haul in some pure metal! [.]Go now[.]Wait

?You can't swap that part. Please choose another.

?Put in a ship part or one of your treasures.

?There's been a swap with [player]!

?It still holds the [player] that you put in! Want to take it out? [.]Yes[.]No

?You don't currently have any parts or treasures. Please return when you do.

?Pulling four levers... Where might those be, I wonder... Well, I bet this hint will come in handy! How about we write it on our map? To do that, tap the Map icon, then scribble to your heart's content! Or just press down on the +Control Pad or the B Button. Yay, shortcuts!

?Not that way, [Link]! Let's talk to my grandpa first!

?Not this way! My grandpa's house is to the right.

?We made it to the port! It's so much farther to walk when the bridge is out! Now that we're here, let's look up Linebeck! I've met him once or twice. Can't say I care for him. He's an awfully big talker for such a big cucco! OK, let's head to the port!

?Shouldn't we be looking for Linebeck? Let's go to the port!

?Aha! So this is the Temple of the Ocean King!

?Legend has it, the temple was built to honor the mighty Ocean King. But the temple has fallen into ruin, and people say it ruins any who enter! Still, we have to find Linebeck... So let's dive right on in, [Link]!

?Well, Grandpa wants us to stay out of trouble, but we need to find your friend. If only you found a sword. Then you could show those monsters!

?What?! Where'd Linebeck go?! He must be loafing around somewhere!

?What's that rumbling?! Another earthquake! So many quakes lately. So many monsters! Bad signs, for sure. And I bet there are even worse things to come!

?MONSTERS! Look out, [Link]! It's way too dangerous! You need something to defend yourself with. We have to go back!

?MONSTERS! Look out, [Link]! It's way too dangerous! You need something to defend yourself with. We should go back and talk to Grandpa!

?You found a sword! Ooooh! We shouldn't tell Grandpa we're taking it. He'd worry himself sick. Good for us, though. Now we can defend ourselves from those monsters!

?Grandpa uses this cave as his storehouse.

?I think I remember Grandpa storing a sword back there. Now, how to get this door open... I remember he cracks open the door by writing a number on that sign. I think he says it's the number of palm trees on the beach. Sneaky!

?I think I remember Grandpa storing a sword back there. Now, how to get this door open... I remember he cracks open the passage by writing a number on that sign. I think he says it's the number of palm trees on the beach.

?It's too dangerous to run by monsters with no weapon, [Link]! Let's head back to my grandpa's house and ask him what to do first!

?A-a-another earthquake! I can sense it... It's coming from the temple! Deep beneath it. So Bellum must be causing the earthquakes that keep rattling the island! Hurry! Let's get that sea chart and find the pure metals!

?Heard of the fortune-teller, Astrid? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?I've heard that Astrid lives on the Isle of Ember. The Ghost Ship, all those who've vanished... She saw it all in advance, it's said! I bet she'd know what it'd take for me to find a girlfriend! Yeah!

?You have? Impressive! You know, that island she's said to live on... We all revere it as a place of prophetic power! I'd sail there too, but not with so many monsters lurking on the seas!

?I've heard that the Ghost Ship is on the prowl again, stealing more islanders! So very dangerous...

?Oh, what to do?! How can I possibly tell my husband that our seeds... seem to grow our weeds!

?Oh, heavens! That quake just broke the bridge again! So many quakes lately, and the bridge breaks every time there's a big one! There's a second way to get to town, fortunately. Unfortunately, it leads through a frightening cave full of monsters. What to do? Well, wait for the bridge to be fixed, of course!

?The bridge is back up. At least until the next quake ruins my day!

?Wow, nice-looking sword! But it's dangerous, isn't it? So don't go swinging that thing around here!

?Aren't you the guy who was with Linebeck when he drove off the Ghost Ship? Word is that you're tagging along with the captain, giving him a little help!

?Welcome to Mercay Island's port! You'd normally see sailors coming and going... But rumors that the Ghost Ship has returned have all but shut down our harbor! Except for one brave soul who recently docked his ship, that is.

?What? Captain Linebeck? Oh, he stumbled up the road that leads to the Temple of the Ocean King.

?Hey, you were the one who really and truly defeated the Ghost Ship, right? I figured it out. Sigh. I guess that some adults just like to show off a little... But I bet the captain is a good guy at heart. Why not cut him some slack?

?Th-the Ghost Ship! It's been seen not far from here! We're all lost! It's come to carry us all away... I'm scared!

?Look at this remarkable ship! What do you think of it?

?Oh! The captain has returned! That guy standing by the ship is Linebeck! Yep, a captain...lucky guy.

?Ah, the mighty ocean! Such depth! Such breadth! Does it call to you too? Oh, how I wish he'd take me aboard and let me travel with him...

?What? You're searching for Linebeck? The captain usually drops anchor at the milk bar, but I haven't seen him in days. Perhaps the bar owner knows where Linebeck has vanished to.

?Oh, just look at her! What a ship! Such a proud beauty!

?Time loses all meaning when I gaze upon her...

?Oh, if she were only mine! It belongs to a sea captain what goes by the name of Linebeck. A fearless soul, I hear. He's seen the whole world, yet never seen defeat!

?The shipyard is open. If you have ship parts, take them in there. Hey, want a tip that will give you an edge? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You know that you grip your equipped item by tapping the Item icon. You can also press the L or R Buttons to grip your equipped item! Both methods are useful, so give them both a try!

?No? Brrr. Cold shoulder...

?Hey, the Treasure Teller is finally open! Take your ship parts and other great finds in there to have them appraised! The guy will also buy your stuff, so you can really rake in the Rupees in there! Wouldn't it be nice if you could swap treasures with friends, too? Ah, someday.

?You know, I've been to a lot of places. But the milk here? It's the best! Yum!

?You know, it's also said that the temple holds an irresistible treasure. What could be there is a treasure map to beat all others! Who can say? Those who have sought it have found only their untimely end.

?The Ghost Ship travels the seas in search of people whose lives it can leech. The ship has abducted people from islands such as Astrid's Isle of Ember. It's a ship to be feared. Best to steer clear of that dread vessel.

?Ah, I've been here far too long... I'll bet my wife is steaming mad by now. Now I really don't want to go home!

?Eh?! Looking for the Ghost Ship, you say? Don't mean to take the wind out of your sails, but stay away from that ship! All those who've become obsessed with that ship are soon ruined by it. That ship has pirated the life from many a soul, but some of us still remain... Oh, knock on wood!

?Heard that you went looking for Astrid! She has a wondrous talent for studying a person's deepest needs, and divining where that person should go next! Seek her when you're lost!

?Gah! How long will that ol' carp stay at the milk bar, gulping the day away?! I'll have a thing or two to tell him when he gets home!

?Huff, puff! Can't wait to sit down at the milk bar and gulp down a glass! Just a bit tired...going to wait here for a spell and take a breather... Why is everyone always in such a darn rush? Take a break now and then, I say!

?Grrr...not again!

?I fixed the bridge. That should hold for now.

?Got done fixing the bridge! Just a patch job, but it'll do for now.

?This crummy bridge breaks every time we have a quake! Don't have time to keep on babysitting this thing. Not when ships need fixing! But Oshus says that bridges are just as 'portant as ships... When that old man tells you to do something, you do it, like it or not. And I don't like it. But I'll do it. Anything to avoid Oshus nagging me all the time!

?Have you heard about the chief of the frogs? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You're likely to encounter many golden frogs swimming in the sea. But one of them reigns supreme. A giant, golden frog that rides on the wind! I do believe that he's been spotted around here. Oh, the sea holds such mysteries! That's what makes it so alluring...[.][.]

?Oh, so you know that... Are you sure? Positive?


?Sorry for being so loud. I thought you were going to walk right on by, so I got a little too excited. Anyway...

?Does that ship of yours have a cannon? [.]Yes[.]No

?Oh, hey! Hey, you!

?They make sea life easier. Or at least louder. Hmmm, that's about all I know. I heard you can get them from a guy named Eddo on an isle to the south.

?You have a cannon now?! Now monsters have reason to fear you! Rocks too! And even small cyclones come undone if you hit them just right! Ah, to cruise on the open sea, master of all that you survey...!

?Such a convenience!

?Does your ship have a Salvage Arm? [.]Yes[.]No

?You can make a fortune by recovering lost treasure from the bottom of the sea! Gotta get a Salvage Arm, though. I bet old Eddo on that southern isle can help.

?You have a Salvage Arm now?! Now you can dredge up sunken chests! Ah, to amass a fortune from the sea's hidden spoils. I envy you! Don't forget to take your finds to the Treasure Teller! He'll value them for you. You'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams! Rich, rich, RICH!

?Now here's a secret that I'll share with you. I've come across a treasure map! Want the treasure map? Then hand over 50 Rupees. [.]Deal[.]Nope

?You're kidding?! Your loss. It could have been your ticket to the good life!

?Not enough money? You'll have to pass it up for now, then. Too bad.

?Thanks a bunch! And here you go!

?As they say, X marks the spot. Sail there, then use your ship's Salvage Arm!

??Hey, there!? What a gift to meet you! My name is Freedle. I'm but a humble singer who travels the world over with guitar in hand! In honor of our meeting, how about a song? Just a little ditty about a whimsy! It's called "Magic Box"! ?It's a box full of magic!? ?Put in parts! Or treasure! After a time, look inside! And see a surprise!? ?Truly peculiar! From one hand to another! Magical box, indeed!? ?Glorious exchange! Magical box, find out what's inside!? Ta-da!

?Yes, indeed! 'Tis the truth about these magical boxes! Put in the ship parts and treasures you don't want.

??You'll exchange them with other players that you connect to.? ?No matter if it is through Tag Mode or Battle Mode!? ?Oh, what could be in the magical box??

?Find out! Give it a try! Place unwanted ship parts and treasures inside.

??OK, then! You've put something in the magical box!? ?Use Wireless Mode to begin Tag Mode?? [.]Yes[.]No

??Oh! When you want to use Tag Mode, just come and talk to me!? If your Battle Mode foe has something in his box, you'll trade items too!

??Tag Mode, OK!? I'm going to save before we do that. OK with you? [.]Yes[.]No


?Save complete!

?Little green man! Collected many treasures? By the way, while I was cleaning out my boxes, I found this! ?From the box to you!? ?Will your heart's dreams come true??

?Hey! Kid! ?Put your treasures and parts inside one of these magical boxes!?

?Hey! Kid! ?A magical box is moving, so there's been swapping!?

??Don't forget we'll stop for a save!? And then... It's Tag Mode time!

?Welcome back, kid! Hey, think there have been any swaps yet?

?Hey! Look at the boxes! The box that's moving has seen a swap! ?You did it, kid! I Wonder what's inside!?

?Oh, no! Too bad! The exchange didn't happen! ?Your feelings, unheard!? So sad, the little green man's heart is broken.?


?What's the matter, Grandpa?

?Some of your memories remain buried, so you may not know this... But you still have powers yet to discover! As the Spirit of Courage, you can harness the true power of the hourglass!

?What...powers? I don't remember a thing!

?Bellum can drain the life from well as their very memories!

?I see...

?So if you defeat him, I'm sure that you'll regain your memories too! Normally, I'd be the one to help you in your quest, but please forgive me...

?It's OK! That nasty Bellum doesn't stand a chance against [Link]! We'll make quick work of Bellum and return to you safe and sound!

?Come on, [Link]! Let's go!

?We're counting on you! May fortune favor you both in your hour of need!

?Your memory was drained when you were attacked.

?You two are proving to be quite a handful. Isn't that my sword? What do you plan on doing with that?!

?Grandpa, I'm sorry, but we just had to! We can't abandon his kidnapped friend! We can't wait for the bridge!

?Yes, I understand. But I can't just let you go. Not without showing you how to handle that sword.

?I'll teach you how to handle it. Meet me at my house, [Link]!

?Welcome, shopper! How can I help you?

?Stop in anytime you find more parts. I'll customize your ship. Totally free!

?Dat's a good combination of parts. Your ship's stamina is now five!

?Dat's a great combination of parts! Your ship's stamina is now six! Combine parts from the same set and you can get dat stamina higher!

?What a good eye! Your ship's stamina is now seven!

?Oh, oh, oh! You collected all of da golden parts! Your ship's stamina is now eight! Nuthin' can stop you on the high seas now!

?I'm done swapping out your parts. Stop by anytime you wanna change 'em. Your ship's stamina will go up if you use parts from da same set! Experiment!

?Come on in. You've found yourself in the shipyard. Want to customize your ship? If you got da parts, I've got da time.

?So, what's it gonna be? I ain't got all day!

?You've busted your Salvage Arm! Unusable, dat thing! I'll fix it for ya. Just 100 Rupees! [.]Deal[.]Nope

?It'll be fixed before you know it. Don't go bustin' it up again!

?What, no money?! Then your arm's gonna stay busted, isn't it!

?Swap out ship parts! OK, one custom job, comin' up! All for free.

?Hey, dat Salvage Arm is pretty banged up! Gonna be useless soon! I'll fix it for ya. Just 50 Rupees! [.]Deal[.]Nope

?Come on in. You've drifted into the shipyard! Got parts? I'll set up your ship. Need your Salvage Arm fixed? Do that too!

?Your Salvage Arm is dinged up. Might want to fix that. I'll do dat job for 20 Rupees! How about it? [.]Deal[.]Nope

?Mercay Island

?Mountain Passage

?Copying to file [file]! However, the battle data cannot be copied. Any data already on file [file] will be lost. Would you like to copy to file [file]? [.]Yes[.]No

?Copying... Do not turn the power off.

?Copy complete.

?This friend code will be erased. Is this OK? [.]Yes[.]No

?Do you hold the stylus in your right or left hand? [.]Right[.]Left

?You use your right hand? [.]Yes[.]No

?You use your left hand? [.]Yes[.]No

?Now, close the DS. Don't turn the power off or remove the Game Card!

?A file has been created.

?Would you like to save your changes? [.]Yes[.]No

?New Game!

?Change the name that you will use in Battle Mode.

?Enter a name.

?Choose a mode to play.

?When you are done, press the button to go back.

?Please enter the 12-digit friend code that you want to register.

?Please enter the name of the player with that friend code.

?The Wi-Fi User Information is corrupted. The data will be recreated.

?The data has been recreated.

?Erased data cannot be recovered! Erase this file? [.]Yes[.]No

?Erasing... Do not turn the power off!

?A file has been deleted.

?The Wi-Fi User Information linked with this DS may have been erased. Go to the Wi-Fi Connection Setting screen. For help, visit

?The data in file [file] is corrupted. File [file] will be deleted.

?Some of the file [file] data is corrupted. The corrupted data in file [file] will be deleted.

?The data in file [file] is corrupted. The previous data will be loaded.

?The Battle Mode friend data in file [file] is corrupted. The Battle Mode data will be erased.

?The Battle Mode friend data in file [file] is corrupted. The previous data will be loaded.

?The Options data in file [file] is corrupted. The Options data will be reset.


?Save complete.

?You have no friend code. Connect to Nintendo WFC to get a friend code.

?That friend code is incorrect.

?That friend code is already registered.

?Please tap the name or friend code that you want to edit.

?Your friend roster is full. You must delete an existing friend code to add one.

?The Wi-Fi User Information is corrupted. The data will be recreated.

?You cannot register your own friend code.

?Is this name OK? [.]Yes[.]No

?Please face the Mic and speak.

?Your voice has been recognized.

?Your voice was not recognized.

?Preparing the Mic...

?You got a Regal Necklace! This mysterious necklace is adorned with curious gems.

?Here rest the six sages to whom the way to the temple is known. Those who do not know will never pass the Phantom Corridor.

?The resting place of the fourth knight, Brant of the Cobble Kingdom. Phantom Corridor ahead. Those without the way of the six sages are doomed.

?I am the first sage. Go ? north through the first room.

?I am the second sage. Go ? east through the second room.

?I am the third sage. Go ? east through the third room.

?I am the fourth sage. Go ? north through the fourth room.

?I am the fifth sage. Go ? north through the fifth room.

?I am the sixth sage. The sixth room is where Brant was laid to rest.

?This is where the dead of the Cobble Kingdom, long ago fallen, lay at rest. I am one of four knights chosen by the king. I am the fourth knight, Brant. Those spirits you have with you, they are Power, Wisdom, and Courage, yes? Why are the three spirits of the Ocean King with you? [.]Well...[.]Secret!

?King Mutoh, the holder of the Aquanine, is not here. He is on the island that is guarded by a rock wall, the Isle of Ruins. You'll need that Regal Necklace to get there. That will calm the cyclone at the entrance, so that your boat may pass. There, look for the third knight, Bremeur. Got it? [.]Yes[.]Huh?

?Most of the words have been worn off and can't be read...

?Eh? You want to leave? [.]Yes[.]No

?I can't believe what has happened to the Ocean King while we slept! So that is why you are looking for the Aquanine? We grew rich under the Ocean King's protection! We must do something! I believe that our King Mutoh has the Aquanine that you are looking for. If you explain your quest, you may convince him to give it to you.

?I see. I won't ask if you don't want to tell me. If that is all, go away.

?Whoa! Looks like you did it! How about we set sail? [.]Yes[.]No

?All right, then hop on board!

?Well, then go get some information about the pure metals!

?The sacred tree grows from the king's chin. West 13 and north 7. The path to the graveyard where the six sages dwell, hidden underground.

?Explorer's Compass Riddle of the lost ancient civilization.

?Volume 1 "The Riddle of the Cobble Kingdom Civilization" In seas ruled by the Ocean King, the cultured Cobble Kingdom soared above all. It was more glorious than any other city until it vanished from history! Ruled by the king and his four knights, the temple once held great treasure.

?Volume 2 "Hidden Treasures: the Aquanine" Three great treasures are hidden around these seas. One is the Aquanine. Legend has it there is but one of each of these pure metals in this world. Legend also says that one of the pure metals is kept in the Cobble Kingdom.

?Volume 3 "Lost Kingdom: Where Did the Island of Dreams Go?" Some say there is treasure in the Cobble Kingdom, but no one has seen the island. Only the ancient legend remains. Some say it is an island of dreams. "Proof" must be found on the Isle of the Dead to reach the Cobble Kingdom.

?The Journal of the Esteemed Explorer, McNey. Normally on a map, up is north, down is south, right is east, and left is west. But looking at a map today, I discovered the secret of this island. This island is shaped like the profile of someone wearing a crown! He is looking east, and if you look closely, you can see his eye and mouth. I'm betting there is a big secret about the Cobble Kingdom hidden here. I still haven't found the treasure that is supposed to be in this room. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the temple on the northeastern corner. It's time to prove what I wrote in the article for the Explorer's Compass. There is supposed to be some absurdly cryptic puzzle or trick there. But with my keen explorer sense, I should have it solved before lunch! I will find the Aquanine and show them all!

?Look, on top of that desk! There's a book there, [Link]!

?Aquanine?! Do you think the pure metal is on this island? Well, it's worth looking. There's a bunch of books around. Let's read them.

?Who knew it would come to this? My name is McNey. I was once a famous explorer... I entered before solving the entrance puzzle and came to the Phantom Corridor. But I could not get out. And look what happened. This maze is madness... If you don't know which way to go, you'll end up walking in circles. Circles...

?Let's give up! This is getting...dangerous!

?If I keep going down, I should be able to reach the entrance... If you haven't solved the puzzle yet, find the entrance while you can. Otherwise, you'll end up like me and run out of energy... Before you're able to find the exit, cursed to remain here forever.

?Face west from the king's eye and shoot an arrow.

?Must I say it again? If you keep walking down, you should reach the exit!

?Go now. I must return to my slumber.

?Venture forth through the door.

?Looks like you met the third knight, Bremeur. Take care of King Mutoh.

?Thanks to you, I can sleep in peace. I appreciate all that you have done.

?You should go. I will return to my slumber.

?So, you want to hit the sea, eh? [.]Yes[.]No

?Yeah. I gotta wax the old deck, so tell me when you want to ship out!

?Seems deserted for now, but this place wasn't always empty! I wonder if there is some secret hidden here somewhere. How about you, kid? What are you doing? I'll be fixing the ship. Go find yourself some adventure on the island!

?You should go. I am going back to sleep.

?Volume 4 "The Small Island of the Cobble Kingdom" In the area of ocean near the Cobble Kingdom, there is an uncharted isle. Wonders are commonplace in this kingdom of dreams.

?Isle of the Dead

?Brant's Temple

?You have put your foot on Goron Island, outsider. Make yourself known to all. We Gorons are proud, and we do not play with strangers.

?Make yourself known to each and every Goron first. We do not play otherwise.

?And I mean each and every Goron, outsider. Make yourself known to all!

?I am so happy that you are part of our tribe now, Goro-[Link]! Oh, you are playing hide- and-seek with Gongoron? He is near here, Brother!

?If you are bored, why not play with me for a while, Goro-[Link]? Oh! You have the tribe's pure metal! You cannot simply walk off with that!

?How unusual. We rarely see off-islanders here, outsider. You have put your foot into a Goron home, which we carve out of solid rock. We find them cozy, since they stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

?You have put your foot into a Goron home, which we carve out of solid rock. We find them cozy, since they stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

?Our homes are all carved in the same manner. They are perfection, Brother!

?So you are now a member of our proud tribe, eh, Goro-[Link]? You should carve yourself a home. They are perfect for Goron life!

?What are you doing with our tribe's pure metal? Oh, Goro-[Link]... Why play with that when you should be carving out a home for yourself?

?I don't know who you are, outsider, but I'm glad to see you. There are some strange creatures on that cliff! Please make them go away!

?There are some strange creatures on that cliff! Please eliminate them!

?Looks like you have put your face before every member of our tribe. You should soon become one of us.

?You're one of us Gorons now, Goro-[Link]! What? Gongoron? I think I saw him run west, Brother!

?What are you doing with our tribe's pure metal, Goro-[Link]?

?Your face is unknown to me...but I feel fine sharing words with you. And I will share something about our chief. He loves to play question games. Further, he asks questions that dwell upon the many details of our island life.

?Our chief loves to play question games. And he asks only questions that dwell upon the many details of our island life.

?Looks like you have strolled around the island! Well, have you taken full account of all the details here, stranger?

?I hear you are one of us now, Goro-[Link]! So...did that hint I gave you put you on a helpful path? I hoped it would!

?What are you doing with the island's pure metal, Goro-[Link]?

?Oh, just look at her. What a ship! Such a proud beauty...

?Time loses all meaning when I gaze upon her. Oh, if she were only mine...

?Time loses all meaning when I gaze upon her. Oh, if she were only mine... If I ever have a ship like that someday, I will call it the S.S. Goronbeck.

?So you are an official brother now! Welcome, Goro-[Link]! What? Has Gongoron gone through here? Sorry, I was focused on the ship.

?How does it feel to be out sailing on the seas, Goro-[Link]? Is it big? I wish that I could ride the waves, Brother.

?Your face is new to me, outsider. Have you come from the ship? My father is staring at it. That bothers me. If only someone would tell him...

?If only someone would tell my father that it is strange to just stare at a ship...

?If only someone would tell my father that it is strange to just stare at a ship... No matter how much he stares at it, he will never get on board!

?You are now one of us, Goro-[Link]? Then that ship will likely stay too. Ugh, I can see it already...

?Why waste time carrying around that pure metal, Goro-[Link]? You really should be pounding some sense into my father!

?An outsider! Have you ever heard of a wood heart? I love them so much! We Gorons eat the small wood hearts in order to grow into big Gorons!

?I love eating wood hearts! We eat them to grow into big Gorons!

?So, you want to become a Goron? That's a big wood heart, but I won't lose!

?I hear that you are now a Goron too, little Goro-[Link]! But what I want to be is a big Goron. Hopefully soon!

?Do you recognize me, Goro-[Link]? I am the little Goron that is now a big Goron! But you remain so small! You must eat more wood hearts!

?You are an off-islander. We do not share words easily with strangers here. And so I surely cannot tell you that our elder's house is up there.

?I surely cannot tell you that our elder's house is up there.

?Only when you are a member of our tribe will we embrace you fully. You remain an off-islander. And we do not share words easily with strangers.

?I welcome you as a member of our tribe with open arms, Goro-[Link]! What, Gongoron? I saw him run to the west side of the island, Brother!

?No, Brother! What are you doing with our pure metal, Goro-[Link]! That is a Goron treasure. You cannot just walk away with something so precious!

?Hey, little stranger! You are no Goron! Only members of the Goron tribe can go through here!

?Hey, you are no Goron! Only members of the Goron tribe can go through here!

?Only members of the Goron tribe can go through here! The only way I can think that you will pass is if you become an official Goron!

?Hey, Goro-[Link]! Looks like you are now an official Goron! What? Gongoron? No, I cannot say that I have seen him, Brother.

?Hey, why do you have the pure metal in hand, Goro-[Link]? You should get permission from the elder. Or else you will land in big trouble!

?So, you are leaving us, Goro-[Link]... It will be lonely here without you. Come back and visit us.

?Oh-ho! So you are leaving, Goro-[Link]... Carve a home for yourself when you reach another island, Brother!

?Oh, you are leaving us. It will be lonely here without you, Goro-[Link]. If another monster ever shows up again, I will wish you were here, Brother.

?I am sad to hear that you are leaving our island, Goro-[Link]. You just got to know our island. Never forget us, Brother.

?I hear that you plan to set sail soon and depart from us, Goro-[Link]. Someday I will also step off our shores. I hope to meet you again, Brother.

?So I hear that you are setting sail soon, Goro-[Link]... Well, return every now and then so my father can admire your ship, Brother.

?I hear that you are leaving, Goro-[Link]. Well, I plan on eating many wood hearts while you are away. I will grow so big!

?So you're going away, Goro-[Link]. I hate it when Gorons go away. So, go away already, Brother. ...No, I take it all back. You return to us anytime, all right, Brother?

?Guess you are leaving us, Goro-[Link]. I will take care of everyone here while you are gone, Brother!

?So Gongoron got away, Goro-[Link]? I saw him head east! Catch him quick so you can play with me next!

?Find Gongoron, Brother? What? He got away from you?

?Did you locate Gongoron yet, Goro-[Link]? You should really slow down to gaze at your ship more, Brother!

?Why are you in such a rush, Goro-[Link]? What? Gongoron? I saw him heading east!

?Now that you are a Goron, Brother, you can go right in, Goro-[Link]! If you seek the little Gongoron, he has gone to the temple.

?Did you find Gongoron, Goro-[Link]? Well, play with me instead! What do you want to play, Brother?

?Did you find Gongoron, Goro-[Link]?

?You are always so busy, Goro-[Link]!

?You are in a rush every time I see you, Brother!

?Have you ever heard of something called a store? We finally have one here!

?Do you know what a store is? Let me explain: it sells many things, outsider.

?Did you spread the word about the store?

?So you are now one of us, Goro-[Link]! Searching for Gongoron? He's right up on top of that cliff there!

?What? You lost Gongoron? I think I saw him at the store.

?Did you find that little Gongoron yet? Perhaps he went to the store, Brother.

?Wherever did you find that pure metal, Brother? I didn't think that the store had such a rarity in stock!

?Leaving this island, Goro-[Link]? It will be lonely without you. Maybe I will spend more time at the store.

?You want to come over here, outsider? I will put the bridge out for you.

?Now you can cross anytime you want. No toll, of course!

?Have you made yourself known to all? I am only asking...

?Oh, you are one of us now, Goro-[Link]! What's that? Gongoron? I saw him go over there.

?I saw Gongoron go over there.

?Did you find Gongoron? I am sure that he did not cross this bridge, Brother.

?Where are you taking that pure metal, Brother?

?Where are you going, Brother? Departing our island? It will be so quiet here without you...

?Do you know the big Goron secret, outsider? What we call our island's Goron Amber is actually... On second thought, it is too soon for you to know, outsider.

?What we call our island's Goron Amber is actually... Oh! I really should not utter the secret! You remain an outsider, after all...

?If you want to hear Goron secrets, you must become a Goron yourself.

?You're one of the Gorons now, Goro-[Link]! In time, you will learn the secrets of the Gorons.

?What are you doing with that pure metal, Brother? Or is it a secret?

?So you're leaving this island, Brother? I will utter one of the Goron secrets. There's something special in the Goron Amber. It has that stuff in it. Wonder why, Brother? We love that stuff! Utter that to no other, Brother!

?Thank you, outsider! I am relieved that those strange creatures are gone! You are a good stranger, outsider. So please accept this token of my thanks!

?Thank you, outsider! I am relieved that those strange creatures are gone!

?Time loses all meaning when I gaze upon her... Oh, if she were only mine!

?What?! You have heard that somewhere else?! Doubtful, outsider.

?Give a shout if you need anything!

?Seems like you have no shield, Brother. You can find one at the store!

?If you lose your shield, you can pick up a new one there, outsider.

?You there! I have some useful information for you, Brother! Give a shout to the guy nearby when crossing right here. Remember to let your voice bellow, Brother. Shout to him like you mean it!

?Stay out of the quicksand!

?Boing-oing! Flip the two switches at the same time if you want to cross up ahead. And a Bombchu could do all the work for you while you stand around.

?Boing-oing! There are times in life when one should seek the help of others... Thus, when standing alone fails to help, stand together.

?Boing-oing! In honor of your newfound tag-team play, I shall share a little secret. You can move even while a Bombchu is moving. You need only touch the bottom screen and you are free to move. Remember it.

?Boing-oing! When it seems that you cannot pass, look across the quicksand for answers.

?Boing-oing! These pillars hide no secret path, so waste not a single bomb. Just use the stairs.

?You got a Bombchu! You can carry up to 10 Bombchus in your bag! They will follow the path that you draw on your map!

?You got the Crimsonine! It's one metal you need to make the sacred sword. Only a sword forged of the three pure metals has the power to defeat Bellum!

?Goro-[Link]! This way, Brother!

?Hey! So that's where Gongoron was all this time!

?No, not really... Monsters grabbed me and threw me in here! Please, Brother! Please help me get out! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?N-n-no? You have to! You're a Goron brother! Help me get out of here, brother! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Thank you, Brother. I am very sorry that I ran away from you earlier. Really!

?You're welcome! But... it seems like we've hit a dead end on our side...

?[Goron]When you want to call on me, just tap my icon on the lower screen.

?Our fates are now joined, Brother! If one of us falls, so will the other! Now then, leave this next part to me. Switch control from you to me!

?We're just glad you're OK! Hang on! We'll get you out! [sfx]Hey, wait! Behind you, [Link]!

?Are you just going to leave that kid there? Wait, [Link]!

?Thanks for all of your help earlier, Brother! I want to grow up to be strong, just like you, Goro-[Link]!

?I've been waiting for you, Brother! I was just telling my father how we joined forces to defeat those creatures! You should tell him everything that happened too, Goro-[Link]!

?You have entered the home of the elder Goron, the leader of our proud tribe! I'm his son, Gongoron. We do not take kindly to off-islanders, stranger.

?You want our pure metal? I promise you one thing! We will never hand it over! It is the pride of the Gorons and has no business in the hands of an outsider!

?We will never recognize you as a true brother of the Goron tribe, stranger! Do you really want our pure metal?! Then just try to keep up with me!

?Catch me if you can, never-Goron!

?Over here, not-Goron! Come this way!

?...So you're leaving this island. Is that the truth, Goro-[Link]? Well, then. I'm going to be just as tough as you. And I refuse to say good-bye!

?We will never recognize you as a true brother of the Goron tribe!

?My brother! Let us bring down that monster together, Goro-[Link]!

?This is the time, Brother! Hit him with all your might!

?What are you doing? I am not your enemy, Brother!

?A-a-amazing, Brother! You actually defeated that monster I...caught!

?See these spikes? They're in our way...

?[.]That will be no problem, with my assistance! I can help you remove that trap! Now let me show you how to switch between me and Goro-[Link]!

?Look, the spikes went away, [Link]!

?You are under attack, Goro-[Link]!

?Hey! While controlling Gongoron, you must watch out for yourself, too! Switch control right away when I yelp for help!

?I can help you trip it up from over here! Then you attack from over there!

?Thank you, Brother. Now I can run freely again!

?Striking him from the front is useless... Watch for a chance to use a targeted attack and tap its side repeatedly!

?Good kid, but he's such a pushy guy. Well, let's head back to the chief's home!

?Hey, Gongoron! Big trouble for [Link]!

?Help! I am in trouble, Goro-[Link]!

?Please, Gongoron! Switch over to [Link]!

?Ow! Ouch! Switch over here, Goro-[Link]!

?[Goron]When you want to switch to Goro-[Link], tap the icon!

?[Goron]Understand how to switch who you are controlling? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Are you doing well way over there, Brother Goro-[Link]?

?I found a hole that I can squeeze through, Brother! I will go explore and see if I can find us a way out! We must split up for a bit. See you later, Brother!

?I have been waiting for you, Goro-[Link]!

?I heard all of that terrible thrashing! Did something happen in there, Brother?

?[sfx]Oh! That nasty beast must have only passed out when you left us! [sfx]But he couldn't stand up to [Link]!

?Oh, no... I only left because I thought that we had defeated it...

?But we couldn't have done it without you, Gongoron! After our battles together, I have a brand-new impression of you now!

?Oh, it was nothing, really.

?And so I present to you the Goron pure metal, Brother!

?Behold the pure metal, Brother!

?Thanks, Gongoron! Then let's go grab it, [Link]!

?That is the Crimsonine that we Gorons treasure with such pride. So, you have accomplished your goal. Right, Brother? Time to head home then...

?Hey, Gongoron, try not to get yourself good and lost again, OK?

?No problem. Oh, and after you leave this place, stop by my home! My father and I will be waiting for you. See you later...Brother!

?You defeated the monster, Goro-[Link]!

?The pure metal is in there! I will run ahead to get it!

?But does your desire to become a Goron burn to your very core? Let me probe into the matter with a game of questions! Care to take the initiation test? Only 20 Rupees! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Is that so... Then you will never come close to our pure metal...

?Just what I like to hear! First, let me explain the rules! I will ask you six questions and give you a prize for each correct answer. But get just one wrong, and I will take everything back! I will also grant you one Gorohint that eliminates one of the wrong answers! You will understand best if you simply try it.

?How much do you want to become a member of the Goron tribe? Care to take the initiation test? Only 20 Rupees! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You sure you have taken note of all the details of life here on Goron Island? Want to test your Goron knowledge? 20 Rupees! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Ho-ho! Already playing hide-and-seek with Gongoron? Go find my son quickly, Brother!

?I will ask six questions. So think carefully before you answer each one. And use your Gorohint wisely, since I will grant you only one. Let us begin, outsider!

?First question!

?The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? [.]Ship[.]Seagull[.]Sun[.]Gorohint

?The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? [.]Ship[.]Seagull[.]Sun

?The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? [.]Ship[.]Seagull


?[.]Too bad!

?[.]Oh! You want to use your Gorohint! Let me strike one of the two wrong answers!

?How many Gorons live on this island? [.]12[.]13[.]14[.]Gorohint

?How many Gorons live on this island? [.]12[.]13[.]14

?How many Gorons live on this island? [.]12[.]14



?Well done! Next question!

?Keep it up! Next question!

?Impressive! Next question!

?How many homes are there on this island? [.]5[.]6[.]7[.]Gorohint

?How many homes are there on this island? [.]5[.]6[.]7

?How many homes are there on this island? [.]6[.]7

?You are amazing! You have answered half of the questions with ease! But how will you fare with the remaining three?! Let us find out, outsider!

?You are so smart, stranger! Your desire to be one of us burns very bright! But two questions remain, and I wonder if you will survive our initiation... So, next question!

?I cannot reveal the Goron pure metal to you with answers like that! But please try again after you have taken note of all details about Goron life!

?I am taking back what you won! Please try again after you have taken note of all the details about Goron life!

?Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?! [.]3[.]4[.]5[.]Gorohint

?Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?! [.]3[.]4[.]5

?Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?! [.]3[.]4

?So close, stranger! But I must take back those Rupees now! Come back for another initiation run when you know all about Goron life!

?How many Goron children live on this island? [.]4[.]5[.]6[.]Gorohint

?How many Goron children live on this island? [.]4[.]5[.]6

?How many Goron children live on this island? [.]5[.]6

?How many Gorons are outside right now? [.]7[.]6[.]5[.]Gorohint

?How many Gorons are outside right now? [.]7[.]6[.]5

?How many Gorons are outside right now? [.]7[.]6

?[.]What timing for using your Gorohint! I will strike one of the two wrong answers!

?How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy! [.]36[.]46[.]56[.]Gorohint

?How many Rupees have you won so far?! Easy! [.]36[.]46[.]56

?How many Rupees have you won so far?! Easy! [.]46[.]56

?How many Gorons are in their homes right now? [.]5[.]6[.]7[.]Gorohint

?How many Gorons are in their homes right now? [.]5[.]6[.]7

?How many Gorons are in their homes right now? [.]6[.]7

?What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? [.]Yellow[.]Red[.]Green[.]Gorohint

?What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? [.]Yellow[.]Red[.]Green

?What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? [.]Yellow[.]Green

?Oh, I can barely tell you from a Goron, stranger! So close, so close! Answer this final question right and you will officially be a member of us Gorons!

?... ......

?... ......

?[.]You have endured so far... You are no amateur, stranger. I will eliminate one of the two wrong answers.

?That was fun! But I have to take all of those Rupees back. You are so close to joining our tribe, almost-Goron... You will succeed next time!

?How many rocks are there in this home? [.]3[.]4[.]None[.]Gorohint

?How many rocks are there in this home? [.]3[.]4[.]None

?How many rocks are there in this home? [.]3[.]None

?[.]Is that your ultimate answer, almost-Goron?! [.]Yes![.]No, no!

?Carefully... Think carefully...

?Congratulations! You are now an official brother of our proud Goron tribe! And so it shall now and forever be that we call you Goro-[Link]! I also reward your deep knowledge with this!

?Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? [.]3[.]4[.]5[.]Gorohint

?Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? [.]3[.]4[.]5

?Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? [.]4[.]5

?What is on this spot? [.]Rock[.]Tree[.]Chest[.]Gorohint

?What is on this spot? [.]Rock[.]Tree[.]Chest

?What is on this spot? [.]Rock[.]Chest

?I am Biggoron, elder of this island. Oh, so it is pure metal that you seek, outsider? That is a potent Goron symbol. I will speak of it no further to an outsider. You must first become a member of our tribe if you wish to learn more. ...So make yourself known to each and every Goron. Then we will speak again.

?Have you made yourself known to each and every Goron, outsider? appears not, so I am not yet convinced that you want to join our tribe.

?...Oh, but wait! It seems that you have already done that, have you not?

?So you have met everyone in the tribe. I can sense your burning desire to rank among the Gorons, outsider.

?Oh, how are you, Goro-[Link]? If it is the pure metal you want, then it is Gongoron you must catch!

?Thank you! You are now a brother of the Goron tribe in good standing! Enjoy your proud Goron life on our island!

?Shirking of the dues will not be tolerated! Pay up! [.]OK![.]No way!

?Stubborn, eh? Biggoron will not tolerate dues-shirkers! It is only 146 Rupees. Pay now or endure my wrath! [.]OK[.]Nope

?...Is that how you want it? Then we will have to shake those dues out of you!

?No! You are now a proud brother and contributor, Goro-[Link]! You must pay the one-time dues of 146 Rupees! [.]OK[.]No

?Oh! Gongoron told me all about your efforts! To thank you, you can take the Crimsonine with you. It is our pure metal. Boil, bake, or forge it. Whatever you like, for it is yours, Brother.

?Have you found Gongoron yet? He has not returned here, Brother. I would bet that he has entered the temple again!

?You possess great pride in all that you do, Brother! I hope this will continue to grow for you. Nurture it, Goro-[Link]!

?...Ahem! And now...because you are an official member, I need to collect the official dues! Just a one-time payment, of course! 146 Rupees! [.]OK[.]Nope

?[sfx]So, about that pure metal...

?Oh, yes. I am growing forgetful in my old age... The pure metal is now in our temple. I put it there for safekeeping. You are now one of us, so you are free to take it, Goro-[Link]. And little Gongoron there will show you to the temple.

?Let Gongoron show you the way to the pure metal, Brother!

?Have you fulfilled your destiny yet, Brother? Gongoron has also departed in hopes of becoming a better Goron. He is on one of the nearby islands, if you have time to visit him, Brother.


?Too bad!

?Correct you are!

?No! Too bad!

?I added a bonus for you. A little something from the Goron people! I hope that your pride only grows with time, Brother!

?I can appreciate the desire, but it's not enough... It takes more than spirit to become a member of the Gorons...

?All right, Goro-[Link]. It has become clear to me that you stand tall and proud among us! This is difficult for me to say, but I believe the time has come for you to leave. As a parting gift, I will return the Goron fee you contributed to us, Brother!

?Welcome to the only store on Goron Island!

?Ha... Amateur! Places like this always have treasure stowed somewhere!

?Go scout for pure metal! Or do you want to set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Then stop dragging your heels and go find some pure metal!

?All right. Come aboard!

?So, I hear that you've been made an official Goron brother, [Link]! Well, that sounds like a total waste of time to me...

?Gonna sail away from your kin, Goro-[Link]? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Then stop waddling around and get that pure metal, Brother!

?Sounds good to me! Ship out, Brother!

?Let's ship out and find the remaining pure metal! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?No time to loaf around! Hurry back!

?This is some pure metal? Really?! Hardly impressive! Well, how about we set sail to find more pure metal? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?The last of the pure metal! Sail for the blacksmith? [.]Yes[.]No

?Fine, then. You supposedly have a nose for we'll follow your instincts.

?Can't say if it's pure metal we'll find. But whatever we scare up, it's all mine!

?[sfx]You nitwit, Linebeck! You haven't given us any help, so we had to go find some! [sfx]Hey, and you'd never be welcomed by this proud tribe! It has high standards!

?Come on! Let's pull together and find that pure metal, Goro-[Link]!

?Wait! You have to consult the elder about the pure metal first!

?Bah! This is no time to fuss over protocol! Just take the stuff! Which is more important: Goron pleasantries or saving Tetra?

?Get yourself to the elder, then. We've got more important business at hand!

?You did it, kid! The pure metal is all ours! Now we're a step closer to the treasure... I mean, Tetra! Yeah...

?Uh...what are you talking about?! You haven't helped at all!

?You've got some nerve, you glittery bit of whatever! We're all making sacrifices!

?[sfx]We can't just take it! The Gorons hold it so dear! That's like stealing!

?That's have to go see the elder about that pure metal! Stop your lollygagging and get on it. Tetra and the Ocean King need our help...

?[sfx]Linebeck! You don't understand [Link] at all, do you?! [sfx]He's doing this for Tetra! For the Ocean King! And to bring peace to the seas!

?'re sort of a good guy, [Link].

?That gives us something to look forward to! Doesn't it, Linebeck?!

?I'm chewing on Oshus's... er, the Ocean King's offer, [Link]. He'll grant any wish that I whip up. But what would you wish for? I'm curious! Treasure, right? Or maybe you'd wish for three more wishes...

?Well, that was weird. Linebeck must have eaten something funny... Whatever, [Link]. Let's go look for that pure metal!

?...Wow. That was out of character for me, wasn't it! Blech! Go, then! Get out of my sight and fetch some of that pure metal!

?Maybe...maybe it's just that time...

?Harf harf harf...

?Standards?! You think I don't have enough pride to have standards too?!

?Aren't you going to save Tetra, [Link]? What are you waiting for? Let's ship out! [.]Yes[.]Nope

?We need to visit the elder and discuss the pure metal with him!

?I think we've done all we need to on this island, [Link]. Stop idling about! How about we set sail already? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Hey, look at the map! No houses... I wonder if there is any pure metal here?

?Hey, I think that does it! We've spoken to everyone on the island! Let's go see the elder!

?You did it! You got some pure metal! I guess that Linebeck's nose for treasure actually works sometimes!

?We did it! We finally have all the pure metal! Now we can ask the blacksmith to work with the three pieces of pure metal!

?You made the spikes go down! We can finally pass through!

?Wait, we have to ask about the pure metal, [Link]!

?Where'd that Goron kid get to so fast? We really need to find him...

?A dead end... But Gongoron just ran down this way!

?I wonder if that Goron kid went in here? Guess all we can do is go inside!

?[sfx]Look at that massive beast, [Link]! But it's way over there on the other side of the sandpit! How about...


?You got the Bombchu bag, [Link]! Bombchus are bombs that run along a path you draw! You can navigate a path for a Bombchu by drawing on the lower screen! They're amazingly handy. Go ahead, try one out to get the hang of it!

?Hey... No sign of Gongoron... Let's push farther and find that kid, [Link]!

?Wait, Gongoron! Wait! Awwwww... He's gone... I hope that he'll be safe on his own! I guess we'll keep searching, then. Maybe we'll even find some pure metal in here!

?Goron Island

?Goron Temple

?Dongorongo, Armored Lizard


?Data could not be read. Turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card.

?Data could not be written. Turn the power off, and reinsert the Game Card.

?Thanks for playing the demo! Look for the full game, coming soon!

?Hey! You got a bite! The key to fishing is knowing when to pull up on your rod and reel in! If you don't do anything, the gauge on the top sceen will drop fast! Make the gauge rise by sliding down on the screen away from the fish! While the gauge is up, reel in the fish by making circles with your stylus!

?Slide the stylus downward! Move the rod to make the gauge go up! The key is to pull your rod away from the direction of the fish! When the gauge is up, make small circles with your stylus to reel in!

?The fish will jump! This one is tricky! When it jumps, take the stylus off the screen and ease up, or it'll get away!

?When the fish jumps, ease up on the rod! Take the stylus off!

?OK, so it's your first time fishing, [Link]! I will teach you some of the secrets of fishing! Slide the stylus down the screen to pull up on your rod! To reel in, make small circles with your stylus! When you get a bite, lift up on the rod to set the hook! Timing is key!

?To lift up on your rod, slide the stylus down on the Touch Screen! Make small circles with your stylus to reel your line in! When a fish bites, pull up on your rod. You've got to have good timing!

?And there's a stowfish too! It doesn't have any particular meaning, but it somehow makes me happy!

?All right, kid. I'll tell you all about how to use the Salvage Arm. All kinds of treasure rest at the bottom of the sea! Use the Salvage Arm to pull that treasure up! See the bar controlling the arm at the bottom of the screen? Tap and drag this right or left to move the arm under the water. Move it up or down to adjust how fast the arm moves. But there are Octomines down there that will explode if you touch them! It takes a steady hand to move the arm carefully and steer clear of them!

?What're you doing, kid?! You're wrecking the Salvage Arm!

?All right! Bring 'er up!

?Awww, you broke the Salvage Arm, kid!

?Hurry, [Link]!

?Huh? The fog is thickening!

?Be careful now, [Link]!

?This fog is maddening! I can't even see my hand in front of my face!

?Where are you when I need you, wind? Why don't you blow this stupid fog AWAY!

?Don't let it escape, [Link]!

?Go scuttle that blasted thing, pronto!

?Bah, that treasure's right in front of our noses! I can smell the wealth!

?The Ghost Ship! Still haven't caught up yet?

?Hurry up already, [Link]!

?Hey, there! Wait! The Ghost Ship...

?Bah! This fog is really annoying, isn't it...

?A true man of the sea won't give up that easily!

?Keep us on course, [Link]!

?You got the Sun Key! This key is the same shape as a crest that you saw.

?You caught a skippyjack! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! These fish are common, but they sure are tasty. Check it on the Collection screen.

?You caught a toona! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! Among more common varieties, it's pretty big. Check it on your Collection screen.

?You caught a loovar! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! It's not very pretty, but it's very mild mannered. Check it on the Collection screen!

?You caught a rusty swordfish! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! This is a big one! Look at that impressive pattern on its back!

?You caught the legendary fish...Neptoona! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! Fishermen swap tales of this mythical fish! Take it to the adventurer!

?Ha! That attack was NOTHING!

?Hey! You have to shoot down incoming attacks before they hit us!

?Watch its attacks closely!

?Bah! What are you doing?!

?Full steam ahead! Wahoo!

?Hey! Nice work, kid!

?You're pretty good, kid!

?Shoot until the cannon barrel catches fire!


?Yes! You've got it!

?Fire a salvo at those eyeballs, kid!

?Shoot all of its eyeballs! Put an end to that thing!


?Looking good so far, [Link]!

?Keep it up!

?You're almost as amazing as I am, kid!

?Direct hit!

?Wait! It's a monster!

?Shoot, [Link]!

?You've got this captain's blood boiling!

?I own these seas! And I'm not gonna put up with this!

?I'm fighting right there with you this time, kid!

?OK! Let's climb aboard! But wait...before you do that... This will be dangerous! Shouldn't you save first? [.]Yes[.]Nope


?Save complete.

?Now that you've taken precautions and saved... Let's climb aboard!

?No time to throw caution to the wind! Save, kid! [.]Save[.]Nope

?Fine! Come on, then! Let's climb aboard!

?Had enough punishment from the S.S. Linebeck?!

?It's off to the open sea with us, then! I'll leave all the navigation to you while I stay down in the engine room. Tap the Feather Pen icon to access your navigation chart. Just draw a line and the ship will follow that exact path. Try it out!

?What?! What happened?! We were chugging along, making headway there... Bah! You think maybe... Could it be the influence of the Ghost Ship? Now what did I hear about that...oh, yeah! It's always surrounded by infernal fog! And that fog leads ships horribly astray! I think it's best that we beat a hasty retreat, [Link]! Maybe someone on one of the nearby islands knows a way through this fog!

?So that means there's no point in flailing! We're blind as a bat in a bucket!

?Now that we have a big cannon, I'd better show you how to handle that thing! Just tap anything you see, and the cannon fires at it! Have a blast with it, kid.

?Wh-what?! The fog! This is ridiculous!

?That nasty thing is between us and the island, kid! Now, its weak spot is... Well, I guess if I knew, we wouldn't be in this stew. But the weak spot's gotta be, uh, on its body somewhere! One thing I do know! Chart a new course so we stay on the move around it. Don't be a bobbing log. Evade attacks while you watch for its weak spot! And if that thing gets close with any attacks, blast away with the cannon!

?Huh?! What now?! What's going on here? The's suddenly stuck!

?Good work! We did it! You and I make a good team, kid! Now we can dock safely. Let's cruise over there, navigator!

?Oh! Almost forgot! See the engine on the right? Tap STOP to stop. To resume course, tap GO. While at sea, if you want to look around the sea, touch the screen's edge. Stay alert up there! Touch up, down, left, and right to look in all directions.

?Aaaah! What was that?! Total lunacy, I tell you! That sea cyclone was so powerful that it was off the charts! Unbelievable! Until that cyclone subsides, we'd better not head north again...

?Aaaah! What was that?! Madness, I tell you! Well, it looks like we can't head up north that way, at least for the time being. We'd better try another route. What a pain!

?Unbelievable! We got blown far off course! Do me a favor and steer the ship away from things like that, kid! Gulp! Don't do that again!

?We made it through that horrible fog! Finally!

?Just look at that sun again! It's so bright!

?The spirits are hot on the trail of the Ghost Ship, [Link]! Want to let them help us find the Ghost Ship? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?All right! As usual, I'll stay down in the engine room. Take the helm, [Link]!

?OK, maybe it's better that we don't take it on now... Then let's turn back, [Link]!

?What?! If you veer that way, you'll get farther away from the Ghost Ship! Do you really intend to leave this part of the sea? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?OK, let's get out of here!

?That's the spirit! Let's get this exploration under way!

?Hold up! Watch where your course is taking us, [Link]! Your course has us in the proximity of certain doom! Those rocks look brutal! No way to bust through unless we get our hands on a cannon or something! Hmmm...a cannon...

?Hey, here's some advice, whether you want it or not, [Link]! The vast sea holds many perils and barriers that can get in a sailor's path. There's only one remedy for it: a cannon! With it, you can blast a tiny cyclone to smithereens! And you can take out obstacles, no problem! Blammo! Listen up when a seasoned sailor gives you advice. A cannon's what you need!

?OK, listen up. You need to do some precise steering here! Here's how this is gonna work! Set the engine to GO to make the ship move. Then to steer the ship right, touch right. And touch left to turn left, of course. You can touch anywhere on the screen to steer, not just on the wheel! Pay close attention to the spirits' reactions as you turn the ship! They'll go wild when pointed more directly at the Ghost Ship! Now go!

?Huh?! I feel strange... I feel something eerie tingle in my spine! Feel anything weird, [Link]?

?Stop right there!


?Oh-no-oh-no-oh-no! It's HER! Jolene! She's CRAZY! She's crazier than a rabid squid! Way back, when Jolene and I were kids... Ah, forget it! No time for that story! Not when Jolene is gunning for our ship! Always run from Jolene! Set a course for anywhere FAR away from HER! She'll shoot torpedoes at us! Make the ship leap over them before they hit!

?I've got my hooks in you now, Linebeck! Try to outrun 'n' outgun the She-Pirate Jolene, will you?!

?I found you, Linebeck! It's been ages since our last encounter!

?Aha! Linebeck sighting! I'm gonna scuttle you for good! Don't you dare run!

?I've found you, Linebeck! Give up! It's futile to run!

?Ha! That our paths crossed here, Linebeck, tells me that your luck has not changed! It's still more rotten than the planks on your little shrimp barge!

?Why the rush, Linebeck?! I'll break your ship in two no matter where you run on this vast sea. Stay put!

?Look there! That island isn't marked on our charts, [Link]! And it looks like we can dock there! There! I've just added the isle to your chart! Why not set a course for it?

?Who knew there was an uncharted island nearby? What a discovery! Let's explore it! I've added it to your chart, so why not set a course there?

?Now that we have a new sea chart, let's set a course north and explore! I'll tell you what I know about how to navigate our way up there. The sea chart of the Northwestern Sea covers a whole area north of here. So draw a course to the top of our chart until you see Northwestern Sea. After we reach it, you must draw our next leg on the Northwestern Sea chart. Neat, huh? Right? Right?!

?The ship sails on its own. And we're off!

?And...hold there.

?H-hang on a moment, [Link]. Look... C-c-could that be the...

?......... It has surfaced at last! The Ghost Ship! I can't believe that we're laying eyes on it! Let's follow it! Let's go get our treasure!

?Bah! Ambush!

?Hey! What's the deal with all this ice? We can't dock, [Link]! But I'm having one of my brilliant ideas! No, really! Do you see it already? Chart a course around the icy isle! We'll obliterate it all with the cannon!

?All right! We blasted all of that ice and sent it sinking into the sea! Hey, I wonder what kind of bizarre creatures are waiting to welcome us? Or will they lash out at us? Either way, let's go there, [Link]!

?Not this thing again! Wh-why here?! When's this thing going to stay in the deeps where it belongs?!

?Phew! That's enough! We can finally dock and start poking around the island!

?Wow! What in the world is this?!

?Whoa! That was crazy! Who did that cyclone think it was, anyway? The engine is soaked... We're stuck! Uh...hang on... Does something feel odd to you? AGGGGH! Look, kid!

?What is that disgusting thing?! And at a time like this... This day couldn't get any worse! OK, but we need to face up to it, [Link]! A monster like that, who knows how to deal with it... Maybe... OH! FIRE! Fire! Fire! And fire some more! Yeah, as long as you keep shooting, we just might survive this. I'll man the machinery, you just aim and fire!

?Wow, how'd we do that?! We sent it to the bottom of the sea, [Link]! And, hey! The engine's had a chance to dry out! So set our course. Let's go!

?Oh, no! What's happening?! The engine's gone dead! Just my dumb luck. Looks bad, kid! Here comes trouble!

?Wow! I'm dizzy... That cyclone clearly isn't letting us anywhere near that island! ...Ah, well! Maybe we should search this area for clues, [Link]. Hop to! I really wish that you'd start developing an instinct for these things!

?Want to board this ship, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]No

?We've finally found the Ghost Ship...

?Let's climb aboard!

?Hey, see that weird thing that just surfaced, [Link]? It's called a Sea Trap, and we're headed right for it! We can't attack it, so we have only one option: make the ship jump over it! Tap the Jump Arrow at the screen's bottom to jump, but only at the right time!

?One of those weird things we call a Sea Trap just emerged, [Link]! We're on a collision course! So, two options! Blast each end...or jump the thing! Time it right and tap the Jump Arrow at the bottom of the screen to leap!

?OK, we've made it exactly where the crest is, but there's nothing here! Nothing that looks like the crest, anyway... Just a bunch of sea. Well, maybe...there's something here, but below! At the bottom of the sea! Don't look at me like I'm crazy. Maybe it's down there under the sea! But I'm not getting wet, kid. I...uh...can't even swim.

?Heh, strange-lookin' key you got there. It's shaped like the sun, but what's that supposed to mean, kid?

?Hey, kid! I just remembered something brilliant. When we were chasing that Ghost Ship, remember how it vanished into the fog? I'll bet that Ghost Ship is hiding in the fog! Yeah, the fog! Lay a course for the soupiest fog you can find, [Link]!


?...... Did you see that, kid?! The just vanished! I guess that story about the necklace opening the way was true after all!

?K-keep your eyes open!

?Direct hit! We'll be ruined!

?No more! No more!

?Blast it! I can't swim, I'm telling you!

?Hey! What do you think you're doing?!

?Huh? Can't see what's right in front of your face?!

?Bit of a jolt there!

?Can't take even a single scratch!

?Course set! Let's go!

?Hard turn to starboard!

?Hard turn to port!

?Ouch! Just a scratch, right?

?Hey! Asleep at the wheel?

?Aaaah! We won't last long at this rate!

?W-w-we're going down!

?You proud of yourself, kid?

?What, we got hit?!

?Heh, heh...that doesn't help!

?Did we hit something?!

?And we're off!

?Shipping out! Raise anchor!

?Wh-what is it? What?!

?Hazard ahead! Leap it!

?Enemy sighted!


?OK, end of the line! Where next, navigator?


?Go to the Southwestern Sea

?Go to the Northwestern Sea

?Go to the Southeastern Sea

?Go to the Northeastern Sea

?Masked Ship

?Southwestern Sea

?Northwestern Sea

?Southeastern Sea

?Northeastern Sea

?Ooof! Nice shot, buddy! The big frog spread the word about you! So, want to know what to draw on the Cyclone Slate to fly right here? Here goes! Pay attention!

?OK, here's the mark! Draw this to return here! Hey, you'd better write it down somewhere!

?Did you get that, buddy? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Then I'm out of here! If you see my fellow frogs, give 'em my best! Ribbit!

?OK, OK. I'll wait for as long as it takes.

?Ooof! You got me... Nice shot...but why'd you have to shoot me like that? See you 'round the pond!


?That's the mark! Draw that mark to return to this spot! And don't forget to write that down!

?The Shrine at Spirit Island The servant spirits came here long ago in search of the power to defeat evil. The three spirits used Spirit Gems to gain the power they required.

?Ten Spirit Gems will give great power to a spirit. Twenty Spirit Gems are required for a spirit to fully realize its power.

?Equip spirits that have been powered up to boost your own abilities. Open the Collection screen and tap the Spirit icon to equip a powered-up spirit. Also, if you tap the same spirit, you will deselect it. You can't utilize a spirit's power unless you equip it. Remember that!

?Seems like something on this island would be worth the trip, but... You want to leave already? [.]Set sail![.]Not yet!


?[Link]... I am the servant to the goddess of spirits that dwells in this spring... I have been awaiting your arrival...

?The spirits that travel with you have not recovered their true strength. To restore their power, you must find Spirit Gems scattered around the world. Then you must bring them here. Power Gems for the Spirit of Power. Wisdom Gems for the Spirit of Wisdom... Courage Gems for the Spirit of Courage... Collect these, and the spirits will recover their true power. Then they will be of even greater assistance to you in your quest.

?The spirits that travel with you have not recovered their true strength. To restore their power, you must find Spirit Gems scattered around the world. Then you must bring them here. Power Gems for the Spirit of Power. Wisdom Gems for the Spirit of Wisdom... Collect these, and the spirits will recover their true power. Then they will be of even greater assistance to you in your quest.

?The spirits that travel with you have not recovered their true strength. To restore their power, you must find Spirit Gems scattered around the world. Then you must bring them here. Collect these, and the spirits will recover their true power. Then they will be of even greater assistance to you in your quest.

?Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]Wisdom[.]Courage[.]None

?Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]Wisdom[.]None

?Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]None

?The spring is filled with a mysterious light... Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]Wisdom[.]Courage[.]None

?The spring is filled with a mysterious light... Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]Wisdom[.]None

?The spring is filled with a mysterious light... Which Spirit Gems do you want to present? [.]Power[.]None

?So far you have located [var] Power Gems. You must find [var] more Spirit Gems... Before your Spirit of Power's ability will increase again.

?So far you have located [var] Power Gems. With this many Spirit Gems... More of your Spirit of Power's true ability will be unleashed!

?Come forth, Spirit of Power! Using the Spirit Gems this boy has collected... Search yourself for the true extent of your spirit power!

?May the divine protection of the spirits be with you everywhere you venture...

?You have collected all of the Power Gems... The true power of the Spirit of Power has been fully awakened. You should now shift your attention to collecting the other Spirit Gems.

?Ahhhh... It still has even more potential for power.

?The spring is filled with a mysterious light...

?You have collected all the Spirit Gems, and the power of the spirits is awakened. There is nothing more that I can do for you.

?So far you have found [var] Wisdom Gems. Acquire [var] more of these Spirit Gems... And the Spirit of Wisdom's power will increase.

?So far you have found [var] Wisdom Gems. With this many gems... The Spirit of Wisdom's power will be awakened.

?Come forth, Spirit of Wisdom! Using the gems that [Link] has collected... You must now recall the true extent of your spirit power!

?You have collected all of the Wisdom Gems... The true power of the Spirit of Wisdom has been fully awakened. You should now shift your attention to collecting the other Spirit Gems.

?So far you have found [var] Courage Gems. Acquire [var] more of these Spirit Gems... And the Spirit of Courage's power will increase.

?So far you have found [var] Courage Gems. With this many gems... The Spirit of Courage's power will be awakened.

?Come forth, Spirit of Courage! Using the gems that [Link] has collected... You must now recall the true extent of your spirit power!

?You have collected all of the Courage Gems... The true power of the Spirit of Courage has been fully awakened. You should now shift your attention to collecting the other Spirit Gems.

?You still have not found any Courage Gems. You must find [var] of these Spirit Gems... Otherwise, you will not awaken the abilities of the Spirit of Courage.

?You still have not found any Wisdom Gems. You must find [var] of these Spirit Gems... Otherwise, you will not awaken the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom.

?Ah... So I believe you can now swap between your spirits... But can the other spirits take care of you like I do? I guess you won't know until you try. Open the Collection screen and see!

?You got the sword blade! It doesn't have a handle, so you can't hold it.

?The Spirit of Power has been powered up! Your sword now burns with flames! Swap spirits on the Collection screen.

?The Spirit of Wisdom has been powered up! Wisdom now protects you. Your shield's defense is much greater! Swap spirits from the Collection screen.

?The Spirit of Courage has been powered up! Your sword now hurls shock waves! Swap spirits from the Collection screen.

?The Spirit of Power has been powered up! Your attack power is now maximized! Swap spirits on the Collection screen.

?The Spirit of Wisdom has been powered up! Your defense has been maximized! Swap spirits on the Collection screen.

?The Spirit of Courage has been powered up! Your sword shock waves are maxed! Swap spirits on the Collection screen.



?[sfx]Excuse me?


?[sfx]This isn't working... Maybe he can't hear us...

?You don't have to yell! I can hear you, you know! So you guys are on a big adventure in search of the Ghost Ship, eh?!

?Huh? How'd you know?

?Humans always think that unless they say something, others won't hear them. Truth is, people talk just as loudly with their hearts... But because people have mouths, they don't pay attention to their hearts.

?There is nothing I have to tell you now, [Link]. But there will come a day when you require my power. It is then that you should pay another visit to Zauz the blacksmith!

?[Link]! I knew you'd be visiting soon.

?Uhh...sorry to interrupt your hammering, but are you Zauz?

?You are the ones looking for Bellum, aren't you?

?Old man Oshus told me all about you. What is your relationship with the old man, anyway?

?Zauz! So you know Grandpa?! How do you know him?!

?You see, for generations, our ancestors lived to serve the Ocean King. They defended the Ocean King in an age when great evil lurked in the sea. My people forged our own weapons and fought in epic battles. You seek one of those great weapons. An artifact called the Phantom Sword.

?So we need that sword to defeat Bellum, like Grandpa told us?

?That's right... Bellum has the power to drink the life force from you... Only the Phantom Sword can slay him.

?Now you must find the Phantom Sword and defeat him, [Link].

?OK, let's get Bellum, [Link]! So, Zauz... Will you let us borrow that Phantom Sword?!

?[sfx]What do you mean you can't make one for us?! Are you joking?

?You must go in search of sea charts... You will need more sea charts in addition to the ones you already have.

?I no longer have it...

?What... You don't?

?No. I do not...

?You've got to be kidding! Why tell us how we should defeat Bellum when it's pretty much impossible?!

?Don't jump to conclusions. I am Zauz the blacksmith... I may not have one now, but I can make one!

?Oh... You can? OK, then! Well, what are you waiting for? Make one!

?I can't...


?The Phantom Sword is no ordinary sword... When forged, normal metal can never handle that kind of sacred power! Aquanine... Azurine... And Crimsonine... These three pure metals must be forged together to create the Phantom Sword.

?Come on, [Link], let's go find those three pure metals! So where can we find these three metals?

?Long ago, the Ocean King gifted the pure metals to three tribes in this world. The three tribes must have passed these treasures down over generations. Visit those tribes and they should be able to tell you the location of the metals.

?Three tribes... But where are we supposed to go? We've traveled a lot, but we've never met someone who'd have a pure metal.

?Enter the Temple of the Ocean King and get the next sea chart.

?But we already got to the bottom of the Temple of the Ocean King... There weren't any other paths we could have taken.

?There was a door that you could open by drawing a symbol, was there not?

?If you draw this symbol on that door, another way should open to you!

?Wow! Who knew that door had such an amazing secret? Make a note of the symbol and let's go to the temple, [Link]!

?Good luck out there, [Link]!

?Go to the Temple of the Ocean King and find the last two sea charts! Draw a new shape on the door, and a new path should open for you.

?You may not have seen many years... But looking into your eyes, I can tell you're the hero chosen by the Ocean King.

?So you have found the three pure metals, [Link]. I'm not surprised. You have always been the true hero chosen by the Ocean King. Well then, please hand me the pure metals...

?The Crimsonine, the Azurine, and the Aquanine. I've never seen metal like this. I'll bet I can forge a mighty sword with them. But it will take some time.

?Aha! Yes... Yes, that's it. It's complete! It's...perfect!

?Please take it, [Link]!

?Huh? This sword doesn't have a handle to hold it with? It's still not complete?

?Hmmm. I cannot call it truly complete without a handle. Take this blade to the Ocean King. He will add the Sand of Hours. Only he can empower the Phantom Sword with the ability to control time.

?Got it! Thank you!

?Go make the Phantom Sword complete, [Link]... And then defeat Bellum! I wish you luck. We're counting on you!

?So you finally got your hands on the mighty Phantom Sword! There's nothing else standing in your way. Now get to Bellum as fast as you can and rescue Tetra!

?Forging a great, magical sword is not a simple task. Have some patience!

?Come on! Let's hurry up and go to Grandpa, [Link]!

?Find the stone tiles on the east and west of this island. Connect the eastern stones with a line. Do the same with the western stones. Dig where the extensions of these two lines intersect.

?What?! We got a letter from Jolene challenging us to a duel?! You're not actually going to accept, are you? [.]Of course![.]No

?You know you don't have to respond to her ranting and raving, don't you?

?Yeah! I say all ranters and ravers should be ignored!

?She's your crazy friend! Why does [Link] get stuck in the middle of this?

?She can't deal with people who are stronger than she is, that's all!

?There's just...something about her that doesn't seem quite right...

?I can't deal with her anymore, [Link]!

?We've gotta show her how crazy she is! And restore peace to the seas, I guess.

?Always thinking about yourself... So what should we do, [Link]? We can't just ignore her. And it seems like Zauz needs some time... Maybe we should go check things out. [.]Let's go![.]No

?I knew you'd say that. I should have said what I knew you'd say. All right, crazy Jolene! We're coming for you! Prepare to set sail, kid!

?Well... I guess you're right. Who says we have to fight anyway?

?What do you think, [Link]? Are you going to accept Jolene's challenge? [.]Yes[.]No

?Let's just take it easy here until the Phantom Sword is complete.

?People are jealous. They see my handsome face and have to challenge me!

?They just don't understand that Linebeck's true love is peace!

?What I'm saying is, I avoid a fight wherever and whenever I can...

?But there is a part of me that would like to set Jolene straight.

?And only you can do that, kid! Just show her how weak she really is!

?This island is nice and warm and laid back... There has to be something hiding in a place like this. Snoop around this island! Or do you want to leave? [.]Yes[.]Not yet

?All aboard! We're off to the sea!

?Uhh... This is no time for slouching!

?This island is north of the Isle of Gust, so Zauz the blacksmith must live here. Hurry up and ask him how to defeat that creepy Bellum monster. Or do you want to set sail? [.]Yes[.]No

?Then get out of here! I've got ship parts that need repairing.

?So you found out how to defeat that monster, Bellum, eh? What... A sword? Pure metal...? Hey, now... Why is it that every time we... Fine! I'll follow you until the end, but only because of how desperate you are! And then you'll beat that Bellum! Got that, [Link]?! Well then, we gotta set sail! [.]OK[.]No

?You actually did it?! The Phantom Sword is finally complete?! What? You want to go to the old man? Fine... Fine. Let's set sail already! [.]OK[.]Not yet

?If you don't need anything here, let's shove off! [.]OK[.]No

?Hey... You don't think that a pure metal could be on this island, do you? Let's go look for that metal, quick! Set sail? [.]Yes[.]No

?Nice one! You finally got all the pure metals? Now you have to get those forged into the Phantom Sword! Or do you want to go somewhere first? [.]Yes[.]No

?Hey, look at that mailbox. It's wiggling like crazy... You think maybe there's a letter for you?

?You think maybe Zauz is done making the Phantom Sword yet? Go check! Or do you want to set sail? [.]Yes[.]No

?I don't think the sword is ready yet. Let's go show Jolene who's boss! Come on, [Link]! [.]Yes[.]No

?Zauz's Island

?Spirit Island

?Hm? Say, I can't help but're dressed exactly like me! Are you a fan of mine?

?Ahhhh hahahaha! Don't get me wrong, it doesn't surprise me in the least to meet a fan.

?I travel the world on my Prince of Red Lions ship to save all things from evil... Yes, you heard me right! I'm what you would call a hero! So do you want my autograph? [.]Yes[.]No

?Oh no! I'm afraid I've run out of autograph paper. So very sorry! I know this can't take the place of my autograph, but... Well, based on the way you're dressed, I'm quite sure you're an admirer. Don't worry, I understand. I'll make you my apprentice! A hero's apprentice! What more could a fan hope for? [.]Lots![.]Not much.

?Don't act tough. You DO want an autograph, right? [.]Yes[.]No, thanks

?Very good! It's decided, then! What's your name, kid? [Link], huh? [Link]! You are now a hero's apprentice! Ahem! Study and learn the dashing ways of the hero! And remember to stay cool!

?Oh, it's you. And how are you? Want me to train you in the art of swordsmanship? [.]Yes![.]No, thanks

?Say, my faithful apprentice, [Link]. Want me to train you in the art of swordsmanship? [.]Yes![.]No

?Phew! So... Your current personal best is [var] hits. Want to try your hand at bettering your best? [.]Yes[.]No


?Very well! You and I will meet in battle! I'll check to see how much skill you have! Ha-CHA! Come at me with your finest moves, my young apprentice!

?...OWOWEEEEE! Th-that didn't count! Mmm... I went too easy on you...but I won't do it again! Let us fight!

?That... That's it!

?Huh... Haff... Huh... Ha... L-let's leave it at that for the day. Your skills will never improve if you overdo it! I must admit, the fact that you made contact a total of [var] times... That's an appropriate skill level for the apprentice of a hero. Keep it up, my apprentice, [Link]. Put your hand out for a second.

?Your current best is [var] hits... Your title is officially Apprentice to the Hero! Stay dashing! Stay elegant! And keep your cool, [Link]!

?Well then, I'll oppose you! Let's test just how much your skills have improved. Ha-CHA! Come at me from all directions with all the skill you can muster!

?Ugh... Fine... All right! Come at me! To battle!

?Huh... Haaaaah... A-all right. I think that's enough. Your skills will never improve if you overdo it! I must admit, the fact that you made contact a total of [var] times... That's an appropriate skill level for a half-hero. Keep it up, my apprentice, [Link]. Put your hand out for a second.

?Your current best is [var] hits... Your title is officially Half a Hero! Stay dashing! Stay elegant! And keep your cool, [Link]!

?Huhhhh... Haaaah... A-all right. I think that's enough! Your skills will never improve if you overdo it! I must admit, the fact that you made contact a total of [var] times... You're as strong as two-thirds of a hero, if I'm not mistaken! Keep up the good work my young apprentice, [Link]! Put your hand out.

?Your current best is [var] hits... Your title is officially Two-Thirds of a Hero! Stay dashing! Stay elegant! And keep your cool, [Link]!

?That's a gift in honor of the sweat and tears you shed in battle. It's nothing big, but it might come in handy at a later time.


?Well then, let us meet in battle! How many times can you make contact before I strike you three times? We shall see! Come at me!

?Well then, let us meet in battle! How many times can you make contact before I strike you three times? By the way, your current personal best is [var] hits! Can you better your best? Come on! We battle!

?Only [var] times! I do more sit-ups than that before I'm even awake! You should be able to hit me at least 100 times!

?[var] hits! Remarkable! I'm impressed with your skills...and rather exhausted, actually. Here. Put your hand out.

?[var] hits. Unbelievable... That was utter madness! Ugh, I can't take it! Here! Take this!

?[var] hits! Mind boggling... What were you thinking?! You weren't thinking about MY well-being at all! Ow! Ow! OWOWOWOW! Here! You can have this!

?What's this? I... I feel them! You wouldn't happen to have a set of those, would you?

?Don't try to hide it! I'm still the hero, you know! I SENSE things! Those things casting off such pure light...can be none other than... The Hero's New Clothes-- the clothes that only honest people can see! Right?

?Would it be possible to convince you to give those to me? That's a collector's item that my fans go absolutely crazy over! I've been looking around for those forever! [.]Take 'em[.]No way!

?Oh. Well. And I was going to give you something incredible in return...

?Whoa! YES! I knew you were a good kid all along! I mean...thank you. How gracious of you. Here! You can have this in return!

?This is something valuable that I borrowed from my little sister... Ahhh ha ha! Just kidding. It's just something I picked up in my travels. It still works, and might just come in handy! It's all yours!

?What? You're leaving already? [.]Not yet[.]Bye!

?Mm, I thought so.


?(Play dead... Play dead...)

?(Go away! Away from me!)

?Owww... Oowaaah...

?Oh no! Oh, golly! I must've overslept!

?How annoying... Hey... What?


?Oh, what? The bad guys left long ago? Yeah, nothing works better than playing dead when bad guys are around!

?Say, I don't think we've met before. I'm part of the maritime defense force. The name's Nyave! Yep. Yep. I patrol these waters in order to keep the peace. I'm a peacekeeper. It's nice to meet you. Oh, and here! This is for helping me out.

?I joined the force because I wanted to be more like my big brother, but... I dropped my guard notebook somewhere. Anyway, just think! My brother is a hero in the northern seas... Ha! Hilarious, isn't it?

?My big brother... A great hero up north! And me... A wanderer of the seas, always hunting for my guard notebook! You've got to admit, we're both pretty interesting in our own ways.

?Hey! That notebook you have there... Is that the guard notebook I dropped?! Yeah! Look! It even has my name on it! Nyave... Yeah, that has to be it! That's mine!

?My manual...

?Want to give him the guard notebook? [.]Yes[.]No

?YAAAAY! This ought to keep my boss from yelling at me all the time! Thank you so much! I know this isn't a whole lot, but please take it!

?That... That's mine!

?I became a peacekeeper to be more like my brother. I mean, he's a hero! Oh, wait... So you've met him? If you could find him, maybe you could find my guard notebook too!

?These wood-heart rations are a little old, but BOY, are they sweet and yummy! Heh heh heh heh! Talk about a delicious treat. Perfect for cruising on the high seas!

?Oh yeah, I've been feeling pretty generous... I've been picking things up for you! Here, I got you this nice piece of flotsam. More to come! Be ready!

?One more!

?Oh... I don't have any more... But I imagine that's enough to make you happy, right?

?Heh heh heh heh... There isn't a person alive who isn't happy to get a present!

?Are you happy? You're happy, right?

?By the way... You know what wood hearts remind me of? Romance! You know, matters of the heart!

?Someday I'm going to be a heroic cook, just like my big brother! And I'll tell you why: because I want to get married! Heh heh heh!

?Ho ho! How very strange! All of a sudden, I can't see a thing... Ho ho... Hrm. Hm.

?How terribly rude of me! I'm a member of the Ho Ho tribe. Yes, indeed! I came from the country of Wayaway, across the ocean, looking for treasure.

?Certain items are treasure to the people of Wayaway, and I'll buy them from you! I'll buy them for far more than any of the general stores around here, too.

?In the land of Wayaway, everyone whispers the words [player]... Find anything like that, and I certainly hope you'll bring it to me!

?In the land of Wayaway, everyone knows of the [player]... I buy those for the sum of [var] Rupees each. Might you be willing to sell the one that you have? [.]Sure[.]Nah

?Ho ho! That truly is unfortunate. Truly!

?Ho ho! Thank you very much! Indeed! Thank you so very much!

?Ho ho! I'm so grateful! Thank you so very much! Say, I see that you have [var] left. Might you be willing to sell one more for [var] Rupees? [.]Sure[.]Nah

?Ho ho! I can't see anything! Ho ho... Oh!

?How terribly rude of me! I'm a member of the Ho Ho tribe. I came from the country of Wayaway to buy treasure. Charmed!

?That [player] is a huge hit in my land... In fact, I'm having a hard time keeping up with demand! Quite so! I'll pay [var] Rupees for one [player], so... Would you sell me the one that you have? [.]Sure[.]Nope

?That [player] is a huge hit in my land... I can tell they're about to hit really big! I have no problems paying [var] Rupees for a single [player]. Would you sell me one of yours? [.]Sure[.]No

?The market is flooded with [player] now... Someday soon, I think people will no longer desire them at all! Yes, indeed, I believe the next big thing is called a [player]! I'll buy a [player] for [var] Rupees! You want to sell one of those to me? [.]Sure[.]Nah

?I'll pay [var] Rupees for one [player]. Might you be willing to sell one of those to me? [.]Sure[.]Nah

?Ho ho! Why can I not find them?! Why not, indeed?!

?Ho ho! What a sight!

?Ho ho! Oh, treasure! Where do you slumber, treasure?!

?[player]... Is there a [player] floating around somewhere?

?Ho ho! Treasure hunting is much harder than it looks! Oh, yes, indeed!

?Hrm... I dropped that thing somewhere... Things like that are truly hard to find with the naked eye...

?Hrm! ...Ho ho! That's a nice telescope you have there! May I see it for a moment? [.]Sure[.]No way

?Ho ho! That's truly a shame.

?Ho! There! That has my name on it! Look! On the back, in really small writing! Yes, indeed! That's my real name... Hoiger Howgendoogen...

?Ow! I... I bit my tongue! .........

?Regardless, this appears to belong to me. Thanks for delivering it! Please accept this gift as a symbol of my deep appreciation... Oh, don't worry. It's just something that I picked up along the way...

?I saw it floating among the waves and picked it up. I'd like to return it to the rightful owner, but who is it? What a mystery...

?Ho ho! So beautiful... So beautiful, indeed! My heart is like a spinning kaleidoscope...

?Goodness... That was just incredible!

?I am very impressed! More impressed than I have been for a very long time! What did those things do to you? You must be a very pure- hearted individual, I think!

?What? Me? My name is... Well, it is not worth mentioning, really.

?The Man of Smiles. That is what I should like people to call me. And what is your name? [Link]?

?Wah ha ha! What a fine name that is! Well then, [Link]! From now on, you and I are friends! It is done!

?Oh, I am terribly sorry. You are the one who helped me...yes? I should do something to thank you. Yes, I will give you a present. Do you want a mysterious thing or a normal thing? [.]Mysterious[.]Normal

?Oh, I am terribly sorry. You are the one who helped me...yes? I should do something to thank you. Yes, I will give you a present.

?Those clothes were said to have been worn by a hero of ancient times. They are rare garments said to hold truth. Very mysterious, yes?

?I am The Man of Smiles. I deal in mirth. I like to make people smile. Are you not happy to have received the clothes of an ancient hero? Smile!

?You have amazed me! I have not felt such amazement for an age! What did those things do to you? You must be a very pure- hearted individual, I think!

?Oh! Ah! Do you remember me, by chance?

?The Man of Smiles, that is who I am! And may I say, seeing you again has brought me a smile, [Link].

?If you put that in a mailbox, you will receive gifts on occasion. Very mysterious, yes? Almost miraculous.

?If you put that postcard in the mail, you will occasionally receive gifts. Very mysterious, yes? Almost miraculous.

?Oh, I am terribly sorry. You are the one who helped me...yes? I should really thank you.

?Thank you very much.

?Wah ha ha! I am feeling generous. I shall give you the mysterious thing as well.

?Wah ha ha! I am feeling generous. I shall give you the normal thing too.

?Wah ha ha!

?That is just a normal piece of paper... You can use it to blow your nose! Or you could make a paper sandwich! It is not nutritious, but it could be delicious!

?Ah! Young man! Is there something you require? How does one so young find my adventurer's ship... The S.S. Wayfarer! Ah, could it be? Are you also a wayfarer, ever following your heart? [.]Yep[.]Nope

?I know not what your ways are, but I must follow my wayfaring heart! Please let me tell you of my plans... [.]What?[.]Uh, no...

?Please, just listen to me. Today, I scour the seas with an adventuring heart. Perhaps you do as well, and I know not why, but for me... I am...consumed with the ways of the heart... And it is all for Joanne... I do it for Joanne.

?Joanne... The only mermaid in this world! She is picky. She only eats what she likes, and quite voraciously at that... Her eating has emptied my heart and my wallet. Yes, I am flat broke. And yet... That is typical for matters of the heart, is that not so? Yes, romance is not about what you can get out of it! It is about giving exactly what is needed. You must remember that, young man!

?Hrm... Well then, show me!

?Want to show him a wood heart? [.]Yes[.]No

?Fleeting and fragile...that is romance!

?! Huh... Hey! Th-this is... Fool! This has nothing to do with romance! It's a wood heart, not a real heart! ...But, by the way, I do love these things! Thank you, young man! You DO want to give me this wood heart, right?

?I understand. In that case, I have some special words just for you. Here I go! Perk up those ears and listen! Thank you.

?Huh? How long are you going to stand there? I already thanked you! You and I have completed our business! I have naught left to do with you! Go on! Be off with you!

?Fine! I understand! You want me to say it one more time, is that it?

?Thank you! ...Happy now?! Go away!

?I recently got my hands on something extremely interesting... Unfortunately, I do not have it with me right now. I left it at home... It is in a large treasure chest, however... You really can't miss it! You may have it as a gift for the wood heart. Use it as you please!

?The big treasure chest that rests in my dwelling... A gift of the heart suited just for you sits inside... Use it as you see fit!

?Hey! Do not scoff at my reward! That is not the way of the wayfarer!

?Wait! Young man!

?Tell me... Have you found romance on the seas? [.]Yes[.]Not yet...

?Wait! Young man! ...Uh... That's quite a line, if I do say so myself!

?OHHH! Welcome! If you're looking to buy something, now's your chance!

?Nothing caught your eye? Just tap the item you're interested in.

?Heart Container [var] Rupees Only one left!

?Ship Part: [player] [var] Rupees What a bargain!

?Ship Part: [player] [var] Rupees Best deal around!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees You have a good eye!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees Now's your chance!

?Good Thing: [var] Rupees Collect these for a good reward...and some change!

?I'm not selling right now. I've sold out of all my merchandise. Sorry. I should get a bunch of nice things in tomorrow. Come again!

?OHHHHH! Thank you! Is there anything else you're interested in?

?Bye! Come again!

?OHHH! Not good enough! Get on with it already!

?You can't hold any more!

?Thanks to you, I'm sold out!

?OHHHHHH! Welcome! I don't think we've met before! Nope! But I know all about you! I close up shop in seven days! Liquidation sale!

?OHHHHHHH! Welcome! I know all about you! I'm closing up shop in seven days! Can you say "liquidation sale"?

?OHHHHH! I'm closing up shop in six days! I'm holding a liquidation sale, so you'll find great deals on everything!

?OHHHHH! I'm closing up shop in five days! I'm holding a liquidation sale! Limited time only!

?I'm closing up shop in four days! I'm holding a liquidation sale. If you're going to buy something, now's the time!

?I'm closing up shop in three days! If you're going to buy something, now's the time!

?I'm closing up shop in two days! I'm holding a liquidation sale. Limited time only!

?OHHHH! I'm closing up shop tomorrow! The liquidation sale will be going on through tomorrow. So now's your chance!

?OHHHH! We're closing up shop today! I'm liquidating everything! This is your last chance!

?OHHHHHHH! Welcome! I've remodeled! Welcome to our grand reopening sale! Take a look around! ...I didn't lie! I closed, redid the interior, and the shop is reborn!

?Oh, hey, [Link]... Sorry for the unscheduled stop.

?Something happened down here and the engine just went nuts!

?I'm sure that evil Ghost Ship is the cause... Yep, no doubt about it!

?With that thing around, I guess I'd better get this engine into tip-top shape.

?Hey, kid, leave it to me! You've got other things to worry about...

?You take the helm and aim at the Ghost Ship! [.]How?[.]Not me!

?Honestly, how am I supposed to know? Use your head!

?What do you mean, you can't steer?! If I can do it, you can too!

?[sfx]I'll help you find the Ghost Ship, [Link]!

?Ugh! Do you have to be so...enthusiastic all the time?

?This is a test of our resolve, Linebeck! You're no help at all, are you?!

?Exactly right.

?I guess it's up to you, then. You have to steer, [Link]!

?[sfx]The spirits of Power and Wisdom and I will join up to help find the Ghost Ship.

?Where are you going, [Link]?!

?Fiend! It's been 100 years since our paths last crossed... Oh, what? You aren't Linebeck! You! Little boy in green! Tell me the whereabouts of Linebeck this instant! ...... Ah, keeping it a secret, are we? Playing Jolene for a fool is an unwise choice... You truly don't want to tell? I see... Well, then... You will be punished!

?Linebeck! Show yourself... Ah! You again... Little boy in green... Any chance you might tell me where Linebeck is? Mmm, I didn't think so... Well, I suppose that means I'll have to deal with the two of you in order... And I will start with you! Prepare for punishment!

?Hmmph! Bested by a little boy in green... Linebeck! Hear my words! Your pet is most skilled! Before I leave, I have but one thing to say...

?...Pssh! Not again... I have one last thing to say...

?Ah... Remember this day, and remember it well! Hear me?

?You... You! Don't think you've won because of this battle! Hear me?

?I... I'm not feeling well today! Hear me?

?I... I hope you're REALLY proud of yourself! Hear me?

?You... You should really learn to give a girl a break! Hear me?

?Phew! That girl will never give up, I swear... Listen, this belonged to a friend of mine. You can have it, [Link]!

?Whoo! Crouching in one of these every now and then is great for the back! Consider this a tip for getting rid of that crazy woman, [Link]. It's all yours!

?Phew! Say what you will about that girl, she KNOWS how to imitate a pirate! "Linebeck, Professional Crate Inspector!" Kind of catchy, don't you think? Here's a tip for giving that crazy girl the heave-ho for me, [Link]!

?Phew! She's relentless! Thanks for getting rid of that nut, [Link]. Here's a tip!

?Boy, am I getting sick of seeing her face all the time! Hey, [Link]! Here's a tip for you!

?Hey, did she look like maybe she's getting a few pimples on her nose? Huh? How do I have time to notice stuff like that? I was in a CRATE. It was BORING. Cut me some slack, huh? Anyway, let's clear out! I want to put these waters behind us as fast as I can!

?Hey! We're shipping out, [Link]! Let's put these waters behind us!

?[Link], your turn! We've been boarded! Send these dogs to the deep! Do it!

?Listen up, [Link]! We've been boarded! Exterminate these pests! That's a direct order from the captain! Turn them into bits of kelp! Ha!

?You're up, [Link]! We've been boarded by foul monsters! As the commanding officer on this vessel, I order you to remove them at once! Go! Charge! Get them! Heee-ya!

?Ha! Did they actually think they had a hope against us? Ridiculous. Say, [Link]... Here's a prize for you. Hang on to it!

?The nerve of that rabble! Listen, [Link]... It's not much, but here's a little spending money.

?Did they honestly think they could best us? What utter fools! Nice, [Link]... Here's a little tip for you.

?Phew! Well, as usual, no problem at all! Here, [Link]! It's not much, but you can probably buy SOMETHING.

?All right! Here we go, [Link]! Let's put these waters behind us, and quick!

?...This isn't over yet!

?Hey, [Link]! What are you doing? After Jolene does a serious attack, she's vulnerable for a moment. Look for patterns in her movements, and when it's time, aim for her back!

?What was that noise?! Am I hearing things?!

?All right, [Link]!

?We've got to get out of here! This is no time to sit around with your mouth hanging open! The old man said that Zauz the blacksmith holds the clue we're looking for!

?We have to find that blacksmith and defeat Bellum! And then...

?And then the treasure will be in my hands! ...Hahahahahaha!

?[sfx]What's with you? Hey, do we really need to take this guy with us, [Link]?


?Anyway, let's get going!

?[sfx]Zauz lives on the island to the north of the Isle of Gust, right? It should be a short trip from here.

?Yep! Let's stop wasting time![sfx]

?Let's go! Ship out!

?Ah! I'm happy to see that you are well, boy in green. I've heard about all you are trying to accomplish... Ha! Spare me the innocent act! Everyone knows what's going on! Yes, about the monster, Bellum, and the Phantom Sword that is its bane! You there! Wooden box! You'd better listen up too!


?Boy in green, you are attempting something that only a fool would try. Who you are trying to save is irrelevant. If you face that monster... Your efforts and your life will be wasted. ...... That said, if you have no care for your own safety or survival... Well then, face me! For I have perfected the art of pirate fencing! Hold still for a moment!

?Pssh! You're still strong, boy in green. I think that what you're attempting to do is crazy, and yet... There is something about your stubborn personality that...draws me. The one who captivated me so long ago had that same look in his eyes. ......... Boy in green, speak to the man in the crate for me. Advise him that he should take notes, for he might learn something.

?You... You are a fool, Linebeck!

?Phew! What is that girl's PROBLEM?! See, this is why I don't understand women!

?Hey...Linebeck? [sfx]How exactly do you know that woman?

?Oh... [sfx]Well, it was a while ago. I was just cruising through these waters... Anyway, I happened to sail by just as her ship was attacked by a monster. What can I say? I slammed into the beast with my ship and saved the day!

?Wow... That's impressive.

?Well, if I'm being totally honest here, I was just trying to get away, see. I sort of lost control of my ship, and it just happened to strike the beast... So after that, Jolene and I traveled together for a time, but... Pretty soon, I realized that the two of us were from different worlds. Yeah... It's kind of embarrassing, but she was a LOT tougher than I. Plus, I just wasn't cut out for the rough-and- tumble life of a pirate! Yeah, I always preferred the laid-back style of just sneaking off with treasure. Anyway, Jolene and I started seeing less and less of each other... I knew I had to end it, and know...


?Well... I made off with some of her treasure...

?[sfx]You terrible man! Linebeck! How could you?!

?Ha ha! Anyway, ever since, Jolene has been trying to get her revenge on me![sfx] The thing is, it wasn't even that great of a treasure. I didn't think it was worth so much that she'd follow me around like this! That is one persistent woman, let me tell you.

?Oh...Linebeck.[sfx] You really are dense, aren't you?

?Ohhhh, welcome to Beedle's Shop Ship! I deal in anything and everything!

?What are you looking for, huh? I must know! Just tap your selection!

?Bomb Bag [var] Rupees You'll be able to carry more bombs. Last in stock!

?Ship Part: [player] [var] Rupees Now's the time to buy!

?Ship Part: [player] [var] Rupees Best deal around!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees This price is crazy!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees Here's your chance!

?Good Thing [var] Rupees Collect these and something good is bound to happen!

?OHHHH! Welcome! You'll find anything you need here at Beedle's Shop Ship! Your point total is [var] right now! Rack them up and something good will occur!

?Ohh, I'm currently out of stock, but choice items are in transit! ...Would I lie?

?OHHHH! Welcome! You'll find anything you need here at Beedle's Shop Ship! Your point total is [var] right now! Rack up points and something good will occur! Plus, today's Point Day, so you'll earn five times the points for each purchase!

?Ohhh, a Compliment Card! Want to use it? [.]Yes[.]No

?Well then, compliment away! Speak up! I'm waiting for my compliment!



?Hey hey! Ohh ho ho!

?Hey! Ohhhh ho ho! Yuk yuk yuk yuk...

?I'm a little embarrassed... ......

?OK, done! Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Customer!

?OHHHH! My valued VIP customer! Thank you for maxing out your points! I normally pad my prices... but for you, dear VIP, I will resist the urge!

?OHHHHH! I'm so sorry! I seem to have sold out of all my merchandise! But I'm expecting a flood of new things tomorrow, so come back later, OK?!

?Red Potion [var] Rupees This vital item replenishes six hearts! Buy one today!

?Purple Potion [var] Rupees Fills eight hearts! Kicks in automatically if you fall!

?Yellow Potion [var] Rupees Replenishes all hearts! How can you live without it?!

?Red Potion [var] Rupees Replenishes six hearts! Free with a Freebie Card!

?Purple Potion [var] Rupees Replenishes eight hearts! Free with a Freebie Card!

?Yellow Potion [var] Rupees Replenishes all hearts! Free with a Freebie Card!

?Ohhh, actually, I'm not selling anything right now...

?Thank you! Yes, thanks to you! Can I interest you in anything else?

?Bye! Please come again!

?OHHH! You don't have enough Rupees! Is this a joke?! It's not funny!

?You don't need to carry any more, trust me.

?Thanks to you, I'm sold out!

?I'm going to prep a Member's Card just for you! The more you buy, the more points you'll earn, and the happier you'll be! I pamper my customers! No other shop offers such rewards, you know!

?And that brings your point total to [var]. Try to earn 20 points and earn a Silver Membership!

?OHHHHH! You've earned [var] points! You're now an official Silver Member! Silver Members get 10% off all merchandise AND a wonderful prize! You should receive your prize in the mail within a week, so please be patient! Next, shoot for the elite Gold Membership!

?Your point total has climbed to [var]! Try to bring that up to 50 points and become a Gold Member!

?OHHHHHH! Now you have [var] points! You're now an official Gold Member! Gold Members get 20% off all merchandise AND an incredible prize! You should receive your prize in the mail within a week, so please be patient! Next, shoot for the rare Platinum Membership!

?Your point total has climbed to [var] points! Try to earn a Platinum Membership by racking up 100 points!

?OHHHHHH! You now have [var] points! You're now an official Platinum Member! Platinum Members get 30% off all merchandise AND a mind-boggling prize! You should receive your prize in the mail within a week, so please be patient! Next, shoot for the regal VIP Membership!

?Your point total has climbed to [var] points! Try to earn 200 points for a VIP Membership!

?OHHHHHH! You now have [var] points! You're now an official Beedle VIP! Beedle VIPs get 40% off all merchandise and a very nice letter! I bet you can't wait to receive it! You can't earn any more points, but keep shopping at Beedle's Shop Ship!

?OHHHH! A Complimentary Card! Want to use it? [.]Yes[.]No

?Oh. OK, then.

?OK! Here it goes...

?You're the best!

?You're the BEST!

?YOU'RE the BEST! And one more for good luck!


?Hafff... Phew... And that's it! How did that make you feel? Happy?

?Ohhhh, a Freebie Card? Do you want to use it? [.]Sure[.]No thanks

?Right away! One Freebie Card! Oh, happy day!

?Done! Thank you so much for using your Freebie Card!

?Bomb Bag [var] Rupees Carry more bombs. Free with a Freebie Card!

?Ship Part:[player] [var] Rupees Free with a Freebie Card!

?Ship Part: [player] [var] Rupees Free with a Freebie Card!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees Free with a Freebie Card!

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees Free with a Freebie Card!

?Good Thing [var] Rupees Free with a Freebie Card!

?Umm... I don't hear anything... You can be kind of mean when you want, huh?



?Daiki Iwamoto


?Hidemaro Fujibayashi


?Hajime Takahashi

?Yutaka Hiramuki


?Shiro Mouri


?Yohei Fujino


?Masahiro Nitta

?Eiji Nishikawa


?Yasushi Ebisawa

?Toshinori Kawai


?Yoshitaka Takeshita

?Atsushi Yamazaki


?Keigo Nakanishi


?Naonori Ohnishi


?Yukari Suzuki


?Michiho Hayashi


?Koji Takahashi

?Hirohito Shinoda


?Tomomi Marunami

?Masaaki Ishikawa


?Takeshi Koike

?Eiji Mukao

?Hanako Hisada


?Motoaki Fukuda

?Sayaka Yano


?Tomoko Ichikawa

?Yoshifumi Masaki


?Mitsuko Okada

?Mizuki Tashima

?Mari Fujita

?Mariko Sanefuji


?Yuko Yoshimura

?Marumi Nakajyou


?Yoshiki Haruhana


?Naoki Mori


?Daisuke Nobori

?Shigeki Yoshida

?Hiroyasu Kuwabara

?Hitoshi Kobayashi

?Eriko Kimura

?Chiaki Aida

?Katsuki Hisanaga

?Kazuhide Hiura


?Keijiro Inoue


?Yuri Adachi


?Kenta Nagata

?Toru Minegishi


?Toru Asakawa

?Sanae Susaki


?Sachi Matsumoto

?Hikari Tachibana

?Kaori Mizuhashi


?Gema Almoguera

?Steven Grimm

?Kristin Kirby

?Reiko Ninomiya

?Erik Peterson

?Kevin Sullivan


?Nate Bihldorff

?Jeff Miller

?Leslie Swan

?Bill Trinen


?Michael Leslie

?Patrick Taylor

?Melvin Forrest

?Joel Simon


?Keizo Kato


?Yoichi Yamada

?Toshihiko Nakago

?Takashi Tezuka


?Hironobu Kakui

?Yoshito Yasuda

?Takehiro Oyama


?Naoki Takami

?Super Mario Club


?Takumi Kawagoe

?Koichi Kawamoto

?Tomoaki Kuroume

?Toshiaki Suzuki

?Tadashi Sugiyama

?Takahiro Hamaguchi

?Taro Bando

?Makoto Miyanaga




?Eiji Aonuma


?Shigeru Miyamoto


?Satoru Iwata

?All Rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music and Program, reserved by NINTENDO.

?Please tap the name or code that you would like to change.





?Normal Chimney

?Elegant Chimney

?Parasol Chimney

?Stone Chimney

?Strange Chimney

?Demon Chimney

?Horn Chimney

?Tall Chimney

?Golden Chimney

?Normal Wheel

?Paddling Wheel

?Battle Wheel

?Rock Wheel

?Simple Wheel

?Insect Wheel

?Shell Wheel

?Red Wheel

?Golden Wheel

?Eddo's Cannon

?Artistic Cannon

?Strong Cannon

?Ancient Cannon

?Meager Cannon

?Fear Cannon

?Seapony Cannon

?Red Cannon

?Golden Cannon

?Normal Anchor

?Bell Anchor

?Iron Anchor

?Ancient Anchor

?Swim Ring

?Sickle Anchor

?Shell Anchor

?Weighty Anchor

?Gem Anchor

?Steady Bridge

?Restful Cabin

?Conning Tower

?Peaceful Bridge

?Barrel Shack

?Demon Prison

?Shell Apartment

?Practical Bridge

?Golden Bridge

?Simple Handrail

?Arch Handrail

?Chain Handrail

?Pillar Handrail

?Worn Handrail

?Spike Handrail

?Wood Handrail

?Utility Handrail

?Golden Handrail

?Standard Hull

?Bright Hull

?Iron Hull

?Stone Hull

?Vintage Hull

?Demon Ship

?Tropical Ship

?Dignified Ship

?Golden Hull

?Passable Prow

?Bell Prow

?Drill Prow

?Mermaid Prow

?Log Prow

?Demon Prow

?Tropical Prow

?Tourist Prow

?Golden Prow

?Dark Pearl Loop

?Helmaroc Plume

?Goron Amber

?Ruto Crown

?Regal Ring

?Pink Coral

?Pearl Necklace

?Zora Scale

?Drink the potion? [.]Yes[.]No

?Nothing is there.

?You got a small key! Use this key to open locked doors! Touch a door to open it. You can only use it once.

?You got a green Rupee! It's worth 1 Rupee!

?You got the wooden shield! Defend yourself from minor attacks just by holding it!

?You got bombs! You can hold up to 10 in your bomb bag. Tap the spot where you want to throw your bomb to throw it there.

?You got a big green Rupee! It's worth 100 Rupees!

?You got a Heart Container! You increased your life by 1 and refilled your hearts!

?You found the Boss Key! It's a huge, heavy key. Tap close to yourself to set it down and tap far away to throw it!

?You got a blue Rupee! It's worth 5 Rupees!

?You got a red Rupee! It's worth 20 Rupees!

?You got a big red Rupee! It's worth 200 Rupees!

?You got a big gold Rupee! It's worth 300 Rupees!

?You found the square crystal! Take it to the same-shaped pedestal.

?You found the round crystal! Take it to the same-shaped pedestal.

?You found the triangle crystal! Take it to the same-shaped pedestal.

?You got the quiver! Now you can hold more arrows. Check the Collection screen.

?You got the bomb bag! You can carry more bombs. Check the Collection screen.

?You got the Bombchu bag! Now you can carry more Bombchus!

?You got the [player] ship part! Go to the shipyard to customize your ship. Check the Collection screen!

?You got a Power Gem! It radiates power, but you can't use it like this. Store it on the Collection screen for now.

?You got a Wisdom Gem! It radiates wisdom, but it can't be used like this. Store it on the Collection screen for now.

?You got a Courage Gem! It radiates courage, but it can't be used like this. Store it on the Collection screen for now.

?You got some pink coral! This pretty piece can only be found in clear water!

?You got a pearl necklace! This stunning pearl necklace glows elegantly in the light!

?You got a dark pearl loop! This necklace glows mysterious and dark.

?You got the Zora Scale! This rare scale was dropped by a Zora!

?You got a Goron Amber! This hard, valuable mineral has a bug inside of it!

?You got a Ruto Crown! The Zoras have passed it down across generations.

?You got a Helmaroc Plume! It was dropped by the mythical Helmaroc!

?You got a Regal Ring! It was passed down over generations of royalty.

?You got the Freebie Card! Use it at Beedle's shop to shop for free.

?You got a Compliment Card! Take it to Beedle's shop to use it.

?You got a Complimentary Card! Take it to Beedle's shop to use it.

?You got the Hero's New Clothes! They' light... View it from the Collection screen for now.

?You got the telescope! Now you can see far-off things. No, wait... It's just a kaleidoscope! Too bad... For now, you can check it on the Collection screen.

?You got the guard notebook! Someone lost this dirty leather notebook. For now, you can check it on the Collection screen.

?You got Jolene's letter! Jolene wrote this letter to her younger sister. She might be happy if you delivered it to her. For now, you can check it on the Collection screen.

?You got the prize postcard! It has a stamp on it, so put it in a mailbox.

?You got a wood heart! It looks tasty.

?You got the Phantom Sword! The Phantom Hourglass powered it up!

?You got a treasure map![.] It shows where treasure lies at the bottom of the sea!

?You got the Swordsman's Scroll! Memories of veteran swordsmen flow through it. You can now perform the great spin attack, [Link]! Do a spin attack three times to execute a great spin attack!

?You got the red potion! Drink it to restore six hearts! It's stored in the Item menu, so tap it to use it. It can only be used once.

?You got the purple potion! Drink it to restore eight hearts! Keep it, and if you lose all of your hearts, it will automatically restore them. It will be in your Item menu. Tap it to use it, but you can only use it once.

?You got the yellow potion! Drink it to restore all of your hearts. It will be in your Item menu. Tap it to use it, but you can only use it once.

?You got some Sand of Hours! One minute is added to the Phantom Hourglass!

?You got the [player] ship part! Go to the shipyard to customize your ship! Check the Collection screen.

?You picked up the 10 Rupoor! You lost 10 Rupees!

?You picked up the 50 Rupoor! You lost 50 Rupees!

?You got some Sand of Hours! Your hourglass gained 30 seconds!

?You got some Sand of Hours! Your hourglass gained 10 seconds!

?Did you get an unknown item? It must not be ready yet!

?Hello Hello Hello

?Mercay Island

?Isle of Ember

?Isle of Gust

?Molida Island

?Isle of Frost

?Goron Island

?Isle of Ruins

?Cannon Island

?Bannan Island

?Isle of the Dead

?Zauz's Island

?Spirit Island

?Harrow Island

?Maze Island

?Uncharted Island

?Dee Ess Island

?Beedle's Ship

?Traveler's Ship

?Ghost Ship

?Ghost Ship

?Ghost Ship






?Erase everything? [.]Yes[.]No

?You can't write on this map.

?Save your progress? [.]Yes[.]No


?Save complete.

?You can't read it from here.

?Nothing happened.

?It appeared for just a moment, so maybe you drew the shape wrong.

?Save your progress? [.]Yes[.]No

?There is something written in an ancient script. You can't read it.

?Quit the minigame? [.]Continue[.]Quit

?There is no response. Looks like it's just a skeleton.

?End the game? [.]Yes[.]No

?Creating a file... Do not turn the power off.

?Boing-oing! The number of treasure chests left [var]!

?It'll cost you 20 Rupees to see where treasure lies. [.]Tell me![.]No thanks!

?That's your loss...or is it? Good luck.

?You don't have any money! No funds, no deal. Begone!

?This is where the treasure chests are on this floor. Look at your map!

?Make a note of it on your map!

?Did you take notes? I'm going to erase it now! [.]Go ahead![.]Wait!

?Boing-oing! There are no treasure chests on this floor...

?Step into the blue light to return to the temple's entrance.




?To the Eastern Sea.

?To the Northern Sea.

?To the Southern Sea.

?To the Western Sea.

?To the Eastern Sea.

?To the Northern Sea.

?To the Southern Sea.

?To the Southern Sea.

?To the Western Sea.

?To the Southern Sea.

?You got the cannon! This part from Eddo fits on the deck of your ship!

?You got the Salvage Arm! Now you can pull treasures up from the seafloor! Open your menu while at sea and tap the Salvage icon to use it.

?You got the [player] ship part! You earned this for completing a Big Play in Battle Mode!

?You got the [player] ship part! You earned this for completing a Big Play in Battle Mode!

?You got the [player] ship part! You earned this for completing a Big Play in Battle Mode!

?You got the [player] ship part! You earned this for completing a Big Play in Battle Mode!

?Cannon Island

?Hello, there! You've come to Eddo's Garage...that is, Master Eddo's shop! I'm Fuzo, his apprentice! And you? Oh, nice to meet you, [Link]. What? You want a cannon? Sorry, little guy, but we don't have any ready to sell. Not yet. Master's working on one though, so he's withdrawn to his workroom. Yup! He's gone and locked himself in there until he's done concentrating!

?Welcome to the ship junkyard at Eddo's Garage! It's all Master Eddo's!

???Bomb Garden ??Eddo's Garage

?Where be a fortune? Amid the beehives!

?Danger! Do not enter!

???Bomb Garden

???Eddo's Garage

???Eddo's Garage

?Yes, yes...I'm the owner of this shop, Eddo! What do you want? What?! You demand a cannon? Heh impress me. You'd brave this dangerous isle for one of my cannons. For a sea shrimp, you've got a good eye... Then know that my cannons are works of explosive art, crafted from choice parts! So you'd better believe that you're going to cough up big Rupees for one. Have the guts to hear how much? [.]Yes[.]Ummm

?Heh heh...don't blame me if you drop a load of Rupees in my shop...

?Heh heh! Thought so... Too much to handle, eh? Yep, we aren't playing around here, shrimp...

?What?! Where'd you get 50 Rupees?! Doesn't matter, I guess, just as long as you cough up the cash! OK, take it!

?Heh heh! What's the next project on the docket? A Salvage Arm! Come back in the future to marvel at my next creation!

?I thought so! I'll bet you could live your whole life without even touching 50 Rupees!

?What? You wanna hear it? Free to ask, I guess. So, ready to hear how much it's gonna hurt? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Beg all you want! The price is 50 Rupees! Want it? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Can't pay, shrimp? Gotta have cash if you're gonna buy from the big boys!

?Got your hands on the Salvage Arm, did you, [Link]?! You can use that to haul up treasures from the bottom of the sea! You about ready to set sail, then? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?What's here? We gotta go to Mercay Island! Set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You got a cannon?! Looks like I finished my nap, er...repairs, just in time!

?What?! Well, once you're done making waste, how about making some haste?!

?Hey, we gotta go to the Isle of Ember! Set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?You got the cannon, huh, [Link]? Good!

?Next I'm gonna devise a Salvage Arm that can pull treasure from the seafloor! See you later, shrimp. Just use that door there to get back to the dock!

?You should be able to find that guy Eddo here on Cannon Island. Now go get us a cannon! Or do you want to set sail for some reason? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?All right, then. Go find us that cannon!

?What a strange kid!

?The ship needs some work, so you go scurry off in search of that cannon!

?The door is locked, and there seems to be no way to open it from this side.

?C'mon, you don't have to keep it a secret! I want to sell it to one of my fans! You can't just buy your way through life, son! It's passion that counts! So show me just how much you want the Salvage Arm! Shout with gusto, man!

?Oh, [Link], good to see you! Master has wrapped up work on his latest Salvage Arm!

?Hoo hoo! You got the Salvage Arm! You didn't actually yell Salvage Arm really loud, did you? Savvy guy like you would know merely to snap your fingers... You'd look pretty silly if you really yelled!

?There's surely piles of treasure under the sea. Go dredge some up!

?Yes, yes... It's finally complete! The Salvage Arm will let you reach to the bottom of the sea for sunken treasure! What?! Aren't you the shrimplet who bought that cannon from me?! And now you want the Salvage Arm?! Did you come racing over here after getting one of my letters? Heh dropped everything to rush here for my invention! You're a real fan of my work, aren't you? [.]Yes[.]Eh...

?Heh heh! Butter me up all you want, but it's gonna cost you big-time! So! Show me how much you want the Salvage Arm! SHOUT WITH SOME GUSTO!

?What... What was that? I didn't hear anything! You know what? NO SALE! If you really want the Salvage Arm, then shout like you mean it!

?Heh heh! That's gusto?! For that scream...well... I'll sell the Salvage Arm for 1000 Rupees. Want it? [.]Deal[.]Nope

?Not bad, hmmm... For that scream...well... I'll sell the Salvage Arm for 300 Rupees. Want it? [.]Deal[.]Nope

?Now those are some pipes! No complaints here... Well... I'll sell the Salvage Arm for 200 Rupees. Want it? [.]Deal[.]Nope

?Want the Salvage Arm?! Then make your voice ring out loud and clear! I will decide your price based on that. OK, go!

?Heh heh! Still walking around with a bunch of Rupees, eh? Doesn't surprise me one bit. OK, take it then. The Salvage Arm is yours.

?Heh heh! I thought so. The price is a little too steep, even for someone like you...

?Now if you go and break that Salvage Arm, take it to the Mercay Island shipyard. They'll charge you an arm and a leg, but at least you'll get it fixed up nice.

?What? Master told you to shout with gusto? Well, then! Go shout something like: I want the Salvage Arm!

?You ready to ship out, [Link]? [.]Yes[.]No

?What?! You want to leave this island? [.]Set sail![.]Stay

?Then get on board! Full steam ahead!

?What? Don't talk to me if you've got nothing worthwhile to say!

?I know that master wants to sell the cannon that he's working on! So come on back later if you're interested in getting your hands on one!

?If you really, really, really want a cannon, then go speak with the master. You can go around the island to reach the back door. Dangerous, though! The back door's never locked, so that's your ticket to meet the master! I'll be happy to open the gate that leads to the rest of the island... Follow me!

?Watch yourself, little guy. There are monsters beyond this gate.

?If you really want a cannon, then you gotta ask the master for it. It's a long way around, but you can reach him through the gate I opened earlier. Dangerous way to go, but it's the only way you can reach the back door!

?There are lots of beehives ahead, so watch out!


?Stunned?! Yeah, did you think you were dealing with small potatoes here? HA!

?You big enough to pony up 50 whole Rupees?

?It's going for the steep price of...50 Rupees!

?I mean, 50 Rupees would buy you a whole lot of the good life on this isle! No one could blame you if you can't pay! Buy it? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Hey! Get the lead out! Let's look for treasure!

?Hey! We've been waiting for you, [Link]! I hear you completed four Big Plays in Battle Mode! Great! Did you know I'm the chairman of the Big Friends of Battle Mode?

?Congratulations on your Big Play achievement! I've placed a big prize in the treasure chest just for you. Please take it!

?Congratulations on your Big Play achievement! Here's your last prize!

?Careful out there. We've heard of countless monsters popping up in the sea! Such a dangerous world we live in!

?People who make Big Plays win prizes from the Big Friends of Battle Mode! I've placed a prize in the treasure chest for you. Please take it! And keep playing Battle Mode!

?I'll say it!

?Get ready, guy! I'm serious! I'm gonna say it!

?Yeah? Do you want to set sail? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Isle of Gust

?Temple of Wind

?Cyclok, Stirrer of Winds

?The temple entrance stops gusting only when windmills have had their fill.

?The hero must blow on the three sacred windmills to open the path forward.

?Boing-oing! Creatures that are sensitive to sound dwell in the sands ahead. So, walk without sound and bring as little attention to yourself as possible. If all else fails, flee to a high spot before the creatures find you.

?Isle of Gust Beware of great winds!

?Boing-oing! The sand creatures devour whatever they find. So feed them bombs. Then you'll have a chance at survival!

?Well, then! Go!

?We're here! All ashore! Well, this can only be the Isle of Gust, I suppose. Should be a breeze to beat whatever's keeping the next spirit, [Link]!

?Hurry it up! I know it'd go much faster if I did it, but I need to mind the ship. So you fly along, you eager little parrot. Do as I say, not as I do...

???? Strong wind warning! Don't get blown off!!!

?Well, well, [Link]! You did all right, kid. Looks like you hauled in another spirit, eh? To the Temple of the Ocean King then! Let's set sail. [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Huh? You want to leave this island? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Such a strange kid!

?What do you think those are, [Link]? All those spots in the ground... Looks like they were shoveled in with dirt!

?Then get on board! We're going to hit the waves!

?Hey, why?! We worked so hard to get all the way out here! Do you really want to leave this island already? [.]Yes[.]No

?All aboard! We're setting sail!

?Hey! What do you have to do on this island, eh?!

?Fine! Get on board then! We're setting sail!

?Leaving?! I get you all the way here, and now you're stuck or something? With all this wind around, there's gotta be a way forward. Yeah, you li'l green parrot, go ride the wind when you feel a breeze at your back! But, if you really want to go, should I raise anchor? [.]Yes[.]No

?Of course you are! Now hurry up and get that spirit!

?I thought so! Then go out there and get that spirit!

?Huh? You're back sooner than I thought. Ship out? [.]Yes[.]Nope

?Whew! We finally made it to the island! But this is sure one gusty isle! Yep, surely this has got to be the Isle of Gust. So, you li'l green parrot, how about you go fly off in search of our next spirit!

?Careful! That bloated beast can summon cyclones!

?When two wings flutter, the door will swing wide.

?When all the pillars of wind rise, the doors will open.

?Blank faces can hide truth as well as blemished ones. Study the walls carefully.

??Wayfarer's Journal? You never know where the wayfaring winds will take you next... After months upon this windy isle, I discovered smaller islands nearby. But my big discovery, the one that sets my heart aflutter: the mermaid! That is where my wayfaring destiny takes me next!

?Respect silence and tread quietly, or else you'll rouse the slumberer.

?We're finally inside, [Link]! Looks like we won't escape sudden gusts inside the temple either. Be careful!

?Careful! That bloated beast can summon cyclones! Your sword won't reach it, not while it's way up there! There must be some way to attack it, though!

?Isle of Ruins

?Oh, hey, you did it, kid! You found the pure metal! I say it's time we set a new course and get out of here.

?Look! Over there, [Link]!

?That's the path Bremeur mentioned. Now can we get to the second knight?

?Amazing! Look, [Link], the shape of the island is changing! Half of the island that was underwater is now floating! The water has drained away. Let's get down, [Link]!

?Look! That door! That's the entrance to the corridor to the great temple!

?Hey, [Link]! Look! Loooook!

?So this is the corridor door. The tablet is over here!

?The tablets in the surface labyrinth... The crest will appear on the map of he who knows its secret solution.

?Surface labyrinth? You think that's like a maze? Did you see anything like that on this island?

?To those with power... The path to the kingdom will bring glory.

?Path to the kingdom, huh? So we can finally go deeper into the island! I think he said that we should see the third knight, Bremeur, right?

?? Travel east of me. All begins and ends with me.

??? Travel south from me.

???? Travel northwest from me.

????? Travel southwest from me. The path of the stars will reveal the crest.

?????? Travel north from me. The path of the stars will reveal the crest.

?You did it! Now we can get inside the great temple, [Link]!

?Find the tablets with the five stars, as they hold the crest.

?When the five stars are aligned, the crest shall be revealed.

?What's that? You got it?! You got the pure metal, [Link]? Well, what are we still doing here then? Let's go! [.]OK[.]Not yet!

?Eh? You want to leave this island? [.]Yes[.]No

?What?! You're a strange one!

?What are you doing? Hurry up! We'd be done already if I was the one out there! But someone needs to stay here and look after the ship. A shame, really!

?What a weirdly shaped island. This just can't be natural! I think it's safe to say that this is the Cobble Kingdom.

?All right, then get on board. We're setting sail!

?What? Still have stuff to do? Well, hurry up and take care of business!

?That's...crazy! The island just floated up! It's the real form of the Isle of Ruins!

?You got a hammer! It's small, but it packs a punch! Tap something to hit it. Tap and hold to build up huge hammering power.

?You got the King's Key! Some say it holds secrets of the Cobble Kingdom. Take good care of it and check it on the Collection screen.

?You got the Aquanine! It's one metal you need to make the sacred sword. Only a sword forged of the three pure metals has the power to defeat Bellum!

?Mutoh's Temple

?Doylan's Temple

?Max's Temple

?Bremeur's Temple

?Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

?I can hear the sound of the water rushing...

?Ah, so you are the one who restored silence to our temple. My name is Mutoh. I am the king of the great Cobble Kingdom. Only the true hero would have with him the three spirits of the Ocean King. Not to mention the ability to defeat that foul beast. I know what you seek.

?You did it! You got the pure metal from this island, [Link]! Come on, let's hurry back to Linebeck!

?The seal has been broken with the King's Key. The land has been resurrected! Take the new path and meet the first knight, Max!

?This is the Cobble Kingdom, land of the sea people that was destroyed long ago... I am one of the four knights who serve under the king. I am the third knight, Bremeur. I defend the seal of the land.

?Let's get the King's Key so we can wake up this land from its long sleep... Because... These amazing ruins mean there has to have been a kingdom here long ago. I'm starting to think that pure metal might be here.

?So you seek the pure metal to forge the sacred sword and slay a great monster... Our King Mutoh did have the pure metal you seek. But a monster entered his temple, awakening him from his sleep. He is enraged. Can you enter his temple and slay the monster? Can you calm the king's great rage? [.]Yes[.]No

?Well then, you should go.

?Well then, show us how you can defeat the monster and soothe the angry king. Once the king has calmed down, I believe he will be willing to hear your story. To enter the great temple of King Mutoh, the sealed land must be resurrected. Meet the second knight, Doylan, who sleeps in the temple to the island's east. That temple is treacherous, but if you can overcome it, he will acknowledge you. I will open another path for you. Let it lead you.

?Well then, I cannot permit you to meet our king. Go now.

?Ah! You hold the King's Key! Place it upon the platform.

?You need the permission of the two final knights to enter King Mutoh's temple. Take the path that I will open to meet the second knight, Doylan.

?Do you want to try to calm the king's rage? [.]Yes[.]I can't!

?I am the second knight, Doylan! I am the protector of the key that keeps the land sealed! I am impressed you were able to clear the traps and monsters in this temple! I will not stop one who is trying to return the king to sleep. Take this King's Key.

?Take that key and return to the third knight, Bremeur. Release the seal and restore our kingdom to its rightful shape.

?Ah, our kingdom has finally returned! It takes me back... I want to thank you, [Link].

?I am the first knight, Max. So a human can break this island's seal...

?To enter the king's temple, you must draw the secret crest on the corridor door. Discover the crest, and the great corridor door will open for you. You must solve the riddle written on the tablet in the corridor. I will open the entrance to the corridor. Now, be on your way...

?I see. Then allow me to explain.

?Ah. So you solved the riddle and opened the corridor door. Go forth and slay the monster that broke the king's rest. Meet the king.

?You, boy with the Regal Necklace. Something from where King Mutoh sleeps is needed? [.]Yes[.]No

?I can allow you to meet him if you aim to defeat the monster, as you say. However, you must first pass this trial that I am about to present to you. So, do you seek to face my trial? [.]Yes[.]No

?The path will open when mighty attacks change the color of the tiles.

?He who chooses the hidden path over the long road will cross in time.

?Bombs buy time.

?There was one of these things earlier. I wonder what it is... I think I saw one in the Temple of the Ocean King too. Looks like a switch, but it's rusty and probably won't budge if you stand on it.

?Touch the footprint... Slam the pillar...

?Red and blue. When they are aligned in their true form, the path will open.

?Open the path. Create the true form here.

?The way to open the door to where Mutoh sleeps is on the southwest tablet. Do not tell anyone.

?So you say the Ocean King is in dire trouble. I can't help in my current state, but your presence gives me great confidence. I will give you our sacred treasure, the Aquanine. Please, take it with you. I will now return to my blissful slumber. We are all counting on you to help the Ocean King.

?Impressive ruins they got here! I wonder if the pure metal is here.

?Look at this place... I bet it's packed with traps! We'd better be extra careful here, [Link].

?The key won't reach from here.

?I can now sleep in peace. Thank you.