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There are several Gossip Stones with faces painted in red on them throughout Termina. By wearing the Mask of Truth, you can hear the whispers of the Gossip Stones. They give hints about the game and where all the masks are located. Their locations aren't really important, it's what they say that matters. Below you can find all of the Gossip Stone Quotes arranged by what they talk about.

Postman's Hat

"It seems the person who is conscientious about being on time... can see into the boxes that enable people to keep in touch with other people's feelings."

"It seems the postman had the Postman's Hat..."

All-Night Mask

"The weird mask that disrupts sleeping habits seems to be found in a suspicious shop that opens only at night..."

"It seems the All-Night Mask was being sold at the Curiosity Shop..."

"A torture device of insomnia called the All-Night Mask seems to be available at the Curiosity Shop..."

Blast Mask

"The old woman with knowledge of explosives has a dangerous mask filled with gunpowder..."

"It seems the old woman with the Bomb Bag had the Blast Mask..."

Stone Mask

"It seems a man so inconspicuous he can be seen only through the Lens of Truth has a mask which also is completely inconspicuous..."

"It seems Shiro, the unseen stone soldier, had the Stone Mask..."

"If you use the Lens of Truth near here and speak to the man you find... you may earn a mask that can enable you to blend into backgrounds and move about without being noticed."

Great Fairy's Mask

"A large and colorful being seems to have a mask that calms those scattered in temples..."

"It seems the Great Fairy in town had the Great Fairy's Mask..."

Keaton Mask

"It seems an animal mask that was popular with children long ago is being cherished by the owner of the suspicious shop..."

"It seems the owner of the Curiosity Shop was keeping the Keaton Mask..."

Bremen Mask

"He who plays music as he travels about seems to have a mask that animals follow obediently..."

"It seems Guru-Guru, the traveling musician, had the Bremen Mask..."

"The animal bandleader's mask seems to have the strange power of making young animals mature."

Bunny Hood

"It seems the animal-loving young man with the scary face but kind heart has the wild ears that hear well..."

"It seems Grog of the Cucco Shack had the Bunny Hood..."

Don Gero's Mask

"He who is troubled by cold and hunger seems to have a mask that gathers voices to sing..."

"It seems the hungry Goron was wearing Don Gero's Mask..."

"The frogs that are supposed to gather in the mountains when spring arrives are elsewhere. You need Don Gero's mask to bring them together."

"The frogs in Clock Town, the swamp, Woodfall Temple and Great Bay Temple make four..."

Mask of Scents

"He of high class and manners who lives in the swamp has a useful mask that distinguishes scents..."

"It seems the Deku Scrub butler had the Mask of Scents..."

Romani's Mask

"It seems the girl who smells of the ranch has a mask that only adults have..."

"It seems Cremia, the owner of Romani Ranch, had Romani's Mask..."

"It seems you can become a Milk Bar member if you do a good deed at the ranch."

Troupe Leader's Mask

"The mask that trickles out troubles from its face seems to be held by the greatest of traveling men..."

"It seems the leader of the Gorman Troupe had the Circus Leader's Mask..."

Kafei's Mask

"The cute boy's mask seems to have been made by an important man's wife..."

"It seems his mother, Madame Aroma, had Kafei's Mask..."

Couple's Mask

"It seems the two who have most reason to have it are indeed the ones who have the mask that is full of a man and woman's love..."

"It seems Kafei and Anju had the Couple's Mask..."

"The symbol of marriage, the Couple's Mask seems to have the power to calm and silence arguments."

Mask of Truth

"The mask that sees into people's hearts seems to be near the strange, shining, gold spiders..."

"It seems the one cursed by the strange, sparkling gold spiders had the Mask of Truth..."

"The mask that can see into people's hearts and minds also seems to work on animals as well..."

Kamaro's Mask

"The dancer's spirit that appears night after night in the great field seems to have a mask which causes one to dance."

"It seems Kamaro, the spirit dancer, had Kamaro's Mask..."

"The spirit of a charismatic dancer who died in Termina Field dances there night after night."

Gibdo's Mask

"It seems the father of the girl who's devoted to her parent is being forced to wear a frightening mask..."

"It seems the Gibdo Mask could fall from Pamela's father's cursed face..."

"Pamela, who lives in the music box house, comes out every two minutes when the music box is playing. But it seems she will also come out if she hears a bomb explode..."

Garo's Mask

"The suspicious brothers seem to have a mask once used for spying activities..."

"It seems the Gorman Brothers were using Garo's Mask for ill..."

Captain's Hat

"It seems the mystical item that the skulls obey is in the fiercely burning flame in the graveyard of an accursed land..."

"It seems Skull Keeta, Captain of the Skull Knights, had the Captain's Hat..."

Giant's Mask

"A mask that contains gigantic power seems to be resting in the temple of the accursed land..."

"It seems the Giant's Mask was dormant in Stone Tower Temple..."

Fierce Deity's Mask

"The Fierce Deity Mask, a mask that contains the merits of all masks, seems to be... somewhere in this world..."

Anju & Kafei Related

"It seems the veranda door of the town's Stock Pot Inn has carelessly been left unlocked..."

"It seems that Kafei, whose whereabouts are unknown, is awaiting a letter from Anju..."

"The postman puts his delivery schedule before everything else, but priority mail is of even greater importance."

"It seems the hideout of Sakon, the thief, is tucked away at the edge of Ikana Canyon..."


"The Swamp Tourist Center will not accept pictographs taken outside the swamp. But if you bring a pictograph of the guide's son, he'll give you something nice..."

"The gold dust won as the prize in the Goron Races in spring can be used by the smithy to forge a sword. Or it can be sold to the smithy for 40 Rupees, but the Curiosity Shop will buy it for 200 Rupees..."

"To get Evan to listen to Mikau and Japas's song from their music session, you should not try demonstrating it as Mikau. It seems if you pose as someone unrelated to the band and begin playing it, you just might get him to lend an ear."

"It seems the ReDeads that appear in Ikana Castle start dancing when the Captain's Hat, Gibdo Mask or Garo's Mask are worn. But that does not change things much..."

"The reward for Romani's nighttime assistant seems to be something that holds milk..."

"It seems that drinking Chateau Romani makes your magic power last for three days..."

"It seems Keaton, the ghost fox, plays tricks in the grass..."

"A small, lost horse seems to have been taken in by Romani Ranch, south of town..."

"It seems all the strange stones that are arranged in a row wish to be the same color."