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Not to be confused with a Sheikah Stone

Gossip Stones are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Ocarina of Time Gossip Stones

In Ocarina of Time, Gossip Stones tell Link the current time when struck, or tell him gossip when wearing the Mask of Truth. Gossip Stones also encompass Fairies, which can be released by playing Zelda's Lullaby in front of it. Without the mask, Link will only be able to know the current time when struck. Also, when Link selects the stone, he will be told that the stone's stare is piercing into him. With the mask on, Link will be able to listen to the stone's gossips. There are a total of 32 gossips in the game. The gossips are usually a helpful hint.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Gossip Stones provide Link with the remaining time until the Moon crashes into Clock Town when struck, or tell him gossip when wearing the Mask of Truth. There are also several Gossip Stones located in holes throughout Termina, which Link can play music to in order to get Pieces of Heart. Link can get a total of 4 Pieces of Heart by doing this. Link must either play the Sonata of Awakening, Goron Lullaby or New Wave Bossa Nova to acquire these Pieces of Heart. There are a total of 50 gossips in the game.

Place Gossip
On the east side of Termina Field just north of eastern exit "It seems that the hideout of Sakon, the thief, is tucked away at the edge of Ikana Canyon."
On the north side of Termina field to the east of the exit "Anju, the woman at the inn, is known for being careless and frequently mixes up guests."
Western part of Termina Field, by a fountain "The symbol of marriage, the Couple's Mask seems to have the power to calm and silence arguments."
In Termina Field, at the base of the tree by the Milk Road entrance "It seems that you can become a Milk Bar member if you do a good deed at the ranch."
In Termina Field, at the base of the tree by the southern exit "It seems that the crows that fly near the town walls are fond of musical instruments."
In Termina Field, within the fence that surrounds the Astral Observatory "The postman puts his delivery schedule before everything else, but Priority Mail is of even greater importance."
Termina Field, in any of the special four holes "It seems the face of the slightly larger, strange stone changes when the pipes of awakening are played."
Hole Number Two "It seems the face of the slightly larger, strange stone changes when the drums of sleep are played."
Hole Number Three "It seems the face of the slightly larger, strange stone changes when the guitar of waves is played."
Hole Number Four "It seems all the strange stones that are arranged in a row wish to be the same color."
Road to the Southern Swamp "It seems the veranda door of the town's Stock Pot Inn has carelessly been left unlocked..."
Southern Swamp, behind the Magic Hags' Potion Shop "The Swamp Tourist Center will not accept pictographs taken outside the swamp. But if you bring a pictograph of the guide's son, he'll give you something nice..."
Swamp Spider House "The mask that can see into people's hearts and minds also seems to work on animals as well..."
Path to the Mountain Village, near the middle "The gold dust won as the prize in the Goron Races in spring can be used by the smithy to forge a sword. Or it can be sold to the smithy for 40 Rupees, but the Curiosity Shop will buy it for 200 Rupees..."
Path to Goron Graveyard, Mountain Village (Springtime) "The frogs that are supposed to gather in the mountain when spring arrives are elsewhere. You need Don Gero's Mask to bring them together. The frogs in Clock Town, the swamp, Woodfall Temple, and Great Bay Temple make four..."
In Mountain Village (Springtime), near the Frog Choir "A small, lost horse seems to have been taken in by Romani Ranch, south of town."
Milk Road "The spirit of a charismatic dancer who died in Termina Field dances there night after night."
Romani Ranch, near the entrance "It seems Keaton, the ghost fox, plays tricks in the grass..."
Romani Ranch, at the base of a tree to the south. "The animal bandleader's mask seems to have the strange power of making young animals mature."
Romani Ranch, by the barn "It seems that Kafei, whose whereabouts are unknown, is awaiting a letter from Anju..."
Romani Ranch, in the Cucco Shack "A torture device of insomnia called the All-Night Mask seems to be available at the Curiosity Shop..."
Romani Ranch, in the Doggy Racetrack "It seems that drinking Chateau Romani makes your magic power last for three days..."
Great Bay, just past the Zora game "To get Evan to listen to Mikau and Japas's song from their music session, you should not try demonstrating it as Mikau. It seems if you pose as someone unrelated to the band and begin playing it, you just might get him to lend an ear."
Great Bay, by the entrance to the Pirates' Fortress "The reward for Romani's nighttime assistant seems to be something that holds milk..."
Road to Ikana Canyon "If you use the Lens of Truth near here and speak to the man you find... you may earn a mask that can enable you to blend into backgrounds and move about without being noticed."
Ikana Canyon, by the Spirit House "Pamela, who lives in the music box house, comes out every two minutes when the music box is playing. But it seems she will also come out if she hears a bomb explode..."
In Ikana Canyon, on the dock "It seems the ReDeads that appear in Ikana Castle start dancing when the Captain's Hat, Gibdo Mask or Garo's Mask are worn. But that does not change things much..."
In Ikana Canyon, across the ravine from Sakon's Hideout "The Fierce Deity Mask, a mask that contains the merits of all masks seems to be... somewhere in this world..."
Odolwa Moon Dungeon 1 "It seems the Gorman Brothers were using Garo's Mask for ill..."
Odolwa Moon Dungeon 2 "It seems Cremia, the owner of Romani Ranch, had Romani's Mask..."
Odolwa Moon Dungeon 3 "It seems the leader of the Gorman Troupe had the Circus Leader's Mask.."
Odolwa Moon Dungeon 4 "It seems the postman had the Postman's Hat..."
Odolwa Moon Dungeon 5 "It seems Kafei and Anju had the Couple's Mask..."
Goht Moon Dungeon 1 "It seems Kamaro, the spirit dancer, had Kamaro's Mask..."
Goht Moon Dungeon 2 "It seems Skull Keeta, Captain of the Skull Knights, had the Captain's Hat..."
Goht Moon Dungeon 3 "It seems the Gibdo Mask could fall from Pamela's father's cursed face..."
Goht Moon Dungeon 4 "It seems the hungry Goron was wearing Don Gero's Mask..."
Goht Moon Dungeon 5 "It seems the Great Fairy in town had the Great Fairy's Mask..."
Gyorg Moon Dungeon 1 "It seems Shiro, the unseen stone soldier, had the Stone Mask..."
Gyorg Moon Dungeon 2 "It seems Guru-Guru, the traveling musician, had the Bremen Mask..."
Gyorg Moon Dungeon 3 "It seems the old woman with the Bomb Bag had the Blast Mask..."
Gyorg Moon Dungeon 4 "It seems the Giant's Mask was dormant in Stone Tower Temple..."
Gyorg Moon Dungeon 5 "It seems the Deku Scrub butler had the Mask of Scents..."
Twinmold Moon Dungeon 1 "It seems the one cursed by the strange, sparkling gold spiders had the Mask of Truth...
Twinmold Moon Dungeon 2 "It seems his mother, Madame Aroma, had Kafei's Mask..."
Twinmold Moon Dungeon 3 "It seems the All-Night Mask was being sold at the Curiosity Shop..."
Twinmold Moon Dungeon 4 "It seems Grog of the Cucco Shack had the Bunny Hood..."
Twinmold Moon Dungeon 5 "It seems the owner of the Curiosity Shop was keeping the Keaton Mask..."

The Wind Waker

Hardly a Gossip Stone at all, the Pirate's Charm is an item that Link and Tetra carry with them to communicate. It was said to be an enhanced version of a Gossip Stone, made by Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Gossip Stones have a different function than those in previous installments. They can only be communicated with a simple sword slash. They usually appear in dungeons, typically one per floor. They give Link the location of treasure chests for a small fee of 20 Rupees. Link can then copy down their locations onto his Dungeon Map. Thus, they replace the Compass from other games. They are also found on Maze Island, and in various other places in the overworld giving Link helpful hints.

   Boing-oing! The number of treasure chests left here...is...[var]! It'll cost you 20 Rupees to see where treasure lies.
       (Answer: Tell me!) This is where the treasure chests are on this floor. Look at your map! Make a note of it on your map! Did you take notes? I'm going to erase it now!
       (Answer: No thanks!) That's your loss...or is it? Good luck. 
   Boing-oing! There are no treasure chests on this floor... 

Mercay Island

   Boing-oing! Want to do a somersault? Scribble tiny circles at the very edges of your screen. Roll into that big tree there and see what shakes loose! Roll too much, however, and you'll get dizzy! 

Isle of Ember

   Boing-oing! To open the summit gate, you need what the fortune-teller has to offer. Whether you believe in her fortunes, however, is up to you... 

Isle of Gust

   Boing-oing! Creatures that are sensitive to sound dwell in the sands ahead. So, walk without sound and bring as little attention to yourself as possible. If all else fails, flee to a high spot before the creatures find you.
   Boing-oing! The sand creatures devour whatever they find. So feed them bombs. Then you'll have a chance at survival! 

Molida Island

   Boing-oing! Want some valuable information? There is a tiny isle in the middle of the three boulders south of this isle. It's said that there's a beautiful spring there. This is one of several isles that are not charted on any map! Keep a vigilant eye out while sailing. You never know what you'll find. Now make a note of what I just said! 

Temple of Courage

   Boing-oing! To move the floating platform where you want, draw a path on your map. If it's moving on a path you don't like, simply redraw the path.
   Boing-oing! Think that you can't go farther because there's no path? What you see isn't always the stone-cold truth. For instance, take the wall between the tablets on the first floor. Mysterious... But am I telling you the truth? Who knows...
   Boing-oing! The crystal needed here is the very same you needed elsewhere... Retrieve the crystal, then put it in place here. 

Temple of Ice

   Boing-oing! You stand before the great and ominous tightrope challenge! Do you fully comprehend what that means?
       (Answer No) You must cross the wobbly tightrope! What, you say? Where is this tightrope? You can make one by connecting a rope between two pegs, can't you?
       (Answer Yes) Life is a tightrope walk! No one knows what will happen when you're in the middle of it. 
   Boing-oing! It's easy to leap farther than you ever thought possible! All you must do is use a rope in new and creative ways. 

Goron Island

   Boing-oing! Flip the two switches at the same time if you want to cross up ahead. And a Bombchu could do all the work for you while you stand around. 

Goron Temple

   Boing-oing! There are times in life when one should seek the help of others...Thus, when standing alone fails to help, stand together.
   Boing-oing! In honor of your newfound tag-team play, I shall share a little secret. You can move even while a Bombchu is moving. You need only touch the bottom screen and you are free to move. Remember it.
   Boing-oing! When it seems that you cannot pass, look across the quicksand for answers.
   Boing-oing! These pillars hide no secret path, so waste not a single bomb. Just use the stairs. 

Dee Ess Island

   Boing-oing! Word is that something is buried under the lower screen's Menu button... Whatever that means. 

Harrow Island

   Boing-oing! Golden opportunity awaits! The right moves can change your life for the best... Rupees abound under the ground here. That's why it's called Harrow Island! The fee is only 50 Rupees. The only rule: you can dig up just 10 treasures. It's all yours to keep! But don't think about digging any more than 10 times! What do you think? Give your luck a go?
       (Answer Nope) Is that so? Well, I'm here if you change your mind...
       (Answer Yes) Thank you very much! I'll let you know when you've dug up your 10th treasure. Until then, take your time and, above all else, have fun! Oh, I almost forgot: among our treasures are unlucky prizes for unlucky souls. So! Will you leave here as a big winner...or loser? Well, then! Please breeze in on the wind and enter! 
   Oh? You haven't dug up 10 treasures yet! Do you still want to leave?
   You can leave without finishing. But I can't refund your fee.
   Yes, indeed! You have dug up your ninth treasure! Just one more to go!
   Ok! Thanks for playing! You've dug up 10 treasures and thus end your session! Please return to the entrance!
   You've now dug 10 times. You dare not dig again. Not even once more! Consider yourself warned. Don't even think about digging again!
   I warned you so much not to dig, but still you did! So... As a penalty, I will take 100 Rupees from you! Now don't do it again!
   Oh no! You dug one more time! As a penalty, I will collect all the Rupees you got! I'm serious! Don't dig any more! I'm warning you! There will be consequences!
   How many warnings is it going to take?! I'll tell you. NO more warnings! Because you're now banned from playing here! Please don't come here ever again. Those who break promises cannot enter. Please don't come back!
   (If Link digs again while banned) Nothing more will come out! Greedy little oinker!
   Boing-oi... Oh... It's you... You are banned from here, don't you remember? But if you're honestly sorry... So, are you truly sorry for what you did last time?
       (Answer Not really) Oh, really...then please go.
       (Answer Truly) Then if you're really sorry, we will let you play again for a cost of 300 Rupees. Want to play again and have your ban lifted?
           (Answer Nope) Really...well, it's not my place to force you.
           (Answer Yes) Thank you. Your ban has been lifted. Please behave yourself from now on. 

Maze Island

   Boing-oing! Welcome to the Treasure Maze! Shall we get started, or do you need to hear the rules?
       (Answer Rules) The goal is to whack all my buddies with your sword before time runs out. You'll win if you can grab the treasure that appears after you hit them all. The maze has three levels of difficulty, which ramps up with each victory. Try to complete all three levels with whatever items you may have at hand. Emerge victorious from all three to get your name put on that Hall of Fame stone. Well, then! Shall we start?
           (Answer Nope) Stop by if you ever feel up to the challenge again!
           (Answer Yes) See (Answer Start). 
       (Answer Start) Got it. Your challenge level is...
           (If at beginner) Beginner! It's 20 Rupees per try. Want to play?
               (Answer Nope) Hey! I'm only interested in speaking with those who are serious about this!
               (Answer Yes) Well, then! Without further ado, let's get under way with a beginner level! Four of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge!
               1st done!
               2nd done!
               3rd done!
               4th done!
               You were victorious in the beginner level! Good job. 
           (If at normal) Normal! It's 50 Rupees per try. Want to play?
               (Answer Nope) Hey! I'm only interested in speaking with those who are serious about this!
               (Answer Yes) Well, then! Without further ado, let's get under way with a normal level. Eight of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge! This time you need to memorize where each of them is positioned!
               1st done!
               2nd done!
               3rd done!
               4th done!
               5th done!
               6th done!
               7th done!
               8th done!
               You were victorious in the normal level! Well done! 
           (If at expert) Expert! It's 100 Rupees per game. Want to play?
               (Answer Nope) Hey! I'm only interested in speaking with those who are serious about this!
               (Answer Yes) Well, then! Without further ado, let's get started with the expert level. So, 14 of my buddies will pop up. Hit the switch to start the challenge! Think you can remember where each of them is stationed?
               1st done!
               2nd done!
               3rd done!
               4th done!
               5th done!
               6th done!
               7th done!
               8th done!
               9th done!
               10th done!
               11th done!
               12th done!
               13th done!
               14th done!
               You were victorious in the expert level! Amazing! 
           Hit the switch on the left to start the game! And if you decide to leave the island instead, don't even think about a refund!
           You don't want to finish? You know where we are if you want to try again!
           Boingity-oing! Time's up! Too bad! Come on back! 
   Hey! I'm impressed! You're the first one ever to beat the Treasure Maze! Your name will be carved in that Hall of Fame tablet! And I present you with a gift in honor of this occasion! Please accept the contents of that treasure chest!
   Boing-oing! Oh, it's you. You already completed all of the challenges here. But if here is where you really want to play, who am I to argue? And something might just be hidden in there. Who can say? Just stand in front of the door and it will open. Have at it, kid! 

Uncharted Island

   Boing-oing! On this isle, a Golden Chief dwells who can harness the power of sea cyclones. At his request, I am here to prevent just anyone from entering his chamber. You must prove yourself by hitting four of my buddies in a very specific order! But to figure out the order, you must solve our island's enormous riddle. Ready to listen? The order is very specific! OK, then, I'm going to say it! It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!
   Boing-oing! Solve it yet? You need to hit my buddies in the order revealed in this riddle: It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!
   Boing-oing! Have you tried tracing the isle's shape on your map? The whole shore and more! That will help you riddle through the order in which you must hit my buddies. It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!
   So, met with that Golden Chief, huh? He's friendlier than you'd think, right?
   Boing-oing! .........
   Boing-oing! Did you know?! There are gold frogs around the sea that can kick up cyclones!
   Boing-oing! Did you know?! There are six golden frogs stationed around the entire sea.
   Boing-oing! Did you know?! The golden frogs will slip away unless you use a cannon on them.
   Boing-oing! Did you know?! You can fly to a variety of spots using cyclones. So convenient! Not that it matters to us, really... 

Unknown Locations

   Boing-oing! Oshus's home has a storehouse... That storehouse has a tree outside...and its roots hide a buried prize. Dig there.
   Boing-oing! Draw a line between here and the Island Chief's house... Someone buried something in the middle, but who knows if it's still there?
   Boing-oing! Three fallen adventurers slumber forever within the Temple of the Ocean King. They have fallen, but you can seek their advice on how to survive the temple. 

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Gossip Stones act very similarly to those in Phantom Hourglass, but rather than a moustache, they have rabbit ears. To communicate with them, Link must play the Song of Awakening. Only then will they give Link the locations of various treasure chests for a fee of 20 Rupees.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Gossip Stones can be found by looking for any area where Link can see butterflies flying around a particular area. If Link plays his harp, a Gossip Stone rises from the ground, and as they come up, a Treasure also pops out. If Link talks to them, they give him tips like in Ocarina of Time, but in this game, Link does not have to wear the Mask of Truth. Using different items causes them to spin, shrink, and even fly into the sky like a rocket and explode. Don't worry, another one takes its place instantly.