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This article is about Link's form after using the Goron Mask in Majora's Mask. For the Gorons named Link in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, see Link the Goron.
Goron Link





After obtaining the Goron Mask from using the Song of Healing on Darmani in Majora's Mask, the great Goron hero who died trying to get to Snowhead, Link can put on this mask and become Darmani or another form of Darmani if you's like. This is one of the four transformation masks of the game and is one of the most useful. Goron Link features tattoos on both his arms which resemble the Hylian Crest and the Goron Symbol.

Abilities and Moves

  • Goron Link has the ability to roll like any Goron. Once he reaches a certain speed, spikes will come out of his back as he is rolling and he can damage enemies, however, this does gradually consume Magic.
  • Another move performed when he is curled up, the Goron Pound is more useful than you might think. He jumps in the air as a ball and slams the ground dealing as much damage as a punch attack. This attack is very useful against Wolfos.
  • Instead of wielding a hammer or sword, Goron Link uses his fists and his butt to attack. His 3 hit combo is slow but deals twice the damage of the Kokiri Sword. When he punches he also emits fire from his hands, however, these are purely to look aesthetic and so are the craters he leaves when he punches or ground pounds anything.
  • Goron Link has a higher resistance to fire attacks and is immune to lava, however, Gorons cannot swim and when going into deep bodies of water the games screen will turn black, resetting from the last entrance/exit of that area.
  • Goron Link is much stronger. He can carry powder kegs and break boulders with his punch, but due to his size he is less agile and cannot climb high ledges or jump from them. But, he has no trouble doing a back flip or side jump. Another important thing to note is ReDeads can only stun him but not grab onto him.


While in Goron form Link's Ocarina takes the form of the Drums of Sleep. These drums are popular among Gorons, and they are needed to give effect to the Goron Lullaby melody. There are two instances where the Drums of Sleep are necessary. To calm the screaming Goron Elder's Son, Goron Link must play the Lullaby Intro. The young Goron will then stop crying and teach Link the rest of the Goron Lullaby. The sound of the drums will calm the Elder's son, and he will fall asleep. Armed with the Lens of Truth, Drums of Sleep and the full Goron Lullaby, Goron Link must play for the sleeping, invisible Biggoron. The song will cause Biggoron to doze off and fall into the abyss, clearing the way to Snowhead Temple. The massive Goron will, however, return once Goht has been defeated, albeit in a very confused state.