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Magic Meter
Lttp Magic Meter.png
The Magic Meter from A Link to the Past



The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Death Mountain Trail
Majora's Mask
North Clock Town
The Wind Waker
Forest Haven


Displaying magic quantity


The Magic Meter is an on-screen indicator used to display Link's current magic quantity in relation to how much is used from magic requiring items. Visually, it is generally a bar in the top portion of the screen with Link's current magic quantity, and with the exception of The Adventure of Link, has the appearance of a long green bar.

The Adventure of Link

The Magic Meter in The Adventure of Link is seen at the top left hand corner of the screen. It is the only meter so far that deviates from the green-colored bar and instead uses multiple white bars, each representing sixteen magic points, and a numerical integer next to the word "magic" to indicate level number. Magic abilities in this game can be upgraded by leveling up; however, magic can only be upgraded to level eight.

A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past is the first Zelda game to feature the iconic green magic meter. This one is vertical and on the left-hand side of the screen, and though it is available from the game's beginning, the player cannot use it until obtaining the Lantern. Visiting the Mad Batter allows the player to upgrade the magic storage ability, through a curse, by adding a ½ above the Magic Meter, indicating that magic consumption has been decreased by one-half. This effectively "doubles" the magic the player can carry.[1]

Ocarina of Time

Magic is obtained initially after completing Dodongo's Cavern and traveling up Death Mountain along the Death Mountain Trail to the summit where the player finds the Great Fairy of Power who grants magic abilities to the Spin Attack.[2][3][4][5]

An upgrade is also available from the Great Fairy of Wisdom, inside Death Mountain Crater, whose fountain is behind boulders which only the Megaton Hammer can break. This is where the player is granted the doubled meter.[6]

Majora's Mask

Much like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask features a similar Magic Meter and specific weapons with similar magical requirements. The Magic Meter is first found after returning one Stray Fairy to the Great Fairy of Magic in North Clock Town.[7] A doubled meter is found after the player returns all fifteen Stray Fairies to the Great Fairy of Wisdom, located by the base of the Snowhead Temple in Snowhead.[8]

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Magic Meter appears after Link acquires the Deku Leaf atop of the Great Deku Tree in the Forest Haven. Later, Link can double the Magic Meter by locating a Big Octo at Two-Eye Reef. Defeating this monster frees a Great Fairy, who grants him some of her power in gratitude.[9] This gives Link twice as much Magic Power as before.[10]

Cut Content

This section describes cut content, game elements which were removed before the game was released.

Twilight Princess

The Magic Meter was originally going to appear in Twilight Princess, as evidenced by seven screenshots of the Wii version posted to showing it - one of which even made its way onto the back of the Wii release's box - and the existence of Green Chu Jelly in certain versions of the game. Blue and yellow versions of its design were used in the finished game as the gauges for Link's oxygen and Lantern oil, respectively.

Text remaining in the game files suggests Link needed magic to use the Shadow Crystal to become a wolf, before magic was removed from the game late in development[11][12]. It is unknown what other items or abilities would have been powered by the magic meter if it had remained.


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