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This article is about the item in Twilight Princess. For the item in The Minish Cap, see Flame Lantern. For the item in A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures, and A Link Between Worlds, see Lamp.
The Lantern from Twilight Princess




Illuminating dark places
Lighting torches


The Lantern is an item in Twilight Princess.

The Lantern is given to Link by Coro as he heads into the deepest part of Faron Woods in search of Talo, the little boy that ran off in the woods chasing a Monkey. Coro tells Link that the woods are dark, and then gives Link the Lantern for free. He says this is a great way to spice up business, as his primary work is selling Lantern Oil.

The Lantern can be used to light up dark caverns, light torches, and more. It is used multiple times throughout the game in puzzles that require the lighting of certain torches. Link can also put Yellow Chu Jelly in the Lantern to gain more oil.