Coral Earring

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Coral Earring
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Catch Reekfish

The Coral Earring is a quantity of jewelry worn by Prince Ralis. It was given to him by his mother,[1] but when Link talks to Ralis about the beast-man of Snowpeak near King Zora's Grave in the Graveyard, Ralis will give them to Link,[2] saying it is the only way to catch a Reekfish.[3]. With the Coral Earring in hand, Link can travel to the Mother-and-Child Rocks in Zora's Domain and use it to catch a Reekfish. This Reekfish will give off a very smelly scent, which Wolf Link can follow up the Snowpeak Mountain.


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  3. "It feeds on a valuable type of coral, and without that bait, even our best fishers cannot catch one." — Prince Ralis, Twilight Princess.