Reekfish Scent

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Reekfish Scent
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Getting up the Snowpeak mountain


"The smell of the reekfish, the sacred fish that can only be found in Zora's Domain.[1]"

— In-game description

The Reekfish Scent is the fourth of five scents that Wolf Link can detect in Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess

Reekfish Scent Icon.png

The Reekfish Scent is basically the smell of a Reekfish, which apparently reeks.[2] This scent can be learnt if Link uses both his Fishing Rod and his recently acquired Coral Earring to catch a Reekfish, which are only found in the waters near the Mother-and-Child Rocks in Zora's Domain. Once he has caught one and let it go onto the ground, it will squirm around, also letting out an orange-colored scent. If Wolf Link smells this, he can learn the scent. With this scent in Wolf Link's nose, he can follow it up the Snowpeak mountain. At the summit of the mountain, Link will find the beast depicted in Ashei's Sketch holding a Reekfish. This beast turns out to be Yeto, a Yeti who lives in a house that's down the other side of the mountain. After telling Yeto that he is searching for the Mirror Shard, Yeto will allow Link to sled down the mountain to his home,[3] which turns out to be the Snowpeak Ruins, the home of the first Mirror Shard of the Mirror of Twilight.[4]


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