Medicine Scent

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Medicine Scent
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Finding the Wooden Statue


"The scent of the medicine the town doctor accidentally spilled on the wooden statue.[1]"

— In-game description

The Medicine Scent is the fifth and final scent that Wolf Link can detect in Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess

Medicine Scent Icon.png

This scent is the smell of the medicine that Dr. Borville dropped on the Wooden Statue that Ilia gave him.[2] He says that because the statue smelled so bad, he put it outside to dry,[2] at which point it was stolen.[3]

Finding the Medicine Scent - TPHD.jpg

Link can use this information and travel to the back of the clinic and push a block out of the way, revealing a greenish stain on the wall which is giving off a green scent. This is the Medicine Scent, which can be learned by Wolf Link. Once he has learned the scent, Wolf Link can follow the scent all the way through Castle Town, where it stops abruptly just before the entrance to Telma's Bar. Louise, who is at the location that the scent stops, explains she stole the statue.[4] However, she unfortunately tells Link that Stalhounds stole it from her,[4] and if he wants the statue he must go to South Hyrule Field and wait until night, at which point the Stalhounds will reveal themselves.[5] Defeating them all will reward Link with the Wooden Statue.


  • The type of medicine that the Medicine Scent belongs to is never detailed during the game's events.


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