Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Walkthrough. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% Majora’s Mask walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and enemies, along with the collection of all Pieces of Heart, masks, Bombers’ Notebook entries, and upgrades that take you through all of the many side quests within the game. This guide also serves as a Majora’s Mask 3D Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS remake of the game.

You can also check out the video version at our Majora’s Mask Video Walkthrough page. The video walkthrough will follow the text version of the Majora’s Mask Walkthrough’s order of collection. Much like the text walkthrough, the video walkthrough will cover every item, collectible, and sidequest, while also providing excellent commentary.

Chapter 1 – First Three Days

Chapter 2 – Southern Swamp

Chapter 3 – Woodfall Temple

Chapter 4 – Collection

Chapter 5 – Snowhead

Chapter 6 – Snowhead Temple

Chapter 7 – Spring, Ranch, Graveyard

Chapter 8 – Great Bay & Zora Cape

Chapter 9 – Great Bay Temple

Chapter 10 – Ikana Canyon

Chapter 11 – Well & Ikana Castle

Chapter 12 – Stone Tower Temple

Chapter 13 – The Moon

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  • There are 4 pieces on the moon. That could be what you are missing?

  • Matthew James Court

    Well done that man who put this together, got me there and then some only issue was waiting for the curiosity shop owner on n64 version in one of the last trade offs before you get the final letter turns up at 1 and not 12

  • Jessie

    How do I get the big wallet

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    Once you get to the Ocean (Zora domain), go into the Spider-infested house on the beach, and complete that.
    What’s extremely important, though, is to DO IT ON THE FIRST DAY. Any later, and your prize will become crappier (Purple Rupee on 2nd, and Red Rupee on 3rd).
    To recap: Ocean Spider House, ON FIRST DAY.

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    Or if you were talking about the 2nd wallet (not 3rd, which is detailed above), simply deposit 200 Rupees into the Clock Town Bank.

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    I usually just play the Inverted Song of Time, then stand on the conspicuous wooden box out front and shoot; occasionally going round the back of the barn to drive away any sneaky alien kidnappers/brainwashers.
    It’s not that hard if you do it that way.

  • Luke Walter Alexander

    Uh, none and all, at the same time; the Elegy of Emptiness creates a statue of your current form, whether it be Hylian, Deku, Zora, or Goron. This is important to learn for the final dungeon, which requires this understanding of the song’s mechanics to finish (or, well, to enter it in the first place).

  • Jessie

    Thanks got it

  • Dorothy Magrum

    Has anyone pass the breaking the pots game in Zoras Cape? I have an issue of trying on the 3DS. Can someone give me some pointers so I can finish the bomber notebook.

  • Dane Matesic

    You just need to be standing a certain distance from the pots, directly lined between them. Just use trial and error, but have at least 100 rupees just in case.

  • Savannah lester

    I have no idea on how to find the princess. It is VERY confusing help me please. I have a game cube system.

  • Dane Matesic

    Do you mean the Deku Princess? She’s in the room immediately after the first boss

  • Dane Matesic

    Do you mean the Deku Princess? She’s in the room immediately after the first boss.

  • Deku scrub

    but this is for n64………. not game cube…….

  • Luli

    The zelda collectors edition is for GameCube

  • She’s probably in another castle 😉

  • Kathleen

    The big bird in terminal field stole my bottle, how can I get it back??

  • Dane Matesic

    Should be able to buy it back at the curiosity shop.

  • James Alexiadis

    Play the song of time and you’ll get it back.

  • Morgan Ivan James Campbell

    on the 3DS version, you can get the Giant’s Wallet on any of the three days, but it must be cleared in one try

  • Coolio

    Is there a text form of this? I’d like to print it.

  • Darnassus

    … ;d

  • Thomas Bernard-St-Hilaire

    If you’re on a PC, just copy/paste all the text on a Word document and then print it. It’s a bit tedious but it works.

    Edit: Minor text fixes

  • h8gwb

    The best method I know of is to get on top of the cottage using the rear ladder (TAKE OFF THE BUNNY HOOD, DAGNABBIT) and find a good position on the front corner of the roof nearest the barn. You can see nearly the entire field from there.

    TBH, I actually speed time back up during the invasion because I get impatient at how long “THEY” take to get to the barn.
    Indeed, I still feel their movement on regular time is a bit slow, but maybe it’s only because I’m such a CRAZY GOOD archery SNIPER.

    The only problem is that I forget to slow time back down again when the quest is done, lol…

  • Andy Walkerr

    Does this still cover the N64 version or is it all for the 3DS version now???