Welcome to the Link: The Faces of Evil Walkthrough. The walkthrough below will cover strategies for enemies, the collection of heart containers, and the few optional side quests throughout the game.

  • Faces of Evil

    1.1 Goronu

    You start off the quest with the option of going to Nortinka, Goronu, or Crater Cove. Start of the journey by heading towards Goronu.

    Walk to the right and you’ll fight some Dairas. Slash at them with your sword and collect the rubies that they leave behind. Walk as far right as you can and then walk back to the left at the lower level. Defeat the kneeling daira to get a green ruby. There are also flying Arpagos if you continue walking around in this area, so you can jump and slash at them if you’d like. The goal in this initial part of the game is to collect some rubies. Walk back and forth defeating enemies until you have at least 35 rubies.

    Once you have 35 rubies, return to the building at the start of the level and enter it. You can speak to the Shopkeeper if you’d like by slashing him with your sword. Purchase a set of Bombs, Lantern Oil, and Rope by slashing at each of them with your sword. Afterwards, hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld map.

    Our next stop is Nortinka, so head on over.

    1.2 Nortinka

    There are two enemies that appear almost immediately. The Blue Goriyas will toss boomerangs at you and will leave behind a red ruby when defeated. The Moblins will leave behind a Snowball when they are defeated. You need to collect as many snowballs as you can in this area. You can enter the first house if you’d like to find a frozen woman. However, there is nothing we can do beyond this area for now, so just avoid this house for now.

    Walk to the left along the top-portion of the screen, defeating goriyas and moblins along the way. Make two precision jumps over the small gaps to reach the igloo at the top-left part of the screen. Enter the igloo and collect the key that is found here. Defeat all the moblins, including the spear moblin to get several move snowballs and then exit the igloo.

    Walk back to the right and drop down to the lower area. Walk to the left to defeat more moblins and get more snowballs. Enter the igloo here to find even more moblins. Defeat them all and then exit the igloo. You should have collected at least 20 snowballs by now; if so walk to the right and hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    You can reenter Nortinka if you’d like to collect even more snowballs. You’ll need them if you mess up at the next part of the game, so I’d suggest just picking up as many as you can for now. Once you’ve done that, enter Crater Cove.

    1.3 Crater Cove

    Volcanic rock will be shooting out of the volcano right at the start of the level. There are also few dairas that will toss their axes at you. Carefully avoid the volcanic rocks and defeat the dairas. Climb the ladder here here where you’ll find a locked door. Jump over to the left and you’ll encounter a few Gohma. These large enemies can be defeated with a single bomb or with a number of sword slashes. Grab the green rubies they drop and continue left until you reach a house.

    Speak to the man inside the house and he’ll give you the Power Sword for guessing that the enemy was a gohma. With the power sword, Link can shoot a sword beam whenever he has full health. Exit the house.

    Walk to the right and off the ledge to land on the rocks. Then walk to the left to fall down to the lower area. Jump on over and grab the key. Now head back all the way to the right and enter the locked door. Speak to the woman and she mentions that she used the skull for a latch. Exit the house and make your way back to the left along the bottom portion of the screen. You’ll find the skull next to the closed crater. Jump and hit the skull with a sword slash to reveal a key. Use it and enter the crater.

    Inside of the crater there are fire dairas. These creatures can only be defeated by using snowballs. Pull out your snowballs and toss them at the dairas. Make your way to the right, back to the left, and then to the right along the top portion of the screen. Don’t stop too often as fire dairas will continuously spawn and you don’t want to run out of snowballs. Be sure to pick up the Firestones that each daira leaves behind once they have been defeated.

    Carefully jump over the lava on the right side of the screen, defeating the dairas along the way. Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld and unlock the Spearfish Falls.

    Now that we have firestones, let’s return to Nortinka as we can now progress further in the level.

    1.4 Nortinka

    I suggest going through the level another time through, especially within the igloos, so you can defeat the moblins and collect more snowballs. Afterwards, enter the first door near the beginning of the level. There is a goriya at the far right – block its boomerang and then defeat it with a sword slash. A second goriya will appear, so repeat the process. The woman in this room is frozen but if you use a firestone, she will start to move. She restores your health by giving you some Water of Life. You can return to this location at a later point in the game when you get the canteen so that you can store some water of life within a bottle for later use. Exit through the door at the bottom-right.

    There are ape like enemies known as Abominom in this area and they will toss snowballs at you. Use firestones in order to defeat them. Also be weary of the falling spikes throughout the level. The falling spikes will fall at a set pattern, so just time your movement so you are not harmed. As you make your way higher, there are blue flying creatures known as Deadites. Defeat them with a single sword slash. Enter the door at the top of the hill.

    Speak to Aypo who is also known simply as the reader. She tells you to bring her the Book of Koridai and she’ll gladly read the secret verse. Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    Toyku Lighthouse will now be accessible and this is our next destination, so let’s head on over.

    1.5 Toyku Lighthouse

    Right at the start of the level there are several dairas and arpagos. Walk to the right defeating these enemies as they appear. You’ll reach an area with some falling rocks. Wait patiently for the rocks to stop falling and then make a careful jump across the hole. Climb the ladder, defeat some more enemies, and collect the key that is nearby. Jump over to the door at the far right and enter the building.

    There are mini arpagos and several moblins in this area. Your best bet is to quickly move down the room, only defeating enemies as they are right in front of you. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find a woman who asks you to get her necklace back from Gleeok. Go through the door nearby to get back outside.

    There are several dairas and arpagos in this area. Just make your way across the bridge and over the rocks to get to the right side of the screen. If you fall to the rocks below, no worries, just keep walking to the right and head through the door.

    There immediately are a few dairas in this area. Defeat them and collect the green rubies. Scale the room and defeat all the dairas that get in your way. At the very top of the room you’ll find an old man wandering about. Speak with him and he says that its pretty dark out there and will give you a Lantern. The lantern uses lamp oil, but you can now light dark areas. The lantern will run out of oil relatively often, so be sure to stock up.

    Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld where the Firestone Lake is now accessible. However, now that we have the lantern our next stop will be back at Goronu. Make sure you have at least four firestones as you’ll need them to defeat the boss. If you do not have them, you’ll have to go to Nortinka to get snowballs and then Crater Cove to get firestones.

    1.6 Goronu

    Go to the shop and purchase some bombs, lamp oil, and rope. Overall, you won’t need too many pieces of rope throughout the quest, nor will you need bombs. As long as you have 10 of each, you will be fine for much of the game. Just stock up on lamp oil and exit the shop. Make your way to the right side of the screen and use a bomb to blow up the boulder that is in the teeth. Go through the hole that opens up.

    This room is dark, so use your lantern to light up the area. There are ghost-like enemies in this room known as Ghini. One sword slash will defeat them. Speak with the wizard Gwonam and he gives you a vision of the boss, Goronu. Walk to the right and jump up the small steps. There is something that resembles a drawer and you can use that to jump up to the top level. Walk to the right side of the room defeating the ghini and Stalfos that are found here. Watch out for the rocks at the far-right of the room. Use a rope from the bottom-left to reach the door and then head through.

    After a short scene of the hideous Goronu, defeat the two stalfos that are in this room. Make precision jumps as you scale the room and defeat the ghinis that appear. At the top of the room you will find Goronu. As soon as you climb the last rope, face to the right and just toss four firestones in a row to defeat the boss quite easily. After a scene of Goronu being burned, he will leave behind a Bell. The bell uses rubies each time it is used and it will cause flying enemies to freeze for a few seconds. Goronu also leaves behind a Heart Container, increasing your total life to 4-full heart containers. Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    The Harlequin Bazaar is now accessible but we aren’t quite ready for it yet. Instead, let’s head on over to the Firestone Lake. Make sure you have at least 20+ snowballs before heading on over. If you do not have them, you should return to Nortinka.

    1.7 Firestone Lake

    There are several Octoroks in this area and they will take two sword hits to defeat. Walk to the right and then back to the left across the lower level. Step on the raft and ride it the right side of the screen. Use snowballs to defeat the fire dairas that are located here. Carefully jump up and head through the cave.

    Light the room with the lantern and speak to Gwonam to see a cutscene of Ganon and Princess Zelda. Pull out the snowballs and fall off the ledge to the right. There are several fire barrels that will come rolling towards you and you must use a snowball to defeat them. There are also several fire dairas along the way and you need to use snowballs for them as well. Make your way down this fiery area and you’ll find some Grapple Berries along the way. At the very bottom of the cave there is a stationary fire barrel and it will take multiple snowballs to get rid. Once you’ve done so a Fire Diamond will appear, so get it. Watch out for the fire daira that appears to the left and hit the triforce symbol to get back to the overworld.

    The Shipwreck Cliff is now accessible but you won’t be heading there for quite awhile. Instead, our next destination is the Spearfish Falls.

    1.8 Spearfish Falls

    Right away you’ll find several Goriyas that will toss boomerangs towards you. Defeat or avoid them and take the lower path that leads to a raft. Step on it and ride it to the next area. Immediately kneel in the next area to avoid the boomerang from the Goriya. Defeat a few goriyas along the way until the raft stops. Jump off and continue to the far right of the area, defeating Keese and goriyas as they appear. Climb the rocks and use a bomb to blowup the boulder that is in the way here and then head outside.

    There are shark-like enemies known as Spearfish in this area and they’ll fly towards you. Defeat them and begin scaling the trees of the waterfall. Initially you want to climb along the center of the screen and then after several jumps you’ll want to climb along the center-right area of the screen. Use ropes if you are having trouble making your way up. You’ll find a goriya at the top of the waterfall, but just avoid it and head to the next area.

    There are Fairies flying around in this area and if you jump and strike one of them they will give you a Heart Container, increasing your overall health to 5-full heart containers. In the future you can return to this fountain to get Water of Life to restore your health and fill up your canteen. Jump to the right side of the screen and head to the next area.

    Climb up the waterfall here along the center portion of the screen. You can use ropes to make it easier. You’ll eventually have to jump across to the left, but continue climbing upwards. Cross the blue bridge and enter the cave on the right side of the screen. Here you will find Gleeok. Light up the room with the lantern and then drop down to the bottom floor. One bomb will defeat Gleeok and it is the easiest way to get rid of him. Grab the Necklace that is left behind and then exit this area.

    Continue climbing this waterfall and you’ll run into keese and a new bee-like enemy known as a Boon. Keep climbing and you’ll see a key on the right side and a locked door on the left. Grab the key and then head through the locked door. Speak to the old woman here. If you didn’t get the Grapple Berries she will ask you to bring her some. If you’ve gotten then berries already, speak to her and she’ll stir the berries with a glove and will give Link the Power Glove. This will allow Link to defeat stronger enemies and punch boulders.

    Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overwold and the Serigon Caves will now be unlocked. However, now that we have the necklace let’s return to Toyku Lighthouse.

    1.9 Toyku Lighthouse

    Go through the first area just as you did before and reach the house with all the flying arpagos and the moblins. Drop down to the very bottom portion of the house and speak to the woman here. Now that you have the necklace she will give you a Canteen in exchange for it. The canteen is empty but you are able to fill it up with Water of Life at various parts of the game. This will allow you to use it as a potion whenever your life is low.

    There is nothing left to do in the Toyku Lighthouse. You can make your way to the end of the level or commit a tactical suicide to get back to the overworld. Once you’ve done so the next destination is the Serigon Caves.

    1.10 Serigon Caves

    The first area is filled with aches and more of those ape-like creatures. Use firestones to defeat the apes and head left. Drop down to the lower level and you’ll see two caves. Enter the one on the right and use the lantern so that you can see. Collect the Ice Crystal found here and then exit the cave.

    Enter the second cave and you’ll see some Water of Life. Not only will this fill up your life meter, but it will also fill up your canteen so that you have a spare potion to use when your life is low. Collect it and then exit the cave. Make your way to the far left part of the area to find a boulder. You can use either the power glove or a bomb to blast the boulder and then enter the cave.

    Light up the room with the lantern and then maneuver around the cave. Defeat the apes with some more firestones and you’ll reach a strange woman at the end. Speak with her and she tells you to get the treasure from the Fortress Centrum and bring it to her. Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    Naturally, Fortress Centrum is the new area that opens up so let’s head on over. Make sure you have at least 4 firestones as you’ll need them to progress. If you don’t have any, head on over to Crater Cove to get some.

    1.11 Fortress Centrum

    There are several gohma and arpagos in this beginning section of the level. I suggest using bombs or the power glove to defeat the gohma. Walk to the right, then to the left, and then back to the right along the lower path. You will find a new enemy known as a Darknut. You can use the power glove or bombs to easily defeat them, but several sword slashes will also do the job. Blow up the blockade and then head through door at the far right.

    It is dark in this area so use your lantern to light up the room. There are six Wallmasters in this area and they will harm you if you come near. Toss a bomb or use the power glove in order to get rid of them. Alternatively you can defeat a wallmaster by hitting it with 10 sword slashes. Climb the room using the ladders, or use ropes as a handy alternative. There are several wallmasters, stalfos, and arpagos along the way. Once you reach the top, head through the door on the left first.

    Defeat the octorok to get a key. Defeat the Armos that are in your way and use the key on the locked door. Defeat the wallmasters and climb the stairs to get some Water of Life. Afterwards, backtrack two areas to get back to the screen that had two different pathways. This time take the path on the right side. Defeat the enemies outside and head through the opening on the left side of the screen.

    Look, it is Princess Zelda… or is it? Climb the steps and talk to her to find out that it is the boss of the area. No worries, it is just a repeat boss from earlier, Goronu. Simply shoot four firestones at Goronu to defeat him. Grab the Crystal of Reflection and then hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    Ganon’s Lair has now opened up! We’re not quite ready for that. Since we got the treasure from Fortress Centrum, let’s head back to the Serigon Caves.

    1.12 Serigon Caves

    There is nothing new in this area, so just quickly rush through, defeating or avoid the apes and aches. Enter the cave at the far left part of the area and continue progressing. Speak to the woman at the end and she will use the Crystal of Reflection to upgrade your shield to the Reflect Shield. As the name states, this will allow you to reflect some attacks back at various enemies. It’s a vital item in order to defeat one of the later bosses. Hit the triforce symbol to return to the overworld.

    Our next destination is the Harlequin Bazaar, so let’s head on over.

    1.13 Harlequin Bazaar

    1.14 Militron

    1.15 Shipwreck Cliff

    1.16 Glutco

    1.17 Nortinka

    1.18 Lupay

    1.19 Hermit Flat

    1.20 Ganon's Lair