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Boon Official Artwork from The Adventure of Link


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The Adventure of Link
Eastern Hyrule
Maze Island

The Faces of Evil
Spearfish Falls

The Wand of Gamelon

Boon (Japanese: ブーン\) is an enemy that appears in The Adventure of Link.


The Adventure of Link

Boon are fly-like enemies that are only found in Eastern Hyrule. They are commonly found in grassy areas near the Town of Nabooru, within the swamps in southeastern Hyrule, and on Maze Island.

They will fly about very quickly, occasionally dropping rocks down on Link.[1] They can be quite difficult to defeat because of their speed. Using the Upward Thrust is the best tactic to fend them off.

Boon are usually found alongside Tektites and Basilisk, but unlike these two creatures the Fire Spell is not needed in order to defeat them. Link gains 50 experience points for defeating this enemy.

Game Data

Pesto-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 50
Item Drop Red Magic Jar or 200 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Plains and Swamps of Eastern Hyrule
Combat Data

Non-canon Appearances

Link: The Faces of Evil

Boon are bee-like enemies that can be found in Spearfish Falls and Lupay. They come swooping towards Link, simply trying to fly right into him. While they do come at various angles, their somewhat large size makes them fairly easy targets for Link's sword. A single sword slash will defeat them. Link must be careful though, as wherever he see a single Boon, many more are soon to follow. So Link must try to defeat them before they can gang up on him. Boon will also leave behind a single red ruby as a spoil once they have been defeated.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Boon can be found flying around the desert areas of Ahitaru. They look like and act the same as the did in Link: The Faces of Evil.




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