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Girubokku are enemies from The Adventure of Link. Like other enemies from this game, Girubokku is its Japanese name and is officially unnamed in the English version.

The Adventure of Link

Girubokku are giant, floating eyeballs that resemble Moas and live in forests, caves, and swamps of Eastern Hyrule. Groups of Girubokku meander slowly and aimlessly in synchronous motion with their eye closed. While not actively hostile toward Link, Girubokku cause a high amount of damage upon contact. They are heavily armored and only vulnerable to attack when their eyes are open. Link gains 20 experience points for defeating one.

Enemy Data

Girubokku-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 20
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Forests and Swamps of Eastern Hyrule
Combat Data
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ギルボック (Girubokku)