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Achemen are enemies from The Adventure of Link.[1]

The Adventure of Link

Achemen have the ability to shape-shift from a Red Ache into a fire-breathing demonic form. Initially, Achemen resemble a Red Ache. However, once it lands on the ground, the monster will transform into a humanoid creature that is capable of breathing fire.[2] After shooting fire at Link, the Acheman will transform back into bat form and return to the ceiling.

Link must be prepared to dodge its fire, as the projectile is unblockable unless the Reflect Spell is active. Link gains 10 experience points for defeating an Acheman.

Enemy Data

Acheman-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 10
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Caves of Western Hyrule,
Death Mountain
Combat Data •Fireball only blockable with Reflect



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