Reflect Spell

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Reflect Spell




Reflects Wizzrobe attacks and blocks normally unblockable attacks

The Reflect Spell is one of eight spells featured in The Adventure of Link.

The Reflect Spell is primarily used to deflect magic beams fired by Wizards and will also turn away attacks by Doomknockers, Red Ropes, Red Bago-Bago, Acheman, Aruroda, Red Lizalfos, and Blue Lizalfos that cannot normally be blocked by Link's shield. Reflect will even block fire attacks from Barba and Thunderbird. The spell is required to defeat Carock, the boss of the Maze Island Palace.

Obtaining the Spell

Upon reaching the Mountain Town of Darunia, the Wise Man's wife will plead with Link to save her Kidnapped Child. To rescue him, he must find one of the secret caves on Maze Island and defeat the Lizalfos guarding the hostage. Once the rescue is completed, return to the Wise Man's wife and Link will receive his reward.

Spell Cost

Link's Magic Level determines how much the spell costs.

Magic Level Spell Cost Magic Container Cost
1 120 7.5
2 120 7.5
3 80 5
4 48 3
5 40 2.5
6 32 2
7 24 1.5
8 16 1