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The Adventure of Link
The Wand of Gamelon
Hanyu Forest
Nokani Forest


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Bots are enemies from The Adventure of Link.[1][2]

The Adventure of Link

Bots are very similar to their sister-enemies, the Bits. However, Bots are blue, whereas Bits color are red. Unlike Bits, Bots also have the ability of jumping.[3][4]

Blue Bot

Blue Bots are found outdoors and in caves. Until Link get his first power upgrade, he has to strike them twice with his sword to defeat them.

Dark Blue Bot

Dark Blue Bots reside in palaces. These Bots have slightly greater defense and slightly more attacking power than blue Bots.

Great Palace Bot

A stronger variety of the Bot is found in the Great Palace. Despite having the same health as a Red Lizalfos and Jermafenser, a fully-powered Link will barely notice.

Friendly Bot

This pet Bot is found in the Water Town of Saria in the residence of the elusive Bagu. Link finds the creature asleep, but after waking it up, it reveals the location of his master, North of River.[5]

Game Data

Blue Bot
BotBlue-Sprite-AOL.gif Experience Points 2
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Plains and Caves of Western Hyrule
Death Mountain
Combat Data
Dark Blue Bot
BotDarkBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 2
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Parapa Palace
Midoro Palace
Island Palace
Maze Island Palace
Palace on the Sea
Combat Data
Great Palace Bot
BotDarkBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 10
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Great Palace
Combat Data

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

The Faces of Evil

Bots are small blue creatures that are found in Lupay. They patrol small areas as they move in the same pattern. Much like the enemies Lowders, Bots can be incredibly annoying due to their small stature. In cases where they are lower than Link, they are impossible to defeat. Furthermore, if one hits Link, because of the lack of recovery time, they can easily do multiple hearts of damage toward Link. Usually, Bots are in high trees patrolling isolated branches. In these cases, they can be defeated from a distance using the sword beam attack. In most cases, if possible, it is best just to avoid confronting a Bot.

The Wand of Gamelon

Boon can be in areas where there are plenty of trees especially in Hanyu Forest and Nokani Forest. They look like and act the same as they did in The Faces of Evil.



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