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This article is about the Link who debuted in The Legend of Zelda, the first game of the Zelda series. For other versions of the character, see Link.

The Hero of Hyrule is the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. He received his title from Princess Zelda.

This incarnation of Link was a humble traveler, who discovered that Ganon had conquered Hyrule with his army of monsters and set out on a quest to liberate it. After collecting the scattered pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, Link confronted Ganon atop Death Mountain and ultimately defeated him, killing Ganon and claiming the Triforce of Power - he then freed Princess Zelda, and together, they used their respective Triforce pieces to restore Hyrule. Some time later, Link would discover the existence of the Triforce of Courage, and set out on a quest to complete the Triforce and awaken Zelda's ancestor from her eternal slumber. Link would prove successful in his quest once again, awakening Zelda from her slumber.

The Legend of Zelda

"A long, long time ago the World was in an age of Chaos. In the midst of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule, a legend was being handed down from generation to generation, the legend of the "Triforce"; golden triangles possessing mystical powers."

Link is a Hylian with an unknown past, living as a humble traveler. At the beginning of the game, he is 10 years old - while travelling through Lesser Hyrule, he encounters an old woman being attacked by monsters; Link intervenes, and saves her. The old woman thanks him, explaining she is Impa, the trusted nursemaid of Princess Zelda; the evil Ganon had invaded the kingdom with an army of monsters, and won due to bearing the Triforce of Power. Zelda was captured, but she split the Triforce of Wisdom into eight Triforce Shards and hid them in dungeons around the kingdom to keep it safe. Impa had been sent to find a hero with the courage to oppose Ganon.

Link accepted his role as the hero, and armed with only his Wooden Shield and a Sword given to him by an Old Man, journeyed across Lesser Hyrule to search for the eight dungeons. He found that the kingdom was mostly abandoned and swarming with monsters - only a few Hylians remained, hidden in caves and underground chambers to remain safe, who would sell Link their goods - he also met two more old men, who gave him the White Sword and Magical Sword, respectively. In the dungeons, Link obtained various equipment, such as the Boomerang (and later the Magical Boomerang), Bombs, Bow, Raft, Ladder, Recorder, Magical Rod, Red Candle, Book of Magic, and the Magic Key, and defeats monsters such as Aquamentus, Dodongo, Manhandla, Gleeok, Digdogger, and Gohma.

Eventually, Link manages to recover the completed Triforce of Wisdom. He travels to Spectacle Rock atop Death Mountain, and gains access to Ganon's lair. Link fights his way through, discovering the Silver Arrows and the Red Ring along his way, before finally coming face-to-face with Ganon. The completed Triforce of Wisdom temporarily neutralised the Triforce of Power, enabling Link to fight Ganon - with the help of the Silver Arrows, he slew Ganon, retrieving the Triforce of Power from his ashes. Link then freed Princess Zelda from her cell - she thanked Link for his courage, giving him the title "Hero of Hyrule", and they use their respective Triforce pieces to restore peace to Hyrule.

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The Adventure of Link

"Hyrule was on the road to ruin. The power that the vile heart of Ganon had left behind was causing chaos and disorder in Hyrule. What's more, even after the fall of Ganon some of his underlings remained, waiting for Ganon's return. The key to Ganon's return was the blood of Link - the valiant lad that overthrew the King of Evil. Ganon would be revived by sacrificing Link and sprinkling his blood on the ashes of Ganon."

After he saved Zelda, Link chose to remain in Hyrule and aid the kingdom's restoration. However, he was constantly hunted by Ganon's followers; they sought to kill Link, so Ganon could be revived if the hero's blood was sprinkled on his ashes. When Link turned 16, a strange mark suddenly appeared on the back of his left hand - it resembled the Royal Crest, with the bottom right triangle glowing. Link consulted Impa about the mark, who almost fainted at the sight of it - once she recovered, she took Link to the North Castle, and used his hand to open a sealed door - inside, a woman who resembled Zelda lay on an altar, asleep. Impa explains that the woman is Zelda's ancestor, Princess Zelda I. A long time ago, Zelda I's brother, the Prince of Hyrule, desired the completed Triforce, but only inherited one of the pieces; however, Zelda I knew the locations of the other two pieces. When she refused to disclose the location, the Prince's Magician struck her down with a sleeping spell, only to be killed by his wildly arcing magic. Unable to reverse the spell, the Prince mourned his sister and lay her in the hidden chamber, before decreeing that every female in the royal family shall be named "Zelda", in memory of the tragedy.

Impa gives Link a chest that contains six crystals, and a scroll that only a future king of Hyrule could read. Link found that while he had never seen the language on the text before, he could understand it perfectly - it explained that a third Triforce piece, the Triforce of Courage existed - if one obtained all three pieces of the Triforce, it would grant incredible power. However, the Triforce required a strong, morally-good character to use properly, and to prevent its misuse, the King of Hyrule sealed the Triforce of Courage inside the Great Palace. To access the Palace, Link must insert the six crystals into palaces scattered across Hyrule, then he must pass a final trial to deem himself worthy of the Triforce.

Link accepted his quest and journeyed out across Hyrule, searching for the palaces. Along the way, he learned various Magic Spells from Wise Men across the kingdom. As he explored each palace, he obtained equipment such as the Candle, Handy Glove, Hammer, Raft, Boots, Flute, Magic Key, and Cross, and defeated the monsters guarding each statue. Eventually, Link successfully inserted all six crystals; entering the Great Palace in the Valley of Death, he met an elderly figure, who summoned an enemy based on Link's shadow as his final test. Link successfully defeated his doppelganger, and the Sage rewarded Link with the Triforce of Courage. Link returns to the North Castle, and wishes for Zelda I to awaken; her sleeping spell finally broken, she thanks Link for freeing her and calls him a real hero.

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