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Impa - TotK Character Profile art.png
Artwork of Impa from Tears of the Kingdom


Tears of the Kingdom
The Sheikah Elder







Impaz (descendant)
Paya (granddaughter)
Purah (older sister)


Voice Actor

Andi Gibson (English, Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity)

Impa is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. She often serves as the guardian or nursemaid of Princess Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda


In the first game of the series, The Legend of Zelda, Impa was the first one to inform Link of Princess Zelda's plight, and how she was captured by Ganon and spread the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom across the land. Impa sends Link on his journey to collect the Triforce of Wisdom, and, in turn, save Zelda. She is never actually seen in game; only in a part of the story that happens before Link starts his quest. Because of this, there are no sprites to be found of her, only artwork.

The Adventure of Link


Years after the events of The Legend of Zelda, Link asks Impa about a mark resembling the Triforce that appears on the back on his hand. She takes him to the North Castle and explains that a sleeping spell was cast on a previous Princess Zelda and that Link must locate the Triforce of Courage to awaken her. According to Impa, he must place crystals in six palaces.[1]

Ocarina of Time


Impa appears in Ocarina of Time as the loyal Sheikah body guard, or nursemaid, of Princess Zelda. She is depicted as a woman with a sturdy build, short white hair in a small ponytail and red eyes. Her appearance is quite younger than some of the other games she appears in. She was born and raised in Kakariko Village, and still maintains a watchful eye over the village despite her duty to the Royal Family.

Link first meets Impa after sneaking past the guards in Hyrule Castle to meet with Princess Zelda. Impa then teaches Link Zelda's Lullaby because of what Zelda's dream had foretold. She then escorts Link out of the castle. After they are safely outside the Castle, Impa advises Link to go to Kakariko Village and see what clues he can find that lead to the Spiritual Stone of Fire.

Upon collecting all the Spiritual Stones, Link returns to a scene much like the dream he had at the start of the game. Impa is shown fleeing on a white horse with Zelda. Zelda then throws an object at Link, which he discovers to be the Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf is shown following close behind them on a black horse, and questions Link as to which direction Impa and Zelda went. It becomes apparent that Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule Castle, and this forced Impa to flee with Zelda.

Seven years later when Link goes to Kakariko in order to investigate the location of the Shadow Medallion, Link finds out that Impa has sealed away a great evil in the Bottom of the Well prior to the events in Ocarina of Time. This great evil had taken up residence in the Shadow Temple, and Impa had disappeared trying to seal it again. After defeating Bongo Bongo, the great evil, Impa awakens as the Sage of Shadow. She asks Link to take care of Zelda since her duties of being a Sage keep her from Zelda's side. Impa and the other Sages lend Link their power in sealing Ganondorf. Impa is last seen during the end credits standing atop Death Mountain with the other Sages.

Oracle Series


In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Impa is the Royal Nurse for Princess Zelda and has cared for her since her birth.[2]

Oracle of Seasons

Impa was sent to Holodrum to take Din, the Oracle of Seasons, back to Hyrule.[2] She works as the cook for the troupe of performers that Din dances for.[3] After Onox kidnaps Din, she tells Link that he must save Holodrum and restore the seasons, and that he should first visit the Maku Tree.[4]

Oracle of Ages


Impa was sent to Labrynna by Princess Zelda with instruction to bring Nayru back to Hyrule in order to protect her from shadows that surround her. Impa is found early in the game being attacked by a trio of Octoroks but once Link appears, the octoroks quickly run off. Impa is looking for Nayru and with Link's help she is able to reach the Oracle. However, it is revealed that Veran had been controlling Impa and used Link to reach Nayru and possess her body.

After reverting to her normal self, she thanks Link for saving her. After seeing the symbol of the Triforce on Link's left hand, she tells Link that he is the hero that must save this world. She will give him the Wooden Sword, which was entrusted to her by Princess Zelda. Impa will then take refuge in Nayru's house for much of the game.

In a Linked Game, Impa will give Link a Wooden Shield instead of the Wooden Sword.

The Wind Waker

Impa does not make a direct appearance in this game, though in the room of Hyrule Castle where the Master Sword is kept, there are stained glass windows depicting all the Seven Sages from Ocarina of Time.

The Minish Cap

Whilst there is no explicit appearance of Impa in The Minish Cap, the Spanish version refers to Minister Potho as "Impa the Secretary" which, alongside his prestigious rank and royal duties, potentially implies he's a Sheikah of Impa's family.

Skyward Sword

Impa saves Zelda from Ghirahim and, throughout the game, continuously evades him to protect her. Impa serves as Zelda’s guardian and mentor, and teaches her about the origins of the realm, the goddess Hylia, and how to harness her powers. She is a wielder of magic and uses it to summon barriers to defend Zelda in battle, despite Ghirahim being able to break them with ease.

At the Temple of Time, Impa defends Zelda from Ghirahim to the best of her ability before Ghirahim overpowers her. Link acquires the Goddess's Harp from Zelda just before she escapes with Impa through the Gate of Time, disappearing completely from the current age.

Impa is the "servant of the goddess" that Ghirahim refers to as being the one who snatched Zelda out of his clutches.

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

At the end of Skyward Sword, Zelda begs Impa to follow her back to Skyloft. Impa refuses, saying that as the "servant of the goddess" she must remain in her past era. Impa then tells Zelda not to despair because they will meet again when the time comes. Zelda then gives Impa one of her bracelets as a parting gift. Once Zelda travels back to the present, she sees that the old woman at the Sealed Temple has her bracelet. She realizes that she actually was with Impa the whole time. Impa then disappears for good.

A Link Between Worlds


Impa makes an appearance in A Link Between Worlds. She appears to take on her classical role as the aide to the Princess. She is later revealed as one of the seven descendants of the Seven Sages. She is captured by Yuga and held within his possession.

After Link journeys into Lorule, the seven sages are scattered throughout the overworld. Impa's painting is hidden deep within Turtle Rock. Link will need to traverse through the dungeon and defeat the boss Grinexx in order to save her.

Impa, along with the six other sages use their power to give Link the Triforce of Courage and also work to break the barrier that is surrounding Lorule Castle.

Breath of the Wild


Impa can be found in her hall in Kakariko Village, where she serves as the village elder. After surviving the Calamity 100 years ago, she awaits for Link's arrival. After Link completes the first four shrines on the Great Plateau, Link is advised to visit Impa by King Rhoam during the cut-scene at the Temple of Time. Upon Link's arrival, she is pleased to see him, but soon discovers that Link has lost all of his memories.[5][6][7] Impa has a message from Zelda that she was given 100 years ago and has waited to tell Link, and once heard, Link will need to be prepared to his his life.[8][9][10][11][12]

Impa will tell Link the story of the legend that occurred 10,000 years ago of how Hyrule drove back Ganon.[13][14]

Impa will then tell Link about the Great Calamity from 100 years ago and the four Divine Beasts.[15][16] She then directs Link to Hateno Village to meet Purah and Symin at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. This will open the Locked Mementos quest.[17][18][19] It's necessary for Link to talk to Impa in order to be able to talk to Purah, as she'll tell Link to go back to Impa otherwise. After meeting up with Purah and Symin and restoring some of the power of the Sheikah Slate, they suggest that Link head back and speak with Impa once again. Once Link has done so, this will complete the Locked Mementos quest.[20]

Impa will glance at Link's update Sheikah Slate and will immediately realize that it is the same camera that Princess Zelda used 100 years ago.[21] Impa will task Link in visiting the locations that are shown within the pictures. Doing so may help Link restore some of his lost memories. Additionally, Impa tells Link to visit her once she has found one of these locations.[22] This will begin another one of the new main quests titled Captured Memories.

Once Link has recovered one of the memories found in the Sheikah Slate, Impa will gift Link the Champion's Tunic; the very same Link wore 100 years ago. Later, after Link has recovered the twelve Captured Memories from the photos in the Sheikah Slate's album, Impa will show Link a painting of a specific location, and explains that it portrays the area where Link will restore the final memory.

Age of Calamity

Key art of Impa from Age of Calamity

"The adviser to Hyrule's royal family and a revered member of the Sheikah tribe. She is dedicated to her work and known for being steadfast and diligent. She can be distractible at times."

Impa is a playable character in Age of Calamity. She is one of the game's main characters, and the game's first unlockable character after Link. Set a century before the events of Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity shows Impa in her youth. As the description states, aside from being the adviser to the Hyrulean royal family, she's Princess Zelda's personal friend and confidant. Adept in combat, Impa mainly uses short swords and throwing daggers, talismans with various properties, and employs a variety of flurry attacks, being one of the fighters who can attack enemies most constantly and without interruption.

Upon prompted, Impa can absorb symbols from the enemies she attacks with talismans, generating shadow clones of herself that multiply her attacks, also employing various forms of explosives and pyrotechnics. The more symbols she absorbs (maximum 3), the more shadow clones she can generate -up to 8-. Aside from that, the symbols make her Special Attacks more powerful, those ranging from throwing explosives at opponents, to her shadow clones stacking explosives next to her target, which she then detonates.

Impa is shown to be a crucial source of morale for Zelda, and alongside Link, she's the Princess' closest companion. She also has a playful animosity towards the small guardian, who often gets on her nerves. Being diligent almost to a fault, she has a contrasting personality with the playful and coy Purah, her older sister.

As shown in Breath of the Wild, her granddaughter Paya bears a close resemblance to Impa in her youth as shown in Age of Calamity, with the differences being that Paya has shorter hair and her Sheikah tattoo is red instead of Impa's blue.



Tears of the Kingdom

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File:TotK Impa.jpg

"Former chief of the Sheikah who served the royal family of Hyrule for generations and is a living witness to its near extinction. Sometime after guiding Link through the Calamity, Impa made her granddaughter Paya the new chief. Being over a century old hasn't stopped Impa from doing her part in the search for Princess Zelda. She's investigating the geoglyphs around Hyrule-certain they will provide clues to where the princess is."

— Character Profile description

Impa is first seen near the New Serenne Stable, where she is investigating the Geoglyphs that have appeared since the Upheaval. She attempted to see the nearby geoglyph, but her balloon was broken due to high winds, and she is unable to see it from ground level. Solving this dilemma will aid the Impa and the Geoglyphs Main Quest.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

The Wand of Gamelon

Impa is Zelda's nursemaid and personal assistant. Using the Triforce of Wisdom, she can practice foresight. When Link and King Harkinian set sail to assist Duke Onkeld, Impa sees that they will return safely. However, after months of absence, Zelda decides to follow them to Gamelon. She employs Impa to accompany her, who follows without argument.

Through her usage of the Triforce of Wisdom, Impa discovers many troubling and mysterious truths. Some of these are that Link had been engaged in a terrible battle, and that the King had been kidnapped. Impa can also provide insight into the identities of some of the bosses. Furthermore, she is informed how Zelda is to beat Ganon, through falling, though this does not make full sense to Impa yet.

Hyrule Warriors

"Princess Zelda's loyal bodyguard uses an enormous Giant Blade to slash through throngs of foes."

Impa HuruleWarriors.png

Impa is the Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard and a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. She is the attendant and vassal of Princess Zelda. The leader of a family charged with supporting Hyrule's royal family from the shadows. She cares not for herself, and works exhaustively for the family and the Princess. Starting from pulling out her long sword back handed, she disposes of her enemies with exact precision in quick, feverish succession. She is a sword master, with precise movements and footwork. Impa's main weapons include the Giant Blade and the Naginata.

Cadence of Hyrule

CoH Impa Playable Sprite.png

Impa is available for purchase as a playable character in Cadence of Hyrule's "Character Pack". She can only wield Spears, and is one of the few characters with a passive ability. She can evade attacks by teleporting to another position and leaving a doll in her place, consuming a whole 4 units of Stamina (or the full starting Stamina bar). The ability cannot be disabled. To make up for the ability, Impa's R ability costs no Stamina.

Impa also makes a brief appearance in Zelda's room in Hyrule Castle. She helps Zelda escape the castle if the player chooses to wake Zelda first.


  • Impa's name comes from the verb "to impart", referring to her original role as the one who delivers Link's "linking" ability to Zelda.[23]
  • Impa is the name of the Sheikah Tribe's head family. As it turns out, this family is much older than the Royal Family it would come to serve. When all the Humans were sent to the skies, the Sheikah remained as a surface tribe with Skyward Sword's young Impa being from that period. It wasn't until thousands of years later that the Human incarnation of Hylia would be born on Skyloft.



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