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Bouldering Guy
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Mysterious Man (Lorulean counterpart)

The Bouldering Guy is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He is a fearless boulderer who often climbs Death Mountain. His latest expedition took place east of the Tower of Hera. He also is a regular at Hyrule's Milk Bar.


He is first heard from when Link discovers a Letter in a Bottle at Lake Hylia. In it, the Bouldering Guy explains that while trying to scale Death Mountain without equipment, he fell and got injured.[1] However, some Premium Milk from the Milk Bar would help rejuvenate him.[2]

After reading this letter, Link can find him on a ledge near the Tower of Hera where, as the letter said, he is stuck with a twisted ankle.[3] He is surprised but pleased that Link found the letter that he threw out to the lake.[4] Though he admits that it would not be a bad end for a boulderer, he reasserts that he would love some premium milk in order to heal.[5][6]

Immediately recognizing the person behind the situation described in the bottled letter, the Milk Bar Owner gives Link the premium milk to take to the Bouldering Guy for free.[7] He tells Link that the Bouldering Guy is a regular customer at his establishment whose business he cannot afford to lose.[8] He also wonders if the Bouldering Guy will make it past the Tower of Hera.[9]

Upon returning, the Bouldering Guy is thrilled that Link has brought him the milk and demands to drink it.[10] After, the Bouldering Guy apologizes for consuming all of the milk and asks Link to take away its Empty Bottle.[11] Finally, his ankle heals, and he thankfully informs Link that he will eventually head down the mountain slowly.[12]

Bouldering Guy thanks Link - ALBW.png

Later, Link finds the Bouldering Guy at the Milk Bar. He thanks Link for saving him so that he could taste the bar's creamy milk again.[13]


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