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Masked Granny (Lorulean counterpart)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Gouvernante
Spain Español Gobernanta
Germany Deutsch Haushälterin
Italy Italiana Aiutante

The Housekeeper is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds. She is an elderly woman who works for Sahasrahla. She seems to admire Osfala greatly and wants his attention, but she never receives it. She tells Link that when Osfala made her a robe one time, she thought he might have meant something, but nothing ever became of it.[1] After Osfala leaves for the Eastern Palace, the Housekeeper wonders where he might have went, though she guesses that he's trying to be a hero for Princess Zelda.[2] With a sigh, she admits that she had once hoped that Osfala would be her hero.[3]


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  2. "How curious! I haven't seen Osfala today. Hmm. I wonder... He's probably out somewhere trying to prove himself a great hero, and all for Princess Zelda's sake too." — Housekeeper, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "*sigh* There was a time when I thought Osfala would be MY hero. I suppose it just wasn't meant to be." — Housekeeper, A Link Between Worlds