Spear Boy

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Spear Boy
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The Spear Boy is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He appears in the entrance room to the Thieves' Hideout.

Once Link enters the dungeon, he is immediately spoken to by the Spear Boy, who assumes Link is a new recruit.[1] He then tells Link to take over for him on guard duty while he goes outside to get some fresh air. [2][3]


  1. "Never seen you 'round here before... You one of the new recruits, eh? Perfect timing!" — Spear Boy, A Link Between Worlds
  2. "You can take over here on guard duty for me. Have fun. And don't do nothin' that'll get me in trouble, fresh meat!" — Spear Boy, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "I'm gonna go get me some fresh air. Fresh meat, fresh air.. Hmm hm...hmm hm..." — Spear Boy, A Link Between Worlds