Blacksmith's Wife (Hyrule)

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Blacksmith's Wife (Hyrule)
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The Blacksmith's Wife is a character in A Link Between Worlds. As her name implies, she is the Blacksmith's wife, and the mother of Gulley.

She is known for her kindness in Hyrule, evident in her offering Link breakfast[1] and making him his tunic.[2] She is a talented seamstress.

As the game progresses, she loses track of Gulley, and, giving Link the pouch, she entrusts him to find her son. She will thank Link when Gulley is saved from the Dark Palace.

Like the Blacksmith, the Blacksmith's Wife has a Lorule counterpart.


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  2. "Clothing made by the blacksmith's wife. It's a perfect fit for you!" — Description of Green Tunic, A Link Between Worlds