Cowardly Hinox

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Cowardly Hinox
Cowardly Hinox begging - ALBW.png




South of Ku's Domain

The Cowardly Hinox is a Hinox who is afraid of Link in A Link Between Worlds. He is found in a small cave in northeastern Lorule behind a waterfall, just south of Ku's Domain.

He is terrified when Link discovers the cave and begs him to spare his life in return for a Blue Rupee.[1] However, if Link refuses to leave after this despite his pleas, he then offers an additional Red Rupee, and then if Link continues to ask him, he gives a Purple Rupee.[2][3] Link can receive two more Silver Rupees from the Hinox if he persists.[4][5]

However, if Link still demands compensation after this, the Cowardly Hinox begins sobbing that Link forced him to give away all of his Rupees and finally becomes angry and demands to be given his Rupees back.[6] He then attacks Link in a rage. Whenever Link returns to the cave, the Hinox will immediately charge at him.

If Link agrees to leave at any time before this, the Hinox is relieved to be safe and thanks him.[7] He asks Link not to tell anyone that he paid him off and references the Secret Moblin's famous line of "It's a secret to everybody."[8]

Important Note: How many payments the Hinox will give Link is determined randomly upon loading the save file. The Hinox may become enraged at any point after the purple rupee payment. The maximum amount Link can get is the two silver rupee payout. If the player accepts payment before the Hinox becomes enraged, leaves the cave, saves the game, returns to the title screen, loads the game, and returns to the cave, the Hinox will offer Link rupees again. However, once the Hinox has become enraged, it will permanently remain in that state unless the game is not saved, and instead loaded to an earlier state. This may be abused to gain large amounts of rupees, but bear in mind that how many payments it gives is random.



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