Item Seller (Hyrule)

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Vendeuse
Spain Español Vendedora
Germany Deutsch Händlerin
Italy Italiana Bottegaia

The Item Seller is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She runs the Item Shop found in the northwest of Kakariko Village. Her husband used to own it, but after he spent all of his profits on an apple from the Street Merchant outside of their shop, the Item Seller became angry and yelled at him, so he ran away out of fear.[1][2] She complains about the Street Merchant to Link and does not hesitate to tell the hero not to buy his Recovery Heart due to being able to scoop them up off the ground with a Net.[3] However, most of the time she seems rather pleasant.

The Item Seller offers a Scoot Fruit for 50 Rupees[4] and a Foul Fruit for 30 Rupees.[5] She also sells a Shield for 50 Rupees and tells Link it would be a good thing to have to defend himself from the monsters that have suddenly taken over Hyrule.[6] If he refuses, she warns him to be careful.[7] If he already has a shield, she does not sell it to him and instead says he should come back if he encounters one of the shield-eating monsters she has heard about.[8]


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  2. "Anyway, about that apple... I ate it right away, right? And it was the best apple EVER. Worth every Rupee for sure. Unfortunately, my wife didn't see things that way. She really let me have it. And wow, how my wife can yell when she thinks she's right. Er, I guess she WAS right. It was most of our savings, after all. So, uh, and I'm not proud of this... but when I took a lunch break, I just sort of didn't come back." — Runaway Item Seller, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "Lend me your ear for a moment, won't you? You know that street merchant outside? He's selling hearts. Can you believe that? Hearts! I mean, you can just scoop them off the ground with a net. The nerve of that man! Might as well sell the leaves off trees! Don't buy them, whatever you do." — Item Seller, A Link Between Worlds
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