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Ravio is a character featured in A Link Between Worlds.

Ravio is the shopkeeper at Ravio's Shop, a location where Link can rent or purchase various items, inlcuding the Bow and Hookshot. This shop is located inside of Link's House, as Ravio asked Link if he could stay in his house for a while.[1] He is dressed in a purple robe and hood that resembles a rabbit. Ravio is accompanied by Sheerow, a bird-like creature that recovers Link's rented items when he has fallen in battle. Ravio also provided Link with his bracelet early in the game.[2] After Link is trapped in a wall by Yuga, the bracelet activated, giving Link the ability to turn himself into a painting. Ravio is the Lorule version of Link. He has the same facial features as Link but black hair. He even refers to himself as the hero of Lorule. He left Lorule because he didn't have the guts to save it but he knew someone in Hyrule did.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Link first meets Ravio after his first encounter with Yuga at the beginning of the game.[3] Ravio claims to be a traveling merchant and convinces Link to let him stay in his house. As the game progresses, Ravio converts Link's house into his personal shop. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Ravio is Link's Lorulean counterpart. Ravio looks identical to Link, aside from having pale skin, black hair, and green eyes. Unlike Link, however, Ravio is a coward. Ravio learned that Hilda was planning to steal the Triforce from Hyrule with the help of Yuga. Not agreeing with the plan, he hoped to stop them but due to his nature, feared he could not stop the duo. He instead traveled to Hyrule in hopes of discovering a hero who could stop the pair, and so ended up assisting Link in his journey.

Following the defeat of Yuga, Ravio convinces Hilda to stop her plans. Given the rabbit-like hood that Ravio wears, it is possible that he is a masked follower.

In Hero Mode, Link can find his journal that was left at the Vacant House. It further hints at his intentions of stopping Yuga and Hilda, and implies that he used the remaining magic in his bracelet to travel to Hyrule, explaining why it did nothing until Yuga turned Link into a painting with the bracelet on.




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