Hyrule Warriors Legends

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Hyrule Warriors Legends
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United States March 25, 2016
Japan January 21, 2016
Europe March 24, 2016
Australia March 24, 2016



Hyrule Warriors Legends is an expansive port of Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo 3DS. Hyrule Warriors Legends features the same modes and gameplay of the Wii U version, but with added content.


  • Linkle, Skull Kid, Tetra, King Daphnes, Toon Link and a Trident weapon for Ganondorf are available in addition to all the characters from the Wii U version.
    • By connecting Hyrule Warriors Legends to the Wii U version, new characters can be transferred to the original game.
  • Like in the Samurai Warriors Chronicle titles, players can instantly switch between warriors during battles.
  • Two new stories - Linkle's Tale and a Wind Waker arc - are added to the Legend Mode, featuring the new playable characters.
  • In place of Hyrule Warriors's 8-bit Weapons, plus-grade weapons with a second element can be obtained on any of the DLC maps.



Legends of Hyrule Pack

The Legends of Hyrule pack is a bundle containing the Master Wind Waker, Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks and A Link Between Worlds packs. In addition, a Wind Waker costume for Ganondorf is exclusive to the bundle as an incentive purchase.

Non-character/weapon content is Legends-only if the combination Legends/Wii U version is purchased.

US: 3DS - $14.99, 3DS & Wii U - $19.99

Master Wind Waker Pack

US: 3DS - $0.99

Link's Awakening Pack

  • New Character: Marin with the Bell
  • New Weapon for Linkle: Boots
  • New Adventure Mode Map: Koholint Island Map
  • Two Adventure Battle Scenarios
  • Fifteen My Fairy Costume Pieces

US: 3DS - $6.99, 3DS & Wii U - $9.99

Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack

  • New Character: Toon Zelda with the Phantom Arms
  • New Weapon for Toon Link: Sand Wand
  • New Adventure Mode Map: Grand Travels Map
  • One Adventure Battle Scenario
  • Two Challenge Battle Scenario
  • Sixteen My Fairy Costume Pieces

US: 3DS - $6.99, 3DS & Wii U - $9.99

A Link Between Worlds Pack

  • New Characters: Ravio and Yuga
  • New Adventure Mode Map: Lorule Map
  • One Adventure Battle Scenario
  • Two Challenge Battle Scenario
  • Fifteen My Fairy Costume Pieces

US: 3DS - $6.99, 3DS & Wii U - $9.99