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Tetra is a variation of Zelda, who appears in most cel-shaded games in The Legend of Zelda series. Tetra first appears in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as a pirate.

The Wind Waker

Tetra is the leader of a group of pirates that sail the Great Sea in search of treasure. She is fascinated by the ancient legends, and as a result, her cabin has a picture of the Hero of Time. Tetra and her crew get themselves in trouble often. Not long before the beginning of the game, Ganon, the holder of the Triforce of Power, seeks out the Holders of the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom. He begins this by attempting to capture girls with long ears, because they would be of Hylian descent. Tetra happens to be a Hylian. When Ganon sends the Helmaroc King to kidnap Tetra, the pirates follow the bird, and eventually they manage to hit it with their cannon and send Tetra into the forest on Outset Island. Link defeats the monsters in the surrounding area to help her. Moments later, Link's little sister, Aryll, is accidentally abducted due to the Helmaroc King being confused with the similar appearances of Tetra and Aryll.

Tetra agrees to take Link on her ship to rescue his sister as soon as he finds a shield. She helps him infiltrate Forsaken Fortress, and she is able to communicate with him through her Gossip Stone that was handed down through her family. They lose contact when Link is thrown out of the fortress by the Helmaroc King. She is seen later in the Bomb Shop on Windfall Island, where she sees Link spying on her and the pirates and convinces them to stay out in town so that Link has the chance to steal their bombs and obtain Nayru's Pearl from Jabun.

Later in the game, after Link obtains the Master Sword, she saves Link when he goes to fight Ganon without realizing that his sword does not have the power to repel evil. Ganon comments on the fact that his Triforce is resonating with her, because, unbeknownst to Tetra, she is the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom. After the pair successfully escape, she follows Link to Hyrule, which is beneath the sea, and the King of Red Lions reveals that she is actually Princess Zelda, to the surprise of both Tetra and Link. She decides to wait in the basement of Hyrule Castle, hoping that Ganon would not find her there.

Once Link returns after restoring power to the Master Sword and gathering the pieces of the Triforce of Courage, he finds that Zelda has been kidnapped. He fights his way to Ganon, and Tetra, in the guise of Zelda, helps him in the main battle.

Tetra Figurine (TWW).png

Personality: Elusive
Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but she's actually quite kind.
Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after her mother's gang of lovable swabbies.
Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden beneath the waves of the Great Sea.

Four Swords Adventures

Tetra appears in a mini-game included with the Japanese version of Four Swords Adventures called Navi Trackers.

Phantom Hourglass

The entire plot of Phantom Hourglass revolves around rescuing Tetra. At the beginning of the game, Tetra and Link are sailing together and are searching for the Ghost Ship. They find it surrounded by and eerie fog, but Tetra doesn't believe in ghosts, so she boards the ship. Her scream is heard a few moments later, and Link tries to jump on to the ship after her, but he falls into the water. With the help of the Spirits of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, he eventually boards the Ghost Ship, but he only finds that she has been turned to stone. It is revealed that her life force was sucked out by Bellum. Link then goes on to defeat Bellum, and shortly after, Tetra is returned to her former self.

After Link rescues Tetra from the Ghost Ship until the final boss of the game, she can be seen, still turned to stone, on Linebeck's ship during battles with Jolene.

Spirit Tracks

Tetra appears in a stained glass window in Hyrule Castle's Throne Room. She is the ancestor of the current Princess Zelda. Zelda asks Tetra to give her strength when attempting to restore her spirit to her body in the fight against Malladus.