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The Pictographer, Lenzo
Lenzo Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Hard to grasp
Lenzo is a famed pictographer known to all. His mysterious personality is quite popular with the ladies in town.

Lenzo is a famous photographer and resident of Windfall Island in The Wind Waker.


Lenzo, in his younger days, traveled the Great Sea taking various pictures, before settling at Windfall Island and living there. He has a mysterious personality, and is quite popular with the ladies because of this. He believes that someone has stolen one of his Pictograph Boxes, and, although he has many of them, is now very upset and paranoid because of it.[citation needed] Because of this, when Link first encounters him in his house, he refuses to speak to Link, and asks him to leave.

Afterword, when Link obtains the Pictograph Box from the Windfall Jail, which was stolen by Tingle, and speaks to him, Lenzo acknowledges Link as a fellow pictograph enthusiast, and welcomes him to his house. Lenzo then escorts Link to the second floor and shows him his special pictograph room, full of pictographs taken when he was younger.

Deluxe Picto Box

After a while, Lenzo asks Link to become his apprentice. He tasks Link with taking pictographs of 4 certain people in certain situations who Lenzo believes needs his help. After doing so, Lenzo tells Link of a Forest Firefly, found in the Forest Haven, that he believes can help him create a Pictograph Box with enhanced capabilities. After Link brings him this firefly, Lenzo invents a Pictograph Box that can take pictures in color, and gives it to Link.

In the The Wind Waker HD, Lenzo gives Link the Deluxe Picto Box after he has completed his tthree tasks, removing the need for the Forest Firefly.

Pompie and Vera are gossiping and spreading rumors about Lenzo, which are that he is having an affair with Minenco, as she can often be seen entering Lenzo's house. If Link enters Lenzo's house through a secret entrance that can only be reached by going in from above with the Deku Leaf, he can take a pictograph of the two discussing pictography. This area also contains two chests. Upon showing this pictograph to Pompie and Vera, they thank Link for showing them the error of their ways and award Link with a Sea Chart.

Legendary Pictographs

Lenzo also sells Link Legendary Pictographs. He sells Link a certain one, depending on which phase of the moon is up that night, for 50 Rupees each. There are seven in total, and they all depict certain characters who cannot otherwise be photographed.

Character Moon Phase
Fado Waxing Crescent
Laruto First Quarter
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule Waxing Gibbous
Ganondorf Full Moon
Great Fairy Waning Gibbous
Jabun Last Quarter
Queen of Fairies Waning Crescent


  • If Link brings a picture of Outset Island to Lenzo, he remembers having a relationship with a woman on that island in his younger days, but he states that she is probably an elderly woman by now. The only elderly woman on Outset Island is Link's Grandmother, so it is most likely that she is who Lenzo is referring to. If this is the case, then it is possible that Lenzo is Link's Grandfather, though this cannot be proven.