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Link (Grandson)
Aryll (Granddaughter)

Link's Grandmother, more commonly known as Grandma, is a sweet, lovable old woman who lives with her two grandchildren, Link and Aryll, on Outset Island in The Wind Waker. She loves her grandchildren very much, and enjoys cooking their favorite food and soup for them, Elixir Soup. In this game, Grandma is where Link gets his Hero's Clothes from. She states that it is a tradition that when a boy becomes the same age that the famed Hero of Time was when he saved the world, they have to wear his signature green tunic and outfit to symbolize them becoming a man. But because of Aryll's kidnapping, Link never has a chance to change out of the clothes, wearing them for weeks and months rather than just a day. Grandma also gives Link the Hero's Shield that has Link's family crest on it, after Tetra refuses to bring Link along unless he has a shield. As Link leaves Outset Island on Tetra's Pirate Ship, Grandma can be seen sadly waving goodbye from her front porch.

Later in the game, when Link returns to retrieve Nayru's Pearl from Jabun, he sees that his grandmother is deeply ill. Sue-Belle tells Link that ever since he left, Grandma has been depressed and rarely leaves the house. Link gets information from the town's expert elder, Sturgeon, on how to cure her using fairy dust, and gives Grandma a Fairy to revive her. When she is well again, she decides that she can't help Link being on an adventure to save Aryll, and tries to help out by agreeing to make Link her Elixir Soup whenever he comes to visit. Grandma helps Link as much as she can throughout his journey, sending him all the Rupees she has in letters, telling him how much she loves him, and wishing him safety and good luck.