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Hoskit is one of the Rito guards on Dragon Roost Island in The Wind Waker.


When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost Island, Hoskey can be found guarding to the entrance to the Rito Chieftain's room. He recognizes Link as the 'adventure guy' who sails from island to island. He happens to ask Link if he has found a Golden Feather.[1] Hoskit's girlfriend has wanted one of them for a long time. Hoskit doesn't have one, but has promised to send one to her.[2] He has no idea why she wants a Golden Feather, but Hoskit just wants to see her happy.[3]

After Link has acquired a Golden Feather, he can pull one out in front of Hoskit, and he tells Link that's what his girlfriend wants.[4] While her Girlfriend only wants one of them, Hoskit wants to surprise her by giving her 20 of them.[5] When Link has collected 20 of them he can give them to Hoskit. Hoskit is really excited about it, saying that he's going to put them in a letter and send them to her right away. As a thanks, Hoskit will give Link an Orange Rupee, worth 100 rupees.[6][7] Hoskit will later send Link a letter, which includes a Piece of Heart. He's really happy with Link, telling him he's rooting for him on his adventure.[8]


Hoskit Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island

His biggest worry is getting a present for his girlfriend. He looks quite easy-going, but he's always thinking of his girlfriend. He values his friends tremendously.



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