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Obli (Brother)

Willi is a character featured in The Wind Waker.


Willi is the younger brother of Obli and he was originally a carpenter working in Windfall Island. Like Obli, Willi has always loved the heavens and wished he could fly like the Rito. While he is not actually one of the Rito, he dresses up to make it appear as if he is one of them. Willi can be found along with his brother on the Flight Control Platform and both of them operate the Bird-Man Contest.

When Link arrives, Willi can be found at the lower level, blocking the ladder that leads up to the mini-game. He welcomes Link and is excited that he has come to Flight Control Platform.[1] Willi explains the rules of the game, which are quite simple. Use whatever means available to use to fly as far as possible.[2] Out in the distance is a banner, which is the distance where the current champion reached.[3] This champion is actually Willi's brother, Obli. Willi will charge Link 10 Rupees to play, and then he will step aside so that Link can climb the ladder and meet his brother, Obli.[4][5]

Depending on Link's performance, Willi will give Link some hints on how he can improve his distance. If Link performs very poorly, he mentions that the wind must be blowing in the appropriate direction in order to gain some distance.[6] He will also encourage Link to use the updrafts to reach a further distance.[7][8] After beating his brothers record, Willi will congratulate him and say that Link would be a very fine and distinguished member of the Rito tribe.[9] Willi will then reward Link with a Piece of Heart.


Willi Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Willi used to be a very average carpenter on Windfall. He so longed to soar the skies that he began dressing as a Rito. He's the younger of a laudable pair of siblings.


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