Flight Control Platform

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The Flight Control Platform is the site of a mini-game in The Wind Waker. It is located one square east of Dragon Roost Island. This location is really only a structure made of wood coming out from the ocean, but it is considered an island. On the platform are two human brothers named Obli and Willi who run the Bird-Man Contest. Around the island is a submarine, and if all the monsters inside it are defeated it reveals the Platform Chart. This island is also the location the treasure marked on Treasure Chart #19.

The Contest

The main objective of the Bird-Man Contest is to fly using Link's Deku Leaf from the starting platform to a specific point in the ocean that serves as the finish line. Normally, the distance is so great that Link must have a doubled Magic Meter to even come close to the finish line, but there are some exceptions if he uses the Tingle Tuner. Strategically using the whirlwinds across the ocean and using the direction of the wind to his advantage, Link can win a Piece of Heart.

Obtaining the Piece of Heart is a little luck-based, and can require a couple tries to get. The best strategy is to fly in a straight line, as turning to hit the updrafts makes you lose speed and magic fast. Your best bet is to try and time your trajectory to intersect with the updrafts. You can also repeatedly equip and de-equip the Deku Leaf to go slightly faster, at the cost of some height.

However, there are a few glitches that lets you skip the minigame entirely. One of them involves glitching outside of the area using bombs. Place a bomb by the fence next to the ladder and perform a jump attack just as it explodes to launch yourself down to the lower platform. This will make your magic meter drain instantly. Without getting into the water, jump directly into the boat and sail to the finish line (ignore the musical hit that plays once you start sailing). Arrive at the finish line and stop here. If you jump out of your boat you will be disqualified, so play the Song of Passing to reset the map and then jump into the water. This will prompt the victory cutscene and reward you with the Piece of Heart.


One of the Submarines can be found south of the Platform. Defeat the Wizzrobes, Red ChuChus, Green ChuChus and Miniblins to be rewarded with the Platform Chart. The Miniblins keep coming at Link until all of the Wizzrobes are defeated.