Star Island

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Star Island


Star Island is one of the many islands scattered across the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It is located one square east of the Forsaken Fortress on Link's Sea Chart. Additionally, one square to the south of the Star Island is the Mother and Child Isles, and one square to the east is Northern Fairy Island. Star Island is shaped like a six pointed star, and is surrounded by many explosive barrels floating in the ocean. This is one of the few islands that is home to the Blue ChuChu, and is also where Link can find the Korok Oakin.

Blue ChuChu

The Blue ChuChu on this island can be found by using a Bomb to blow up one of the large boulders which are located on each corner of the island.

Secret Grotto

On the island are six boulders: three small ones and three big ones. Underneath five of the boulders are Rupees, items, and Miniblins; however, the sixth boulder leads to an underground secret grotto. Inside of the grotto, Link must defeat Bokoblins, Magtails, and Moblins to receive a Piece of Heart.