Greatfish Isle

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Greatfish Isle

Greatfish Isle is one of the islands in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker, and is located three squares west of the Tower of the Gods. It used to be a beautiful peaceful island, home to many Hylians and the great fish, Jabun. However, Ganondorf destroyed the entire island in his search for Nayru's Pearl. Because of the destruction, Jabun no longer lives here; instead he rests in a secret cave near the back of Outset Island. Even though the island is destroyed, there are still residents on it. One of the Traveling Merchants is found on this island, along with the Korok Linder, who planted the Great Deku Tree's seeds here to help grow the island back. This island is also one of the seven destinations of the Ghost Ship.

Piece of Heart

Even though the island is treacherous, there are still two Pieces of Heart here. One of the pieces is found northwest of the small chunk of land where Linder is, and can be reached using the Deku Leaf. The other piece is given to Link by the Traveling Merchant when Link gives him the Shop Guru Statue.

Triforce Shard

This island also houses one of the Triforce Shards. The Triforce Chart needed to find the shard can be obtained at the Islet of Steel and interpreted by Tingle on Tingle Island, and the Triforce Shard itself is nearby underwater.