Seven-Star Isles

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The Seven-Star Isles are a rock formation in The Wind Waker. It can be found in a quadrant in the northeast of the Great Sea, just north of Dragon Roost Island at F1. Unlike most islands, there is no land that Link can actually get out of his boat and walk on. Instead, the area consists of seven tall rock pillars. There are also many minor treasures hidden in the water in this area, in addition to the larger treasure of 200 Rupees found via Treasure Chart #45.


Points of Interest

Big Octo

Nearby the island is a 12-eyed Big Octo. Once Link defeats it, it reveals a Piece of Heart.


Link can find three platforms located south of the rock formations. It is home to four Wizzrobes. One treasure chest is revealed upon the defeat of each of the first two Wizzrobes. Their chests contain a Red Rupee and a Golden Feather respectively. After Link defeats two more Wizzrobes, a final treasure chest appears, which contains Treasure Chart #16.

Triforce Shard

This island is also home to one of the Triforce Shards. The Triforce Chart leading to this shard can be found at Stone Watcher Island. However, in the HD remake, the shard itself is found on Stone Watcher Isle instead.


  • The Seven-Star Isles resemble the constellation Ursa Major, also known as the Big Dipper, when seen from above.