Headstone Island

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Headstone Island


Headstone Island is a small island one square east of Outset Island in The Wind Waker. The island has a desert-like theme, with giant piles of rocks on most of the island with a little sand in the middle. Up against the rock wall in the center of the island is a Stone Head. After Link obtains the Power Bracelet, he can lift up the Head Stone and throw it out of the way, revealing a hidden cave. Inside the cave he finds Laruto, the deceased Sage of Earth. She teaches Link the Earth God's Lyric and tells him to find and awaken the next Sage of Earth, who happens to be Medli. After Link awakens Medli as the Sage and brings her back to Headstone Island, they perform a duet that opens another secret passageway in the wall that leads to the Earth Temple.


There is also a Piece of Heart on top of the island but can only be retrieved if Link uses a Hyoi Pear to control a seagull to get it for him.


There is a Submarine located north of this island. Once on board, Rats throw bombs at Link using Bomb Flowers scattered across the floor. Defeat all of the Rats for Treasure Chart #14.