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Treasure Chart
Treasure Chart TWW.png
A Treasure Chart from The Wind Waker





Locates Treasure


Treasure Charts are maps that only appear in The Wind Waker. They often lead to Treasure.

Treasure Charts in The Wind Waker are blue-colored treasure maps that illuminate in a pillar of light in a specific spot somewhere in the Great Sea where treasure is hidden underwater. Once Link navigates directly over the spot where the pillar was, he can retrieve the treasure using the Grappling Hook. Usually the treasure inside these hidden treasure chests is a large sum of Rupees, but there are other items such as Pieces of Heart and Special Charts.

There are a total of 41 Treasure Charts found throughout the game. After Link gets a Treasure Chart and opens it, it is marked on his Sea Chart and he can look at them whenever he wants to see where the hidden treasure is. Notably, the exact position of each treasure changes slightly in the Second Quest.

In Phantom Hourglass a very similar Treasure system was used, but they were referred to as Treasure Maps.

Charts and Locations

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