Triforce Chart

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Triforce Chart
Triforce Chart Artwork (TWW).png
A Triforce Chart in The Wind Waker



Various locations around the Great Sea


398 Rupees to decipher


Helps locate the Triforce Shards




Triforce Charts are purple maps found only in The Wind Waker and are necessary to finish the game. They reveal the location of Triforce Shards of the Triforce of Courage that have been scattered around the Great Sea. Link must collect all of these shards in order to return to Hyrule.[1]

Although each Triforce Chart shows the location of a shard, they are all initially unreadable.[2] Link must take the charts to Tingle, who deciphers them for 398 Rupees each and makes them readable to Link.[3]

In the original The Wind Waker, there is one chart for all eight of the Triforce Shards, coming to a total cost of 3184 Rupees to decipher them all. However, in the HD version, there are only three Triforce Charts, so they cost 1194 Rupees in total to be deciphered.


The Triforce Charts are hidden in chests throughout the Great Sea. In The Wind Waker, there are eight charts, but in The Wind Waker HD, only three of the originals were kept in the game. The other charts were replaced with their respective shard. However, the three remaining charts still function in the exact same way as the first eight do, aside from being numbered differently. Their shards are still found in the same locations that the original version's equivalents were.

The IN-credible Chart can also be used as a guide to determine where the missing charts may be and which charts still must be collected.[4]

Chart Number Chart Number in HD version Location Location Details Shard Location
1 1 Islet of Steel Within the Islet of Steel. Greatfish Isle
2 N/A Private Oasis Inside of the fireplace, which can be accessed by using the Grappling Hook on a hook hanging from the ceiling inside of the Cabana. Gale Isle
3 2 Bird's Peak Rock Behind the gate on the island, which can be opened by hitting all of the switches inside the Kargarok nests atop the stone pillars. Stone Watcher Island
4 N/A Ghost Ship Inside of the Ghost Ship. However, Link must be holding the Ghost Ship Chart in order to enter it. Outset Island
5 3 Needle Rock Isle Found in a chest at the bottom of the sea near the island. Link must destroy the golden Warship here to have its location revealed. Cliff Plateau Isles
6 N/A Outset Island On the 30th floor of the Savage Labyrinth. Southern Triangle Island
7 N/A Stone Watcher Island Revealed after defeating all of the enemies beneath the enormous rock at the top of the island. Seven-Star Isles
8 N/A Overlook Island Inside of a hole on one of the island's plateaus, accessible only by use of the Hookshot and Bombs. Two-Eye Reef


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