IN-credible Chart

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IN-credible Chart
The IN-credible Chart in The Wind Waker for the GameCube




201 Rupees



The IN-credible Chart is one of the Special Charts found in The Wind Waker. After Link saves Aryll from the Forsaken Fortress, he receives a Letter in a Postbox from Tingle. Before Link is able to read the letter, he has to pay the postage of 201 Rupees.[1] When playing the Nintendo GameCube version of the game, this requires Link to get at least one of the wallet upgrades, as his initial wallet only holds 200 Rupees. The Nintendo Wii U version remedies this as he is allowed to hold up to 500 Rupees at the start of the quest.

The IN-credible Chart shows the locations of all Triforce Charts.[2][3] Once Link has paid Tingle to translate the Triforce Charts, he marks the location of their respective Triforce Shards on the map as well.[4] When Link has collected either a Triforce Chart or a Triforce Shard, the locations are crossed out.


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