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Link (Brother)

Aryll is Link's younger sister in The Wind Waker. On Link's birthday at the beginning of the game, Aryll presents him with her prized possession, her Telescope, as a birthday gift. After Link saves Tetra in the forest, Aryll comes to see Link, waving to him from across the bridge leading to the forest. She gets mistaken for Tetra because of her pointy ears, and gets kidnapped by the Helmaroc King as a result. Her kidnapping is what inspires Link to begin his quest, as he desperately wants to save her. A short amount of time later, in the Forsaken Fortress, Aryll is seen in a large cage area with the other lost girls. She sees Link and smiles but Link is unable to rescue her due to interruption from the Helmaroc King. When Link returns to the Forsaken Fortress much stronger, Link is able to rescue Aryll and the other girls. She leaves with the pirates who promise to take Aryll back to Outset Island. For the remainder of the game, she is with the pirates, and sends Link letters from time to time.


Although not much is known about Aryll, due to her short amount of time in the game, it is known that her personality is kind and true. All who meet her are entranced by her. Her current goal is to learn how to fetch water so she can help her grandma. Her most treasured possession is the telescope with the seagull emblem on it.


  • Upon playing The Wind Waker a second time, Aryll can be seen wearing a different dress, which is pink with a skull on it. This is apparent from when she is rescued by the pirates in the first quest for the remainder of the game and then during the second quest.
Aryll's second outfit
  • Although Aryll does not appear in Phantom Hourglass, she is mentioned by Nyeve when Link trades the Hero's New Clothes for the Telescope/Kaleidoscope. He says, "This is something valuable that I borrowed from my little sister...Ahhh ha ha! Just kidding."
  • Aryll is found as a trophy and sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The trophy is unlocked randomly. Her trophy description is: "Link's cheerful younger sister, often seen wearing a hibiscus-print dress. Despite her age, she has a good head on her shoulders and carries her turtle-marked telescope with care. On Link's birthday, Aryll is mistaken for the female pirate captain, Tetra and captured by the Helmaroc King. Imprisoned in the Forsaken Fortress, she awaits rescue by Link." Her sticker effect in the Subspace Emissary is +8 resistance to electric. The sticker is usable by all.
  • In the character design notes for Aryll in the Zelda Box book, Eiji Aonuma says that Aryll (アリル, Ariru) was originally going to be named Mariru (マリル) to be similar to Marin (マリン) from Link's Awakening and Malon (マロン, Maron) from Ocarina of Time. As such, certain similarities between Aryll and Marin can be noted, such as their affinity for seagulls, and the red hibiscus in Marin's hair that appears on a pattern on Aryll's dress.
  • Aryll's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl erroneously claims her Telescope is marked with turtles, when it clearly has seagulls painted on it.